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Mario gets bored and decided to get a new game, but hears about the princess being captured by Bowser! Now Mario, Luigi, Yellow Toad, and maybe Blue Toad? Go on a adventure to rescue her!

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come on man I have nothing to do did he so boring anybody what are you doing on the couch well I would be always doing something but I'm not right now I'm just bored well why don't you watch TV I don't want to watch TV the plus there's like nothing on hmm well how about we play something on the switch hmm the switch yeah let's play something on the switch come on let's go all right well Luigi what do we play well let's look at the store first so you can see if any new games are out okay well there is well let's check it out yeah oh it's the new Super Mario Bros u deluxe oh that game wait don't we already have that no Luigi this one's for Wii U that one's for split Janna has more content oh well could we get that one employee all right let's get it but I need to get my card first come on bareback okay where did I leave this thing we need your help with what exactly come on please what she's bit kin after ready um I guess I have to put that on hold all right hold on let me get Luigi I already heard and I'm in no well okay all right then let's do this all right everybody let's save the princess all right there he is ready yeah the studio's yeah yeah yeah Luigi huh yeah I got this one boy oh yeah great let me know why did that idiot go behind you huh don't even try getting up toads go yeah you'll never see the last of me Mario you know there he goes with his little buddy oh yeah they're in that bonds are you guys okay yeah we just got stuck in here oh well I'll get you two out of there well now that we're back together we should probably go and see the princess now well yeah those guys were in our way alright then let's keep on going alright guys well where did Bluto go well we don't have enough time to look for him so we have to keep going oh I hope he's okay yeah well now that we're here I want to try getting a powerup from toad shop then so this will probably be easier no okay well I guess we'll wait for you okay well I won't take so long Oh what is taking Mario so long doesn't it take like two minutes to get it well the shop isn't always open so maybe it's closed or something well then you should just come back shopping one open just magically oh those many games don't even take a long time no okay guys come back what took you so long we don't have all day to wait here I know I know but I really needed a paragraph anyways we can continue now come on oh come on yellow toad okay oh man being able to go on a quest again really is kind of fun look yeah I guess so I mean Bowser can't even stop us we're an undefeatable team yeah yeah so let's beat Bowser and save the princess no it's a change huh well you gotta take him out so let's do that you need to grab its chain then we'll be able to contain it okay well buddy I need your help with this wood right got it yeah great any journal huh gotcha oh thank goodness that works oh well props to Luigi for coming up with that plan hey thanks well time to get rid of you buddy yeah well and that's another problem you done anyways let's get going you're walking but hey at least we don't have any more problems well we're probably getting close to the Bowser you're not gonna see who it is it's Mario and Luigi and yellow toad these extras it's hilarious I'm actually surprised that you made it this far Wow I'm surprised do you think you can beat us well if you think you can actually be me and get to Bowser you might as well should quit now after all you don't know what's behind you behind me so you like any cheap shots don't you they're not cheap shops it's called playing smart you said we couldn't fly it already I don't care about talking what am I supposed to ask you how your days been well if you want to play like that then we can play like that yeah hold on time out time out what do you mean time out you punch me in my nose you know like the nose is sensitive why would you punch there am I supposed to feel bad right now because I don't out of all places you choose to punch me you decide to punch me in my nose the spot where everybody has a weakness like who does that come on you have to say sorry that was mean he's a bad guy why would I feel sorry for him if anything I shouldn't right sorry you know what forget this I'm leaving oh great now he left hand I lost my power you know let's just leave No hey where's Bowser find that Bush you Mario Bowser look who I have with me the princess and if you think this is gonna be some easy fight you better think again well we will show mercy Bowser I will beat you Bowser well let's really see we'll come out on top that sounded really weird but okay and Mario behind you huh oh you two are back wolf like dead Mario you fight Bowser yeah got this all right then let's do it no not so tough for you yeah I have ways to win well you clearly herwig this one oh yeah Luigi the number two here oh no Mario me we're not number one or number two we are heroes I told can't you guys like not do anything yeah whatever yeah no all right now you know so you want to bother hey would you are forgetting one thing the reason why I took so long at that shop was because I was getting more than one power up the only one that I don't control so what are we having a problem what you have power ups wait you're not supposed to be able to use where did you but can I just repeat louder yeah yeah you you just did well what was really anticlimactic oh yeah the princess hey well you know what I think I have a game for us to all play come on let's go check it outside [Applause] [Applause] you you