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Nostalgia & World of Warcraft

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Discussing nostalgia in gaming. Not just in the context of WoW, but just gaming in general.

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hey guys what's up man Susan here back with another video for you I got something pretty interesting to share with you today I think with classic drawing closer and closer something that's becoming more and more relevant is nostalgia and having quite the library of videos about classic as you would imagine I practically live in it as do a lot of my subscribers I'm sure so today I want to talk about it not just in the context of World of Warcraft but just gaming in general on a lot of these communities forums and in my videos there seems to be two sides to this debate first we have those who love nostalgia it brings them pleasure to play participate in or discuss nostalgic elements of their favorite games and the other side is you only thought that game was good because of nostalgia thus your judgment is clouded looking back and had many flies and if it were released today it would fail notice that I'm speaking very generally here not talking just world of warcraft but it brings up an interesting question should nostalgia be considered as a factor to someone's judgment or grade of a video game it's always perplexed me because it's such a strange case for World of Warcraft in particular other classic games such as the Ocarina of Time punch-out Mario the Elder Scrolls 3 or Final Fantasy 7 these are just a few examples of games that many ranked among the best of all time who doesn't love picking up a Super Nintendo controller and once more jumping into the world of Final Fantasy 3 or stomping some Koopas in Super Mario World or blasting some aliens and contra 3 it's like a time portal until when you were a kid sneaking into the living room while your parents were asleep to load up your favorite game and see what happens next particularly for RPGs it was like you're in a month-long movie and was here only care in the world it takes you back to a time where the most important thing in your life was when Final Fantasy 8 was being released or figuring out how to beat Mike Tyson and punch out with his games nobody bets an eye in bringing up nostalgic memories from days long past they still hold up in their own right they're legends of the gaming industry but with anything in life time passes and standards change a lot of these games do have dated features or graphics that would never pass today they'd get torn apart what the heck you need a special memory card to save your game are you kidding me way to go EA this game only has 32 levels and look you can finish it in under five minutes who would pay 60 bucks for this let me guess there's DLC coming right hey why does my character look like a ghetto Popeye the sailorman it must be hard to wipe your ass when your hands are fingerless blocks all of this is given a pass for two reasons first is during the time graphics such as this believe it or not or a cut above the rest like I said games evolve and you rank them within the realm of when they were released but this isn't the sole reason if you judge something as good or bad solely in regards to when it was released are these primarily only played by those who played them in the past how many 15 year-olds today have picked up Final Fantasy 7 over 49 or a Link to the Past over breadth of the wild don't they know that these games were amazing back in my day why aren't they playing them well it's because they don't have their own personal memories and story tied to them like I do to them it's an old game and to me is so part of my childhood so this leaves us with nostalgia who's gonna bash Mario Brothers on the NES are you kidding me that's like sacrilege at this point or saying that the ocarina of time had bad controls because he had to use this okay is this a controller or a sex toy if he asked people who played these games way back when just why they like him so much 99% of the time they'll say that well it's because they played it as a kid or when I was young and it's because of this nostalgia is a big reason why a lot of us still dust off the old SNES or PlayStation controllers and select new game which brings me to world of warcraft in its case nostalgia is not only discredited by many but often even demonized you know what I liked how there were no flying mounts it made the world seem so massive oh yeah I bet you really enjoyed walking for an hour to get to Ironforge don't let that nostalgia fool you buddy I think totems were much more diverse and in-depth back in the day it gave shamans a unique element oh you mean the four good totems and the 12 garbage ones that no one used nice rose-colored glasses they're even Blizzard themselves took part in this debate with their infamous you think you do but you don't quote and Blizzcon 2013 and and by the way you don't wanted that to do that either you think you do but you don't remember when you had to like spam cities and say need a tank need a tank need a tank during the breaker save days you don't remember that because now you just push a button that says go to the dungeon you don't want to do that that's right even the creator of the game themselves said that players are justice talvik and therefore their judgment of what they enjoy is clouded and are to be disregarded which begs the question why what is it about world of warcraft that the word nostalgia has a secret negative connotation what's the difference between this game and all of the others that I mentioned is something I've been thinking about for years and the answer that makes the most sense to me is the fact that it's an MMO the other games that I mentioned the Ocarina of Time Final Fantasy 7 and so on at the end of the day they're their own separate entities these games now are as they were when they were released of course with mmo's we have a different case here either through content patches or expansions they change so much so quickly and World of Warcraft in particular today is so different from its classic state let's say that you played just the Burning Crusade expansion and you quit at Wrath you want to return to that old MMO that you used to spend hours on but Rhys absque reiben you find that everything's changed there are all these new classes is weird panda creatures running about and Shattrath is empty I think because World of Warcraft is still technically one game people feel the need to defend its current state against all past versions if someone expresses their love for certain aspects of the game while I'm removed the current player feels that it's an attack on the current game and sometimes it is it depends on the person and this video isn't saying that you shouldn't defend what you like no matter what side you're on but oftentimes it's those situations I talked about earlier someone just lamenting about the cool things they liked that were removed long ago and they're immediately attacked and told how their opinion doesn't matter because they're just nostalgic so this negative environment starts to form or it's not world of warcraft players together but rather the current versus classic crowd everyone wants to be the winner and convince themselves and others then only their opinion matters and with official classic on the horizon I'm sure it'll get much worse which is unfortunate so to all of this I say enjoy that nostalgia don't let others decide what you like and don't like I always find it strange how others are so bent on convincing you that you're wrong for enjoying something that guy liked hunter ammo well I don't like hunter ammo so he must be wrong let me type out eight paragraphs about how it's just that pesky darn nostalgic clouding his judgment he must know this is the pivotal difference that I'm trying to point out here the ocarina of time Final Fantasy 7 punch-out and so on were great games through the time World of Warcraft was a great game for its time nostalgia is often cited and even encouraged for why the former games are great and nostalgia is demonized for the latter and people are discredited one of my favorite dishes is hamburger pie my mom made this weird hybrid that was essentially just hamburger green beans potatoes and tomato sauce and some spices and whatnot and when I tell people this oftentimes I say ah how could you like that it must just be because you ate it as a kid like that somehow completely in Allen dates why you like something I make the dish today and with that specific recipe and aroma and flavor it takes me back to my old dinner table telling my mom and dad how my day was at school and that to me is worth a thousand times more of what anyone says nostalgia holds value and in the realm of gaming I think it even transcends most other aspects it holds a deeper and more personal connection that only you can understand a comment I get a lot of my channel all the time is that my videos are very nostalgic sometimes in a positive light but other times meant to disparage and discredit and is something I'm proud of if my videos serve as vessels to bring out that wonderful feeling for people that alone makes them worth the effort it's more constructive than needlessly on people for no real reason at the end of the day so all this being said like what you like if you want to fire up a Link to the Past go ahead or maybe the Elder Scrolls 3 morrowind is the best RPG ever made more power to you and if you enjoy World of Warcraft and it's classic state is Burning Crusade stay wrath Cataclysm whatever either through its a gameplay community nostalgia or otherwise have a blast because life is too short to let others decide what you like and don't like sometimes the reasons why you like something don't need to make sense just appreciate that you have something and that brings out those memories and warm feelings of nostalgia and today create some more moments that 10 years from now you'll look back to finally and think of the good old days whether it be from gaming or otherwise it's not living in the past it's acknowledging and appreciating important moments in your life that shaped who you are today and will be in the future farewell for now mortals we hope you enjoyed today's video see you again soon you