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NEW UPDATE: Best Champions TIER LIST – League of Legends Patch 9.8

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Patch 9.8 has been an excellent patch, highlighting Camille, Nasus, and Malzahar. Watch this video for updated tier lists for mid, jungle, adc, support, and top lane.

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This video is for: Anyone looking to find the best champions for Top, Jungle, Mid, Adc, or Support in the new season. This video is also great for beginner players looking to improve by picking champions that are easy to play and rank up with.

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Written by our Korean Challenger analyst, June

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welcome back summers to another pro guides mid patch analysis video my name is Christoph and today I'm gonna be going over all the strongest champions using fresh statistics to give you guys the most accurate tier lists available but before we start we'd like to make a small announcement we'd like to welcome our latest member of the pro guides League of Legends team Kellan some of you may know him as exile we already have a bunch of content planned together for the upcoming weeks and you'll start to see a lot more of his videos on this channel so make sure to hit the subscribe button if you want to see those we encourage all our viewers to comment on our tier lists and champion placements and say if you agree or disagree with us on certain champions a lot has changed since the beginning of patch 9.8 and there's a lot to cover so let's get right into it the top lane tier list for our mid patch analysis video sees a few changes compared to the one we had at the start of the patch although there are a ton of balanced changes made to top laners in patch 9.8 it seems that our analysts were correct when they said that the top lane meta hasn't shifted at all starting from the top we have the same six champions as before kale Riven jax-ur got hecarim and vladimir kale received some heavy nerfs in the past few patches but it appears that the changes were not heavy enough to knock her out of her S tier status she's still the late-game monster that everyone fears and her level 16 power spike makes her a highly contested pick if you're struggling to beat Kalin lame then our analysts recommend you pick up Nasus tryndamere or jacks like we said in our last video these three champions have very good win rates against her and will give you the edge you need to beat her next up we have Vladimir if you haven't been paying attention to the pro scene and missed out on the LCS finals well then you haven't seen just how strong this champion currently is TSM's top laner broken blade recently played Vladimir during some intense games against TL and showed us just how broken Vladimir is his ability to one-shot any squishy members on the team while being untargetable is the number one reason why he's so strong right now Vlad is by far the most underrated pick in the game for patch 9.8 and we highly recommend you pick him up if you struggled to beat Vladimir in the top lane then our analysts recommend you ban him until he eventually just gets nerfed in her eighth year we welcome to new member Nasus and nico nas's has been sleeper Opie in the top lane due to some recent buffs combined with the heavy late game scaling meta he's one of the easiest champions to play in the top lane almost pushing the brink to s tier so try mount your next few normal games as for Niko a new build has been popping up all around the world where you rushed hextech GLP with glacial augment if you want to see a more detailed guide in this then make sure to check out our Opie Korean challenger builds video and finally in our beats here you may have noticed that oren and dr. mundo are hanging pretty low and are tearless despite the recent buffs to their kit it turns out that these buffs just weren't enough to make an impact on their stance in the meta and they'll remain as a borderline be to a tier pick for this patch for batch time point out our analysts recommend you pick up red-necked and in the top lane Renekton recently received some big buffs on his queue healing and base stats which are making him a borderline as to your champion he's also very easy to play and has his solid stance in the meta so make sure to give him a try alright let's move on to the jungle the jungle tier list sees a lot of changes and that's due to the tanked meta not returning like our analysts predicted champions such as sejuani and nunu are only a two your picks despite massive cinderhulk buffs still they remain as solid picks for this patch and interests here we have rek sai j4 kindred kha'zix and two new members hecarim and master yi masteries winrate has slowly been increasing since the start of the patch due to the recent wits and rework combined with a buffs to his ultimate he's sitting at the second highest win rate in the jungle right now and is a great pickup for all players under diamond 4 once you go above that rank we recommend you pick up a different champion that can perform better in higher elos like rek sai if you're new to the jungle or you want to pick up jungle this patch then we recommend you try out Master Yi also we have a wonderful jungle course on Pro God's featuring some of the best junglers in the world including a knight blue he'll teach you everything you need to know about this role and we'll help you hit diamond this season despite the massive Cain buffs at the start of the patch it seems that Cain is still struggling to make the push to s tier he's sitting comfortably in our a tier for now but we'll have to wait if his win rate increases during next patch to be sure all the buffs to be shadow assassin were huge most players are still opting to go kein route due to the utility and taking us it provides a moo-moo received some pretty big buffs at the start of the patch and he'll be moving up to our beats here junglers for patch 9.8 he's definitely stronger in ranks under gold but much like Master Yi gets weaker the higher you move up a moon is also a great champion to learn if you're new to the jungle he'll cover most of the basic fundamentals you'll need to learn for patch 9.8 our analysts recommend you pick up Avila in the jungle although she isn't picked very often in competitive matches she's still an insanely opie pick for soloqueue without voice comms it's almost impossible to track where an Evelyn is after 6 notable players such as sunset have been dominating the solo queue ladder with above 80% win rate and high diamond make sure to try out but try not to make your opponent's rage quit getting camp by and Evelyn is one of the most tilting experiences in the game the mid lane tier list for our mid patch analysis video remains very similar to the one we had previously finalists were spot-on for predicting the upcoming meta except for one champion in our last year we have zed re Vlad Talon Morgana and Zoe even though Zed was nerfed at the start of patch 9.8 he still remains as an S tier pick and is dominating the mid lane meta McDonough has been a sleeper opie pick in the mid lane since her reworked honestly our analysts were still curious as to why her played rate is so low playing Morgana with hextech GOP and Glacial augment is one of the most broken built in the mid lane right now and is confirmed to get nerfed next patch if you want some free LP while playing mid then Morgana is the champion for you Cassiopeia was buffed at the start of patch 9.8 but it clearly wasn't enough to make an impact on her stance in the meta she's still a solid pick four patch 9.8 but is nowhere close to a steer and will sit comfortably in our a tier for now just be careful if you decide to try her out she's very difficult to play so we need lots of practice practice 9.8 our analyst recommend you pick up zoe in the mid lane zoe has been making a big comeback lately and she's been played by a ton of pro players all around the world even faker has been spamming her in soloqueue recently and she's a very good pick in competitive play however much like Cassiopeia you'll need some practice with her beforehand so test her out normals before you jump into ranked the a DCT list remains unchanged from the previous one we had at the start of the patch our analysts were spot-on again and every pic remains the same starting from the top we have vein all by herself in the S Plus tier again she's clearly stronger than all the other ATC's in the meta right now next up in our s tier we have Sivir Caixa lucian jinx and kaitlyn these 580 C's are solid pickups for the bottom lane right now and you should learn a handful of these if you want to climb more efficiently Jin received a buff at the start of patch 9.8 and those changes have been really really good on him a lot of high elo gin mains have been doing a weird build where they purchased double or even triple infinity edges although you lose out on the attack speed and movement speed your burst from your abilities and auto attacks make up for it pretty well I'm not sure this is a recommended build for everybody but if you want to give it a try in your normal games go ahead Kaiser received an indirect buff this patch due to storm razor becoming even stronger although the main goal of buffing storm razor was to increase diversity in the item it appears that Caixa is still the only champion who builds this and will remain that way for quite some time for patch 9.8 our analysts recommend you pick up Draven in the bottom lane there is a bug in the game right now where you can cash in your stacks from your passive by killing an allow a spirit this bug is actually insane and will grant you hundreds of gold by just hitting a stick figure combine that with klepto and you'll have a massive gold lead by the end of your laning phase without ever having to kill your opponents so go pick up and do a partner and try this combo out on to support the support tier list sees a few changes compared to the one we had at the start of the patch and arrests here we have Morgana Nami Sona Soraka thresh and a new member Nautilus Nautilus has been appearing all over the world in every role except ADC this patch he's taken solo queue by storm and is one of the strongest picks for support right now he's also fairly easy to play and you can pick him up in no time next we have our classic Sona Taric dual Lane that we love playing against am i right yes this still works and seems that there are no changes to be made in the PvE currently to nerf this it'll be a worthwhile investment to abuse this combo while it still lasts I also want to mention that we have a detailed guide on this duo Lane in our 9.8 pick or ban video so make sure to check that out if you want to learn more for patch 9.8 our analyst recommend you pick up allowi in the bottom lane like we mentioned before her synergy with the Draven bug right now is just out of this world and you can get a lot of free wins she's also an EZ support to play since all you have to do is land your W test of spirit and then face roll your keyboard try it out with a duo partner and let us know how that goes that's it for our mid patch analysis video for 9.8 if you enjoyed watching this video then please leave a like comment and subscribe to our channel to be notified for the next video we are uploading very frequently now and we have a lot of great tips for you guys to get better at League of Legends if you want to get some more detailed guides on climbing the ranks this season then please check out pro guides calm where we offer tons of guides from your favorite pro players and we offer 24/7 coaching on the platform thank you guys so much for watching good luck in your next games and we'll see you on the rift