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*NEW* Explosive BOOM Bow In Fortnite!

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Today we take a look at the new Boom Bow in Fortnite!
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oh hey let's go what sob you like my bar I like my bar alright ladies and gentlemen today we got a really awesome new gun it to the game we've got the explosive board now I'm really scared it's just gone live it's a legendary and it's only a legendary so it's like guided-missile all over again I'm pretty stressed out trying to find it but if we do find it it does look quite epic it uses shotgun rounds and it has like an explosive damage so if you hit someone with the base damage it can do anywhere from 15 at the start to I don't know where the end is but there's a two headshot multiplier on that as well if you hold it down for the longest time it seems to shoot pretty much straight so let's just jump into it it's gonna be solos if you guys going to enjoyed today's video make sure to talk slidin down below of course subscribe to the channel if you are new if you wanna support me in the four night item shop that's gonna be code lucky and of course if you guys wanna check out my merch leave link in the description just jump season 5.2 love it awesome don't stop there let's jump into some explosive Bo action oh and also the patch didn't get reverted so that's kind of a thing and I know she'll / kill or Matt's particular and you still have to find the trees for 10 minutes Oh alrighty game number 1 can I get the board please that's all I want for Christmas it's legendary I don't know where to get it cuz the patch starts didn't tell me where to get it like I don't know if I get out of the chest if I get it out of a supply crate vending machine I don't know well I'm just gonna keep looking until we find it and we probably won't find it because that's kind of how my luck carries around here you mother trucker all right here stickies you you picked up the stickies and you try to find me that's that that's toxic ride that what you just did also how's about getting bandages medkit bandages when there's no shield per kill like you can't do that anymore you could do that before when I was getting shield for Kirby sitting that like doing it right now but instead I'm sitting here with nothing because I got bandages med kit bandages oh I do have a treasurer shot may be the trade stress might have the bow cuz it's legendary that could be on the road to Paul goose let's go alright where we got cheap bar oh that's not a bar got a little digging going on yeah you were dead when I knew your own wats yes if you guys didn't know as well there's also an excavation going on in the middle here and the Brock's have health and it's the same health like everyone see what's going down that's everybody in the world hitting them and it sounds like this is chest underneath but I'm gonna be able to get to it never once on hit that one cuz they can hear a chest yeah so make sure you're helping out the boys cuz maybe it does something probably give us another guys that I reckon Arkin because that's what the Lawson did it gave us some of the guys though alright third party gaming love it guess what buddy you would have had an extra three hits to kill if or two hits to kill if you had health off to that kill but you didn't because updates trash get wrecked I'm actually to keep my suppressed I'm actually loving the suppressed lately and people think I'm crazy for that thing is someone's gonna hear the like the new sound of the boat and that person is just going to get targeted so I know that if I have the bar my life expectancy is Hobbs it's unloaded oh my god he's got the bar how'd I miss that shot he's at the bar ah now with the boaters trying to run you can run but you damn well can't hide oh why do I have any gun ammo mama bought now what the gun guy there it is okay ah I missed that's so sick dog much if I landed that I shouldn't have bought it out so much there that was big ball place I don't know why I may be running for his pad I'm scared on my down to the storm here yikes that is scary why'd I do that I wanted to use the new gun just wanted to use the new gun there's 100 no no I'll just barely any environmental damage I just threw that I just threw that III don't understand it's just something about being at low health makes me play like a ball I had the boat through the game that's excellent nice work lucky you're great if I could just get those bandages in I would've been fine I also don't know about the PO itself I feel like I should have just I could have easily killed that first guy but I just used my palm but I wanted to use the bar all right I'm not gonna lie I'm pretty furious that I threw that last game the extremely furious I didn't warm up enough today uh-huh yeah all right guys I'd be at 200 health and 300 ass right now gotcha okay operation find the bugger commence oh that was slightly embarrassing yep okay explosive bow only but like that's just not happening chief gotcha I was just like come on one more hit one more hit what how that bloom was disgusting oh my god that bloom was horrifying I held it down and everyone just hit it's at the bar no it's not alright I'm gonna trade this out for that and this half of that and we're going on an adventure because that might be the bar let's try and get to it I'm sorry like who are you please give me the bar ah RPG that's pretty epic what it's not what I meant to do I was gonna pull real light here all right we just traded RPGs layer gay I want to pick up your mini softer I drink it but I don't think that's gonna be a possibility so instead I'll just drink and drive and hopefully by the time I get in take that was perfect timing things you leave a life grading for the perfect timing all right I'm a mathematician I did it all in my head Arina bird has made me hate bowlers sorry for the third-party cheese where is it he's got the bar oh my god what am i doing she's uh I need some health health I'm no campfires he's got the bar here I'm gonna take the bowler and run because if there's no actual health health I die so off we go all right what we got the bar just gotta like you know hook the storm doesn't kill us hahaha XD oh come on pick me pick me pick me pick me 2,000 years later once I know you're in the tree did oh no I wanna do some more with this bar that's toxic that is incredibly toxic now he's gonna try and drop me oh come on comp leave the amount of people in bowls it's actually disgusting like it actually is whoa chi there's still for the players 99 love that oh I need that oh come on I'll she went down there so much she's been stripped hmm it's almost lost to the Stone he's gonna get Ted to Delta yeah going out left I don't know about this new part chief I think it's a good alright let's just act like that lost game didn't really happen because let's be honest it didn't happen yeah I don't know oh I spilt water everywhere now this is not a pig whatever gonna let's sit there and ruin my desk I don't care I'm getting stub ya know Bo ie yeah you like that you like that you like that ha ha that's talks they're gonna I know it where you going Elsa we're gonna build a snowman Oh Elsa gosh yeah uh-uh uh-uh uh-uh uh-uh uh-uh uh-uh uh-uh uh-uh uh-uh no no no no no no no you will buy to me okay that treat nearly ruined it for me that oh you had the bar oh hell yeah they're a hit him directly bang let's go first kill with the bar and I was on a default oh no that was a sitter that was a direct all right we're getting out here ah that was embarrassing I should not have missed that well we had some cool shots there while on the hollywood direct hit – what was he doing he was obviously trying to win a game at a tree only had nothing but wood and that wood was of wood he got from the tree okay then what is fort not oh come on sheep all right yikes we have to play for fortnight here what better watch out someone's here all right look at the make it on hey that is so low on ethic where the mini scare there they are let's get out of that scenario nah-ah yeah we got so good out of there all right where is everyone I guess someone that's up the hill what what what I placed the poor oh my god I want to go commit not living I don't understand I placed you're crying why are you crying that might be my brother and if it is I am going to shoot him first all right it was my brother XD every week man we always see each other every week of course you've got a p90 cheese what a start No how'd I miss that Sean ah well I killed my brother so there's that sixty-eight players in my game what ah aye Caramba some walk through the front door no well one for one oh and there is yeah nah yeah quite really the the thing about this is that and you guys know this is how little players play fort not in the RC region every game I will get in a queue with my brother or Elliott already when they're playing Dewar's right now this is why this new patch like I get why the new patch and why they did they want to make people focus on competitive and if they're like they want the sweats to play in competitive I get that or see region is not big enough for that division because now we can't get full lobbies and solos at 10:00 p.m. at night everyone's off playing arena cuz the arena is the only fun way to play that's him that's his gladder he hadn't lost camp I'm gonna smoke him I actually I'm never gonna hear em laughing in the back I just got my mother actually well I took a break for a couple hours and now I have a game with 37 players update night couple hours off tup 37 players I'm gonna try name pretend kills that would be a third of the lobby ready to die all right well there's one of 10 yes I like playing like a bot sometimes oh wait hey you're going bowling boy do you first picture out hide in a bowl no I that will not be happening champion sorry oh it's triggy I'm sorry jokes I'm sorry he's gonna hate me for that one ah I'm sorry joking I'm sorry I'm sorry it was gonna end now or it was gonna end later I'm sorry sorry Oh use a little bit of campy they're always alright Oh Oh what do they year I'll hide in the tree I will not allow you what is these get what are the late night games of fortnight I swear it's just so weird what the hell hit the wrong slot it's our scalp I love it please tell me you've got the bow oh you actually do all right that's actually Paul strength this now I've got the bar content here we go yikes really need to do something Oh what Oh cuz he he blew himself up oh hey let's go what's up you like my bar I like my bar all right oh let's go all right that was toxic there's one although I've been so sick let's go get out of my game just get out of my game please Oh oh I can't believe he's actually doing this imagine you hit that there what is he doing what am i doing what is this game off for tonight battle royale look just what is going on right now there's one there's two all right she got finding a little gap sometimes no I'm saying nor how did I miss let's get his ball thanks to the ball dude that is toxic now I'm gonna die there I'm pretty sure I woulda died either way so as soon as the poison touched me I was dead I can't believe you won that wall I actually can't believe you won that wall and I can't believe I died all day night is just a different type of toxic you know what I mean like it's just like what is this game like what is for I'm just what is fortnight you know I a game was a chart