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*NEW* Thanos Vs. Avengers Mode In Fortnite!

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Its time to play the NEW Avengers Vs. Thanos mode in Fortnite! LETS GO!
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ladies and gentlemen the Avengers have returned to for tonight in a second year this time it's looking a bigger and better than ever before now I've just got done a reading through the patch notes looks like Thanos is gonna be returning this year but things are a little bit different there are two teams the Chitauri versus what looks like the Avengers now honor the Chitauri team you have one player who will be found they are on a mission to go and collect at the six Infinity stones then the rest of the players play ask Atari who also have a bunch of other abilities like a jet pack like a grenade and a bunch of other pretty cool-looking stuff then on the Avengers side everyone sports for the treasure map and they can use that to track down nigga tear Avenger items I'm talking Iron Man I'm talking venosus giant axe thing and last but not least at Captain America's shield now guys I am so excited get in there and try this out I'm also gonna be doing a little bit of a giveaway in the description of the video to celebrate this amazing motor coming out so if you want to check that out at the end of the video don't forget to go and click that thing and win yourself some v bucks but right now guys let's get in there let's fight Thanos all right boys here we go time to play in game but before we get into it we need to buy the brand new Black Widow after it it's got its own rarity of item red muffle tier item I know is that better than legendary who knows but either way if you're getting it don't forget to put that code of music in your support of creative slut and support the channel but let's pick this thing up let's get a game and let's become an Avenger whoa Thanos we don't we don't really know yet oh my god there they are boys the Chitauri which means we're on the Avengers team we're gonna be fighting fat arse and apparently these ugly boys right here it's 20 V 20 and we're gonna be on a mission to track down our Avenger items oh my god those guns look insane I'm gonna shoot you right in your dumb face with a bow and arrow all right fat ass is coming eliminate his army before he gets all six Infinity stones or he'll be too strong to fight all right let's go boys I've got a map and I'm ready to find me some treasure okay so we need to follow our treasure map to find our loot I'm gonna land honestly we're gonna land right here I'm hoping we can get ourselves a vehicle somewhere around Tilted come on Danny any vehicles not yet apparently oh my god we've got to go this way all right boys were on the trail to our loot let's get moving it looks like we're also slowly generating materials over time we got a go go go go go any Chitauri that come my way you're gonna get it mark my words well I don't know how much health they have we've got 600 though 300 shields and 300 health oh I hear Chitauri forever this way whoa whoa that guy got Ironman holy crap that looks cool all right mine's just over here let's get it the mine stones coming in and it looks like it landed somewhere over there oh my god the mine stones here we need to defend it which means I got to get my item seriously quick let's go go go go go I don't know what I want more either one I even want the ax or the Iron Man repulses I do not want the bow you hear me do not give me the bow do not give me the buff do not give me the bow what's gonna be come on come on come on come on come on oh we got the shield I didn't even know how this thing works it okay it's it actually looks like it's a shield does it does it do anything else I we literally charge it people with it we definitely move faster all right let's keep going we can find more legendary items through the round oh we also jump I up all right this is kind of sick all right boys let's move in with the shield go go go go go I know the time stones on the way where's it coming in whoa right over there I saw it come down it's in the distance we got to move oh my god we can throw the shield I'm an idiot play this oh dude all right this just got about 45 times more epic stir right through there oh my god it ricocheted oh let's go boys let's freakin go where are those Chitauri at yeah it's like a frisbee but it also kills people Oh Chitauri in there let's get him boys waited for 170 come on oh my god we took him out number one over there it literally is holding it is a homing shield come on I one see you later loser let's go again oh my god we are slain the homing abilities of this shield are Opie now that's Terry down there oh come on come back my shield come back to me see you later loser haha oh we are walking through these boys I want to try charging in some way let's throw it or hit him once where you going buddy where you going you ain't going anywhere rebound the Chitauri oh my god it's that us take your mouth boys take him out holy crap we got a run he's oh my god he turned it on me we got to move we're in trouble here voice look at all of them we're charging him with the shield all right we gotta get back down there we were slang oh my god that guy's got balls think oh he's got the shield as well how do I find more items he's got multiple or in the chest in the chest I think we can find them if we're lucky come on oh there we go we got Stormbreaker baby how does it work oh okay you got the fan or sleep you'd also throw it holy cow that is awesome let's keep going we can literally charge the enemy with the shield and then we can just start wailing on him with this thing let's go alright found horses back do we want to go fight him where is he oh my god he's coming down let's go fight the Chitauri Oh what's this we got a Chitauri thinks he can take me on you idiot you fool you can't take me out if you wanted to I'm too powerful yeah another one day on there we go again come on charge him with a shield we found the location of the start it's over here we need to defend it this is the next story Avengers Assemble we're gonna protect this thing with our lives oh my god what is that is that that us come on don't let him get it don't let him get it where are they oh there he is all right we've got a protected right now look at that thing that is absolutely gorgeous now where are the Chitauri they're right here let's get them boys see you later idiot alright gotta keep all shield up for protection the Chitauri are coming and they want the stone we ain't gonna give it to him oh my god stay protected let's use the axe get the axe oh my god she'll back up come on oh I gotta hit this guy again yeah see you later idiot no they got the star mighty moe's are protecting it I blame them entirely let's hit him with the axe hey-oh we hit him again and again Oh take it out there's only one Infinity stone left arm there only for Chitauri we can win we got him right where are the last ones there's one guy to go is it gonna be fat loss I think he's over here it's that us he's making his final stand he's not gonna get it we've got this in the bag for sure yes the universe is saved holy crap that was actually so much fun it's like the Pharos mode last year but this time we actually get to have fun when we're not fatness all right we gotta get back you know I want to do a second round playing is the Chitauri let's go alright guys we are the Chitauri if we collect the first Infinity stone we become fan oz we've got a normal blaster we've got a big explosion blaster and we've got a jet pack and it's gonna be our mission to collect that very first stone I'm gonna try and fly for as long as we can that way we've got hopefully a chance of getting this first stone and becoming the very first Thanos ah yes this reminds me of playing the mode last year where everyone literally would just be flying around until the final score on that landed literally you'd have like 40 people in the sky we need to have our eyes looking out for that first stone to come down and then we are gonna take it all right come on stone where are ya here we go it's coming down where is it we got to start shooting down now it's all the way over here I think we can get there first I'm gonna calculate this landing perfectly come on I want to be finals baby I want to be finals I want to be fat us get out of my way you peasants I'm going in oh I think I got it in the bag I got this in the bag dude there's another guy colliding for it's dark come on I've got it I've got it I've got a baby I'm about to be fed us let's go we are back up in the sky and ready to slay all there honestly we are probably gonna get destroyed on our first life because the soul stones upgrade panels and right now there's only one we're gonna stick with our team use the Chitauri as protection here we go we got laces baby you'll love to see it we've got our standard punch and we've got the good old fantasy leap ability and most importantly we got orange justice alright let's get down there why is tilted towers looking scuffed okay tilted towers uh I don't feel so good alright the next stones are down boys we got to go get him let's get on the move a go go go go go fetch me that stone my Chitauri minions oh here we go alright the reality stone is collected and there are those Avengers let's take it out yeah oh my god I gotta move we're gonna even get in there oh we go to backup let's go in come on take it out let's go go go go go go go go go go go oh my God he's so engine come on there we go first target down let's keep it going we're gonna chase those Avengers back up the hill all the way up and let's go I'm gonna charge up again over that way and get out of the sky Tony stock I said get out of the sky come on where is he oh my God we're getting destroyed we're getting destroyed it looks like we're coming back as a crappy little Chitauri but it's okay now someone else will get to be found us but I'm actually keen to see how these guys play let's collect the next stone we are gonna destroy these avenges alright there we go oh my god I get to be again suck on that everyone else I'm the only one who gets to be awesome around here let's do a giant smash down to the ground let's go boys let's chase down those Avengers come on hey brother how you doing oh my god we got a guy we got a car not Hulk is destroying me there we go he's going oh my god there's so many get me out of here go go go go go oh my dude with literally surrounded where am i sorry wait I think I'm the last Atari left it's only me and fan are still alive come on found us you finish them all I'm gonna chill right here – you're doing great buddy I believe in you come on we literally can't do anything Oh No there aren't to be boys there are to me oh my god winning as that team is so hard as soon as there's one stone left it is a challenge dude all right guys we're getting this win a whiff of Pharos it's near the end of the round now we've got pretty much every single stone that matters except the one that gives us extra help but right now this laser is stealing 300 damage per tick which is insane let's go slay some Avengers and let's bring balance to the world all right we are Fanus and this round we are damn well gonna win now apparently I mean according to everyone I've talked to if you want to win with fan oz you're basically you don't you don't do what we did last time which is run in when you've only got one Infinity stone you wait until you've collected a few so that's exactly what we're gonna do oh wait we got a conga we got fat else in a bunch of the Chitauri all just conquering waiting for that next infinity stone baby this is what I call teamwork come on boys we gotta get to that stone over there all right that's one of the bad stones that's the time stone that's giving us three extra knock-back which honestly isn't that good at all all right purple laser damage time six we need that star boys we've got this stone hand delivered to us that's what I call service holy crap we just deleted that guy all right we've got the extra powerful laser it deals 300 damage per hit that is absolutely disgusting and I love it and now we're gonna use that to be everyone's worst enemy let's get em boys oh my god we are deleting people this is disgusting and you – see you later buddy oh my god they can't do anything they literally can't – it's not an enemy flying in your day we gonna get to spawn buddy you don't even gonna get to land oh my god I'm like the most powerful palace of all time we jump out and then we do this oh my god it's a shield the shield blocked it come on there we go another one down come on another one let me inside we're gonna be safe here another one day on give me my stars people give me my stones come on minions go do my job for me we want that reality stone let's get a double eye health then we're gonna be completely unstoppable here we go and another one down oh my god dude this laser is actually disgusting Anna no on the realities third is ours baby and my health just doubled you are all completely screwed now let's go oh my god a full power fattest baby you think you can stop this you ain't stopped at anything I'll get your cute little guns up in the sky honestly I wouldn't even try it there we go we are now at maximum status let's finish this and delete that guy from the game Captain America's shield won't save you now oh look at that guy in the tree you think you're safe all the way over there you know what let's finish this guy the old-fashioned way wait nothing through that we're just gonna laser come on this one guy to guard you ain't gonna glide from Thanos baby see you later fellas is restored and we got that victory with maximum level fairness holy crap he is insane that 300 damaged laser is possibly the most broken thing I have ever seen that should probably be nerfed a little bit but guys I hope you enjoyed it the brand new game-mode I'm gonna try and have a second video out on the channel today so make sure you hit subscribe if you want to see that one and also don't forget the giveaway that'll be down in the description all right now guys thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed and I will see you legends in the next one bye bye