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New Map, Legends and Guns Coming to Apex Legends! Developer Update Details!

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All new details about the Apex Legends Map, Legends and weapons!

Full Patch Notes!

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today guys apex legends has finally broken their silence there better be quiet recently because they've been receiving a bit of backlash from the community for not enough content in their game and they've gone ahead in a dresser today to talk about their content changes they have planned when the contents getting released and exactly what they're bringing to the games in terms of new legends weapons and mat changes and when we can expect to see that now this statement was definitely a damage control one it wasn't like a just an update they talked about how the development team is pretty small and they're big overwhelm for the people downloading their game 50 million players is what they said in a statement so we've got no update on how many plays are actually in the game the 50 million statement is definitely a very old one they release that play account literally only a month after at launch so that was a few months ago now and they haven't updated that and obviously we can all tell why they haven't updated that because the popularity has definitely decreased and it's not a number to brag about they were super vocal and they love sharing the information where the game was literally blowing up but since it's died down in popularity we've received no update in how many people are downloading the game but I'm gonna go ahead and assume it hasn't reached the 100 million mark yet now if apex continued that the pace it was when it first got released it would definitely be well over a hundred million now but we all know for a fact that it's not the case and it's definitely died down in popularity I'm sure they're gonna release a statement when it hits a hundred million players downloaded that's definitely some numbers that would love to share and when they do release that number it will give us a good indication on how much it's exactly slowed down I've made it this video a couple of days ago going over exactly why apex has been decreasing in popularity the major thing the community was upset about was the lack of updates and the fact there's not much incentive to grind the game cuz as soon as you hit that level 100 there's nothing really more to do and they've gone ahead and given us a good idea on exactly what they have planned and it's some good news and it's some bad news as well in a statement they said they're more committed to working on bugs and slow server performance and they are on updates that's a number-one concern at this time is bugs now as you guys know the games has that many bugs it's got a few server issues like the occasional server will have a slow server issue there's a bug we're on console you don't get audio none of their bugs have actually been fixed yet though they talk about how they're working on them but none of the bugs that they say their development team is committed to have actually been fixed yet so I'm not exactly sure what the heck their development team is doing if they say they're working on bugs but the bugs aren't actually fixed yet and you still having the same issues we've had since launch they also said they are working on some major cheap fixes for PC I know that's a big problem over on the PC that's why I play console now I just enjoy console more but yeah there's no Tina's on console there is on PC and they are working on fixes on that so what exactly they have planned with content is as followed season launches the beginning of each season will start with a new battle past new legends something new for the meta and more something you for the meta is obviously like a gun for an item that we can use in-game so that is a seasonal thing if you guys don't know how seasons work in Apex that's an update every three months now I was hoping for the very least to get content updates once a month at the very least there's a new bar being set for development teams to keep the games fresh and constant updates is a good thing now if they're only planning on updating content once every three months it's a massive massive downside in my opinion cuz apex after all has a small level clap once you hit a hundred there's nothing more to do and if they're only releasing you content once every three months people are going to get bored I really want them to think about this and maybe change their approach on this and that is why I'm making this video once every three months is not enough let me know if you guys think differently this is a great game this is a good core game I think content should be the number one priority for the developer team now if they're doing a massive update once every three months that's all well and good but I think it'd almost be better to split that update down into different parts right when they release a new battle paths leave that in itself as an old update and then they should split up the legend and then you add it in between that season to keep the content fresh another thing in terms of content it doesn't have to be a weapon it doesn't have to be a legend a limited-time mode even tours or solos something the community has been asking for forever would be a great addition to the game and bring a new freshness and something to do for the player base let me know what you guys think but I think there would be a much better change to the game and much more rewarding to the players if they split up the updates and spread them out throughout the season so we always have something new to get on and try out in between the massive update they are planned for the season what they said in that statement was for complete transparency our goal isn't and never has been to patch or update our content on a weekly basis we believe strongly in the importance of a large meaningful changes to the game that have a lasting impact that's our focus on a seasonal release cadence we laid out at launch we will continue to follow this cadence in the future now that's all well and good that sounds nice but honestly one lump sum update I don't think is what this game needs for health for the player base I think splitting an update down the middle and like spreading that content out throughout the season will be way better for the player base and give us something new to look forward to in between the massive season update let me know your opinion but I definitely think apex Legends needs to think about that as an idea also the level cap please get rid of that give us grinders something to work towards give us an apex pack once every 10 levels like instead of once every two if they're worried about it's getting too many apex packs but give us grinders a reason to jump on and play every day new content every three months just isn't healthy for the game in my opinion at all let me know if you guys think otherwise if you guys would rather just one massive update every three months or you would rather new content to be laid out throughout the season I honestly think that would be much healthier for the game and as a content creator give me more content to spaced out throughout the periods of like dry time where there's nothing that new with the game they also said that in the next battle paths for season 2 you can expect a battle path with more meaningful content basically saying they knew their last one was due due and they're working on improved for the next one which is a good thing the introduction of a new legend the de beauté of a new weapon and you didn't expect kings canyon to say the same forever did you so in season two we're gonna have a map update now I don't expect it to be a whole new map I expected him to do a similar thing that Ford I did where they changed different parts of the map to add fresh new content to the game this is all well and good but I still stand by my statement that I think they need to spread this content out because once every three months just in my opinion is not what us game is one now I could be wrong let me know in the comment section down below do you think this is enough or do you think apex need to step up their game spread it out a little bit and give us some different modes like honestly give us some different modes would make a lot of people happy and what I think would be great for this games something that's not going to be impossible for this development team now also in this segment they are aware that we are asking for content they are well aware the community ones clinic that's what they said lastly regarding other games and development of respawn it is important to understand that the entirely separate development teams are working on apex legends and Star Wars Jedi fallen order heaps of people are saying is anyone even working apex if they all moved to their Star Wars game because we've got nothing in the recent times a lot of people were pestering that about them so we went ahead and said that they've got different development teams working on both games additionally in order to fully support apex surgeon we are pushing out plans for future titanfall games so basically they're saying no resources from apex legends team are being shifted to other titles in development here at the studios so they do say they have a whole team still working on this game so that is definitely a great thing to hear that is what I wanted to hear I was hoping they hadn't he just pushed their team elsewhere and that's why we weren't receiving content updates they did state they have a whole team working on this game and they're not splitting it up to throw them in other places so hopefully with that statement being said they can work out a better plan for the community hopefully they're gonna continue to listen to us and maybe take what we have to say into mine so hopefully they continue to take community feedback I'm not trying to make this video as a negative thing like a doomsday speech for apex this is a brilliant game I want the best this game as a content creator for this game I love this game and I wanted to do well but I wanted them to go down the right path and I'm laying out what I think is the best way for apex legends to continue to grow let me know all your guy's opinion down below I look forward to these changes coming to Apex I think they can lay it out a little bit differently in the future and maybe space the content out to keep this game feeling fresh and who knows we might get some new game modes soon if they truly do listen to their community there's only one way to find out and that is be patient the development team is working on FX legends they've done a good job so far hopefully they continue to work with us and not against us anyway I hope you guys enjoyed if you did don't forget to respect our like button if you're new around here don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you guys in the next one peace out bro yeah my definitely hacker fucking elbow I was like you hitting everything you actually have a moron are you just a gun oh you did