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*NEW* SCOPED SHOTGUN?!! – Fortnite Funny WTF Fails and Daily Best Moments Ep.1068

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*NEW* SCOPED SHOTGUN?!! Hope you enjoy our high quality editing and our original episode 1068 of Fortnite funny moments and best plays edited in a way you won’t find anywhere else, with a touch of commentary and lots of creative special effects and unique edits!
Enjoy these funniest wtf best plays of fortnite daily fails highlights in battle royale gameplay!

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ES_Who’s Climbing In That Tree 1 – Jan Nordbring
ES_Don’t Walk Alone – Trailer Worx
ES_Hillbilly Diner – Step Two!
Grant feat. Juneau – Wake Up
ES_Lazy Day Blues – Håkan Eriksson
ES_Hot Rod Rebels 3 – Victor Olsson
Conro feat. Royal – City Lights
ES_Taste of New Orleans – Golden Age Radio
Conro – Monstercat 026 – Resistance – 09 On My Way Up

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I'm running circles around you waitwhat oh wait a minute Oh you I've never seen the trip oh my god says the best 346 minutes later I don't like where this is going please later you'll understand you don't know what you're doing here nope alright whatever about this shit I'm out here's a present for you fuck you speaking of courage go ahead I need to tell you something you feel about my side of stole I literally just stole seven shirts and no one at Epic notes stream do not tell them no one tell epic don't tell anyone I literally just stole all this stuff dear epic games Jack didn't steal anything okay just I got two hoodies is that my shirt this is that unreleased merchandise that you're you're stealing live I'm trapped guys – that is – Akbar also the functioning yep I'm sorry what what are you thinking but picks up a new chat shotgun with 12 bullets no resets it puts it in the right slot and there's a trap fuckin pussy died of a fucking bludgeoned unluck you did maybe you are so fucking disrespectful to me and Mason nice fuck dude I swear the disrespect subscribe to our channel to never miss best Fortnight moments we upload new video every day added a vanity