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NEW Fortnite AVENGERS ENDGAME Game Mode! (Fortnite Battle Royale Endgame LTM)

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New Fortnite update Avengers Endgame LTM game mode gameplay live stream with Typical Gamer!
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Find Thor’s Hammer, Hawkeye’s Bow, Captain America’s Shield or Iron Man’s Repulsors to defeat Thanos and the Chitauri in the Fortnite Avengers Endgame LTM.

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what's everybody typical give me root their daily YouTube livestream some more and today for you I bring you the four night Avengers endgame limited time mode now before I get into anything I'm just gonna play the trailer okay this is simply what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go ahead and play the trailer so here it is this is gonna be the endgame trailer you guys ready for this let me just go ahead and and just pause this for a sec and let's go ahead and play this aw snap Captain America's shield I'm it's love Thor's axe how frickin sweet is that that is so freakin awesome I am so excited if you are hype to do me a big favor and smash that like button let's give me likes we can get and if you're new around here make sure take that subscribe button as well let's watch that again it's gonna point out a few things here actually no I'm gonna just watch it again what's up with the quality you're just like go full quality there you go that is so cool I love that I love that action scene all right so the real question is who you guys got your money on you guys been for I do you got like are you rocking the fish with the resist Thor's hammer that's not really throws that Stormbreaker and then you got Iron Man with the repulsors then you got this guy over here or is it like who you rockin basically I'm gonna say this is gonna be Hawkeye Thor Captain America or Iron Man who do you got who who is the head of your team let me know in chat let's play one more time we're gonna watch it one more time and then I'm gonna hop into the patch notes here I love it frickin love it I mean fish stick is just almighty isn't it fish stick is just Almighty cannot be stopped can literally not be stopped okay so that is the for night and game limited time mode it says join the battle for the Infinity stones fight as the Chitauri man I really don't know how to pronounce this I'm gonna pronounce that incorrectly for the entirety of this stream so if you're a real big four-night if you're a really big Avengers and game or just Avengers fan excuse me getting that name wrong and fatten us or wield Avengers items in the endgame LTM so the limited time mode that has been added is called endgame and I'm gonna periodically be checking here because as you can see the servers are offline right now but they just went offline and there's a bunch of stuff leaked in as well so I'm gonna try to get you all that information here and as soon as the servers go up we're gonna hop right into it so tannaz and his army invade the battle royal island in search of his six Infinity stones and game features a team of heroes fighting to stop Thanos and his team from claiming all six Infinity stones both teams respond when eliminate until the other side completes their objective on one side is the hero team here is respond when eliminated until the enemy team has found all six Infinity stones heroes start with the treasure map that leads directly to mythic Avengers items other Avengers items can be found in chests throughout the map so that means that you're gonna be finding Captain America's shield you're gonna be finding Thor's hammer the storm breaker you're gonna be finding Iron Man's gloves stuff like that and he says the goal for the hero team is to destroy the army of Thanos and Fanus himself team Thanos is comprised of his Chitauri Chitauri invaders and Thanos himself the invaders start with powerful laser rifles an anti structure grenade attack and a jet pack that lets them briefly leap high into the air the first Chitauri to recover an infinity stone will be transformed into Thanos Thanos has a powerful pun a destructive beam attack and the ability to jump high into the air and then smash anything in his way when he comes back down each time in an infinity stone is claimed Fanus abilities grow up more powerful and the army gains health reality stone is read and it gives you health and shields doubled from a thousand mm and then you got the orange stone which is the soul stone siphon activated grants Thanos shields only so when he takes people out he gets a replenished shields mine stone yellow jump height is doubled holy smokes a space stone which is blue ground pound AoE so that means area of effect which is essentially when you land you damage in an area size tripled and damage multiplied by six time stone which is green big knock back added to each hit damage multiplied by three and then finally the power stone the purple stone you got laser damage multiplied by six if Thanos is eliminated from the match another Chitauri will become him after a short wait unless the NAS is the last one standing if the US and his army find all six Infinity stones here wolves will no longer be able to respawn the go for Thanos and his armies to find stones and then eliminate the remaining heroes so really really interesting I know a lot of people thought that maybe we would see actual Avenger skins and you know I didn't think would really be possible because there's a lot of stuff with like IP and like like the intellectual property and like you know how does new license things out especially for Avengers and Marvel such a popular series so with that being said I'm super surprised that there's actually leaked that there's gonna be two Avenger skins and we'll touch on those in just a second so if we go over to the four-night twitter you'll see do but do you have whatever it takes find Thor's hammer Hawk eyes bow Captain America shield or Iron Man's repulsors to defeat Thanos and the Chitauri in the endgame LTM for night times Avengers check out what's new in our new patch notes blah so we're gonna hit that and we're gonna read the rest of this patch notes how do you pronounce it can anybody give me like a like a guide on how to pronounce this chit Chi Tory Chitauri I'm gonna that's it that's that's my go-to Chitauri that's it that's what I'm going with it might be wrong but that's that's what I'm gonna say so of the skin I was talking about you'll see that this loading screen actually here leaked and this is actually gonna be I think the LTM loading screen so this is actually a really really cool one and then they found a number of cosmetics so they actually found I believe Black Widow right she's gonna be in the game as like a pack which is actually really really cool so and they found a bunch of looks like camels for weapons and stuff a new pickaxe a dance we got like the glove over there we got a new song loading screens loading screens all that stuff here so if anything updates I will let you guys know on that Oh what is this okay give me a second there's a lot more information than I thought clicking over here endgame LTM challenges and rewards revealed four four night it looks like you can unlock the freakin club do you guys see this so the challenges for the upcoming endgame LTM have been leaked which you can view and tweet above rewards include season XP emotes sprays loading screens and a new glider oh hold up oh oh that's just is it those are emotes that you could do you can get the Avengers logo emote new banners and no way look at that okay everyone needs to unlock that glider so these are the challenges deal damage while hovering with iron man's repulsors collect Infinity stones play trashes of endgame deal damage by throwing Thor's Stormbreaker axe deal damage while flying with the Chitauri a jetpack eliminations and for matches of endgame deal damage with Captain America shield deal damage with Chitauri laser rifle win matches of any game s Chitauri or Thanos deal damage within 10 seconds of grappling with hawkeye's bow deal damage with the Chitauri energy laser win matches of endgame as the hero team so that is pretty sweet I mean this is a free mode right so it's pretty neat that it's got all these uh these features with it I'm actually gonna reload my epic launcher just in case it'd be great to be one of the first people on their show you guys um these are awesome awesome stuff and if you guys know for sure that servers up please do let me know in chat and I will go almost instantly the quintet okay know what else did we see here so season 8 over time challenges for for Knight revealed look at those dad is sick I love the skin already the fact that it's gonna get it like a little extra to it so season similar to season sevens over time challenges these ones reward styles and include season XP they seem fairly easy and then you can get these three different variants here which actually look really really cool look at those those are pretty sick those are pretty sweet cannot lie and then is that all the news we got over here I think that's pretty much all the news we got here I guess we can see like the season 8 week 10 loading screen and stuff but I'm more interested in checking out the patch notes so again I will keep checking if the server's are online currently offline and let you know when that situation changes but if you're excited for the Avengers end game limited time mode I want you to do me a favor and smack that like button and make sure you hit that subscribe button especially if you are new yeah so you can have a team with all the weapons essentially you could have this squad right here essentially you could have the squad right here right there now who you choose and again I asked before I see most people choose Thor the choosing the fish man the choose the fish sticks are you like are you Thor Hawkeye Iron Man or Captain America let me know which team are you one who do you want to succeed the most that's the real question who do you want to succeed the most that's the squad right there man I'm actually what item do I want to use the most though what item do you want to use the most I want to use I might want to use Iron Man's repulsors the most to be completely honest and then maybe Thor's hammer and then I would say Captain America shield and then Hawkeye I feel like Hawkeye is the least impressive maybe you got something to say about that but I feel like Hawkeye is the least impressive and everybody else is gonna be a lot of fun to use I'm seeing a lot of people say Iron Man definitely Iron Man I'm a big big fan so going through the the patch notes here what else do we got – no they they fixed a bunch of bugs they made some improvements they renamed hitmarkers to be server-side Authority instead of client-side this will help prevent instances where players see hit markers but no damage to happen to me quite a bit there's an interesting change but I'm kind of glad they're reverting it yeah I don't know I mean is there anything else like there's nothing big that I see that people would really notice in terms of those changes competitive they added the new tournament in the events tab April 27th to 28th this weekend is gonna be the solos qualifier for the World Cup a million dollar prize pool I will be participating in that at least in the semi-finals and if I qualify in the semi finals I will be in the finals on Sunday so if you guys want to watch something Saturday Sunday I will be here 4 to 7 p.m. Pacific be 7:00 to 10:00 Eastern if you guys want to check that out so it just gives you a little bit of this back here and it added streaming replays to added tournament match history which can be viewed by selecting a player on the leaderboards replays can be viewed from each match that a player has played added the ability to spectate live matches during tournaments by selecting a player on the leaderboards match have must have been running for 10 minutes for live replay to be available that's actually really interesting because you can actually learn and you know really adapt your gameplay based off of pros that you watch so that's gonna be really cool so I wish there was kind of a feature for people to to watch and then for you to know how many people kind of checked out your replays that would be a really cool feature right alright let's let's check to see if epic got back here we're gonna keep refreshing I have no doubt servers are gonna be up real soon I mean game has been down for nearly an hour servers are still off line though they are still offline some more bug fixes and stuff for the Rena Arden animation we've added a unique animation for petting the dog and other pets I like it actually you know what I like it there's gonna be some haters and they're gonna copy that and make pictures dad be like but we want advert maybe you do want to reverb but I don't think the reverb man they added a sound visualizer without spatialization panning of sounds in game by introducing this mode if you were hearing impaired player then you will now be able to play the game with audio and the visualizer turned on simultaneously ooh drop in and give us your feedback about these changes either in game or on our social channels to help us continue to make improvements in the future various gameplay sounds gunshots walking reloading will no longer retrigger at incorrect random times this was huge this wisconsin ghost sounds to be heard when nothing was causing the actual sound effect that happened to be so many freaking times fix an issue that would cause certain things to not have looping a video when they should alright and then the rest is like mobile so if your mobile player that'd be nice create they added some new things um they added the ship what else I don't know I'm not begging like making creative map so if you're interested in this definitely check it out but for now I I'm not I'm not get this I know I get this uh you can now display a scorecard in-game by pressing the map button while the game is in progress oh that's huge this option is on by default use the map display widget option to choose between scoreboard and default map oh that's good I don't even noticed that that's it that's a big that's a big change it mean like if some of you noticed recently like you wouldn't have been able to sort of check your your friends kill something at which kind of sucked but now that seems like they they might have fixed it and um yeah so there's that so that's good that's good news that's good news bears it's good news bears alright before we continue on here well we're gonna go back to UI in social let's watch the trailer again now want you to tell me your favorite part of the trailer ok here we go I want to really analyze it so you'll be able to play as these guys and you'll be able to play as Thinnes whoever collects the first stone infinity stone gets to play us Thanos until Thanos dies and the next person that collects the stone gets to play as him so that's pretty neat look at him he's got all the stones jacked up and then Captain America just freakin at least Captain America shield just flings it again I love how these like bright bomber as Captain America so yeah a lot of people thought we're gonna be a like Iron Man skin some stuff but I thought it was pretty much a giveaway that we're gonna see them just the weapons using LTM because the teachers themselves actually showed that it was like bright bomber throwing the shield and fishstick holding Thor's hammer and Iron Man's gloves on Raptor and then nobody really cares about Hawkeye so is anybody like Hawkeye come on these pretty underwhelming can we just be real he's pretty underwhelming like Thor he's a god and then you got Captain America he's cool he got Iron Man billionaire dude who flies and stuff they got Hawkeye I'm not a hater I just I feel like hot guys a little underwhelming fight me I better go fricking God level with fish thick better go God level with fish thick I can't get enough of this trailer I see my favorite part of the trailer which a lot of you may not notice I'm gonna slow it down okay I'm slowed down so you guys really see what I'm talking about here alright I want you to pay attention and when Captain when the Captain America's shield is thrown okay look at this guy right here how's it gonna take a minute okay like so shields coming in boom this guy gets leveled and then look at the guy behind him he just trips up he just falls over he couldn't handle it couldn't handle the heat he literally could not handle the heat you got bodied all right we're gonna do an experiment here we're gonna double time it we're gonna see what the trailer sounds like would double the speed top bodied I say I bet in like 20 years all trailers gonna be like double-speed because everybody's attention spans gonna be like that of a turtle ah sea turtles might have a good attention span I don't know all right a lot of people saying the server's up I don't believe you guys but I'm a check I'm a check I'm a check servers are still offline let's see if there's any more news with the leaks with the leaks Syria did we get anything new from here ain't nothing new over here let me let me I mean I think I'll be got is really really what I showed you guys but we're not not not really seeing anything new man I just feel like we got to watch this trailer 50 times the music in the trailers though I guess so these are the laser beams that we're going to be able to use what are they actually called so these are called the what is it called la la la la la la la so powerful laser rifle they also get an anti structure grenade attack and a jet pack – listen briefly leap so I don't see the grenades on them man and Matt should be on that team I better be an Avenger right away let me tell you that I better be an Avenger right away instantaneously you hear me I mean or thanos that oh this is pretty fun to play us get bodied look at the background yeah where is this on the map I actually don't know where this is on the map and I don't know where this is on the map honestly they probably just made it up they probably just made that all up huh servers ain't up not yet let's try one more time here and oh they're not okay let's do a typical gamer panels oh that's not the right one there we go okay let's watch this video this is good time chat what season was this we're going to try the initial strategy we use which probably isn't gonna work so long – they just for that house this is a good game all right trust me when you're flying this game mode was so fun by the way oh this is season four holy smokes time flies huh dad play with Avery well I like different leave me high quality camera and everything took somebody could easily snipe me if they who played this game mode and chat oh there you go man I I really went down here with some pinpoint accuracy somebody else grabs it come on how would you even guess that oh my gosh look at all the new John wicks just game bodied this is syphon before cycling was cool this one still pops up as my most killed game by the way love house t4s film again get bodied son it was like the sword honestly this is very pre-emptive to the sword I love this this is the best thing ever I'm nine kills off the bat bodied these people were annoying the people at Phil I always want noobs just give me the noobs to fight man that's a good thing about these game modes you know you're gonna fight some bobbies I have 13 kills off the bat oh this guy's good look he's trying to get away from Dan on so rare I kind of missed us do you want to look like this huh it's kind of neat I can't believe that this may be the highest kill chaos game ever I don't think it is the highest ever I think it's like the second ice ever but I got refused to die I see it's crazy if it was like if a couple feel ganged up on that I see was done for it but this is before they nerfed him too because they nerfed him like a couple after a couple of hours after this I think you were watching the rest of the second I had 16 kills at that point let's see if I can check his servers are up real quick why is this a I can get 4 night chat I think my four night broke alright now this the offline here we're gonna watch the trailer real quick for those of you just popped in welcome that like button subscribe for you liddie I love it I love how like this is the thing that in 2020 19 we have we have this happening it's good stuff man it's good stuff how many kills did I get in this only regain shield when they nerfed him something like that they got on the ramp over there he knew he was screwed come on come on I wonder how similar their office was gonna be oh goodness my Braylon just got bodied 20 kills off the bat with Thanos ladies and gentlemen I was really Wilding out huh yeah servers are not up yet right when they're up I will play it the RPG kind of sucks these on them yeah he's like a spamming weapon I thought you got it sueños just an old video I Murphy would just make sky bases to counter him eventually I've won three kills right now that's why this game won't have to be my favorite like LTM what do you guys think well what is your favorite LTM and why is it the fan Isles game-mode wait why can't I punch this big rips for that guy you always got the try hearts man try hard to get body heat try hards get body has there ever been a more dominating this is my real is the real question here look how they're just piles and possibly you could tell what season is look at the loot on the ground now I just got a win guys in chat please no endgame spoilers if you guys do spoilers fake or not time down or banned we're even we might switch you to members only mode and that wouldn't be no fun that would be fun but it won't be as much fun like seeing everyone top definitely brings back memories there's a map change my pods real quick let me uh me to show this for a second let me I'm just gonna check one thing we want interesting I know you guys can't see anything please give me say well apparently cornea this guy just tilted might be disappearing retail road might be gone there's like files showing this I mean they're like very low polygon but shows that maybe there's gonna be some map changes I don't know if I don't know if this lap now or like you said like an explosion of a volcano might occur maybe new block triki triki tracks alien sanctuary ooh neato meteor very interesting shadow bomb new shadow bomb item plasma carrot Avengers Quinn's yet need Oh frickin neat oh man okay let's go back to here let's check out the servers are up you're Mundy's Avengers drop Avenger it drops tonight right if you go watch it in theaters pretty sure servers are still down yet let me uh know you guys won't say my face cams 27 kills I love how you could emote us than us 30 to win if we kill the last three people know what was lost or disappointing this'll spot looks different huh came out yesterday for Australia came out last night in Australia we saw the movie already oh you guys are curious yeah these are your wits what's about you okay so I assume somebody's in that tower over there I'm surprised oh my gosh okay anarchy Akers chat hit that like button if you remember anarchy Akers what a classic skin you could buy that would be so Opie if you as a skin imagine that that us is definitely dick he is pretty thick honestly make sure to hit that like but if you're joining this subscribe if you are new check out the merch that store I like the way this man plugs they're fully strong dug in right now we don't got to wait that long for this on the push feel like it's gonna be hard to do something I'm glad that it's like more than one person is Opie spacebar you see this get to this mode here when you go real high I think I see where one guys this chef game-mode like this but with Thor like I said this opens hit that subscribe button if you love anarchy acres if you Missy anarchy acres I really really got up in his business huh he killed himself what that sucks I should have got the kilt nowadays out to get the kill I feel like 1v ones were the hardest at the end because you know the person knew was up right he has to come to me kind of world record I don't know it's possible I love how these were the emotes man you definitely want to grab them first though if you want to go for a crazy record oh there's a guy no I sent him back two people one killed episodes of the RPG the other one was lost to the storm would have been a 30 kill game gee frickin G again if you watch it enjoy this hit that like but if you do rather hit that subscribe button and make sure to go cop the merch typical dot store let me know if you want to see more for night and yeah there you go you see that that's that good stuff that's that good stuff I really wish dis servers would go live you know let's watch it again all right we got a lot of people in here now who is your main pick you and the friends y'all queue up your friends let you choose first which item you gettin which item again you gettin Thor's hammer again hot guys Bo Captain America's shield or Iron Man's repulsors which one is it for me personally that's tough the first one I would want to try out would be Iron Man's repulsors the second one I think would be the best one would be fish sticks third would be Captain America's shield and then fourth would be fourth movie Hawkeye again man I don't get hot guy I don't understand them I'm sorry I think Iron Man's got the coolest thing for this especially in like for night right I feel like the hammer is gonna kind of feel like the sword the shield's gonna be cool and unique the the Iron Man's repulsors those are gonna be unique as well because apparently could shoot yourself up in the air according to mrs. Becker according to this chart right here right it says deal damage while hovering with Iron Man's repulsor so you'll be able to hover with them you'll be able to throw Thor's Stormbreaker axe it just as deal damage to the Captain America shield I see we're gonna be able to throw it right I mean for a hot guy it says deal damage within 10 seconds of grappling with Hawkeye's bow so like I guess you can grapple with this bow or some I don't know again I would put it like Iron Man Thor Captain America hawkeye in terms of who I'm most excited to play with when we actually get to it I don't know man could be anything right could be anything like anything could be good I'm looking forward to the Avengers logo as well that's gonna be neat but man getting the ship again the ship as a glider is gonna be dope frickin dope freakin sweet man yeah throwing the axe is gonna be pretty sweet let me see if there's a typical gamer on us let's go with this one guys I'm super excited to bring you the brand new limited time mode in four night called Infinity Gauntlet as you can see it has been added here you'll notice a very familiar face if you love Marvel movies from the marvel infinite I'm just getting out water I'll be back alright we got Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet as you can see on the description outside a meteor strike delivers the Infinity Gauntlet use it to transform into Thanos if Thanos is eliminated the Goblin drops and is free for the taking last player standing wins this is absolutely credible it's a mash-up between for Knight and Marvel and it looks so fricking cool you can actually turn it to Thanos and that's exactly what we're gonna do today so if you watch and enjoy this make sure to smack that like button let's go for 10,000 likes and if you're new around here make sure to hit that subscribe button as well but don't forget to turn on the specification just by smacking that Bell and also if you want to cop some merch over here head over to typical dad store description below so we're gonna go ahead and go for the gauntlet it spawns shortly after everybody's dropped and stuff like that inside the circle it's gonna be actually in a meteor and you're gonna see it drop everybody's gonna go for it and it's pretty good because Thanos can't build and he has a certain set of abilities I'm gonna read you those abilities now so those abilities are ability 1 a mighty punch that knocks back enemies and destroy structures – Danis flies towards the ground hitting an area and four knocked back and damaged three harness the energy of the power stun to fire up blast appeals them shut up old TT okay shut up show some gameplay old TG did I get I don't even know if I got it right away honestly I might as got pelted bad stuff is going down oh they almost killed him already okay so it'd almost be better for me and who I've gotten a weapon here at this point oh gosh I was thinking a carbide skins still so freakin cool look how long I dodged this new poor just bad man so going for the drop right away didn't work out for me did not work out for me it might be better just to land in the zone it might just be better to land in the zone that also needed one else so he actually dropped ok here we go we're gonna get our second game I want the server's the server's to load please the server's will you go up now I dodged that guy for long enough man what can I first get it this is cool and tilt it was like this give me a weapon please oh I got a gold star oh my gosh okay Thanos is taking damage look people are choking him we gotta go see him we gotta go so can't believe I got that girl throw that tack SMG was so good who remembers porta for its holy smokes ah I got shotgunned oh my gosh that lets just disappeared as well it is scary Isis when did I ever become he's gonna die damn he got bodied huh yeah I don't know what I ever became Thanos oh there we go how do I kill this guy though I was pretty hyped off Rosa three-round oh I always right-click things what's up with me I am horse it's me boys let's get it oh my god how do we do that oh la la I didn't punch bodied absolutely bodied James LeBron James LeBron James servers are still offline let's check you were watching old replays as I swear for servers to come back up I just got body but I holy smokes oh I definitely died of this get in there I didn't know my abilities so easy to dive as him that's interesting enough that like I was able to get 28 kills whatever the updates out everywhere the server's aren't up the difference Oh shoes where I get bodied I was really bad at building huh he punched me into a new time zone that's what it says he just punched through my building yeah I really like how more people will be able to play as some in this new game mode or not even as him necessarily but as like the other Avengers in having those abilities right I like how they changed the the deaf skull and the kills here to like didn't make changes like I don't think it's just death skulls anymore don't get bodied by him I think I did honestly you like needed somebody to soften them up book II bomber old me look IBAMA mold me one night boogie bomber I took out the shield plus two under help ah ah the 1v1 was too much fake once I learn how to do it then I was unstoppable I'm so glad I upgraded my mic is used to sound so much worse there's really nothing you could do is just punching through your bills do you guys think it's gonna be exactly the same what do you guys think are is Thanos and his abilities gonna be the exact same or what servers are still not up revolvers oh I almost forgot it revolvers were in the game a lot of kills I really hope you don't mind I forgot revolvers from the game honestly I think they're gonna change them up quite a bit oh yeah it's gonna be way harder to win us then us now a hundred percent do I win this one more abilities I don't hold up there Mike you actually might be right with the more abilities here let's check real quick cuz he has ground pound AoE where he knew about that one laser damage I don't think he has new abilities I think I think he might be the exact same nope nope I'm sorry little noob back here buggy bomb himself when does the downtime end nobody really knows but it should be soon so I will instantly play the game whatever the rough I thought I just got out let's watch the trailer again there's a lot of people here who haven't seen it let's watch it beast eeeeek I love how angry fish dick looks he's freaking up sad bro you know shout-out to Kaden long code typical gamer and loved the name by the way and Ricardo Martinez offered become members welcome to enjoy those emotes if you want to join us well link will be in the description below let's check servers are still down honestly they're so broken right now that just says get just as get instead of servers are up just says get or maybe they are up I don't know we're gonna wait it out here damn he thug Duque of I find that just mildly by the way anybody else what's that piano noise you gives you that piano noise 200 IQ plays 13 people left can we hold on to it the end is near mother truckers the end is near mother truckers when you first learn how to harness the abilities we can just clear out things we don't want you see this tree we don't want it man don't want the tree this tree too don't want it this tree also gone I was just bullying the trees here huh all of them want to kill me can we survive do you guys believe me why is for night taking so long you're gonna have to ask him I don't get people who say this is clearly fake like I'm watching an old video if you can tell you know by me actually having the YouTube interface here as we wait for servers to get back up because as you could see the update is coming the patch notes are here just the service ain't up dog Mike my whole epic game watch is broken but what I say is the truth what I say is the truth we're gonna reload it here come on come on servers is still offline yeah there's also wailing woods which is totally replaced by a volcano now so made out of plastic baked at the beginning there's like a million people to crush now there's only seven other people ravans if you're in the storm I take a lot of damage they all know I am that's the funny part I don't know where they are it's the same skin right he's rocking the same skin yes so far the only skin confirm this black widow I believe are they the only heroes those are the only items I believe you can get would you guys rather see old gameplay of Thanos or would you rather read patch notes oh wow that hurt oh shoot oh I think I get bodied here annoyed oh I mean bullets really hurt cool calm collective collected I can't even speak English for other people left I need to get my shield back so I need to kill somebody I rather you sing T G oh great yeah I don't think that's gonna happen alright for the patch notes I guess let's watch it one more time chat it just kills me that the fish dude has Thor's axe the fish dude's got his axe man so the game-mode Thanos and his Chitauri invade the battle royal island search to the six Infinity stones and game features a team of heroes fighting a stop Thanos and it's jet re from claiming all six Infinity stones on one side is the hero team heroes respond when eliminated until the enemy team has found all six stones heroes start with the treasure map that leads directly to mythic Avengers item other Avengers item can be found in chests throughout the map the goal for the hero team has destroyed the Chitauri army and defeat Thanos team Thanos is comprised of Chitauri invaders and Thanos himself Chitauri invaders start with a powerful laser rifle an anti structure grenade attack and a jet pack that lets them briefly leap into the air the first Chitauri to recover in an infinity stone will be transformed into Thanos Thanos has a powerful punch a destructive beam attack and the ability to jump high into the air and that smash everything in his way when he comes back down each time an infinity stone is claimed that his abilities grow more powerful in the Chitauri gain health reality stone red gives him health and shields doubled from a thousand of mm soul stones orange siphon is activated which grants the Thanos shield only mine stone yellow jump height is doubled space stone blue ground pound and a ground pound AoE which is the area that it does damage the size is tripled and it damaged x six time stone big knock back added to each hit damage multiplied by three and the power stone which is purple laser damage multiplied by six if Thanos is eliminated from the match another Chitauri will become him after a short wait unless they announce is the last ones standing if Danis in the Chitauri find all six Infinity stones heroes will no longer be able to respawn the goal for the US and his armies to find the stones and eliminate their remaining heroes so there's that there is that that's what that game modes all about what I want to talk about though which a lot of people may not have noticed is right here you've now displayed the scoreboard in any game in game by pressing the map button while the game is in progress this option is on by default so that's pretty big that is pretty big scoreboard fixes only two players with identical scores could show as tied for the same place scoreboard was not appearing when choosing a narrow time difference between winter display time and score display time sometimes display the same players name multiple times yada-yada-yada is that is this bro that's all for creative Anna ain't bloody kidding me yeah there's this white weapon saved the world you guys want this weapon I'm gonna let him know who wants his weapon they were gonna put it in the game it's essentially the cannon but I don't know dog it's like a minigun cannon all right that's all I can tell you bro I wanna take a nap I haven't felt falling asleep yet I haven't gotten to sleep yet can I take a nap here and just replay this trailer like 50 times in a row would you guys mind by straight-up taking nap alright servers not still up this is what I'm gonna do chat no I'm not gonna take nap brought my like sleepwalk or something I haven't sleepwalk since I was like a toddler servers ain't up bro how my skull hmm weapon patch notes what weapon patches there's uh nothing really well they're all dumb yeah these are all dumb you don't need to know any of these these are patch notes I'm a scroll forget all the patch notes any leaks skins there's plenty leak skins men my man these are the leak skins here you go these are the overtime challenges this chick looks dope in the overtime challenges can we be real this chick does too and then of course we got the teachers were pretty freakin cool huh you gotta admit but uh there's all this stuff that was leaf-like look at this girl like you can actually get black widow in-game in for a night when when the game is available you'll be able to get black widow how dope is that whoa that's spicy that is spicy very very spicy very very spicy okay I'm gonna play this someone straight up just double pump my head and I'm dead what to do what to do what to do one side your back our shield I'd be really confident I'm tired of you guys lying to me tell me servers drill me oh they're filled battling each other our time is now we have to push this well we got to find the new blitz on the side oh that was not graceful at all goodnight chat come on yes out-jump I'm dead here no no I didn't mean to throw oh my gosh he definitely won oh my gosh the 1v1 he's definitely got it oh he's gang chunked he was getting chunked I shouldn't use my laser beam there we got so close man we got so close now who's gonna win let's see – you might die from them oh my gosh this guy one guy zero kills why is this taking longer than like season updates I forgot I like I click jump out of instinct cuz I usually hit jump but definitely was not to play there definitely was not to play there ooh lemon a tempo accent minute an explosive weapon elimination search between a scarecrow pink rod rod and a big screen Oh games in front of different film cameras do damage to supress weapons consume pop rocks sir chest and greasy Grove dude the guy one with zero kills zero kills that's amazing Thanos died from the storm and this guy with zero kills was all hyped that he got the win guaranteed red in that chat that's a good stuff well if you the thing is that if you grab it off the start there's good chance you can tell its ton of people if you're smart about it if you are as smart about you can tell a lot of people man the thing is some people already land and like they already know where it is they don't actually but they're already landed at the spot of where it's gonna crush oh yeah we're gonna be playing with that ice all day don't you worry guys alright where's this stem I'm gonna rock where's the stone gonna land yeah it's pretty sweet right oh my goodness it is so far away we're not gonna get that oh man we were pretty close so we're gonna go loot lake house grab some loot loot lake house I miss it oh there's a lot of look how many people dude you can have a field day did somebody grab this I missed loot lake house they're up the servers are up oh my gosh let's go let's go man don't forget to hit that like button especially if you're hype subscribe if you're new I know a lot of you are new hit that subscribe button once chat was not lying to me they were telling me the truth alright let's do this let's see if anything in the item shop first Oh head to the item shot of purchase Marvel's black widow outfit and Avengers set the first of two Marvel sets coming a four night complete the Marvel Avengers the end game challenges to earn free rewards I'll be racing this okay right give me that XP t-shirt okay oh my gosh chat look at this I'm gonna have my face cam look at this yo what oh my gosh okay don't forget you support a credit typical gamer when purchasing these preview styles whoa okay let's go to buy that yes sir let's go ahead and get that widow's bite and let's go ahead and get the kick as well let's put her face back over here alright now it's time that we are they they show up is red – what that's nuts okay um let's go ahead and do the endgame squad's game mode I'm gonna do don't fill for now where I see how it works must see this challenges oh and game challenges so you have a complete 10 to get the e thing black widow outfit is sick so cool whoa look at this outfit you can see the gauntlet on that right side or mass slightly respond huh oh look look these are the these are the enemies okay look at them ugly heads leave them ugly heads I'll look they got the laser beams look at them laser beams okay I will defeat them I will defeat them all where's my shirt oh there's my treasure map oh what's here where's it water where's my treasure lead to hell this is my dog my dog oh that's yours too all right oh we got the repulsors oh I got I got Thor's oh my goodness oh come back come back come back let's see if we can we Jack the graphics up you ready for this where these mother truck is at oh shoot I didn't mean to throw that far come on back the power stone is on its way oh shoot I'm coming I'm coming Oh crashed over there he's definitely gonna get that can't alone get that whoever gets it first will actually become vanos I'm fucking it bro I don't see anyone on my team headed this way we got a go lazy Jen oh shoot oh they're all over there oh my they're swarming get over here you but I'm an Avenger oh shoot out I'm avenged up and I'm about to die oh my fans just landed on my head yeah he did oh my gosh they just absolutely owned me all right I don't think the heroes had a chance to the heroes actually stand a chance can I pick up a different weapon as much as I respect the their respect Thor's hammer soul stones on the way yeah you can build Oh shoo bro why is everything so far away oh this person's got Captain America feel look at that get your foot over here bro Oh ate him for 95 well we're all trying to kill this one guy and doesn't die holy smokes so they've got two of the stones now do I regenerate health oh let's go heroes let's go look at all the shields going we're gonna kill fan off so let's go we got this ain't got no health I don't need no health give me that tree goodness yeah I'm gonna try to not let them get all the sins oh my I don't know if I like this the way it spawns in TBH I feel like that Chitauri is gonna be so easy to get everything I wonder who's gonna be the best ability of these mine stone is on the way that's it we're taking out fan off screw you fan us screw you buddy screw you buddy oh shoot he's literally pelting me build around it don't let him get to it don't let him get to it Denis is fallen Stiller you will rise again defendant Avengers oh god I wish you got held back from you killed people though I really do wish you got held back or like something I feel like being um being Thor's super hard he's got two of the stones space don't come here Danis has fallen fight me fan us wow that's not head oh okay i iron man definitely has the best one can we be real I'm in your box son Chitauri this bro oh shoot how much they'll live oh my gosh alright I think we're gonna go they have three the soul stones yikes three is soul stones what am I saying ah oh she's going for it somebody help there's so much going on everyone's trying to defend oh okay you get killed so fast by those guys holy smokes all right they only have how many stones there Oh shoo they said the last dig the wheat there's one more stone we're screwed if they get it are you kidding me get the Frick off of it ruff there we go okay we're about to win it thing waitwhat why is it moving is now we got to finish the fight whoa let's go there we go Santos fight me coward where is it please hoppin around oh there is there's they enough 1v1 me one b-1b son I almost killed him I helped out I helped out a lot there we go universe saved accepts your goodness gracious well that was a that was a lot different than I thought it would be but it was cool it was cool it was really cool I enjoyed that oh look at her stance that's cool this she's kind of just got her stance there like that Sweeny it okay I guess we could be on any side right I kind of want to being like a hero item shop here don't forget if you're watching and enjoying this do be sure to hit that like button subscribe if you are new and if you want to cop some that fire merch head on over to typical – store that's pretty sweet honestly that is pretty sweet alright we're heading to another match here oh no the superhero all right I'm hoping we get Iron Man's repulsors a big fan big big fan building in this mode I feel like it doesn't do much I feel like it doesn't do all that much you know I love love love this outfit though honestly I think I gotta make her my main outfit huh all right Dan Austin's coming eliminated the army before he gets all six Infinity stones or he will be too strong to fight all right where's my treasure map that my treasure maps right on the side of the frickin volcano really all right please chat please hope that I get anything but Thor's hammer because I already tried Thor's hammer I want to try all of them come on come on Oh Captain America shield there we go so you can go ahead and block shots oh that's pretty cool and then you can throw the shield Oh oh okay that's pretty sweet you'd be kidding you can only block or throw I have to farm Matt come on don't do that to me Oh what you could have more jet you kidding me I did not know that that's kind of nuts huh I don't know if that's a glitch or not but we're gonna be like this and just swap twists and throw that and then swap this look at that just infinite throwing that's pretty sick you get some mobility though send oiss give me bolt in it are they fighting over there okay so someone did take this awesome check out those chests okay I got another Captain America shield oh wait what oh I think it's about safe fall damage in all honesty honestly y'all annoy me Oh oh to be one baby oh my goodness I love cap shield capsule is so good oh my goodness Oh stow oh I just got tagged from the side let's keep it go let's keep going we got two items right now man I want to see if I can get the repulsors let's check this chest over here cuz you can have multiple items oh shoot misuk Oh what are the odds man I know I'm not doing the objective together give me a sec to see if I can get the rest of this it's raining Chester it was just I heard it wait a second why am i doing that oh why it was broke it okay oh okay all I get is these to do the wombo combo and Thanos honestly she has like three of the rings doesn't will yes three of them yeah I like how you run faster but it's not it's not fast enough to not use Thor's hammer it's not fast enough to not use Thor's hammer right I kind of wish you sliced through trees with it but alas you do not oh okay where's this purple stone going oh wait landed right here holy smokes body just build a ton of stuff all over everything oh my goodness sob dude what's up dude this is our base you fricking numbskull desert base the site you defend it oh shoot oh shoot it's the police oh yeah get the heck off of it bro I'm gonna chill right here bro anybody goes we're gonna help with this combo look well made him with this what a writer and with that too into the three into the frickin two into the threat now I went a lot better in my head to into the three into the two Oh bro you tried you take the L to me whoa so you get bro oh how are you doing sir oh no they got it gosh darn it they only need one more we're screwed oh I see there's some sick it rich map the camp this thing oh we all hit them with the shield at the same time all right everybody just remain calm my hide behind this tree oh shoot it's going down oh I just bodied I guess Oh Captain America steals the best thing that's got like the four kills from there it is so good-looking that you can't miss you literally can't miss with it I'm telling you Chad or maybe I'm just a legend with that I don't know this is Joe for a protective shield around it they got bodies honestly it's real chat oh there you ass little channels get over it he's getting absolutely body I think I just cut them in half that's what I'm talking about right there let's go that's awesome that is frickin awesome we did we did a lot better that second game huh we did a lot better that second game all right you guys want to see the shop do you guys want to see a shot hip shop hit that like button for me hit that subscribe button for me too real quick I'll take away my mug right here show you guys the item shop we got Black Widow outfit mission-ready part of the avengers set comes with this beautiful back bling you also have the option to customize style honor and with that custom style you can go ahead and give her blond hair so that's totally an option this comes with your back bling here widows pack mission ready and then finally you got her widow's bite which is really cool it's a baton Don don't forget to use code typicalgamer let's go let's do this let's keep going I'm having a good time you guys are too you want to see more streams like this hit that subscribe button don't forget oh how high for you guys for this update let me know how high are you for this update scale of 1 to 1000 on the ugly guys now oh shoot this thing's Opie oh shoot ah I'm gonna body some Avengers you guys ready for this I'm gonna become fan offs you guys want to see me become fan else I'm gonna do it children of fan us retrieve your masters and for any stones and crush the human weak links it's kind of mean but okay all right dad this is gonna be any in your skin it's the black boy we don't want to showed you that's the new skin and then apparently there's gonna be one more we're not sure what that is I swear that lavas more orange Hawkeye Bo's awesome I haven't tried it out yeah I've only tried out two of them can I get loot like what is getting loot – I don't think I can get loot maybe though there's a map currently unavailable nice I can't open uh Bob bop bop that's actually really dope you're my strat look at my little flap on my boat what's my little what's the little flap on my bud dude okay hey yo I'm a zombie looking thing I'm kind of like an alien but I don't know what just look at the flap over but look at the flap on my butt it's like a shovel I don't know what I use it for to flap on my butt oh girl what is up oh that's it I got it I'm gonna be Thanos right away what's up oh shoot oh hey the space stone come kill me Avengers ba-ba-ba-ba oh let's go baby let's go let's go ah it's me your dad no I'm your dad what are you doing stupid stupid eat me Avenger stupid Avenger get advantage son we like your butt Thank You Avery I like your butt to jog oh look at that you know this is the most Opie strat you just stay up here start beat oh you can't beam smart smart epic games good job epic games alright nobody should even do anything until another soulstone about some like you're just wasting your life where is the reality stone while you really if you went early ain't got hops huh somebody somebody messing with you minion got ow hot guy lick mine stupid Avengers ow I'm fan of jerky out my stupid laser beam can't reach that far Hawkeye you're a butt you suck that's why nobody likes you nobody likes you as an Avenger bro Wow give me that stone bro give me that stone now what you staying Hawkeye hawk head stupid Hawk head eat a banana man so you get I'll look at your stupid Iron Man lick my iron fist stupid Hawkeye Hawkgirl let's see some bunny eggs happening what's up tell me brother put your fenders on me bro don't break out my face put your vengers on me who's here Captain America captain dead who you want what you want my first to be alive at the moment Oh God yo honestly being fat us is hard bro poor guy you just wants to take over the world one shot give a shot we gotta help her dude out these Avengers are rude rude people man telling you yeah take that Hawkeye stop doing that stop doing that thing where you oh oh oh chill Oh chill oh my gosh that sucks everybody go for ya alright well we have all the Infinity stones except for like one so three guess we don't have three of them off and all these super heroes super freaks to Africa honestly all getting bodied 7s captain of America looking motherfucker yeah take that cap sorry Iron Man I don't even think he's hurting me huh Captain America's Jack can we just say that Captain America is freakin ripped to the T especially in this game mode oh you don't care don't care who's coming up to him all right what we're gonna do unfortunately is turn chat to members only because some people whether they're fake spoilers are not gonna try to be actual donkey come – come animals how do I didn't do anything all right what's up sup Avengers me your dad ow stop bro time for you to pay your college tuition bro yep you didn't pay your college tuition bro why would you die yes what I thought you meant stoned so why can't I collect this there we go give me that stone that's what you going to what you're going to take to all these cute little benches on oh I'm dead all right so we got one more stone we need let's go get that stone rosetta stone he needs one more stone we good Oh chill Osho's the iron man real Iron Man your door oh wow your door for what do you got elite hacker IRA at the hacker bro suck I don't think there's any chance for these little robots the one little thugs I'm on land right behind the iron man over his body under it Tom dead like I'm this Monet's balance throw the smokes not balance my dudes getting laser beam break an iron man over here so freaking hard it's way funner to be it's way more fun to be an Avenger let's be real it's way easier to be an Avenger meant to be an Avenger all right let's do this we're an Avenger so I want to try I haven't tried out Iron Man and I haven't tried out Hawkeye there's gonna be some medicine to this bro can't wait to figure out what they are half the people leave if they're on the knot the Avengers side yes a nice jump got freaking Gibbs the shield is super n by oma oh my gosh bro the other team has nobody on there too why is my mapper animal here my map is just randomly my Avengers treasure map I really got that man give me something new that's all the – I guess this is cap shields and doors frickin Thor's hammer not even mule Nia go Nia know what like my luck right now is perfectly attributed for these two barely trying to find anything else there we go even more buried treasure I think someone to tell who actually uses like an AR if they have them come on Brice rigged like it's actually rigged like I legitimately feel like it's rigged screw that tree though right I just want the bow I want the boat or come on yes we got freakin hot guys bo oh shoot that's dope oh that's nice you're really cool I took everything back how God doesn't suck what the hell happened over here check they broke music room oh thank goodness movie can start landing here again this doesn't make any noise I actually prove that honestly this is dope all right hawk I take everything back bro can we be friends how can we be friends why can't we be friends okay why can't we be friends they got it huh trying to get this challenge on Oh whoo out get body son oh my gosh he's having some trouble hitting me huh well they shoot if body-fat us or he killed me eventually that Bowen pubs I mean it's already in pubs right he knows art is the best though ever I love it what are the challenges we got right now and game deal I have to do damage with iron man's repulsors you're really gonna make me work out here huh holy smokes man they're like I'm so old man how just get bodies of us but like with the grappler attachment it would just be the most Opie thing ever seen the mankind why don't even need these drop these I don't need them I think like Captain America's shield the most up here I'll try some lift oh yeah it's right thigh big boys bust up bro you such a big meeting oh my god she's been doing hella hella hella work man this beam is doing a hell of work like I was literally Auto him like it's like I'm not even joking it's literally Ottawa did they McDonald's that much more Oh Pete when I used him he didn't feel that it out because he takes a lot of damage you are getting provable blasted I'm sorry sure this is an Arby's to call me Legolas like a lifts in hitting you with all the beam and hey Captain America how you doing what does aim around you hope you don't mind popping you you just absolutely game bubble bubble pop bubble bubble pop how'd they capture this freaking just one more stone breath now oh shoot come on Oh shoo I'm out I'm out I'm out I have for health Oh God chat there's like a million people all my friends are dead literally Oh God Wow honestly the less is less is more in this game mode man look at that it's all dead my goodness other in the match wait okay well let me see if I can often though I'm so confused right Tom Avengers Assemble Wow let go well basically I'm like hate matches I still haven't got Iron Man to spam get your controller have you tried cap but you just throw a shield and auto homes on to somebody yeah can wecan we scrim like I don't think it's fair to have oh what are these goons later our little buck towels like these but towels we get yeah I mean like bro I just lost the game as The Avengers I I think it's whenever they have less than 20 people like if our team has less than 20 it's better cuz like these kids just go out and die when they don't need to it's traumatic bro it's traumatic dusty bro squad what's the easiest way to farm with these guys X up do you see music room no this is giant hole out the back of it and there's no more music I'm in love I'm in love I'm in love it's so bad in the music it's so bad at the music wait I can't pick anything up what kind of army are we now we're really bad are I'm sick and tired of birth you guys I say I think we need rights I think we should start a union yeah let's do it Union and then like take all their money oh okay hi bro I need this gun and real good secondary it's really good for breaking bills I keep that's a minute all right where is the stone coming oh oh it's north that's north guys remember spring all the way no build a bunch of pyramids around he won't explain oh my gosh what's happening defend our Father would say to me son it feels like Kovacs brothers that's a bet I hear something wait all right you guys stick together you guys stick together like like what see where it's off what I'm just gonna 5:20 where to be we're to be a unit yeah wait wait can i plug it right controlling how to play the LTM plugs in controller am i right we at least unrealities down it's over there easy let's go we're going east we're going either oh these Avengers suck we aren't many wait we are many hey we're portraying them Lehmann brauch oh there's lots of vengers item 23 why'd you drop off range with this gun bro I'll just be a hit scan no drop off range weapon over here we got bogeys we got bogeys in Ben oh we got lots to learn man oh God we have a hit I'm alive I'm alive oh damn oh to be ever alarm let's go man is 75 damage up close that guy beep yeah Oh God I'm Genevieve I'm killed wanna kill one he's just abusing me in this box I'm coming everything he's right here he's dead he's dead all back fall back fall back men I wish you a shield like some way like even a little siphon laser beams and jet packs shooting you wait it's very very traumatic for me I'm 10 and this is deep I've got photo shoot oh shoot give this girl oh she's hired Manning me wow she's iron man me Oh God thank you so hard – hips can people sometimes are you guys are you right click here what yeah right ow ow ow ow have you guys tried the bow yet it's insane I haven't been is my furnace game not heated other up here I mean screaming I'm screaming I'm screaming oh they're trying to break into my bills I'm screaming them oh just killed me bro like a baby on a stick alright we got to go for our we're getting blue we should probably a green let's go no I turn up but I've seen enough and game spoilers to last a lifetime I don't know I don't watch Avengers but let's go Freddy wait they're gonna spoil yeah just put it in like Members Only for sure cuz I see a lot of people chanting saying stupid things and it's just like hey I don't know what we're talking about but stop yeah so is there something taken up right this weekend like a big episode or the activator forever bro don't ever come back bro when you get that full storm boys I'm here with you I'm doing really good at this that's what you get fo person this week yeah Bo person I have no nobody even likes Hawkeye who even talks about hot guy alright last year wall right me tumor stone the man says this rapscallion oh my gosh go higher man chill I got a baby I got the other one oh my gosh oh he's got out away Ranger – that man has Auto rights bill since we don't build any I want to plug into controllers I'll just come with the evil guys we have no bloom hope you literally Ironman wouldn't know like last last down alright this two more their mud I'm cool fast I'm sorry baby absolutely hard on the sticks walking everything and you stop – stop shooting inside I'm killed so many Avengers I just want to point that out there to so many Avengers I got three kills I have I have seven kills yeah we all right wait just you got to go for the stones like killing your own dust enough together this is absolutely oh my gosh iron man chill oh my god it's like get off me so if one person is trying to get it we everybody else needs to shoot the Avengers off of them dude there's like 40 of them here I know yeah you need to just bill burr okay can someone send me the l2 spam image oh there's so many of them Oh I'm good I'm good I'm good oh I built that build that built all the stone stones in the zone oh we're so glad so dad there's no way we can get actually this is how to help me get that I hate the zoom land and you instantly get blasted by Iron Man oh we can't get if you actually painted it yes respawning top Oh God oh I'm trying to hold the wall behind manse it's too strong Oh God I'm Sudan us is going in exile you you know that the the golden stone thing of a golden chicken nugget yes it literally looks like one make that your new members only absolutely so hard it's so hard to be that too you know every single dude on the enemy team is just go Satyam so like what's up with the what's up with the skin like being a red color like is that exclusively Marvel skin so they're gonna be red yeah I think so I can we expect more than to listen dude I think is in it for the money alright you gonna get Thor spider-man's oh yeah is where we're gonna be straight-up punching bags for the kids that don't know it yes someone's got to do it well yeah right turn stream remote off let's go on everyone's Instagram pages today just just iron man the crab attitude more health and also I was flying okay hear me out hear me out if we're all together we target the same iron man we shred them in a second imagine being that little kid yeah imagine being a little kid it's funny listen listen they have all to spend we have our whole arm right I'm gonna do tell you couple things on things to do with that on buddybop my zip zop into your bed Bob please don't do that I'm sorry that was more French if anything I'm not gonna draw hey that's out of line kid I'm sorry I would be fat all right all right guys line up line up we're gonna do a we're gonna do some work pirouette yep oh you were lying it is pirouette okay look like tou three hit threes just start spamming it if they can't see what's going on they can't help it the one right in front of me we're too powerful yeah but not against Iron Man and any one of them we're gonna Ranger go bro I'm getting the infinity so entrust with doing the the late drop from the og been us there it is look at that he's re gonna get it I think okay I got it dad I'm your dad made up with us yo y'all you sick buddy oh there we go your master has arrived okay come to us bro we need our dad where's our dad every this is actually in the I watched the movie and this is actually in the movie where the Buddy Holly I want to suck on your teats oh you saw athletic go get him okay get my stones winter is coming bro the kidney stones are on the way let's go it's auto body roll out where my job wrong movie dude autobots roll out I see you're kind of slow why can't this be a back fling little jet pack or the but the but towel I'm a trained eye a stormtrooper huh body america markham you don't want to die over there just stick together stick together we'll be coated on the sticks oh I'm already go to them the sticks dog my slight matte region is enough for the battle every five seconds yeah oh they're right on the base by the way let it free boys oh I hit a moderate there we go grab that to grab that's done Oh Iron Man Iron Man's coming in oh I'm a got bodied he's got body storm board I broke we have we have an elite squadron right now why aren't you getting it I'm getting it it takes a second all he's midair he's backing up the rear every oh forget the guy rips out every get game big son we can get like one person to mark and then everybody else shoot at that target Alex I see one right here right here or elliptical you go on through gentlemen we have 11 people to the f17 how are they losing right now that's because they're literally 12 year olds sorry sorry they're literally five year old we get a hex off your 14 okay gosh darn it Oh buy this – the green stone no consent oh shut up he's in a trees in a tree the stone or a guy lutes by the Steve behind us bow guy wait wait if you lose a 1v1 who's just dropped from the forest we gotta go get the stone focus on the stone oh yeah we're building massive defenses the building master crisis on the stuff I'm going to TD and go on the TV I'm sorry what give you the weapon nothing bullseye up top I got a range I got you there's some there's an Avenger use these actual weapon I'm picking up the Sun I pick up a stone defenseless baby oh no I needed one second someone just holds built some of the old bills for me it's only five seconds if we have two people holding bills that's easy like seven people over there I'm trying to there's a there's someone like straight above hello it is I Iron Man I'm getting the power stone jointed it I got it slice speed the Ironman no no no we gotta focus on get in there or else we're gonna die with skill oh my god there's x40 iron like somebody be linear you that early 9 just bodied me honestly I'm gonna box up and span everybody from really dead everybody focus on come near one person build one person grab it every which me how many bills you got I got a lot alright breaking it back it up backing up backing up going friends or fridge filled up in here filled it all down Oh God Oh God we should spend an entire game just spamming the stone once again alright how about this I'll go in the hill and spam everybody that's spending you guys yeah they're ours I'll grab it I'll grab it I'll grab it right there I'm found out sports they can't show me I killed him I got here where were you here I'm on the blue stuff on the green stone nobody's here let's grab a ranger oh I got a razor know where I got it now great – oh my one second away I got a TV in his name Wow and then I just died okay we got green that's the last done we need that's the last time we need how much healthier eighteen people be me well Ironman kills me so easy as I got killed by Hawkeye get on the hill it's you just need to be in an area where there's no bow tip if you use the AoE thing it goes through the shield I'll beginning you have a mrs. Jill everybody you're a a week and a gnat's us down right now you'll kill everybody your cap shield wait what that guy literally just turned around yeah because it auto aims on two people if you aim it near them I know you think we have seven lives lives oh my gosh how do I you stand noose just run up to the thing you grabbed it and I'll cover you go right now we're gonna lose gonna lose so literally every iron men in existence out who's that yes we got it got it got it all right all here yeah well I'm doing body punch it push it next option literally the last offensive Eddie he looks like a bot right now look at a little kid here right a big old truck he's not worried about what it is I'd say he doesn't love himself do you see that guys still shooting that's how Opie Ironman is yeah he hasn't let off the trigger since the beginning of the game it's so hard to witness the little mutant free things I know I think we're doing well we overall I think we get a hundred kills on the other team I'm like what six yeah they assembled harder did they assembled better at this point their iron people yes oh my god I guarantee it if we had a team of all iron man we wouldn't every game oh yeah I see you just get this team you win every game I like the four of us just stayed together it just hold us click all you gotta do oh yeah just defend one of the crystal things right no everyone just throws frisbee so you don't hear any guns it's just like a slang shirt is a slight draft in the roof no no not again oh my god all right you two need counseling I need all the counsel where we landing boys although anticlimactic and then and then we just sit and float in a bus all right well land wherever your thing is bigger map oh yeah catch you on the flip side boys all right so I'm so glad like a banner for me because I had my challenges it is an a yeah was it not trademarked by marvel or anything I believe you're talking about the company Marvel Oh caramel company I love I'm gonna go to factories for a second City toxin so you know you can get more than one ability right but all I get is the freaking axe I don't want to try is the Iron Man thing I've never got it I got the axe yeah good job Tony yes I've got the device just screw you you stupid little Goblin this guy just stole my frickin how do you jump with this axe like go far how do you jump in left foot and jump in love with this dumb music there's music oh yeah good screw that place every no we're never going there again we're going to happy hand but every time yes yes where I marked it it's marked Oh somebody gonna steal it I just want to fly with the roof wait can you market it it's right by it's right by in a factory right Matt Stream sniper I found a cap shield let's go baby I'll just throw it all right where your marker disappeared down in the pathway you'll see oh how do they work oh they're just so Pro the way you put him on yeah it's like putting on a baby weight can you float forever guys the reality stones on its way Emma's on prime let's go how do you – actually you can sup for free on YouTube yeah it's not a sponsor today's get bodied I cannot wait to show brother how did they get two stones oh I'm actually owning Ranger yeah you want to longview one right now when I was a West Coast even always knocked me down I was like you know you do switch to switch the thor's whatever while you're floating up with the weight this Iron Man no wonder why it's only a marker the Iron Man literally walks on and just sorry what what the Frick it's a duck why is your lock on what the hell dude that's how Opie this thing is no wonder why no one else wondering what the truck there's a duck that looks like Avery someone just replied to my tweet with the Geico guy the lizard oh this is not even fun what are you my bro this is Alfonso player can I just say that work we're actually getting bodied by these other two oh there's a million people oh my gosh I'll just grab a ball bro later I'm lonely a hacker literally every day this is wild this is a wild that this is actually yeah that's not even fair I feel bad you can hook onto the bother fly else either I'll juice man belches man help this man oh this all good the shield is really gonna do I'm Iron Man I heard help sweetie performer I have a like respect reflex get married yeah there's a noose wait where's brother they need like how many more they need a few more stones me okay I miss rito-san off this flying intro he's flying you guys gotta help me take care of this goon body nobody facing an analog dude honestly the only problem is that you don't do much damage to these little beams but no but if you just sit there and hold honestly Thanos is getting this body right now okay we need get to the jewels man we're so far away we're just chillin over here oh he's getting it me and Ranger got distracted farm and I'd like no help yeah me neither we're going in I hit a vent and I just like went up into the atmosphere don't come back down I wish I would've known that before I took this journey I had a pill that if we stuck there really bad how he's really good when I was playing if I was working everybody seemed to aim with the laser this had just on mobile get him Avery cries in mobile yeah I play movavi plays on the we all right yeah that is true we just want to have fun is that a frickin duck now is that a duck now the shield Zack you're really good I feel like strike Iron Man they got it Oh No go to the red one we're on Southwest for her purple purple red and and today acts off learn here's color-block shoddy wisdom weapons why would they even put that in the game okay just give me a frickin bathroom execute all you gotta do throw your shields at the little bugger just keep throwing it just beam them before they even hit the ground without go almost enough put a base up right here yeah alright I can't stand with their sheep going let me touch you man I got one Oh what the hell what I got to leave it it doesn't I just got fired look I got deleted this game is broken the shots don't register shots on register spams in Ireland he's not dying shots already short he's birthing it he's grabbing it I'm gonna be honest I think he been decision we killed them all finish them off these little scumbags yeah run away does he get fan off stupid idiot blood head more skill and more brain power to become them then just it's way harder it's way harder it definitely is and it reminds me of my childhood I got a banner to the little the shield I need to do oh I did all the challenges for this thing but I want the more challenges to come out I want to unlock the little Avengers Quinn jet I want to be a that's it through the jet ace four auxiliary cord Apple wait every ru level hundred I'm about to be I don't know how I don't I haven't played this game like how much XP do a 99 3400 abroad I'm 99 with 17 K bro well I know what maybe maybe stop playing this game 4head he's made breathing breathing a hurt room alright so I woke up this morning like I didn't wake up on the update yes really Carrie I woke up this morning and I open up Twitter is everyone complaining about and I go I got nothing changed shut my phone off and didn't do anything wrong oh were these guys again yes we're the guys are the blood slaps with the buff laps after we get some impressive buffalo everything's about me you should know that it's a teratogen did honestly we all just like break into the UFO that's I'd rather eat sand than go factors no I'd rather eat a brick of like i mean i'm i yeah sure why not maybe I don't know yeah there's another stream it ational and they invite me I'll go cuz I don't go to twitch and I don't like XO I'd rather just go I don't want to spend time with legs I'm kidding you I'm sure you smell great oh we're going in I'm going I gotta get uh what stop a sleepover isn't get you Chipotle and everything yeah I've never had Chipotle bro never had chip Otley Ranger don't even Oh bro Ranger Mike get it all right it's all that I stole everybody's all I thought it yeah dr. cheeks man dude where are they my children Wow what is what it ordered for me dawg thanks what is what is up with the jumping why so low for them oh oh yeah hold it tell Souza semi you're chillin in the middle of Elvis I'm like Avery where did you die I'm insulted with iron man who's no matter how far is this beam hit yes you're all over here dancers not very by the way you loot leg glute leg blue leg geez you like who like who like like like there's a stone wait I can't fly far at all no matter how old I out how hard I hold yeah okay thank you twenty twenty to forty two what bride I jumped like shreelane is that normal like like the tall trees but I swear I saw Ranger Joe fire I did orange I'm glowing orange I don't jump that high dog no take a baby hop oh come on really I'm gonna die because I had a reload stupid I'm a loading you dog trans piece of poop Oh whose beam you know oh my ex off right Brian I see you at work right now bro do what you love so I realize if you suck no at all isn't that isn't that what all the help screams no no but like this is like like LTM on stereo they're all on it oh my god Anna sucks bro a people gangbang Oh Mike losing eight of them where's my goons at I was here I mean at least ten Union he just called us a goon I need at least ten more goons on me at all times oh we got it we got it we go no no no it's it if you get the Infinity stones we should some be oh my gosh to shoot him with a big beam yeah why'd I ran over here I'm ready to go yeah one someone never mind I did you get our guns when it's literally locking onto you I actually if you eat your shots more I think you do yeah no no I know that like that guy's a free agent we should sign them Ron I'm going nuts right now literally acts off but not parade honestly you know the strattice just shoot at that off even though you're honest to you there's like 80 people on him constantly he's like a water buffalo that needs like that other thing to like help it out the other thing that's not a water bubble yeah I forgot his name honestly not important whatever its name were built built for the homeys built for the homies oh my god bro I've sacrificed my life for the Power Stone you're welcome panels heinous I really did he's hey everybody's getting a road right now in sync the great trickshot savory guys but he's just rockin with uh you know what if if Captain America can't beat one of these little goons there's something wrong in the lore you know okay what stone are we missing we're missing one stone to stone I don't see it oh it's it's on Panos that guy's still up on idiot now tt shouldn't you guys be in the I'm getting I'm getting literally crack oh right okay I'ma be honest I just died by someone tak shotgunning me like that's the rarest death you can get this game they threw down the Iron Man gloves they don't want that no more let's get these guys we got to give these or else we're gonna lose again as these body yeah well let's go Rilke oh my god go go we gotta go we gotta go oh gosh not Ironman anything but Ironman not at this price oh just better better I'm getting him get it just camping bag spamming my eight my a are at the not gonna lie it's kind of fun it's basically the speediest to forget it oh we got it let's go oh my god they're camping I can't beat Ironman I'm not getting not gonna anymore kill there there's only seven people on the other team fine well I mean they're respawn after knob so I like turtles yeah oh my god having that kidney I got him I killed those who bought it I think I might have been the first time let's get it all you have to do is sit in the back and just laser everyone they're only focusing on Thanos and stone I would just say I didn't die at all towards the end goodness gracious you're done in like 3-4 seconds you know you get yet sometimes you don't quit round they don't quit but like look at this loading screen does anybody care about Hawkeye come on no you got a God you got a guy who shoots laser beams at his hand and you got a dude with a shield that comes back to him who cares about the bone arrow guy it's all I'm saying ready ready yeah okay yeah okay yeah dude I Hannibal no son game right up into the RFU cheeks I was gonna use it and I just bend one guy he's bugs I thought that he just kept spammy and Spanier and the whole lobby like that one corner kill the for you I still want to use all my I don't wanna use mark Fuji Oh the bow is literally an RPG sniper way more ammo but your eggs oh yes check Twitter I just posted what I saw and tilted bro my game was hella broken now you're seeing Anastas future snap was it I think so man you were just throw up a million pyramids and call it a day yeah dan else is coming eliminate his army before he gets all of 670 stones or he will be too strong to fight honestly where is dr. strange Oh that'd be a dope on that I let you just be spider-man I wish that did the flash the flash dies in the god someone Mike dildo that was I'm sorry what not be anymore peachy with TG look I'm the guy who killed every a bunch last game look I mean I guess yeah I can't go all right well what can you do with the bow look right click right click right click on anything it's so cool they should actually make the bow like this in pose think it's okay enough yeah I want that to be in script but like only apply to this yeah exactly guys do me a favor just drop your blue weapons right now on the floor yeah honestly I got Iron Man again yeah I'm so much can't wait hey it's so boring being Iron Man is crazy this man's going nuts yeah there's uh do you want to be Captain America oh I got the bow now I'm freaking good I got everything do you have one of each oh my gosh I cut you you got two shields yeah that's what I'm saying bro I really think it's right click I really think they should add it to the game bro yeah yeah marker wait so how thank you how much uh how much crap is on this like is do I have everything now there's four poor thing okay I got everything let's go lads I'm about to be the best Avenger that you know dad I just I got the bow let's go yeah I definitely think that the boats not that powerful and spent in normal young silic they need to make you grapple the mobility is insane with his mouth yeah it's so fun do I get it skilled players and this thing's easy so happy and I think all of us have it I think you're right you're doing it to be on the ground this Ranger trick shot somebody our low X off this is all getting the chamber people blowing off cami grapple bro right just grab a flag we're we're fine I'm fine fine everybody drop a little bit hold it down oh it's over here it's over here it's over follow me about me you'll pick a tree everybody pick a tree or hiding like a Shack or something build yourself a little kid I'm in the tree I build myself a little thing Oh God okay this is if everyone's using it it's okay just Oh My Ride is 1/8 flick-flick speech the bell poor poor man this guy got a fan on Jesus I think I just jumped into me they'll eventually get you man eventually get you to revenger I'm using everything we need somebody to defend I'm gonna go to green navigate mamasay mamasa mamakusa you think film in with a ring I'm gonna build a hut yeah you guys have to choose to be with me or be against me but this Hut is being made I can't see these ranges freakin names there sorry to dive hit that I was like 18 times oh I just cracked him in the head he's pretty good yeah except I'm up there no that's why you switched the Ironman when they're up in the air oh yeah one oh shoot I throw my button and I grappled you can actually block shots with left click I don't know how you losses the Avengers even though I've done it multiple times stop building on it bro it's easier just like the guide our team is building on the thing it's so much easier to just defend if everyone just shoots like openly on it ok I'm sorry for whatever goes on that green stone you're getting rocked fuck you me right yeah yeah – come on over there okay I can't jump oh wait a minute X out this is the play right hold a whole lot oh I moved it moved now you kidding me come this way boy oh yeah well let's do it when the galaxy's not parallel now oh we lost yeah we pretty much have got it it's not over but we need to kill 24 of them and then kill them all again is it easy I just killed a guy oh hey honestly good the bullet is showing it screen right now I'm gonna body I'm about to die I'm gonna tell they one shot is great Oh kill the guy in the bush I'm so I'm so hurt oh my no how do we lose brother stoners teleports sometimes with some for that I like how I just had like two minutes ago how do you lose is the event but it's like when the zone moves and the the stone is in the zone it then makes you go to a random spot and sometimes just some dude just standing there all it needs four seconds here well that's why don't play the objective idiot 4head outlier rated redhead to do it best okay marathon she's no what's the same I forgot it rhymes wait yeah that's actually in the video that it's back out of the War Z stuff and that's like the opener okay restart a map did wait what leave why nobody's in there why absolutely I'm gonna be an Omega waiting for wbg Ranger – ready boys okay you know there's a bit a bit bit about your girl loving me like her she like at the sock yeah are you kidding me bro you can't put any skin that's not black widow item shop I'm shop item shop light I'm a snobby item shop of your own avengers has to be one of these guys no I think we all for needed a you know Ranger how did you get this skin what the heck females I get of people being like hit ready y'all hit that ready bye y'all we're being around bugs can we be the Avengers from like the from the trailer so somebody be like the if you're gonna use throw use the fish guy you already a fish you say to be a cactus sometimes I wake up and I say that out loud I actually woke up and said that was moaning and then I actually haven't gotten to sleep I don't know which ways I'm yeah I thought I was going to be the other guy look like I'm ready to like fight crime by six and then like do Zuma by five um I'm curious how they end up choosing that's black widow let's go as the skin that comes out I wonder if they were like okay we're not gonna give you Iron Man he makes us too much money here's black you break the shoe be stop packing oh there we are and you're right above the box hold your head high my last one guys all right let's see all right I don't have to play this game on anymore I'm sick of Ironman looking at me yeah right that's like a missus but like with aim assist imagine assisting your own aim yeah RZ I really like the black widow skin their home will say my main aim Brown what is this world of warcraft if you're if you're a pro player for this k you can't use the x okay now you can only throw the ax at people it's actually like it breaks through things so nice I got Iron Man's gloves GG guess I'm the gloves alright catch you later man wait do you find more Maps yeah yeah yeah I just found another one all right so I got the shield I'm just gonna toss it at Beaver mule Nia I don't know how my chicken nuggets feel I wish I had a twig idiot how does this spawn over there like it just gives them the first time I won at Twix and now get 21 work your nugget trust me bro I'm not touching sorry what you know so you can throw your pickaxe in start building Oh what have you been doing this entire time you know why this axis this axis yo you could throw your axe and your shield at the same time yeah Thank You Freddy to get every makes it video double pump is back but with shield the neck sorry but why is all that stuff spun away from us angry bro I just got lasered like I was Lina shooting at the I was lazy Rumi Dallas is right here I don't have iron my glove so it feels better now just what it means you mean if he punches you an Applebees is it bounces different targets the stormbringer thing zip bounce the different targets ahead in midair I'm gonna be Iron Man on some of these kids already have our advanced ability and they're the other good for here I can't find anybody where they all that man oh sorry panels ban up shut up Cobras guess it broke right but walk away I don't know progress now USM progress no way yeah we got to protect this pogchamp i just god your bill bill bill bill the bill like 8 levels high good body I forgot that they have an ability that kills everything that worked hard for what can you tell me my side the reality stone is on its way just let them get the reality stone screw that that might be fun actually building mrs. Kirk I don't feel so good mr. TG ah shoot this is heaven in the body me if u s– your head tilted with me who's the real one building tunnels out here in Tilton ok idiot art wall it's safe yeah ready go ready sounds here I can't fit so free me sounds here we gotta go cheap oh you can throw the ax through walls and kill them red should respond right left oh the storm breakers kill him he's in the egg I got egg egg dude duh egg he's into you no wonder you unban us watch where you got let me turn I'm shooting 10 us in the spinal cord this two jokes way faster than me as Dennis he's a hacker his body though I believed it right here quick quick quick ready you're tired go ready go huh get in here are you putting a wall in between no that's what I'm that's what I've been doing do they just want to get the stones bro well I do that all the time I always see do this I do that in really tight circles just for the extra protection but if it's the wider ones I always do the YC you need oh this guy make sure they don't get red I just spotted everybody on red where is this guy in here he's not a bill your Mario so long I wanna leave them alone Excelsior Excelsior I only got 17 kills but I enjoyed that combo a lot probably got like thangkas I got like 7 kills real I mean I was having a lot of fun you guys you could fly and throw two things at the same time that's what I call pretty neat yeah now bees well I'm gonna go to sleep guys so Yugi and I hope you guys have more fun being Avengers so by all right chat everybody who tuned in if you did watch it enjoy this hit that like button real quick if you're not subscribed hit that subscribe button real quick for me it's free fast and furious and I do four night streams like every other day basically and a lot of other cool games but like we're gonna be doing days gone today I think so make sure to go check it out subscribe hit the like button and shout out to King gaming who just became a member welcome deleting enjoy those emotes I'm gonna read some super chats now as well oh yeah don't forget to hit the subscribe button and here's gonna be the item shop while I do that let me do that I'm doing one second here and then dancing Benson Benson all right shout out to be wavy Denzel spur a four-night season seven am ran for an 87 spongebob F and appreciate that sliced bread Elise Lewis with K quills Peter Scott definitely need to finish that Peter Jewell McDowell default god Nexus gaming MV k fresh the zombie fights everything with sup man mad bat thank you for all the kind words we had big shout out to you – Richie sign game twice to say it was amazing you're gonna watch it when it comes down Ken I'm sure you'll love it drew shout out to you and glad you enjoyed it I will definitely be watching it um I haven't bought tickets yet so it might be a little bit hard now but I'll definitely watch it Jake Leung low appreciate that Jay German appreciate the con where it's at least Davis thank you appreciate that who's your favorite ginger my would probably be up by Iron Man or spider-man what's yours Lisa shadows to you thank you for that Jake appreciate that thank you for all those wrecks Harry we have cast owes a place are you to see any game yes and I'm very excited to go see it she had you castles let me refer you to see it it's your boy thing for that Jacob Bush Andrew Eckford good at gaming landon Torelli ttv taco crazy ryan Larimore appreciate the love guys MGS paradox appreciated that DV ZT y Wang ho Ming 403 f WM w k Matt trading Skinner Anthony you thwart outdoor guys thank you for the kind of words we had big shad to you Ava Barry and then Diego Lua thank you all for those donors again if you watch enjoys you want to see more I will be streaming this again today hit that like button hit that subscribe button and I'll see you guys in the next room thanks for watching over evil on something and peace out