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*NEW* HOW TO GET FREE REWARDS IN FORTNITE! Free Season 8 Overtime Challenges!
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Oh duh yo what is up guys Aaron or tanki to you welcome back to the channel welcome back to the for a battle royale Season 8 video damn for night we are going over the brand new free skin challenges coming soon for new battle royale allowing you to access and unlock new free skin styles that are not just good because they're free but because they are incredibly well designed if you guys are high for some brand new free skin styles in for a night make sure you smash a like on the video down below let me know in the comments what console or platform you play on ps4 xbox pc iphone android or nintendo switch and if you guys are hyped for season 9 make sure you comment what season you first started playing it I started playing an early season 2 and I'm repping the ps4 so let me know in the comments what your plan on what season you started congratulations to my recent V Buck giveaway winners hopefully everyone is enjoying their V box thank you to everyone spending V books in the foreign item shop with supporter critic code I thank your whitey be 100,000 a V buck challenge is still active and as we climb closer and closer to 100 K V bucks we need to start hop into more V buck bundles so this video gets 10,000 likes I will be buying my next 13,500 vive bundle and when we hit the 100 kV book milestone I'll be celebrating by buying the max vive bundle for one random for Nibelung if you haven't already pressed that subscribe button down below join the team and press that notification bell to join the notification squad you already have my notifications turned on make sure you put hashtag no T gang down below unfortunately I will not be gifting skins in today's video I'm currently on a trip so I can't access my ps4 as much as I like to but if you want a common epic ID or add me on epic I tank and white see I'll be resuming my daily gifting very soon and all my live gifting on my caffeine TV page which is where I do all my live streams you want to come watch me live and follow my stream I'll leave a link in the description down below so epic games that something really awesome on four night last season they allowed you to complete additional challenges in the extra two weeks of what season 7 was to access and unlock the season a battle pass for free now these challenges were called the overtime challenges essentially over time in the season these challenges popped up and allowed you to unlock the battle pass for 0v bucks he basically got all of these skins that you would get from the regular battle past for free because you didn't have to buy it by doing these challenges now when the recent update it's been leaked that there is going to be a second version of the overtime challenges the season eight overtime challenges now I don't know if these challenges are gonna stay I don't know if they're gonna change I don't know how many are gonna change if they do now these challenges include rich in battle paths here 23 battle passes here Symphony 187 to collect coins in the future creative islands placed top ten in squads with a friend deal damage to opponents plays top 15 and duels with a friend outlast opponents in place top 25 in solo very similar to the previous overtime challenges that the majority of players wanting the free battle pass did in fact complete to get that free battle pass last season but you will see that these free skin styles are incredible and we're gonna be going through all three of them right now so starting off with the epic outfit master key now this skin is one of my favorites in the game every time I use it I just seem to play good so the fact that we have a new style coming soon is incredible and as you can see they turned the entire master key skin into a black and white beast you can see the silver chrome mask the green accent on the neck tiger stripes have been turned black the cloak is white the pants are black socks and shin guard wrapping is also white and black it is an incredible looking skin truly almost like some sort of you know primal ninja which is an incredible skin overall kind of has that anime feel which I know a lot of people are gonna really enjoy now if you want this black and white ninja master key skin you have to complete six overtime challenges as you can see in the little bottom unlock text portion six challenges will be unlocking this skin for you on your account and at the end of all three of these skins I want you guys to comment which one is your favorite which one you're looking at most forward to because I think right now the next skin is gonna be my favorite and that next skin is the epic ember skin which one from fire to almost water it looks almost aquatic it has green and blue and it completely changes the way you look at the skin so I think it's gonna be an incredible skin and if you want this one for overtime challenges must be completed I think this is the better ember version and finally the last free skin style completing two over time challenges will unlock the epic Sidewinder skin now this is a skin I do not use I've literally never used it in for not yet and I think it's for a good reason I think it's the best skin in the game I don't think it's that exciting but the fact that they changed the green and the blue and they made it look more of an intense skin something more you know appealing to the eye I think it's actually gonna work out and more people are gonna use the sidewinder only doing two challenges is not hard especially with you know placing in some sort of you know top situation and solos duo's or squads or collecting the coins or just you know unlocking things as you progress naturally you know half the time you do the challenges you almost do half of them or you know a third of them just by accident just by playing the game so I think the sidewinder is gonna be a very easy and accessible skin most players will get it even if they're not trying to get it so it is a good you know improvement for the sidewinder considering I don't use it in the game I'll probably give it a go now maybe it you know becomes one of my favorite skins who knows but I think it's the weakest of the three and I think the best one is ember clothes second being that master key which I'm looking most forward to playing with but I think the ember looks a little bit better just because it has more color has more pop and the master key is kind of you know more monochromatic more one tone but it is still a very nice looking skin okay so in the comments down below I want your opinions on these skins the master key the ember and the Sidewinder which one is the best like I said I'm looking forward to having the master key and the Sidewinder but I think the ember is the best-looking one overall again these challenges will probably be on the last few weeks of the season itself going toward Season 9 we are getting closer and closer so these challenges will be dropping or very soon and when they do drop the over time challenges will become one of the hottest things on Hornet so make sure you get your account make sure you get your challenges done make sure you play the game because you do not want to miss out on these challenges I always see people in my live streams in my comments saying oh man I wish I did my overtime challenges last year I didn't get the battle pass for free I didn't do this I to do that almost always people regret not doing the challenges because the actual reward is very good they just don't realize it until it's too late so if you are planning on playing in the last few weeks of season 8 make sure you do so with a purpose because when these challenges drop and these skins are accessible and unlockable you do not want to miss out on them but that being said I'm gonna leave you with a few of my recent favorite stream highlights some awesome clips some live wins and just some funny moments overalls with that being said thank you so much for watching have an awesome day stay safe and I'll catch you guys in the next one oh my god I got the beam bro I ran out of ammo oh my god can I hit my shots please thank you no more Matt's no more Matt's great great get me inside oh my god oh my god oh my god thank you let's go thank you what a long done foot all right we talked to all we have seven kills we're looking pretty good we need to get more mats but our loadouts really nice so we might be able to do this all there's two people would there might be three oh now the others three there's definitely three oh we gotta get closer oh we're tagging we're tagging them oh my god we ripped that kid he is so weak someone's trying to snipe us now Jesus chill oh all right top eight seven kills still we're in a little bit of a predicament so oh I have no more mats waiting for 42 that's pretty good actually what does people here know you're kidding get off me oh my god that's getting at all the mats in the world holy crap bro we just went from zero mats to 2000 hello we're so WETA oh we have a campfire let's go are yeah we might do this man we could do it we have a sweat over here I'll be tied in 35 oh my god what type of beam do we have today dude I hit it for 35 than him like three times in a row just in a blink of an eye he's probably so confused alright let's just get high we have five more deploys okay we're good for left nine kills we're looking pretty good right now man so you know no one's coming out there I'm so confused or that although I guess they are well yeah okay there might be two people there there's definitely one though oh there's a bush watch out did he get a bush on you oh my god this kid is so weak oh my god we didn't tag by this guy we have 40 now dude I can't afford to take any damage okay we got him dude we have no health like none this is so bad I was he trying to bait me with the smoke off the campfire what's he doing get off me bro oh my god 29 health left 11 kill win with the fully mask new skin reward yeah that is how we do avoid 11 kill victory that was way too close like the last four gun fights way too close if you're still watching the video you should probably go follow me on my Twitter and my Instagram I take it I take it the greatest aiming entertainment career oh yeah I need a crown now don't forget to hit a like but right about now yeah I'm taking off I identified countdown I am in a battle bus but I'm up in the clouds now got my skin in the game no John wait got it mister cuz you know I'm not a rocket wrong I don't need to see this I'm flossing I'm boss and I party say that oh yeah you lost it hey you got a little leaks videos in a week