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NEW FREE TO PLAY CALL OF DUTY! (Call of Duty Mobile Gameplay)

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In this video we look at Call of Duty Mobile. This is a FREE to play Call of Duty game coming for Mobile devices. This game has Maps, Weapons, Camos, and Characters from both the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series. I showcase Call of Duty Mobile Gameplay, Weapons, Create a Class, Perks, Attachments, Scorestreaks, maps, and more!

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yah what's going on YouTube my name is rich right away welcome back to the channel I hope you guys are all doing well so in today's video we're gonna be talking about something a little bit different now a few days ago Call of Duty and Activision they've released a little bit of a teaser and a promo of a new Call of Duty game that's going to be coming out sometime maybe this year or like early next year something like that I think it's gonna be this year but either way the game title is called Call of Duty mobile now you guys might have seen the trailer I'll showcase the trailer in the background right now this is a full-fledged new Call of Duty game that they're coming out with and basically the whole premise of this Call of Duty mobile game is to have Call of Duty on the go you know on your iPhone your tablets whatever but it's a Call of Duty game that combines everything everything from every single Call of Duty you know the modern warfare series the black ops series it combines everything from you know Maps weapons characters they have maps like hijack standoff you know cross fire from the modern warfare nuke town firing range like they have maps from every single Call of Duty game they have weapons from every single Call of Duty game and it's just all thrown into one now this will be a free-to-play game which is actually very very nice I think a lot of people were excited to hear that it will be a free-to-play game and also the beta for this game is going to be sometime in the summer I think they might have mentioned August but don't quote me on that so the beta is this summer and we'll be able to try it which is really nice it's gonna be on you know Android and you know iOS Apple whatever but it's such a cool game and I'm honestly so excited for this man let me know in the comments section what you guys think about Call of Duty mobile but only one Call of Duty game combining everything from the modern warfare series in the black ops series all into one game this honestly looks so good on paper and from the trailer for a mobile game it honestly looks really good in the background you guys are actually gonna be watching gameplay of the Call of Duty mobile game now if you guys are wondering how I have this game playing how I'm showcasing gameplay of this game that's not even out yet basically this gameplay is from a man Andy aka gun of truth so I'm gonna leave his youtube link and his Twitter down below in the description if you guys can go over to his YouTube channel hit him up with a subscription that would be awesome but I think last year around December time they actually held a little beta testing or an alpha testing of this game only in Australia so he was able to it was only available for a limited time it was in the Alpha stages and he was able to play the game this game looks absolutely amazing there's multiplayer there's zombies and also at the end of the trailer that they released a few days ago they also teased blackout I'll showcase the weapons on the screen right now but you have weapons like the PDW ak-47 ak-74 you cheek comb m16 m4 striker like literally all guns from you know the mono warfare series and the black op series combined into one there's a create a class menu obviously you can have your agent or your character you know choose your primary your secondary gun attachments perks lethal and you can also hybl Eve have a specialist weapon on your class up as well there's also a store in the game where you can buy different weapons and attachments and it's kind of similar to black ops 1 if you guys remember in black ops 1 there was like a currency system where as you play black ops 1 you get like cod points you don't have to actually spend money on the game but you earn these like virtual credits in the game to purchase more weapons camos and attachments and perks and whatnot and that's basically how it is in this game you're not actually spending money but you're earning credits while playing the game to buy more weapons that you want or to buy more attachments or perks stuff like that which is really awesome I love the in-game credit system now like I said guys this is something I would love to see come to consult a Call of Duty game that I feel like the community has been dreaming up for so long now like a Call of Duty game that combines every aspect of the modern warfare series in the black up series all into one now if you guys didn't know there is a game sort of like that right now and it's called Call of Duty online but this game takes place in China you're really only supposed to play it in China there were ways to work around it and play it in the States and whatnot but it's really hard to play the game because you are connecting to people over on China so the servers and the connection wasn't that great and also in the menu it's all you know Chinese you you really can't navigate the menu or the weapons and see what's going on but the premise of Call of Duty online is they have everything all into one game it's a massive Call of Duty game that's super popular right now and we're all kind of wondering why hasn't that game gone global as well like this is something the fans have been wanting for a very very long time bring this game to console and bring this game to PC like a free-to-play Call of Duty game obviously there's probably gonna be you know a microtransactions because basically in every free-to-play game there are things you can buy with actual money but from the looks of the gameplay here it looks like you can you know play the game earn credits and you know use your credits for the store to buy different weapons and your attachments perks camos etc so let me know in the comments section what you guys think about this I'm honestly super excited to try out Call of Duty mobile there's a beta this summer like I said and I'm definitely gonna register for that and try to play and hopefully get some awesome content for you guys I feel like this game can actually be something really awesome cuz the mobile fan base is pretty huge I mean there's mobile fortnight there's mobile pub G I believe and now there's gonna be mobile Call of Duty and I feel like everyone these days has phones like I literally have mine right here next to me at all times like almost everyone in this world even kids have phones nowadays so they're definitely hitting a pretty big market coming out with Call of Duty mobile and I think this definitely could roll over and if this game does well hopefully they do bring it to console and PC I wanted to make this video to showcase to you guys some gameplay of Call of Duty mobile because I'm not sure how much gameplay is over on YouTube right now once again shout out to my man Andy let me know your thoughts and opinions about you know all this there's also a zombies they tease black out there's multiplayer it's a full fledge Call of Duty game and also a different company is making this game I believe they're called Tencent so a completely different company is making this game but I mean it seems like this company's good man it seems like this company has the right idea and the gameplay actually looks pretty decent in my opinion like I really do enjoy it for a mobile game the graphics actually look pretty decent I think I covered basically everything within today's video so guys I'm gonna leave you with the rest of the gameplay so just sit back relax enjoy all the gameplays on the different maps you know nuketown hijacked all that good stuff once again huge shot so I met Andy for you know giving me this gameplay once again let me know your thoughts and opinions about this in the comments section down below just drop a like right now if you guys think this is a good idea like you guys want to see this come to console and PC drop a like also subscribe to the channel if you guys are brand new man on the road to 700,000 subscribers so thank you all so much for watching have a great day I'll see you guys next time you [Applause] better miss all waiting orders friendly predator missle it bad you missile in bad