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it is time for Thanos to get absolutely clapped well we already saw this like a million times we don't we don't need to see it in game record book oh my gosh wait I've got to buy V bucks hold on hold on chat hold on chat I gotta buy B bucks uneven B bucks tent there we go item shop all right Black Widow purchase huh widow's bite purchase Marvel emo what there's a there's a red emote it's all part of the Marvel set dang that's wild what are the styles on this oh dang she can be one okay now if we're not going we're not doing one that's crazy there's a new there's a new rarity of emote all right chat we are about ready to get in game squads Phil let's do it vikkstar123 a a baby right you ready to snap some fools oh yeah can we go na west I'm in Vegas right now oh yeah litter any West supply all right all right it's time okay all right let's get this bread hmm dude I am so ready for this you don't even know I'm like I I've missed thinness so much yeah I was watching some old clips of fat ass just and panasas I hope they have all those same people in the lobbies the people don't really know what to expect oh yeah why we ideally want to be Thanos team I guess I I think we want to be heroes like if you get to be one of the heroes it's brand-new right yeah oh my gosh oh you see the gauntlet and the side of the screen yeah I think we're bad I think we're part of the Thanos squad wait I literally don't even know how to tell it's okay we've got a TT be on our team okay music hey notes is coming oh we're so we're the good guys I can't where where we gonna find it like I don't know we start off with guns and everything oh the map the map you have to pull up the map okay can we see it mostly I guess we go drift bullets Shirley tell it rewards yeah I think that was the boy says ones over here I'm kind actually pretty close to this one why each other well I don't know if everybody has the same one oh you have to click your mouse to make it work mm-hmm I see one like here so I see most different to yours yeah thanks do I need mats am I gonna like crank 9 yeah yeah I can fly now so you still have like all your other guns and stuff it's like an item you don't actually like transform like you do Thanos oh this is lit wait this is sick so you can stay all right well we're in the game now the reality stone is on its way only to be some place and they're even gums oh oh you see on the map there the reality stone that's white coming over that way so that's where we let your vehicle's I don't know how to feel about it oh the mobility is a little weird but then again I am flying around like Iron Man well Danis is here what would you get I'm getting to it now I hope I'm a hell less you'd be just as like as long as you're not hot guy you should be fine there's Iron Man over not Iron Man uh Captain America over here you got Thor I'm cool oh wait you can have multiple Wow wait that's it you can just pick up multiple this guy has uh how do you find more you just find you find more Matthew yeah yeah okay so I can meet all the Avengers that one sounds lip like not my mouth oh and then he just marked a Captain America shield it's casual you know when I break stone like break stuff it like flies in flame another interesting so that's like a shield and then he can throw it and then it comes back oh my gosh this is so cool I'm so confused this is this is like consumer anxiety man got too many objects yeah okay well I guess we just got on to pick up all of these then see ya so my next one's gonna be getting another one right here I'm gonna like fear attack should we go and kill that up when we get these two mice gun battles yeah yeah that's a yep you got the whole nine yards yeah I'm all guys balance how we all time all right let's go try and kill Santos safer well I got one more to go get right here I decided tilted my boy so he has to reality stuns wait yes it's like you're a normal or character of us that's weird this is yeah cuz surely you could if you get whole Kai's about you can fly with full height by weight just seems a little oh I got the hammer the hammer Zuba gets the right clicking I guess probably I'm getting tossed it over here it's kicking off so I think Iron Man's a bit one of the better ones to get cuz you can actually like oh my gosh I what the Hat do I lose on my twenties my out like so I can can I come in oh my gosh let's kick it off isn't freaking the Avenger oh my gosh there's so many I just I just not one of them how much do these guys have my Glock oh you're like you get a lock on – yeah that's like invite you Miguel okay oh my gosh how do I feel okay I shouldn't use guns battery dumps or not do useful things okay is that they have 82 life you need to kill them before Santa gets all this College stuff I think oh I could've built like a guild well he did we got stuck maybe is that hurt is that our objective is that like what we're doing to defend it we need to defend it from the mad time someone killed Danice and now he's back yeah he's back oh okay alright well the stones here so I'm just gonna defend it with a boy oh nice you don't lose your stuff either yeah there's another map here so I would be Iron Man is that like Iron Man look up look up get some mad air with this for sure I mean yo ease away space stone is on this way oh so we're gonna have to we're gonna have to get split here I feel a little betrayed that this bow is loosely just about is it really the boom bow kind of just doesn't make you feel like one anyway cuz it's so good Oh Thanos is over here tax clearance rate a bit okay science doesn't like the apparent legs Oh oh dang dude this is this is like I don't know I don't know how to even describe what's happening I just I used to culture our mats region as well they are yeah that's it horse hammer gets hella hot yeah yeah dude oh that's a good idea this is long it's a lot going on right it's a lot so wait okay how many problems you can like slam down with the hammer yeah yeah I don't realize other stones you got this guy's get back to get it okay so like if you got make a stop yeah stop Venice well it's a bit oh my gosh I'm calm I'm musica just chilling on a little bit hi grandma there's not gonna be walking I got like a bunch of kills I need to get that bow yeah the bow is cute all deploy there Stannis himself middle it's like a full-on invasion right now so countries and so much it's so loud holy Christmas turn it down a little bit I've got high ground I'm just gonna snipe these fools oh they're all capturing it right now you got away they go full teen-line he's not the other law he got so let's go and so if you die right now you you're dead dead oh okay cool all right well I'm gonna try to meet up with you I'm dad I'm dad I'm gone oh my gosh holy crap three v19 should be easy for every ball sockets game come on hey soccer skit you can't build your way out of this one you gotta use a network of the Avengers meanwhile I want to see what happens at the end oh okay that person just went straight through okay yeah see the flaw the universe weeps yep the end of oh wow wow that was crazy okay okay somebody's trouble you're you're like lagging a little bit in discord by the way as well I think that would be the hotel y-yeah also also it sounds like you might have the what's it called on the Oh lbs thresholds one sir yeah the thresholds yeah all right chat what was the what was the best what was the best combo there I think the best combo is Iron Man for damage unless you're up close and then Thor's hammer be bad right yeah much better perfect Thor's hammer specials because I'm schooled it on this laptop yeah yeah all right I think I just want to get a doll was the avenge us today I'll steam it you're just gonna be jumping around lasering people the whole game yeah pretty much I'm gonna be perfectly honest I feel like they've made this Arkady like to the point where like I asked you prefer the original Thanos yeah I like I like the like dynamic of the first one but yeah I mean this this one too and it's just different it's more like inclusive like everybody gets to be an adventurer true walk team away we are the Avengers okay all right you know I'm gonna work hard I'm gonna get oh oh if you pull out your map as you're falling you can you can see it why can I see it yeah you can see it as you're falling how did you pull it out as you wait you switched to its wit yeah okay yes straight in perfect ease and I think it's different for everyone my one's right by yours yeah yeah or Avengers things gonna loop this building I get first yeah I grab it she's one of the finals friends we don't like that no no alright come on man please okay I've got a whole guys bow well it's a well I guess captain Captain America's thing doesn't actually hit like brick builds super well Thor's demolishes them but okay I found a Captain America shield right there I'm tagging it was this bad yeah okay lutely stuffing okay so yeah open up open up chess this is compute yeah we bought leaves I mean you do need to squad up with what a rampage okay I need what to come I need Hawkeye and Thor and then I'm fully kitted okay confusing they sent to use another map here so I'm gonna lose my tack shop and I guess yeah when you have the power of the Avengers okay I got the bow all I need a store and I'm good yeah okay we collect these or I'm opening up two more I'll let you know what I get bow right here bow and hammer I'm good I've got another fine for mobility how do you back out so that the best way that I found a work it is the bo-best best arrange obviously yeah I a man's best for mobility and getting high ground and like long range like meat medium range shots where you can't be hitting with the bow the shield actually blocks there lasers so if you look like and you can jump high with it and then hammer is good for slam downs and close range throws yeah I think I'm just gonna I've got I might go some more chest I guess I mean he hasn't even gone for its first down yes he's right you want to actually head make your way over to him that's probably where all those little minions are yeah get some action yeah let's do all right I'm yeah I'm gonna uh maybe yeah don't want those hammer or do I care it's the worst one in my opinion yeah and then Wow I think I've got yeah I've got the shield that I'm mad at the bow mm-hmm yeah I think I think Iron Man and Bo are probably two of the best whoa Hawkeye has a zip line hey you like click good day that's not you probably the fastest way to get around yeah all right okay wait is that all studies I'm hitting this damage I'm getting a holies errs okay all right I feel like building up with Hawkeye and just beaming kids yeah not a bad stratton the slightest I'm just you know I just killing this his people kill a bunch of these which oh my way okay Iron Man do with like shoppes lock on the Auris oh maybe yeah seems a little I think there's duty Julie just to see what you got died Chitauri soldiers asked again for their all by Thanos right now let's go baby I killed myself okay I'll take that joint seems like fair balance stones coming in right here yeah I am mad ability berry power yeah oh isn't Utah and I ain't happy with it where's this new panel sorry bud those are your bills and everything but dunno something let's go he's all the way over here all right where where how'd she believe that Allah I'm on my way to help he's got his laser beam out he's gonna die here and that has fallen battles having the world absolutely like to call an easy clap right there oh my gosh the stones are everywhere right now yeah that's a bunch room out here where I am welcome weapons I wonder if I considering adding these to fall night long con woman can you imagine yeah maybe this is how they test them cuz this is just the it's just a light easy oh that was a dream oh let's go what was that 161 meters nice bro this bow is mad strong yeah it's a sticky this mode walk under the trees honestly I'm about to kill time I see you I feel like beat us is gonna struggle against all this mobility yeah and by struggle I mean we are demolishing him five lives left but the things used to be responding really close to the fens now yeah oh that was filthy that shot though holy crap heads up heroes all right oh my god watch yo finals actually just getting toasted here yeah this is wild chance yeah who's got another I mean live is to have nothing to me oh my god for this this guy's actually shielding you got this guy up and I sit down when they die now that I feel good yeah I think so too left boy no finals in this land Oh later one more guy hiding it forever of course it's either red dot on the map is he coming into the storm yeah yes yeah I see him he got to be fine thanos be 11 oh wait this actually is if he kills all the sea yeah oh my god okay okay I'm gonna keep my distance here go strike I'd slip off come on heroes old God oh he melted me I'm dead okay guys I got we need to hit my shots here all right oh my gosh this is our champion right here I really can't believe we just lost like a 14 v1 I didn't try he is like the in pretty powerful when he yeah yeah hopefully we can get the other side this thing dude that's crazy they brought like a new rarity of emotes just called marvel have you ever wanted to see Black Widow doing the conga wait are you in the lobby are you in this game yeah I'm in the lobby nominee like the like okay I've got put in there game with that you apparently Oh backing out ah yeah chat what do y'all think so far better or worse than the last Avengers game without my mic and my might was what we call it in that last game but hey it's Fox easy cos awesome thank you so annoying so in America I can't buy 3 bucks every time your account is full we've frozen it for you right now just gonna get new skin was please view expose all works your turn oh my goodness I am disgusting but I'm gonna be famous one day if you work hard enough soon do we have we have we have a laser beam oh oh how do you charge this you got jetpacks you got like a grenade launcher we got like this yeah we need to go and hunt the Avengers before they get there we need to go on a fire get over against turf here oh yeah alright I said John ago sorry I'm gonna I'm gonna chill for a second in the air and then see if we can't like see where the first stone is spawning how do we become Thanos do random I think it's just random yet maybe I know that it's our job to pick them up the you know idea let's go on top and just easy claps sniper right we're gonna be I'm gonna be the two else's favorite some people be how we already down eight lives I think I think we only get 12 people max and they get 2000 K because Thanos counts for like 13 apparently okay I see you I'm out of the mathematics I serve my master Thanos well okay I've controlled the mountain I don't see any Avengers I'm going on the hunt this is really just the jetpack yeah okay excuse you that's the that's the Chitauri booster pack and it will be respected as such Oh apparently whenever we get so whenever we get the redstone it doubles our health okay we should probably wait for that before we saw I don't know let's go I'm playing all right that wants me now scared wait how do those guys know where the stone was gonna be I'm fighting two Avengers right now I'm coming to you that kind of kind of game oh no until Thor's hammer and Hawkeye spoke about things actually we don't really need to do anything like there's no point us fighting them until we're just wasting our lives yeah no yeah okay so we need to wait for us down you know how we cancellous times just chill there jeez okay yeah we're yeah we're not even not can we just loop normal stuff like notes I don't think so I think literally all that's on the map oh my gosh what is wrong with tilted oh my gosh 140 P tilted what is happening stop this hurts my eyes wait there's a chest here what can I get I call I can't open the chest well what is this way is tilted like 144p for you No yeah where's the stone come here what is wrong with my god all the Avengers are here I'm coming now oh it's bad I like being The Avengers a lot more than I like seeing these guys oh god oh god Sam what you agree dude what is wrong with tilted look look how they massacred my boy big big daddy sound else's here okay you're noticing any leave me the victory yes Hawkeye more like Deadeye they don't waste much mobility bubble body block for you I killed one nice does nothing for us next I literally get stuck in the ground because it's just not rendered for me we'd be out Tillet soon okay space down let's go for that boy landing I thought we have less health these guys may happen I like the stones come poka poka stung here it's got that red get that bread mr. Noah Jay you hi all right what does that cut the thinnest please take my space stone where we get we got a bit more house we should get something to kill via the blasters our best close range it's just a long range that are terrible I'm cooking life yeah yeah we I mean we killing so many Avengers oh gosh yeah I literally think it's all about like oh nice this will stand oh no oh oh ah I I kill one but then I back the curse this is all about curse lives on hundred lives they should have a hundred lives I feel like yeah I guess the entire point is just to like wait until the spawns and then everyone fights are in the stone Thomas's fault pick me pick me pick me let's go down there fools trying to build anteye build gun at the ready and with this photos wise you prevent let's get last down all covered I'm cooking the I'm cooking the Avengers we got watch out for fish sticks so I'll just go space nice so what do we need what most are in our lives with chitlin oh we're actually doing really well what look at this time we're doing great he's so easy got him nice wait to be me boys would be like do we regen health it all oh it's not the last one yeah so now we don't read in health all right so I guess I'm just gonna move I'll tell you why ain't safe that there's a lot of them all that just that shortly the stones gonna move oh my gosh they are all over it there's like 40 of them tell me it's gonna move Tommy's gonna move it has to do we respond around thinness is that how that works all right let's move out stand somewhere good this is like an aim trainer straight up yeah I like mines down okay so I'm gonna see Avenger down there I'll browse out at that home twist ah adventures in the stone oh my gosh they're flawed recommend to a friend should not recommend to a friend they don't build fast enough for their okay building got the stone one that 1700 avenges okay we're gonna have to get high ground and kill whole of these oh my gosh that's Thor's hammer just me we need to use that offs yeah that weapon is just bad no stipend I'm already dead holy crap okay okay we can about any of these stones what are we gonna do famous cannot jump very high at all anymore by everyone holy crap well that was the most uneventful I'm getting a reality stone come on what why should we say I'm literally dying before I can even land yeah Oh Santos just just obliterated three of them this high ground here we are losing lives very quickly this is like auto it's the auto gun man they don't mix okay thatthis is that again no you gone for that red one Jones making it taking damage to the cancel it that's that's the most important ones the most important one for us it is pretty sure they have Auto rifles I mean cool I just died how much I miss 1v1 infantis with yeah I don't know about it man with a scar this is not good right this is not good I hate it's just it's just a cluster I think I think we got it all so I'm pretty sure the teams are supposed to be more balanced but people are just backing out when they don't get Avengers I think that's yeah I think maybe it is supposed to be 20 be 20 but everyone's just backing out whenever they get that we would be 20 we were eight be 20 at the end there oh my god oh no one knows yeah see everybody's backing out when they get on the other team I'm done I honestly might just go too bad just how you sorry about this it's like such easy view for me I feel like I feel like you here let's let's back out and try to get a better game I feel like you have to get it more even like players on both sides for it to be fun if it's 20 V 12 it's not as much fun well it has at least the potential of being fun it's not that I just I don't know chat thoughts thoughts chat freaking okay back out I'm not playing as them again I'm sorry I just can't I just mmm I I mean I need a I need a confidence booster after that lost game here's the auto shop chat you sure you if I've been banned five minutes of you back out I mean that would help or just make it so Iron Man doesn't have an auto I'm the Iron Man auto aim is the real problem alright just start the game start the game now it's look like it's 20 it's 20 V 18 start it alright we got a nice even game okay The Avengers that's come through strong so strategy women in your thoughts I'm just gonna get a bow and then go kill everybody puts the bow is insane so as the Avengers yeah we just need to get a powerup they could be a great place to get all of them I don't know I do I feel like I feel like Iron Man's lock on laser beam that is the way to kill if we if we both skin if we both get Iron Man we can just go right together yeah man just ever I didn't do my map I should have done my map oh it was lovely okay my first one is come on show me the money oh ha cosbo let's go all right one chest open up for me wasn't I've got the I've got the shield unless you run fast and jump okay you're a super buff if you can kind of look for more chest to get more stuff but I'm not saying anything let's go I drop this baton that all right got the shield what we get next are there even chests spawning by a man yeah I open one okay we should probably get this down ASAP yeah I meant to sell mostly I think Bo's the best in my opinion yeah 200 damage they barely even have 200 health but I'm like 250 all these stones so far that's just the freestyling for that not if I have anything to say about it I'm going in give me the bat me the bat ironic is like the best one he's at at shotgun when you later lesson about lying man yeah I'm just collecting right now I'm not even worried I once I get all my things I'm just gonna pay up another iron my hand come on give me a hammer there like right here wait mark that right like right here how many Avenger things all that just for just for oh I've got all of them okay hmm I'm fully avenge it up right now oh yeah I mean what cleaning a lutely cuz you know was the play yeah the bugs really get gotten the high ground hands stop wailing away yeah basically if you if they don't see you you get free rein to do whatever you want yeah I think they're gonna go for this down actually you're not no fallen down yeah that's nice I'm just gonna go in a tree careful then they can't see you in the trees – I got bopped out of my tree come on baby give me some my treat oh that's a whole bunch okay they're trying to get that easy I'm gonna go – all right how are you gonna hit me when I can fly and I got hot away Opie will defense because they shouldn't get the power you got a tangos on you Magister what no to Beau shots and that curse there yeah I'll as you're killing it right now out of the sky mom will gun I'm gonna go to our place stylist oh I just shot a teammate down that night they're trying to build Vic just wanted to have a home yikes I just got that stone infant leaks it drops Harrison yeah oh boy Thanos is famous is looking to him this way we're very close so we just go for him laughs why we preemptive let's go me and you I am kill the students first I think I think is the siphon so I want to make sure that they don't get this one I threw my shield and are you fighting planets right now I'm soloing on those let's go he's out she kind of panicking several ways I've actually got my damaged goods unless you're killing him I'm gonna kill final five fuck it rough she's panicking all right made it fire kill is fine shot one bullet out of in stolen oh my god they got another stone wait wait that baby they got that one that we were just protecting what is that noise and why it's a lot oh that was that a stone what the f was that I'm so confused so what'll all got new Styles new stops oh no that's too literally a Cheetara came in like us a notice right there that was terrifying yeah they're kind of grabbin all those terms they want right now all palaces are pastel rose oh this is intense man the power's out he's taking it but we just damage remedy you can't take it yeah there's this father that's work thanks this is good I'm flying back in doing that black widow in the pyre power of iron man I don't like how you know I'm actually gonna build a little uh yeah that's not gonna do dad boost up swap yeah have you called both the abilities right Oh get off me Mike – it's over this time so these are the last two stems they need and they just together we should try and got next time ups again nice and early I just lucky I hope they help the thickness he's got defeating panels kills so he's just healing yep right now just this guy's just dancing in my tree yo I'm trying to be stealthy here flying in one advantage indicting us who he felt my tree thanassis lid up right now no no he melts dude holy crap alright he just siphoned off me well this is actually gonna be really close they have 17 lives left they only need one more stone no cute right I need to know they got the other one just trying to get it right now oh that was close where they spawn again on that that no that's on you right now we need to be in right now I'll do it is right down we can rain down on it he worked me my bow glitched out and I didn't get a full pull back penis is back this is gonna be close there are so many elephants now no one close to it tell us about that I think is it that one's down again there's one here I'm gonna as I said oh there's only one left does it just ate us it's just basically a new summer right now he's uh you can see yeah super tips I'll take it I'll take the window freakin Hawkeye man how is he the most powerful Avenger make any sense Gigi's I think when you're on the when you're when you have a good close game it can be fun it's just yeah it's just rather yeah I think I'm gonna jump off for there no but Gigi's my man all right my dude yeah okay all right chat let's play another once again if you guys have not already entered into this all you need to do is leave a like and subscribe and you'll be entered in to win the $50 Playstation or Xbox gift card depending on what you want $50 or for Xbox or Playstation whatever you like item shop item shop is the pickaxe that I have the skin that I have and then this emo those are the three things in the item shop what's up big chunga's but you can actually be damaged in this Lobby just the shields I guess huh weird if anybody we had is this an LTM yes it is now this is what this is what every game of fortnight looks like now this is this is every single game before tonight I wonder if you if you farm in the lobby do you keep that going through I doubt it but let me see all right tell you one thing man the music sure does get you hyped a couple people jumping on early brothers the fighting is happening over here I don't know what y'all are doing the fighting happens over here brothers alright I'm gonna try to grab my item and then go here fortunately my item is over here uh that'll work though tonight can I drop these in midair I just I don't I don't even want them physically useless in this battle alright polar peak kind of infinity item do you have for me here come on Hawkeye freakin yes dude I'm telling you ha this is this one is actually the best the mobility and the damage it's actually Opie any items bro you can get cookin if you have high ground you shoot it down hello anything of use anywhere even so much even so much as just a hint of there being something stones coming all the way to paradise I thought there was supposed to be a lot more crates than this I really thought so oh my gosh rad wanting with $100 don't know I just saw that funky catch a stream us stream at 1:00 a.m. where I live anyway how's it going how's it family hope all's good what'd I miss odd I mean so far just somebody Avengers infinity war actually yeah I mean you know I'm saying you know what I'm saying and it's a freaking duplicate nice dude can I get some love in the chat for a doii my sis so squeaky do you hear that come on baby oh my gosh my third bow this means that's where I'm going no dude oh my gosh I think this is sound but I might leave this game and just restart so I don't have that sound bug it's really like hurting my ears almost it's like it's like squeaky all my stuff is squeaky if that makes sense I hope that's not meant to I hope that's not meant to sound like that because it just does not sound good it's like just like that Jack threw that in there and they throw it that in there isn't a new game mode yes and we're Chitauri actually we can try it we can try to get beefiness this mash I can go for a nice Stannis I just killed them I just actually killed him there did you see that children of pharaohs retrieve your masters Infinity stones and crush the human weaklings okay why aren't all three of these guys going over here do they know something I don't know I'm trying to get my hands on that first and finished um you know I'm saying no I'm saying hmm is there a B is there even anything for the Chitauri to loot I don't think there is bom-bom-bom he's trying to communicate come on first item baby first time and maybe drop it everybody stay off this is mine I think I think I'm gonna get it unless this guy does can I get some toxic in the chat dude toxic absolutely toxic here's the here's the item shop for for everybody who is wondering there's a new rarity of items called marvel rarity absolutely peak toxicity chat absolutely peak getting dropped on Dropbox oh gosh that's gonna have to that's gonna have to go on hot hot mute right there ba-bump how many people do we have floating quite a few quite a few quite a few floaters waiting for this wait for this here gauntlet because the first person who gets the stone gets the gauntlet so that's why everyone's floating for Cheetara soldier this is life well oh I need to figure out what time it actually spawns in I have a feeling to me over here Wow that guy got like a perfect how do you get such a perfect landing on it holy crap alright whatever whatever I don't need it I don't need it I didn't want it anyway Matt's bad must destroy all maths oh my gosh this really does delete everything Oh yike yike did guys personally I think this I think this Matt destroyer should be should be a permit that item the Power Stone has been collected I think we just we should just make this a permanent weapon infinite ammo I ain't helping wait wait no what okay that's just that's just rude that's just so rude I'm sitting here rooting for him so that it kills Stannis if someone else gets to have a turn you know like me how is how is being a Chitauri fun if you're if you're not if you're not famous how is being a Chitauri fun at all what actually what correct why why are you shoot this is literally our mission oh my gosh literally all the minions right here I'll rejoice and his greatness this dude has auto-aim rockets who thought auto-aim Rockets would be fun for anyone oh gosh ah I just wanted the first I just wanted the first Panos game back the first one was so good man this dude is just automating me how it oh my god Chat Chat I I don't know if I can I don't know I don't know how much longer I can play this game if I have to play on this team it's just so dude like who thought Auto am was a good idea who please tell me like actually this blows my mind especially when they get way more help than us and I didn't get to be famous again oh here is again mr. infinite ammo never reload auto-aim rockets oh love it love it love it love it yeah Chad I don't know I don't know about this one to be honest that dude was Rick guiltiness yes pick me please pick me Oh think you should be paying us again feels bad that being said we kind of cook we kind of crush this game on the low-low on the low-low we kind of what kind of went off do-do-do-do-do bounce restored excelsior and balance is restored I don't know Chad thoughts thoughts on this game mode rating rating from 1 to 10 rating from 1 to 10 shot ah that's interesting it's interesting it's not bad it's really not bad it's just not great either I prefer that I prefer the the regular Thanos mode but maybe it'll get balanced and they'll be more fun item shop there you go here I'll even move my FaceCam black widow outfit you can either get red head or blonde style widow's bite and then that those are the three things all right set I'm gonna go ahead and wrap it up there I'm gonna go ahead and message privately the giveaway winners I'm just gonna randomly draw the people so make sure you keep an eye on your inboxes if you do have the chance to win again last chance if you want to enter it in this giveaway the first way is to go ahead and subscribe and leave a like on the channel or on this video subscribe leave a like after that the next possibility to win is to follow me on Twitter and retweet my latest tweet it's the second one third one third and final one is to use my support of creator codon fortnight which is just no age a four five six accept and send me a screenshot of you using my supporter creator code to buy this stuff and that'll and that all in turn you in to win the $50 and it works for MLB for playstation or xbox or whatever you use that being said guys thank you so much for coming up I hope you guys did did have fun it's always hype and then the mode is not terrible it's really not terrible it's just I'm kind of I'm kind of tired literally stayed up all night now at 7 a.m. so biggie Ike big yikes in the chat anyway thank you all for coming out I really appreciate y'all y'all the real MVPs and