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Unbroken Bonds is here! Opening some of the new Pokemon cards! –

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what up heart squad happy beginning of unbroken bonds launch week on broken bonds is the newest pokemon card set that is being released this Friday and I'm sure plenty of y'all have been to pokemon pre-releases opened up your packs in these boxes and that is what I'll be doing in today's video heart squad I'll be opening up not one not two well technically not even three so technically just two pre-release boxes but I also have some backup unbroken bonds packs so you are getting a big start to your week and if you are excited and want more unbroken bonds packs openings box openings booster box openings please let me know in the comment section below as well as leaving a like on this video let us try to reach 2,000 likes for this video heart squad if you are excited for the newest pokemon card set and I thought we'd started off with a big opening of a lot of packs and so you went to your pre releases one thing I went when I went to a for a second a pre-release these cool badges are stickers that they gave out in Pokemon is giving out right now when you go to a pre-release this one's really cool you just peel that off I guess or I guess or maybe even just like put it on with a iron thing okay well welcome so yeah we'll have the badge right there Zek rum and Pikachu for that badge and they're pretty cool I know Pokemon has done stuff like this before but hey it was given out at pre releases if you got it definitely let me know in the comment section below and yeah so we got some pre-release boxes in some random packs to open up today here's what you will find on the inside of a pre-release box and I've already opened up one of these boxes on the channel before and what I do have to say heart squad polls for unbroken bonds are incredibly difficult and am I happy about that you bet you bet I am keeping it family friendly I'm really really happy and excited about that because it's very difficult to pull especially this card the Charizard in restroom hyper rare card even the full art card and apparently there's a hyper rare Blastoise card that is very difficult to pool so let's see what we get for our promo cards is this a Persian no but it's an it's a known metal so the last one I opened up I got a volcanion this time we got a mell metal unbroken Bond's promo holo and then of course there is the four packs which I'll put with those and then you get this little thing which I've shown you what that is before so no need to go in there so I'm gonna go ahead and open up this box as well just so we can get all the pass I don't even know how many packs we're opening up today maybe like like fifteen or sixteen or a thousand whatever y'all wants as long as you dream it you can achieve it alright so uh let's see the next one oh so we got stack attack unbroken bonds the one I really didn't want to get but hey we got the most important thing with these boxes upside down on broken bonez packs lot whoa are these all the same artwork Wow mell metal and Lucario welcome I guess in okay so I'll quickly go through each of these this should show you the cards that they come with hey maybe get Erika's hospitality in there Pokemon communication trainer cards I will absolutely take it so there is the promo card pretty cool looking one even though it's the least one that I want it to get but I'll be still happy about that so Janine copycat and these aren't cards just from unbroken bonds a lot of these are from past recent sets and what you do at your pre-release events you get just for fun you don't really get anything in particular but it's like $30 for over these pre-release boxes you got some energy cards you make yourself a deck and have some fun Green's exploration looker which is very interesting card Melton riolu these are from unbroken bonds Lucario and a KO card for whoever gets a congratulations so those were those let's see these should probably be different in this pack I think the promo card that you get you can kind of base it off of that so and it looks like it will be but mell metal is probably the card that I was really wanting to get other than the volcanion and Persian which I still have not gotten the person Reds challenge and Cynthia how's it going so unfortunately uh what we'll see if we can get that Reds full our trainer card read full our trainer card there's a seeking greens exploration looker Lily Melton and some Rio Luzon Lucario so not too much different but you saw it can get just whatever promo card you get it kind of goes along with that so Wow we uh we have a lot of packs to get through right now and all I'm gonna say is I'm very happy because there's a lot of opportunity to get some great polls today and I know by the end of this video I'm gonna be very disappointed hopefully we're not so um broken bonds happy launch week we get to do the lean Hearts trademark patent it guess the energy game I am ready for this I'm ready to get cards great polls let's start this off with a psychic energy okay well hopefully y'all out there in the heart squad got it right beast bringer and I have already opened up a booster box of this before and a lovely togepi and a pre-release box so I probably have seen most of the cards but not all of the cards so this will be fun to check it out just like it's the first time in a king are non holographic card definitely like the fact that they have the whole Gengar line in this set the ghastly the Haunter just so nostalgic it really can't beat that and haunters my favorite out of all those pokemon so next up Leonard's trademark panic guests the energy game ominous a leaf water energy it's okay we have high optimism levels still let's see if we can get that hyper rare when here's that hybrid Shahrzad restroom I will be I will be done I will be complete Geodude alright he's doing some pull-ups or something we got porygon looking like he's absolutely no idea what he's doing froakie porygon and ace and slash so so far nose goes for the pools but plenty of packs to go so the optimism levels are still about like right up here we just don't want them to get down there and then that's gonna be bad but anyway more packs to go there is the code card for that four cards I'm gonna say fairy energy dark energy alrighty then let's see what we can do in this one Nintendo GameCube ice Samson oak that's a really creepy looking card put some sunscreen on geez oddish miss Travis salad glammy ow Goldeen who looks pissed and my shadow so our first hit of the day is a marsh shadow holographic car kind of reminds me of the was it The Shining legends marsh shadow holographic so it's okay nothing too crazy but at least it's something I'll take that so next pack up is one of the many Lucario and melt metal packs so there is that for cards I'm gonna say fire dark energy again alright so we got the creepy oak card porygon – and I love a lot of the illustrations for like the togepi the sand slash sands true there's porygon think they do a great job with that including TOA trio's kind of cool Darumaka Sandile salad coughing and a lowland Diglett not to be confused with just regular diglettz a reverse rare Gengar I'm so happy because I love this card really alright and malamar holographic card well the background actually looks pretty cool with the whole Beach in the background makes the colors really pop a lot so – holographic pulls in a row hard squad and a very very nice reverse rare Gengar so things are starting to look up I think so plenty a packs too go in this unbroken buns officials launch week video many more unbroken bones openings to come so definitely be sure to leave a like on this video if you were excited for this new pokemon card sets I'm gonna say do I say dark or met almost a metal energy all of that in just a fighting energy it's ok it's ok we got to haul is in a row can it get better yes because we're gonna get a probably a non holographic because the pools are so difficult in a set Diglett there's poliwag if you ever wanted to see poliwag like fighting spirits up this is the card fire crystal and clefable well i can't be upset about that non hollow it's like a happy cool fable is it's doing the moon watching dance that's actually it's a cool card i'll admit it but if we end up pulling like 10 of those cool fables then you know in playable blable welcome to the channel know then cook fable will end up not being my favorite right now but that's cool so I'll take that alright for card guess the energy game I'll say water energy metal alright here we go Koga strap love sing the Kanto region gym leaders like Koga in this set definitely nostalgic and power plant how can you forget about power plant Nintendo GameCube Robin there's the ghastly part of that line with King garden hunter spritzee a dog duo Quagsire woods st. and in the background and awfully miss cut car jeez and crow bats so another holographic whole yet to pull an ultra rare eye lots of y'all were tagging me in your pre-release packs and openings and no one was pulling really anything too crazy somebody did pull a chars out in restaurant card like kudos to you Congrats to you out there and now you're watching this video and that was basically it there wasn't like any incredible polls which makes it that much more exciting when we finally do pull something assuming we finally do you never know I'll say water lightning energy alrighty then pew komoku fire Kris all hilarious weepinbell and a little in Diglett slowpoke I do love that car there's a lot of great cards in this set like Litton Sandshrew murkrow cubone and dugong non holographic rare all right we are like if we do not I'm assuming there's something great in these packs because if we just got that many packs it didn't get anything we don't get anything and there's something seriously up with this set which just gotta makes me like the set even more but uh for y'all's purposes I'd like to pull something leaf okay yes the energy game has been won we can wipe that away from our worries because now we can just look at this great hunter in cliff ah and happening and okay and poliwag Rhyhorn whoo that's a great-looking growlithe it has that same kind of sketch artwork illustration and it's in some small villager somewhere talent I don't know it's pretty cool growlithe cubone riolu dusk stone or nerds grape-flavored and a Raichu non holographic Raichu card I love Raichu I'm a huge fan of Raichu specifically just right you not necessarily a low and right you so I'm okay with that book book welcome to a lean heart video I'm okay with that Holly I mean that pool whoa gosh all over the place I was wanting to show you the basically the hollow party so far mallomar marsh shadow and of course the Mel metal and stacks those were the two promos that came with them really really hoping we get a we get something great all it takes is one hyper rare pool and we finally get something good for cards I'm gonna say lightning energy fire energy it's a little bit more red than usual alright ty rogue happening metal core barrier oddish there it is conten e ven annette meows devolution sprays e and g egg sorry about the voice right there just all over the place today so a wins a Scott G X our first ultra rare and to be honest I don't really like this Pokemon too much it's so it says nothing special like there's so many more ultra rares to get I think I pulled this in my Japanese box that I opened up as well and but I'll take it honestly it's so difficult to pull older ears so this whimsicott GX makes I'm happy about that I'm happy about that that's what I'll say so how many packs did we got left 5 unbroken bonds packs to go this is probably my favorite artwork the sylveon I think I've mentioned that a thousand times right now let's see what we can do in that pack 4 cards guess the energy game I want to say fighting energy lightning energy so I've gotten the guess the energy game one time hopefully y'all have done a little bit better than me croc rock beast what no you need a focus on the cards inkay tend to cool drowsy well that leaves little to the imagination cubone kripp brawler whoo martial arts dojo for the reverse and non holographic I'm surprised I ain't surprised with that pole that's okay for unbroken bonds packs to go let us see what we can do in this next pack there is that 4 cards guess the energy game lightning metal energy alrighty then energy spinner right on grains exploration oddish salad glam yow Diglett poliwag a kingler reverse rare alright and her ugly nan a holographic rare hard Wow I wasn't lying when I said it was difficult to get something but uh just taking it to all new heights here so let's see what we can do for cards uh I guess I'll say fairy water energy all right Tentacruel all true forest have I even pulled this trainer before I don't even think I have got some nerds in a lowland Diglett slowpoke Layton murkrow Sandshrew a vileplume always always love pulling vileplume in this line just because the green is so vibrant and colorful so I'll take it reverse rare and Quagsire once again non holographic card so really haven't pulled that anything much justice wins the Scott G X which is now looking like gold to everybody because they're all too rare we pull today so very fortunate to at least have gotten that one there is that four cards I'm gonna say water energy metal energy all right let's see what we can do in this pack hitmontop Gliscor frogadier Geodude porygon froakie what does he have it's like lid from his belly button then again he doesn't have a belly button huh Aran seal the reverse is a Vulcanian reverse rare I love that card all right blue Farah Musa and buz swole G X how about that finally we hit on a pack second-to-last pack magic a gorgeous Pharaoh Moshe and buz swole GX ultra beast card it's got the texture on it very very nice and also just like the whims of Scott from my Japanese booster to go booster box of this set these were the cards that I pulled I don't think it was the fallout for this one I think we pulled the hyper rare version of it so I kind of like the full art version more than the hyper air version I don't know let me know we all think if you like this card a lot because I think it's a really cool looking card and then we got that reverse rare Vulcanian and then we have one and then there was one the last pack can we gets some last pack magic card squad let us see what we can do of course for the guest the energy game I am guessing psychic energy so I'm gonna say psychic all right there we go one guess the energy game right stealthy hood happening welder Esper squirtle first time pulling that common card definitely glad to see Rhyhorn Rattata Goldeen who's pissed Darumaka and the final card is a zero or a non a holographic card well hard squad hope you enjoyed this unbroken bonds opening many more videos to come this week each time 1 p.m. Central Standard Time my name is Lina hearts stay awesome stay positive and as always I will see y'all in the next video