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NEW Silent gun and Grind Impressions – Battlefield V

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Battlefield V just added a new silent gun for the medic class and a new game mode called grind which is 64 players, 3 flags. Madness. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

this is actually the fourth week of trial by fire but it's the first primary weapon available for unlock in this season last week it was a melee weapon the axe and then drilling skin the week before that and a face paint to kick us off and this week though we can unlock the medic weapon the commando carbine alongside the new weapon we've got a brand new game mode called grind so let's take a look at that and start with that one first grind is really designed for all of those players who love that chaotic gameplay that map's like operation Metro Locker or fort de veau have offered up in the past its conquest condensed down into a tiny playable area and with 64 players fighting over three linear Flags in specifically chosen areas on four different maps current league ride is only set up on Narvik Rotterdam devastation and twisted steel but all of the maps have different layouts but they're all very linear and most of them take place on a railway track twisted steel for example is set up on the bridge so you can arjen how crazy that's going to be but there are some geometry changes that I'll get into shortly in just in case I didn't make it clear this mode is also 64 players 64 players all fighting over a very small area quite literally grind down the enemy team all your sanity pick which one you want so in my opinion does this sort of game-mode work in bf5 well here's the thing dice have openly said that they like to offer up game modes and maps to offer up different gameplay opportunities some players may look devastation while others love Panzer storm there can be an entire playerbase that love different elements of the game and that's fine in fact it's probably a good thing for me personally this is not something that I enjoy having that amount of players all fighting over a small linear area is not something that I enjoy doing because it really offers up nothing interesting in terms of gameplay to me there are grenades going off everywhere people are dying left right and center and there's really nothing you can do as an individual or a squad to push forward there's no real flanking routes here the prone matter of the game makes this mode even worse though because there are just so many players lying down with MLG's shooting your feet under trains and cars it's just crazy and I know that people will mention that this argument feels like war they enjoy the chaos it doesn't do it for me though at the end of the day it's a game and this type of gameplay just doesn't work here in my opinion but despite that I'm sure that some players will love it and if you do that's great conquest frontlines and of course firestorm or the sorts of modes that I'm gonna be playing regularly because I feel like any sort of real gameplay and the DNA of battlefield is completely nullified in grind team play out the window tactics gone it just doesn't work here and to be honest it couldn't be further away from what I think battlefield is meant to be and what its legacy and fun gameplay is built on the maps have had a bit of a rework in certain areas there like I said so there are a couple of interesting opportunities here for example twisted steel which i think is the best of the four maps available as a whole walkway that's been added underneath the bridge which is cool and it really helps and you can go down onto the ground level if you want to kind of similar for Narvik devastation on the other hand has no real flanking routes because you can't go around the church however there is added scaffolding so you can get into the windows overall it's just left a sour taste in my mouth I'm not gonna play it it's just so far away from what I think battlefield is and I know some players will like it but in previous games players would use maps like Metro and Locker to grind out assignments weapon unlocks and just general ranks in battlefield 5 there really isn't all that much to grind for although I will admit it is a good way to get through some of those annoying objective assignments and I would also say that the reason people love those maps so much is because they were tailor-made to offer that kind of experience not much has really changed here in my opinion in terms of the overall layout and design at the maps and it just feels like three flags in a row and it's madness but there you go and I think a large portion of the playerbase are going to look at this and say why are you working on this instead of making new maps yes I know dice hate me saying that but that's the perception that they're giving off with this it feels like the work in time that was put into this could have been best spent elsewhere on actual new content but I don't think their strategy for tides of war for a live service has worked well so far and I think this is the wrong direction to go there you go that's just my take on it okay moving on now I mentioned earlier a brand new weapon the commando carbine so let's talk about that it technically isn't a new weapon as such because it does feature in the war stories usually when you get to a part where you need to do something stealthy because wait for it it's got a built-in silencer the first silenced weapon in the multiplayer in fact and I think a lot of players would love to see more silenced weapons hit the f5 so this one in particular could be quite interesting for a lot of players it's full name is the delay or carbine and it was a British weapon based on a small magazine lee-enfield mark 3 but then converted to 45 ACP so how do you unlock it well this week's tides of war Oh Simon isn't all that difficult to unlock but a lot of the nodes revolve around the brand new game-mode grind so if that mode isn't for you well sadly you're not gonna have a good time unlocking the commando carbine I get that they want people to play the new mode but I don't like that there are two really lengthy nodes at the end forcing you to play grind but it is what it is for the most part it's pretty simple to get this it's just going to take you a bit of time so I'm not going to do like a step-by-step guide of every single node to get the new weapon like I usually do just jump on grind and you can probably do this in a couple of hours I would say there's a lot of like resupplying and reviving the usual stuff one of the more interesting ones though is 1500 damage with sidearms melee weapons and bayonets now I've got a video coming up which you guys all want to check out where I'm using the bayonet charge in firestorm and it's really good look out for that soon but I digress there are a few side notes to complete if you want the extra chapter XP one being firing 5,000 bullets and the other getting 5 kills with the commando carbine in one life but of course you need to unlock it first to do that one so when you finally got the gun what's it like well honestly it's a bit underwhelming it's the only weapon for the medic cluster isn't an SMG it's a new class of weapon and while that's exactly what some players wanted it's perhaps not what they had in mind up to around 30 metres it will one shot enemies to the head and I have to admit that it's incredibly rewarding when you learn multiple shots but if you do miss a headshot and the enemy turns around you could be in trouble it's worth noting that you don't need to come out of ABS after every shot to now depending on the range you're at it's going to take multiple body hits to take someone down I think it's definitely a gun that you're gonna want to play with a little bit to get the hang of and perhaps you will like it a bit more but at close range you're really vulnerable to SMG and fast firing rifles and even a medium range we're a bit fun two weapons like the Gewehr even still medium-range is a pretty decent place for this carbine especially if you land headshots but beyond 30 metres it's going to take multiple hits even with a headshot sometimes to take someone down beyond giving yourself a bit of a challenge I'm not sure it's a weapon that I'm going to use at all to be honest with you even if it is suppressed because in the chaos of game modes like grind being suppressed really doesn't make all that much of a difference but by default the gun has an eight round magazine and a fire rate of 93 which can both be upgraded in these specializations speaking of which what are they well the first two are slings and swivels for faster weapon switching after sprinting and faster weapon switch and then quick game which improves ADF speed that's what I tend to go for most of the time and then on the Left we've got custom stock which helps accuracy when moving and on the right we've got high-velocity bullets normally I'd get the custom stock but the bullet velocity feels quite slow by default on this carbine so I went for that instead next we've got quick reload and machine bolt which cycles the weapon faster I went for machine bolt because I'd commit to the right hand tree but it felt like the better option anyway to be honest and I'm gonna improve the fire rate from 93 to 109 and last up we've got a choice of either improved hipfire or extended mags which takes the magazine count up to 11 from 8 and I opted for more bullets but you can't hip fire this weapon pretty well so that's also a valid option I guess so wrapping things up in other news duo's are back in firestorm after a really short hiatus of two days it sounds crazy but when doors were added to firestorm over the weekend it was only for a limited time they were added in on Thursday of last week and then removed again on Monday and apparently dies wanted to collect some information and see exactly how well the mode worked in terms of pacing and I think most importantly matchmaking times even still only two days after they were turned off and after a lot of people were asking for them to be made permanent they've been added back in at least for the foreseeable future they're not going anywhere of course dice are going to keep an eye on this just in case any issues pop up but I do think it's a good idea to leave duos in because it really is a nice sweet spot for firestorm and VR in general and while I'm on the subject how good would the commando carbine be in firestorm without any silenced weapons the carbine could be a really interesting rare wet in the game I for one would be pretty excited to see how well that works but for now it's not going to be there next week might be a bit more exciting for tides of war we've got the new LS 26 LMG so we'll look forward to unlocking that and dice are doing their thing adding in new game mode some of which will never be around permanently but we've all got to remember that not all of them are going to the universal what I mean by that is not all of them are going to be enjoyed by all and that's okay squad conquest it's coming back and I really like that but again some of the people who enjoyed grind maybe wouldn't enjoy a slower pace mode like that so it's really swings and roundabouts I think it's a good thing that there's a selection of maps and modes the different players enjoy them but I think most people would prefer new maps over retrofitting game modes onto existing designs there it is so let me know your thoughts down in the comments below guys a big thanks for watching if you liked it give it a like if you didn't a dislike subscribe for more and I'll see you in the next one