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*NEW* AVENGERS MODE V2 in Fortnite!

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Fortnite Battle: Royale – Avengers mode RETURNS!
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it is happening people for Knight and Avengers are having an of explosive game-mode coming to fortnight this week we've got a very first look at it our very first details it is crazy you're excited for the return of Avengers and fortnight give this video a big fat thumbs up but that is No another live event is kicked off in Fort like right now where all of the community are interacting to try and receive the next part of a loot Lake secret bunker and all of the rooms that need to go in place to kick off the big seasonal event for season 8 and on top of that new volcanic activity spotted at the volcano also hints at another big change to the fortnight map and more crazy things to come if you're not already subscribe for the latest fort 9 news and information right here on the channel thank you as always we're from using code Aliona for the iTunes Store all these guys doing so don't forget this awesome blue and red people and happy bunny is coming to the store very soon to keep an eye out for that so let's jump straight into info first off with a live event which is happening right now so as we know with the uncovering of the secret base and loot lake from the excavation diggers what was ultimately found out to be five different spots for five different room symbols if you don't span a video a few days ago has led to not one but two in-game events so far if the second one is trying to go in place to kick off ultimately open up and find out what is inside the bunker that has been uncovered now the first event was fairly simple essentially a room spawned on the map and the more we hit it the more his health went down and then it would ultimately move around the map and enemy eventually landed his spot went into the ruin location as it should do in the middle of loot Lake however there's four more brews and one of them is active right now and an event is going down the second wound symbol with three circles and three lines pointing to the center is kicking off now and is literally just gone live essentially with three goons spheres balancing on top of metal pieces around the map you locations you can see on the map here as I have noted one of them is actually on top of the volcano one of them's in the snow area and one of who's just north of pleasant park and all of these are giving off a light or a laser basically initially all pointing away from the map out into the open however after interacting with them which we have all done a lot of so far I'm literally watching one whom happen right now the more you interact with it the more damage you do to it and it'll ultimately change the angle and change position of all of these lasers and where they're looking at now as soon as I saw these I knew exactly what was going to be happening ultimately we need to move those lasers to all point a certain direction and no surprise that direction is straight at Lu Lake also spawned above loot lake is the actual physical room that needs to be slotted into the secret bunker to activate the second room and ultimately what we need to do as a community is get all of these lasers from all three of the spheres pointing towards that middle room so we can slot into the place and complete the second stage of the in-game event now at the moment the one that's moving the most is the one that is literally above the volcano which I'm standing next to but because so many people are hitting it and so many people are interacting with it it's swaying off to the right swaying off to the left and the position is meant to be here too which is dead-on in loot lake it keeps him going off of on or off of on of but what we need to do guys is not only into out of this one we need to interact with all three we need all three of the lasers to point towards the center of loot lake or be angled together all point towards that central wound at the same time to power up the room completely slot it into place and complete that second stage you want to get involved you can do this within playgrounds mode you don't have to be in a public lobby and it is so cool to see all of these events go down however this is only two of five and it's worth noting that so far all the symbols have somehow linked in to the mini in-game event we've have to complete to get the rune into the right position now through in-game files we know what all five of the rooms look like so far we've had the weird line one which ultimately saw the move around the map and 90-degree turns similar to the shaper then ultimately slot into its spot next up we've got the one obviously with the three circles in the three lines and exactly what we're trying to do right now is get all through your buzzer who's to point towards each other just like a symbol telling us but what about the three other symbols so far we've got one that I just can't get out of my head this looks like a cocktail or or like like one of those drinks with like your umbrella in the top we also have like a running man and then finally we have what looks to be some sort of mountain with a object coming out at the top of it the Running Man one may involve moving around the map chasing something around the map the one that looks like a cocktail ilex you've no idea but the final one which I think the most interesting is potentially something rising up out of either the volcano or more obviously potentially coming out of loot lake itself it looks like something is rising something is being risen and is probably gonna be the final fifth symbol the weeds completes to get all the runes in place now everyone's assuming that when all these runes come together something will come out of loot lake and I still think that will happen I generally agree that something will come out of the center and what it will be we'll have to see we're getting closer and closer however the interesting thing is after the first room slotted in volcanic activity and more smoke at the exact same time the room crunched into the ground smoke started coming out of the volcano potentially meaning that this will not only link into the opening and the revealing of something in loot lake but also more volcanic activity and potentially the complete eruption of the volcano in the fort night map as well if something happens with the volcano at the same time the second room slots in let me know keep an eye on it which means we could be seeing potentially two in-game events in two big map changes at once when all five the rune slot in it crazy so guys get working your let's get all those lights face in the right direction and as soon as it does I'll keep you guys updated on Twitter Instagram and of course here on my channel as well but let's not forget Avengers and fourth night are coming together for this week and oh boy look now here under channel will always didn't through in-game files and keeping an eye on what data miners find and so far we knew that little game files have been tweaked for the old Thanos mode with audio changes like image changes meaning the fortnight while preparing for something to do with the vengers and today for my confirmed it however as cool as it sounds it may not be quite so straightforward to simply see in the return of Thanos mode as we could be seeing potentially a knife relieve something brand brand new off see linked in with the Avengers world but not necessarily the Infinity Gauntlet this time last time for the very first teaser we saw the Omega skin and obviously Thanos himself with the word snap in the very first format in Avengers crossover ever this came together very very quick I think they said he lips you put it together in like two or three weeks and actually the most came out a long time after the film came out in the cinemas last year this one however is tiding directly with the release of the film as this mode is going like this Thursday on the 25th of April and rather than a teaser image with the Thanos Infinity Gauntlet who've actually got Ortiz with the bright bomber and as we obviously know Captain America's shield looking back to last year's teaser it was all based around town offs it was all to do this Phineas T Courtland that's nowhere to be seen in this meaning potentially that this new mode which been tweaked and changed for avengers endgame could see the replacement of you finish gauntlet for this time Captain America's shield in magic is laying on a floor glowing gold a mythical item the only one person can pick up if it's done in a similar way to the Thanos mode which when you pick up you potentially turn into an a reskin that as Captain America himself or what we could see because we know that the in-game fan of sound files and images are still in the game would have been tweaked and potentially the Infinity Gauntlet but then also Captain America himself to actually battle head-to-head in the game-mode together throwing in more items and even more craziness but we do know that is in only a few days time able to be able to try this and as soon as it's live I'll be right here to cover it for you guys and let you know exactly what's happening we did always together with the teaser and a trailer closer to really the Infinity Gauntlet last year so keep an eye out a sport like gives more details and info as we move closer and closer towards this Thursday I've also heard rumors and people tweeting the potentially could get official Avengers skins and in-store items if that is the case and anyone is using code ali-a I'll be doing a special big ginormous shout-out to everyone so make sure you pop it in drop in your tweet leave a comment down below or even let me know on Instagram and everyone using code ali-a could be in for a very special big shout out when that comes out this Thursday we have to keep an eye on everything and I'll be here to cover it for you guys to make sure nothing is missed now linking the two things we talked about today it shouldn't be confused with each other I know that a lot of people have been saying that the secret bunker in loot Lake looks very similar to Captain America shield and don't get me wrong it definitely does but this Captain America fortnight eggs Avengers themed stuff is a limited-time more shows promotion for the film and doesn't directly tie-in with all of the other in-game events we've been having so far with the runes that is set but all of these in-game ruin events we've had so far are simply the lead-up to the end of season 8 in a big event leaving as into season 9 whereas the Avengers in fortnight modes if we can begin this week is simply just for fun to throw in there and promote the New Avengers film so as cool as these two things are they're not tied in directly so let's keep them separate and let's not get things too confusing by trying to tie things in from one thing to another when that's not the case doing better with your changes season 9 should kick off on May the 9th which means we are literally about two and a half weeks away from a brand new season sweaty seasons go by faster and faster every single time and obviously will be leading up to another battle pass more new skins and more craziness before and I've confirmed actually for the very first time you'll be able to gift your friends the battle pass if you want to just in case you want to be generous to any of your friends or even do some giveaways which I complain to do here on the channel as well to give even more of you guys access to the brand new bag to pass when it comes out in just a few weeks time but the moment though keep an eye on those lasers keep an eye on those runes we've still got several more to go into the whole process is complete keep an eye on that volcano let's see if anything else starts to come out from the smoky top of the volcano itself and of course stay tuned right here on the channel for the fortnight X Avengers brand new game-mode when it goes live this Thursday I literally cannot wait thank you everyone so much for watching hope you have an amazing Easter weekend make a more for my videos right now down below in the playlist including me getting Claire my girlfriend her very first solo victory boy out lets you guys smoke with some more fortnight goodbye