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NEW AVENGERS ENDGAME MODE!! *Iron Man, Thor, Captain America* (Fortnite Battle Royale LIVE)

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New Fortnite Avengers Endgame LTM gameplay live stream with Typical Gamer!
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Find Thor’s Hammer, Hawkeye’s Bow, Captain America’s Shield or Iron Man’s Repulsors to defeat Thanos and the Chitauri in the Fortnite Avengers Endgame LTM. New Fortnite Black Widow skin in the item shop!

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lots of everybody typical gamer and welcome to Avengers endgame for night edition we're gonna go ahead and watch the trailer real quick before we hop into the actual game mode and see what's available in the item shop what's available in the further your rewards of this and what's just going on alright cuz this is big news okay Marvel is back okay Dallas is back though the whole Avengers series is back in for night and let's get excited here we go you guys ready for this look at this freaking vanoss look at him he's shield all right who's your MVP who's your MVP your chat yeah let me know you got choose one honestly I'm I think I'm team Iron Man or team Thor take a team Raptor or fish thick so you gotta let me know what team you're on and I want to know right now who's hype for this I want everybody who's like to smash that like button real quick we did this stream in the morning as well right when it came out those guys got 15,000 likes what can you do let's see if we can beat that so smash that like button hit that subscribe button if you're new and if one cops from that farmers head on over typical diet store as you can see I think my graphics they're real let's turn the graphics all the way up and you will be able to see the beautiful graphics that is Black Widow over here look at this so as you can see again there is a mode and it is endgame squads so we're gonna be playing that in just a second I wanna touch upon a few things here there is challenges there's the Marvel's black widow set which is one of two Marvel sets coming to for Knight we don't know who the other person is gonna be but it's gonna be another Marvel character which is pretty sweet but if you go to item shop she's actually available right now and she's got a red background there's no other character who's got a red background there's only gold purple blue and green and and now she's red so what does that even mean I don't know is only Marvel characters gonna have red that's pretty sweet how many Marvel characters gonna add we don't know but as you can see she's in the shop 1,500 v bucks and she is pretty freakin cool she's got two pistols one on each side and as you will be able to see she has a blonde hair style and a red hair style cool back bling which for some reason to pop up there we go cool back bling and you can additionally get her widow's bite pickaxe over here harvesting tool and her dance as well which is a it's a deadly dance it says it's a deadly dance so I guess is daily dance if you want copy that support me support a creator bottom right type in a typical gamer just like that and hit accept and you will now be supporting me and there's also some challenges here if you go over here there's challenges that unlock every couple of days I've done the first three and you get certain rewards as you can see on the right side the all reward is if you complete ten of them you get the frickin Avengers Quinn jet which is really really cool you get to use it as a glider so let's hop right into this mode hopefully we get to be an Avenger right away there's two teams there's the a nossa steam where you get to be in minutes guns and you guys gotta try to find all the Infinity stones and then there's the Avengers team where you could be what are you essentially we're any character and you can go pick up you know Captain America shield or Hawkeye's bow or Thor's pickaxe or anything like that so you know we're just gonna make sure we're an Avenger first all right we're gonna make sure we're an Avenger first because um I feel like most people want to see The Avengers so I'm sure those lobbies will fill out anyway no don't worry about it don't worry about it but what weapon is your favorite just not even from knowing the effects in-game but just from your soul all right is it is it the worst hammer is the storm breaker is it Captain America's shield is it I'm this guy again bro one of the odds look this guy's cool though look he's got like this blaster here and then he's got this thing we can break builds he's got the jetpack so this would be the evil army for a Thanos if you stay on this team which a lot of people do stay on this team but you know Avengers so that's what we're gonna do we're gonna try to be an Avenger okay we're gonna try to be Black Widow over here because she is frickin epic that's actually really cool I wasn't expecting them to have any actual Marvel characters that you could purchase to use in the game as a character because I thought that would be a bit crazy with you know all the licensing stuff and other stuff like that but you know if they make it work that would be pretty sweet that'd be pretty sweet okay we are just continuously this guy does it make sure that you're this guy is that what it is I mean one second here repulsors the repulsors are pretty sweet we might just have to play as this guy first or just really bad luck that we keep getting that guy I'm not sure give me a second to find the game here I'll put us back in the bad guys look cooler I mean the bad guys look cool they definitely do look cool do they look cooler than your own character black widow I think black widow might be one of the coolest skins in all honestly in all honesty what it all honestly mean I'm making up some words now chat I'm making up some words now oh my gosh okay we're gonna play as those guys I'm gonna give him one more shot here Captain America's shield is the goat maybe if you feel you'll be an Avenger maybe I don't think that matters first don't drops at three minutes all right we're gonna go into this one no matter what let's do that okay we're gonna play as this guy yes yes we get a little taste of the Avengers attacking us here I don't know who has it easier I really don't I thought that the UM I thought these guys had it harder but then like damn man sometimes the Avengers get rocked by these guys so I think they might make it so you have to play on one of the teams and then like if you try to leave I'll keep putting you on the team just to make things fair bite me Avenger so we can actually play a Stannis first which is nice I love this blaster the blaster it breaks literally everything look at it cuz you actually can't pick up anything has this character so you got to rely on your blaster to do all the work the blaster does mad work though look at that this is like 84 per headshot 75 body shot there's no point in really aiming for the head with it you do slightly more you do 15 more damage yeah well plays an Avenger next match most probably all right where's this going down children of Thanos retrieve your masters Symphony Stinson crush the human weakling so we're actually gonna stay up in the air and look for it and if we find it there were to drop down and get the give a stone and become a fan also it's gonna be pretty sweet look at the volcano the volcanoes frickin losing it it's Mick frickin losin it so we're gonna glide for a bit and then when we start seeing the stone fall the first person to pick it up on our team becomes Thanos oh that is why we are floating up in the air there's literally no point in going down to the ground at the moment just as a heads up so if you're going into this and you want and you want to become Fanus or you're going into this you really want to win with for your team then if you're these guys there's no point in going to the ground to my knowledge at the moment we're gonna try to get a stone first so we can become fan also I will say beam fan awesome this new mode has its pros and cons for sure for sure has its pros and cons so the Avengers are looting they're trying to get different weaponry they can get you know cap shield a hawk ice bow they can get some Thor's hammer and it's last one I'm missing Ohio man's repulsors so they can get pretty geared out is what I'm saying whoo I might not get it it's gonna be a dude randomly closer Oh what are the odds he was so much closer than me by sheer luck it was a few people go sir I love that house how are you oh all right so the Mike Stone has been captured we got to go ahead and defend him and also go and capture the rest of the stones he needs all the stones and then responding for the other team has turned off our respawn far right of the screen there shows you how many characters we have left so we can my entire team can nine ninety five more times where his bodyguards look Hey yeah literally like a dead dad and his sons like this is so funny why are you building Braille that's it we're gonna blow us all up oh the stills own soul stills going this way let's go get it oh wow it really just blew up that tree huh I will be the first in line I wanna press panels over oh shoot oh you're something is there an Avenger in your butt going now grabbing each one actually benefits then Austin give some different abilities I believe so there we go so our strength grows so it's just something do strength I don't recall what but he definitely gets a bit stronger oh look we got two Ironman or one Ironman over there eat it banana Iron Man like I would just bodied banana Iron Man – ouch ouch ouch yo chill Iron Man ya the way to deal with Iron Man is keep moving back while shooting them you keep moving back while shooting them they have a hard time shooting you cuz they have auto aim right if you didn't know that yeah they literally have otto himself alright you want to be like that it's got one that died there we go is there a stone falling I don't see the stone yet I'm moving up I'm helping I'm helping the boss over here come on boss let's go all right the next stone is going this way I'm gonna head over there silver I guess they'll distract them there's somebody there already actually I wouldn't worry about it we're gonna go help out the Big Chief over here boom done with that Oh got him with that oh damn son oh shoot how alright oh no ok Hawkeye's Vosges actually really good it's like the the other bow but really insane they're both real insane let's be real for line out there so we've gotten every stone that's popped up unfortunately for the Avengers we're absolutely rocking them that guy refuses to die body that guy so that's an easy way to deal with the oh my gosh chill bow guy so annoying Oh Joe Joe Joe Hawkeye is like insanely good ooh Captain America has like an auto bouncing shield as well but we're doing really well like we just need three more rings right a three more stones rather I think they're defending against it right now though so we're gonna head over to this one we're gonna see if we can help out in the procurement of this this stone we're gonna have this geyser you do get mess that kind of infinitely grow they're not the quickest though they're not the slowest either though oh shoot oh there's a lot of the mirror oh no oh please let me go let me see if I could just get in here quietly I'm dead you guys hang here make it into your koala okay anyway for that guy turn around there we go oh shoot oh shoot bro he comes in with Stormbreaker I had no chance I had no frickin chance all right we need get two more stones we kind of kind of hope that um that one's gonna be super there's so many people on it there's an insane amount of people on it like stealth isn't gonna work very well there especially with Ironman Ironman just being a jerk look at him there we go get bodied oh no no no no no no no oh no I'm dead oh shoot Oh chill Oh chill so lots of man oh I got him I'm out son out dude it is so a like heat tracks you the Captain America shield yeah we're definitely gonna be Avengers in the next one for sure all right we just need to get the green one and we will eventually take out the Avengers I think we're about to get it out ah oh my eye I think I did some work there I have 11 kills so I'm definitely doing decent there's there's so many people on it man the Avengers are really putting to work here though you got a you got to give it up to him what is art Van Osten he's just chilling big man on campus bro I can I literally can only kill them so fast it's so hard to try to take care of them all there we go okay so now we just got to finish them off so whoever dies dies these pesky little Avengers must fall oh shoot ow there's a lot of them there we go Oh oh my gosh all right we still have 20 lives we're good they can only respawn as many lives as they have now which I believe six people still left alive you can see that on the right side of the screen so you can see they have seven people left alive and we have 18 live still so this shouldn't be too hard there we go absolutely racking them all right there's one guy over here oh no I'm sorry sir you can't escape literally just running through them like a train alright there's three more Avengers left it looks like we're gonna get a dub in this first game here oh I know they are there he is look he's trying to defend from everybody using their blasters no way real oh that's it for you banana man alright last one alive was on this side of the map he's chillin he's gonna die before I get there for sure look at Faneuil is running in balance restored excelsior that's what I'm talking about you know that deserves a little bit of dance then I'll clap more like then I'll snap let's get a let's go Trent Jonathon Britch angels and Joey a holler thank you all for become members welcome to lead enjoy those emotes if you are droid as well link in description below Chad you're watching us and join this you like Avengers you like endgame we got trying to beat the morning crew they got 15,000 likes on the video I want you to do the same it that like what subscribe if you're new and let's hop into another game here hopefully we get to play as the Avengers this time feel like that would be a lot of fun that would be a lot of fun and I think the item shop actually updates in 30 minutes so I don't think we'll see anything different but it's possible it's a posse blur it's a pussy blur I think if you fail you probably do have a better chance to be an Avenger simply because most people are queuing up with friends probably and then most people who aren't well I don't know I don't think that make sense it we're the same guys what are you kidding me I really want to be an Avenger it's okay if I leave right I would feel bad doing that normally maybe should I try Phil and just see what happens I'm gonna be put with like it's gonna have to meet everybody I think we're gonna change the hair oh I was gonna shave the hairstyle but Stanley skin gotta be pretty neat all right come on put us in Avenger we deserve it yes all right we actually got in as Avengers there we go okay so as you can see we have our normal skin we're not wearing the other one and our job is to make sure that they don't get the soul stones if they don't get the the Infinity stones rather that's our only goal all right so really cool with the Avengers Stannis is coming eliminate his army before he gets all six Infinity stones or he will be too strong to fight so you can see how I spawn with a map in my inventory I'm gonna pull my chute and see where my map is so my maps are right there I'm gonna head to that and I'm gonna go ahead and grab whatever item actually you know what cuz that's guaranteed my map I'm gonna grab this first because each one of these has a Avengers item as well so this one's gonna be ooh Captain America shield there we go and anything can be this one so with cap shield you could throw it or you could left-click and block attacks so pretty sweet there's there's of course ways for the enemies to get around it but really really cool you also spawn with an iron in a shotgun but do not use those trust me to not use those we got two of cap shields okay this is the I will not stand for this chat we're going into the block I can't even you don't even run fast with it man you go so slow you definitely run faster just not as fast as you would if you had Thor's hammer or anything so I see a another treasure chest here and I see a map yes all right we got hawkeye's bow let's put these rune drop these we actually don't want to use this I feel like there should probably be another shot somewhere it seems like I would be a pain to loot so I'm not gonna go here this actually seems really cool what the heck that's really sweet all right where's the map at maps right there there's another map to describe this quick you can get all the items yes so let's leave this one that was not what you gotta wear hoping for this one is you should be at the block a little bit not at the block there we go okay come on give us the repulsors please pretty please pretty please we got cap shield again okay we're gonna work with these two I guess you gotta go take people out already they've only lost two people which is really not good know what there is a chest here okay last one we'll check oh there we go we got Thor's hammer so you can throw it you can leap you can swing it all right let's move so we're just missing iron man's repulsors which are probably arguably the most Oh P they did nerf them though from this morning funny enough they've captured two of the stones already so I have to do my best here to help out the team so you can get over there leave that the same super speed it actually jumping that's any more effective I think the bow is the best way to get going so Romney goal is to stop them from getting oh shoot I'm so dead oh shoot oh shoot oh chill you guys took one out they're trying to bully me oh my is that panels oh shoot it's a Big Daddy I got him I hit them both with that 400 damage I feel like The Avengers have a harder time now than then fan us in this army okay so it's falling oh it's right over there we actually should have a decent time defending it let's clear this all out from there I want to make it a nice line aside here okay so they're gonna be coming through to come here this thing oh I crushed them with the eggs that's great alright dennis has fallen just gotta continue to defend this more D's are definitely gonna flood the rear he's got to stand on watch get back here how part of the shield go as far as the ax go if the reality stone is landing right there honestly it's not landing Farah what we can defend both from here which is really good so the the more things we defend the less powerful Thanos becomes so actually really don't like see having anything in the way just makes it hard to stop if it if somebody comes close because then I can't see him 200 you are annoying me oh what a shot Oh mine stones on the way all right where's Oh mine stones over here honestly we have the perfect spot to defend all of these we can see every single one from this hill that's pretty incredible all right perfect I think I see we build a perch to build a perch fact that people are like building things on them kind of makes it more difficult my opinion I'm smacking some shots here Oh hit Danis for 200 him for 400 him for 600 they're all trying to tag-team here hey am I going that out why deny connect that anything sure let's go back up some of these people have aimbot oh my gosh I got them with cap shield so you got to do it sometimes cap shield is great by the way it does so much work well that's what we thought Oh phallus is returned let's go bully him guys we got like all Avengers here oh there he is oh shoot ow I have three elf i three all eyes wield some other dude shot me dan else was too weak he was too weak that coward alright so there's four stones outstanding I guess gotta wait till they land man that's it find me find me coward now there we go I wish you gain a little bit of shield per kill right here in this Oh and nutty should we go in with a hammer we're gonna go in with Thor's hammer leave my men alone oh shoot I'm gonna body nope no definitely not it can reflect bullets it stops bullets from hitting you yeah it doesn't reflect them though so he still needs two more stones where's so Thanos is over here seems to be oh no he's gone he's no longer big chillin oh I got auto-aim right now oh come on I hit him once oh wait they didn't get it did they all right so that's the last one they need I'm pretty sure there we go the enemy's completed so when we kill them we kill them that's it we're going in cap shield and all who ate him once oh there he is oh he just punched me once as I died dude he's taking out everybody he's Jack Oh responding off I didn't know that his arm it was a little messed up huh I think we still got this oh yeah we got this shouldn't be a problem it's 5d3 as he takes out his guns five III 5e – this should be easy five you one it's gonna be a victory right there oh poor guy universe saved as the Avengers that's how you do it simple as that as simple as pie baby oh hey here's a bunny it's a bunny let's go make sure you eat that like but if you enjoy that subscribe if you're new hop back in your room is level 104 getting close we're getting real real close I wish is the I wish all the challenges unlock for Avengers already are you gonna play days gone today I think I'll start the walkthrough today after this room I think it makes no difference if you're solo or not I'm just gonna try the infinity sword is like the Stormbreaker yadus definitely let's do you know Phil it will be an Avenger who knows either what and we're good other Miguel we're an Avenger yes it really doesn't matter oh there's way more other guys than there are vendors geez we're severely outnumbered now we're good yeah we're good there's only 15 Avengers though and there's 19 of the evil dudes the benefit of being the evil dudes is that you might be able to play as Thanos which is really really cool and proceed with the 90s protocol I'll proceed with the nineties protocol don't do it don't break it down don't do it you guys are jerks I would say the strongest the the best weapon so far as by still Iron Man's repulsors so they actually made Iron Man weaker already and they made that all stronger I believe so we're gonna see where our map is I think depending rate it might be depending where you jump out honestly the purple bar on the right is the enemy's lives so that's how many of the the army guys can go down I want to get tired man for pollsters here because we haven't done that yet I thought I saw a llama alone would be utterly useless here though what are we gonna get what are we gonna get yes oh my gosh we got it right away perfect so we got Iron Man's repulsors here as you can see you can fly with it you could shoot pretty freakin great if you ask me what else do you need that's literally all you needed oh there we go look at that now we just fly away all we're collecting everything now we're collecting everything I got everything I got everything it it it it it it it it it's a lot we got all four we got all four that's it there we go alright so all that is super far away right oh so you can catch up to it I mean they'll always get it because they land first will they try to land first are you hiding run behind a rock there is well get your butt over here get Iron Man the hell is he it's a lunatic I'm out here trying to balance things man oh we found our dude oh shoot oh shoot oh it's a 1v1 right now this 1v1 situation I'm just hoping he panics now 1v1 them oh I am one to be one of them oh we can't catch me Ironman races now oh I got him I can't believe it I actually got him Oh Connect there's no way you got that right I am kicking butt taking names whoo I am doing a work oh I was doing so much work I need the team to back me up here how many kills do I have I had a lot of kills I have a feeling they're gonna grab that though oh no we got a lot of people on there now actually yeah I don't think they grabbed it we're good I need a head back there ASAP though we fly fly fly away I'm gonna go treetop to treetop oh they did capture it huh all right we got to get back to this one like how this giant buildings just missing cuz that one guy is it in the tree I know it's only good just on your team bro I like how you throw that and then throw cap shield hit him with the one-two wombo combo and I love how his axe goes through like everything it's gonna come through here it's honestly a death sentence yeah the other thing about the repulsors is that they're a bit slow and taking people out we're all in on this down right here so I throw that out there oh they're really meddling it out huh I feel like building doesn't really do much because they have the the building disrupt through things it's 11 V 11 though they had 70 more lives you're like Hawking things from way over once I got the auto-aim on it's a wrap you know bodying oh there you go that offends the heck out of it too many bad meat juice in my section they're all landing eros which is perfect bodied a nose bite me I've killed a nose like twice I don't see anybody else so I don't see anybody invading which is a good thing it's very it's concerning though oh he's back the auto-aim is just so it's so cheap I love it oh he's grabbing out we gotta go stop him damn he captured it huh all right they just need two more stones they're probably gonna win this I know that sounds really weird but like because they're not dying much oh she know are you kidding me they have one left to go oh shoot oh shoot oh shoot if we really gotta fend this one wow it's really he's really killing the vibe right now oh my goodness that's the wave right there howdy spicy how please please nobody get it please nobody get it please nobody get it we're all like spawning here so should be super hard for them to get it Oh whites clobbered him whoa you gotta love the auto target cap shield honestly I think we can defend this this is insane this is probably the most is probably the best match I played in this game mode in all honesty all right we got to defend it it's moved it's moved up there really if you're not getting it dog really just flee through the house I've 33 kills what oh no this might be it they only have ten more lives though if they pick it up though I won't respawn come on okay I got I got in at least you just keep throwing my axe over there we're hoping for the best I'll get bodied oh shoot I scout alone it's okay I get to respawn that is toe oh I don't get to respawn how do you complete the stones okay let's let's help our teams got this dope our team's got this it's 4v4 situation no fan off so it's just Avengers versus people oh no we lost for sure I tried my best guys 3v3 but they got fan austin we don't we got this dude who doesn't know he's doing them look very much then you take out the little guys and then just this guy's just building this heart out 3v2 okay they need take out that guy and then they need take on Thanos 3v1 here we go this guy's going for it just going for it oh there we go Oh 3v1 3v1 who will win three Avengers it's literally three Iron Man's it's two to be won oh snap I honestly don't know who's gonna win this is the coolest this is the coolest fight we've seen yet today Thanos has retreated this is gonna be this is closest one we've seen for sure so he's chillin underneath the basketball course oh no don't go down there that's a really bad idea bro why would you go down there oh now oh we can expect that though we didn't expect that though oh it's 1v1 it's a one-to-one situation why can't we see what's happening bro let me see I want to wind know what status 1 come on oh man tip a nice one I can't believe that all right the item shop has refreshed and this is what's available now I'm gonna go ahead and move my face there you go so you got the Black Widow outfit widow's bite widow's pirouette tee and then we got a bunch of emotes and different skins here so if you want to copy anything support me you support to create a code typicalgamer as you can see right there let's go ahead and hop into another one man that was so close I was so close he just snapped his fingers man that's all he did it's hard being an Avenger it's real hard being Avenger oh we're Avengers again we're Avengers again that was not a nicer I don't know how people play nobody can play Compaq for graphics on this one point that out so are all right we gotta avenge ourselves I'm hoping mines like over tilta or something so I can get a few chests okay mines over there it's not too bad let's head over there now alright chat who was hype for this mode what do you guys think of this mode let me know what you rate it out of 10 and was it worth the hype alright caps again you know me I'm not the biggest fan like I like cap shield as in like it's easy normally cool but like for this game mode it's not like the greatest thing I do like the blocking ability stuff the Hammers really good I'm actually really starting to love the hammer this is great too I love how you can get repulsor beams there we go alright there's some more it's going through here man I'm just keep getting his hands all right we got to go and we need to see if we could find Thor's hammer I just need Thor's hammer and I'll be good I like black widows for mobility the mobility is real nice to have otherwise you gotta like use your legs you know what a bummer what a bummer yeah well you're gonna do days gone today as well so stay tuned for that we actually get to finally play it and do a proper walkthrough so just an hour of gameplay all right we can work with this so I would say we're gonna put our weapons in that order if we can find the bow it's great for mobility yes oh here perfect so we're gonna use that for mobility there we go that'll be our order all right so next stones gonna pop in he's got one of them mine stones on its way I think there's no doubt that this one's way get for mobility I don't know I didn't catch on anything but I think it's there's nobody over there right that can't possibly be somebody over there so far away it's where we way chat we wait we wait until somebody tries to get it and then we just clap them with Schwing Schwing Schwing Schwing now don't build don't feel oh no what are you doing oh you mother trucker oh hello sir Cheers hittin the chase oh I'm just taking people out left right and center at the moment I've like no elf I love these guys defend this dudes probably impressive oh you just hit me with one shot this is life yes if you're watching this at whatever time zone you're in oh nine it is live there's a lot to be like green they're so separate there you go it tightens it up they capture that right away men Oh Mike I'm just going to hammer with the shield right now Oh Mike let's go cap let's go no cap literally not cap other people are on this pillar other redstone I don't remember the stones by their name so my apologies ouchy yeah wish there was some way to regain health we already checked item shop guys there's nothing new in it besides a Widowmaker which is a girl that you're looking at right now so cover soft a nose stop Thanos Thanos Thanos subdennis you are annoying me oh my god they level you sometimes huh they frickin level you I love how this is still for night like this is still for night we got all these sort of crazy twists to it yeah I feel like if you just straight-up wanna kills by the best to use this one the repulsors are just too strong not to use because they auto him that's the biggest feature the Ottawa feature is way too strong I mean it's not like is it overpowered I don't know maybe I mean you definitely don't kill them as fast as the other ones she's like I if I was shooting an arrow I just have to hit the guy twice kill right alright so he just needs one more stone it's gonna be this dude right over there we're working up screwed aren't we I oh this is bad let's not do is go off man I can't connect to anything so why can't I connect to that tree feeling like I need like a PhD to connect to that tree oh no no I feel like my team's gonna give it up here my teammates strong bro it must be like it feels like we're down peopled over and I don't think we are honestly oh there's a lot of people there come on you got this that's how you use Thor's hammer baby that's how you use it so powerful just keep whipping it whoa yeah Thor's Hammer's the wave dude is a frickin wave trust me I'm telling you chat aim for the head that's all you got to do aim for the head yes the Army's depleted let's go oh my there bodying me right now Oh kill that guy Gilligan oh yes go go go go they pick it up we're screwed actually if they pick it up we're not screwed but I highly doubt they're able to pick that up yeah they're not picking that up are they I'll ask a well-fought yeah okay Thor's Hammer's unneeded it's necessary Thor's hammer is absolutely necessary in this game oh yeah cap shield item got him universe saved let's go let's frickin go that's it hey hit that like button subscribe if you're new Thor's hammer is frickin Opie 28 of limbs 1/8 of frickin limbs 28 of frickin limbs that's a good stuff look at look at our past matches once we learn about Thor's hammer it went from 1513 3628 that 36 one I think we literally took out half of the entire other team this is the item shop for now and updates in 24 hours maybe the new Marvel character will be there in 24 hours I'm not sure for now it's just Black Widow the character I've been using so with Thor's hammer you can control it by using your mouse after you throw it what no way yo shout out to eight in urban and Elwood Hafner for become members welcome delete enjoy those emotes if you wanna join as well link will be in the description below why you gotta be so rude gonna marry her anyway marry that girl well let me just edit bro let me edit dog Oh get body look oh oh I just kicked one in that get kicked in that we got a party going on look at us hey you might be the enemies we were my friends for now alright we've got 18 people they got 14 but because of that actually makes it easier for them in my opinion mine is mine in the lava oh no it's slightly outside of it yet today's Thursday so the the semi-finals for the four night World Cup gonna be on 3rd or Saturday and then Sunday it's gonna be the final so he's hoping I make it into the semi or I make it from the semi finals into the finals that would be a lint oh shoot we take damage I don't know why I thought I'd be invincible oh that's open already where else can i loo i wonder if i can stop them from getting the first stone it's gonna be deep on their side if i can get there first i can stop them from even becoming fan offs at all at least for a little bit oh sure it's so fast man it goes so far away like i k it goes to the opposite side of the zone there's no way you can get that once you've been gliding jeez Louise man oh boy that's when you need iron man stuff spawned in trees yeah rare spawns I feel been through here nice if we want to get all this metal won't take a lot of time really yeah this is basically sort of this weapon see if getting metal at all is gonna owe me I know you go this far oh my god I pretty much maxed out all right so they have to stems I have max Matt so for a lot so let me try this so I'm gonna throw it oh my gosh it does look like it goes exactly where you aim the second you'll hit that tree go to that tree honey learn it a little bit so I can go to that tree hit that tree go to this tree let me do it bit closer all right picture I can kill all three of these trees this tree I messed it up it's so hard to control I can take out two trees for sure yeah there we go I took out three see if we can max out Matt severely your god max mats of everything like I said with the last people they actually perform better most of the times just cuz it's harder to die well it's not hard to die but because there's less of them they die far less quick and then there's more opportunities for them to get a sneaky sneaky Cap'n oh look I hit him with that oh I aimed it man those all aim honestly Thor's hammer might be my favorite we're just gonna scrim that yes and trying to aim this pretty well honestly we've created a an actual passageway they stole it wait our dad just move it just move or I built this all for nothing just gonna build a giant temple solitude I don't know what I'm doing anymore Ciao Bella no chill monsters come on kill that guy he got it like the Mackey master over there chat this how you guard it you got it with your life from this angle are you gonna try to get in they got to get three more stones they only have 30 lives so no they got to get two more stones they only have 30 lives I turned on the Bell thank you Noah you guys turned on the bell let me know subscribe to her on that bell you can ring that bell ringing that Bell Pano's just killed me didn't even see me bro he just crushed me with his gargantuan weight now they'd stolen yeah you ain't that's me for somebody their dog everybody off of it just keep tossing it in there hope for the best keep tossing at it hope for the best oh the analyst is Opie in this mode but like he takes so much damage if you just focus them is up there oh the enemy army is depleted chop chop chop chop chop chop chop that booty oh shoot his stand on chopped up oh gosh she crushed my soul well he didn't get it so joke's on him I killed them I killed Danice aim for the head and I killed him all right last guys over on that hill I think this is pretty much a wrap there we go full job Stubbs on dubs on dubs you'd be a perfect Avenger Andre Thank You Corey appreciate that bro good to see you and chat hey it's what I would do after I'd kill van Austin real life Hey just a little hopping around hopping about you already know what it is yeah that subscribe button if you're new we're almost at what 8.2 million subscribers we're literally 2,000 off two thousand subscribers off of 8.2 million that's my blasting dude that is mine frickin blasting we're getting XP for doing this right cuz I want to hit level 20 or sorry I want to hit level 100 somebody said 20 bombing it confused me it confused me oh we're never the Pano's guys I'm happy though I'm happy there's nothing new to the item shop guys you shout out to Derek Rice who just became a member welcome to leave enjoy those emotes man if you wanna join us well link the description below really wish they added a Hulk for spider-man that would be sweet I mean they could but I doubt it at this point how could be cool but like they made the guys fly a lot so I feel like you need kind of like a range ability you know I'm calling meanie thank you for that bill Schmidt um you'd be trying the new Friday 13th content I wasn't where there was any new one new content for the game bill I'll have to look into it shadow do you meant a PewDiePie I think so that pantsy game your great motivation any small tips for small youtubers be consistent do what you love and try your best man that's all you can do really taha beast thank you for that Joey Haller gotcha we got John Smith who says I'm his favorite streamer thank you John I kayvyun Childress thinking that Joey Haller Caden lon sniper beast walk up pop 86 same Lattimore it's been Houston's GT nice to see you still grinding always saying you know it appreciate you man unknown I love your GTA events and I think you're the best friend I play in the world well think what no that's very kind of you to say that man pickups to you summer jar Boff thank you for that Diego Lulu ah who's your favorite superhero – Batman – probably spider-man probably spider-man I'd say I like spider-man a lot okay if chat if they could add one superhero to this game mode which one are you picking what superhero you pickin let me know chat and who was gonna go watch Avengers endgame that's the real question follow your treasure map to find a stash of heroic loot I should do the voiceover for this stuff I got caps she yes I did I got caps she you please don't give me to cap shield please please please please please spider-man I'm telling think it easily add spider-man month how hard would that be oh alright didn't have these last game it's gonna be neat honestly the bows just so good for mobility that's like the biggest part of having it I guess low E is left I'm dead earth omen really filming all right so I'm thinking I got to get up to there come on no chess okay I just need I need Thor's hammer that's all I need I can't Thor's hammer will be good jet the bows again nice for mobility but it's it's a it's a nice to have not a need to have you know writers chest here there's two chests to see – Jess nope already got that nope already got that it's whenever you don't want something that's actually the best way to doing it just keep swapping then eventually you get to where you want to go you know how many seasons and for now there's a cheese and so far oh my goodness come on kidding me I just want Thor's hammer that's it it's the most Opie thing let's Chester yes where is this okay and ah it's fine we don't need black widows thing right what is this well that looks like that looks like a chess come on going all the way up here don't think there's another chest up here but what are the odds what are the freaking odds no chess for the one chest that I found that someone actually looted has the weapon I want tap-tap-tap tap tap tap tap tap tap like my BA and aa panel yeah you freaking suck you frickin suck yes you do leave these lands how many seasons are there going to be in for tonight I don't know man you're gonna have to ask the developers they'll never tell you though I'm sure yeah harvesting maps with the storm breaker is the best bet but I mean we don't want to do that so I'm just checking so only one stone is in place at the moment in play at the moment cracked them with Alan like those it really should be getting there yeah I don't think everyone's get in there I don't know there's only 11 of them right I've not seen the new vendors yet no now there's literally bombarding us how do i how do i how do i how do i Matta way how do I how do I aim to good man Otto I'm too good yeah I don't think they really stand a chance they have 11 people in there too now the keys to have less fuel but not crazy less fuel know why somebody always break my stuff down these guys professional with jerks this should be an easy dub that's the easiest way to finish them off oh there's a lot of them what a flick of the oh the flick of the wrist baby oh I couldn't get the fourth one that's three in a row bang bang I want Captain America's shield as a backlink so do i man so do I that would be so fricking sweet hey man at least we didn't roll right now I think it's a two shot which is pretty insane it kind of makes it worth it to get up close and personal with them cousin how much damage it does look at that I hit him before he landed before he freakin landed Oh shoo I thought you ran into me bruh hi there getting absolutely demolished like all stones are in play right now and nobody's getting nothing so Oh No panels has returned who should have me breath the bodied hip body oh I just bodied it from I didn't even see him in a body them Oh double body like everyone just picks on panels I get bodied oh you just shrug this thing through builds I don't even know who's on whose team anymore honestly it's all a blur Wow okay I love using a shield anybody else if he bounced it off in quick succession all right that's it we all we got to do is finish them off there's like seven of them left half of them are freaking flying I just knocked one out of the air I just kept shielded in another one or get honestly poor guys poor fricking guys is up here I'm sorry I have to do this oh what a final kill oh my goodness the shield is so good if you're up close okay so this how it works if you're medium range the the Iron Man's the best if you're super close range I would say that Captain America is the best unless it's super super close and you have to use Thor's hammer to kind of swing your way through if somebody's on the point I would definitely throw Thor's axe and if they're super far away that bow and arrows the best but then they also have you know their own perks some mobility for the bow and arrow you got flight for the Iron Men repulsors you've got a bit of a good way to escape with Thor's hammer and then for Captain America you can block bullets which I honestly I should look be blocking more bullets let's be real I should be blocking more bullets so I should be doing bedhead that bad but i but but but bata bata bata I'm an Avenger again all we do is lay oh we do slay out we're the best Avenger in the business they have 13 people on their team what the rickety Frick what the truck there's a duck this game-mode is hella fun it really is oh brother is a llama in this game-mode word – yo mama llama maybe mama llama drama what's all you all there is this Matz there we go I got your bread don't worry thank you bro here take this map he was mad oh my gosh I feel so bad bro oh ma tent let's never talk about that again please I actually feel really bad Chat Chat let's never talk about that please what was that what just happened it was a joke it was a prank prank gone wrong who's a prank gone wrong nobody ever talked about that again please okay that's actually traumatic yeah shame shame he had a choice man we all have a choice he clearly wasn't Avenger quality okay guys he wasn't cut out for this you guys you're hella funny huh you guys got jokes huh now I've been loving Captain America's shield so much I feel like I need it now and I always find likes plenty of them but Oh Mike depth perception is apparently really off just kidding I just smoked that guy yo y'all are freaking accurate huh y'all are freaking accurate hello darkness my old friend I spawned 80 miles away from the stone again of course I captured it different if they got swell people but that's enough I'm a set up shop don't worry we're at filming and booming zooming and filming I got my I got my eye on you cuz you mouth I got a spell on you they captured it already what absolutely bodied bodied by a Bobby I just chopped them in there oh no you ain't bro what you think in both you little stupid ads get over there come on Oh bro what do you got you got that's it nice and that's all I'm here to defend the lens this dude actually using a TAC shotgun next level bravery right there some next-level bravery get your gaming glasses back in stock they should be back in stock Holi early next week I would say this dude's hittin lava he's not having a good day just check I'm just checking I'm up my Goods over here my goods and services sorry sir what the hell machine that you're not dying oh yeah that's the way ta typicalgamer win for the head do you guys see that uh excuse me mr. Thanos yes where you get your Barbies you ain't gonna grab nuttin nothing captain nothing chief I'm just zooming around once people learn the ability to Philly the Avengers are always gonna win well they got that one oh shoot there's two is that two left there's three left that they got yet but even on this one they're not really on this one okay there's only two left now so we got to defend these last two there's a lot of dudes here and then I see panels rampage killing spree mega kill mahmahmahmahma monster kill kill pocalypse Oh can't touch me bro can't frickin touch me you know I'll count can you die like quick because I don't have much help probably more beneficial if I just straight-up die Power Stone has been captured what I'm glad they killed me yeah we are defend this one at all the costs sounds like fireworks going on right now it's nuts stell stones arrived Oh where'd it go oh shoot try to get it come on now now obviously that strap was not it hiding in a bush not the strap heads-up I think we're about to win anyway though get them cap oh hey I'm going after this guy scout in the hall oh my god I don't worry if you don't mess with it do not these on you punk REME lifestyle all right this last guys over here Artie bucco we all got you bro good luck yeah eat that's another dub Hey Oh that was a good song I like this one switch step step it up hit that like button if you like saving the universe you never saved excel CR oh they're definitely not adding a fan onto the item shop I think they're gonna add like Hawkeye or something yeah well then I feel like they're not gonna add a really high key one they're not gonna add like spider-man or something 23 kills 23 kills all about them 23 bills my all-time favorite superhero is probably spider-man cuz I grew up with a lot of spider-man I'm getting XP right I'm at 29 3 I should I should be getting X pay oh I'm finally the enemy team how's everybody's day going let me know chat curious have you got to play this yet shoot let me know bloom that bloom that Sun children of Thanos retrieve your masses Infinity stones red crush the human weaklings okay motorboats take me home where I belong a lot of people say they have a good day some people say they don't want they're not having good days well if you're having a good day good stuff keep it going if you're not a good day turnaround man do some go for a run or something man you got this I believe in you I really love this LTM the CL TM is a lot of fun this games so beautiful when you turn on all the graphics this Purdy I definitely need to get some Avengers tickets I'd like seven pink I'm really happy I don't know why last day being 17 max 18 is a big one man oh really Oh might have it it might happen it might have it I got it I'm sad knows how you doing oh you jerk you're actually a jerk bro idiot bro dumbhead that's very mean those very mean of him I did not enjoy that I sang a little song it every day stupid i scout bullied we're just praying goes just spray vegetation I'm just gonna be a sharpshooter man that's it what happened that I Rin honestly dudes getting bodied it's a heck a lot I'm going to the spot it's so far wide so it's all the way in salty Springs man I can't take a cannonball right pretty sure that I'm cannonballs in his mone just checking for safe measure I'm on your team to work man we were Stannis we were like a second off the dude at the build funny how they risking the jetpack but honestly don't even feel like a breath feels like a new item ARC that bad boy I don't want to open any doors I make my own doors oh my gosh reheat me midair with Thor's hammer can't be midair with Thor's hammer you kidding me some hardcore stuff right there brother that's a lot to take in that's a lot that a debtor that that it's a lot I can't land I mean the zelans just gonna move it there's no point in going for blue our stone is on its way high-power stone it's like the rosetta stone oh we got a lot of Avengers that's gonna kill this one guy no I'm getting bullied for mine there we go gosh I was getting shot from behind the whole time but I really wanted to kill that guy I even called it out you know I can't wait till the next on pops we're down by two but that's kind of an abandoned rant so there we go just gotta keep your distance you had to be like a certain distance away from everything what sitting I know Jojo I'm gonna keep backing up as I try to shoot iron man that's the Strad right there you just keep backing up as you shoot iron man well I am The Avengers killer right now oh shoot I'm getting railed I'm sorry I have killed like every Avenger right now I got an 8 mile radius I just jumped over cap shield oh I just jumped over cap shield like that oh he's gonna be mad that's all good oh I'm dead I've been a long time go where did you come from where did you go stupid Avengers he embodied our strength gross I'll do my head scan is insane brah I got hit with that cap shields that caps shield we gotta get two of these we've got many lives though I'm absolutely crushing them who is this bro so when you get that red one I'm ascending the minions bro my shot is true we need panels in there that's what we did we can only do so much as the games here who is shooting me right now we're gonna lose this I have 18 kills on this side of the frickin like I'm not even Avenger and I have 18 kills we need that hasta get in there and do his frickin job man and asking you collect it Oh Oh we collected a collected it oh yes Oh No it's like 5v7 oh this is tough that dude has no health a laser dim breath yes always 3v1 baby let's go I put in work man I put in freakin hours let's go man homie is an Avenger come yes fan offices so soldier I'm just gonna go in and do my thing you know I said that's it that's it that's all really that's a mess oh that's it I was though make sure you hit that like but if you enjoy that subscribe if you are new alright subscribe if you are new we are close to six point or start eight point two million subscribers if you to subscribe button we will almost be there we are 1733 subscribers away from 8.2 million oh yeah blunt master tay and the Jadus XD shadow to both you from become members and welcomed elite enjoy those emotes if you want join as well link would be in the description below Zane Lattimer oh hey but I've been here since last beginning of GTA loves to you crying I hope you and Samara living good thank you saying shout out to you and he's been here since GTA I appreciate you same big ups to you breath team chat and then we have xcalibur Xavier Chelsea Philip boss rich boy Quan Alex Hampton we're an Avenger now huh mr. stark I don't feel so good where's my treasure map oh hey there Trey hey there Delila yeah your treasure map looks so pretty and look into your eyes and I see Dennis he's so silly yes he is I killed him with one swing am i sore yes I did oh I got cap shield we have the hammer we have shield let's go over to made this chest me no chest near no woman not right no man all right no I'm in ok web shooters in the game would be sick ain't not a dude I just want to find some mobility all right that is mobility but it's not the mobility I wanted it's actually so cool they can wear all these outfits or use all these things what's the weekly challenge that I do it already ride three different volcanic vents without landing yeah that's too right isn't that three does not count in LT M's I'm pretty sure I counted in L TMS right sucks what are the odds that I just get what I need you you got what I need soulstone oh yeah that was him hello oh yeah what the heck is this Samir got smoothies which ones healthy okay please hey bro welcome to the surprise haha your body I'm hiding look honey in a little pyramid close close close close close that was silly that I had that you him with the work how to play with one hand oh shit that's really not nice bro you're gonna kill me like oh man I just sniping guys guys freaking gnarly I mean I was drinking a smoothie with one hand she played with Samara I think we might play this mode tonight maybe so nose you will die for what you've done Wow that got bodied me absolutely bodied me holy smokes it wasn't nice I think a CL I'm so cold I'm freezing yeah oh my it feels like I'm in Antarctica I've never been but I assume you know with all the Penguins nice that it would be a fairly cold mermen the asteroids were coming in who remembers that hit that like button if you remember asteroids meteors when they're coming and dropping everybody is freaking losing their marks I've ever been under here this season the hell is on there Wow yeah I haven't been under here this season how do you can you leave here imagine the stone got locked in here how cool would be to have Iron Man's gloves real-life the other team is eight players that's why is so frickin wack haha you can't shoot me how you're dead you're also dead I'm sorry why can't I shoot oh why can't I do anything okay well then uh that's cool not buggy by the way I'm confused how he rises again there's so many take a Golden Nugget I get it kind of want to bite it he has a chocolate core capture the soul stone what a shame they would do such a thing – shot a two-shot where you have big buddy a little lob never heard nobody big buddy laughing never oh my I'm just smacking him at the moment oh that's it that's how you killed Dan off what is happening over here we have a million explosives and I gotta work on that absolutely go to all the sticks absolutely positively coded on mistakes do not stop believing on the other day there's six people in the other two horse fan on says fallen bro ain't got no goons if you just need some goons it's only needs with my shield my shields invisible so there's that I think my shields literally invisible come back oh there we go nuts back where's the mad Titan at oh is that him what's up dude probably a hell of an eval I don't even know he's gone anymore he's just he's honestly just trying to run away mad respect he's literally melting in lava the zones are getting so small how do you have that much help y'all thought Iron Man was cheap look into it look into Captain America please all right Avengers roll the Frick out how he's coming back down leave this big boy Oh hit him hit him on the way down so nice part my shield is bouncing off people oh there you go ttv by the way they're 15 more lives this is the saddest one this is the saddest match I've played can we get 5 likes Oh I feel so bad when I do that I have 12 kills which isn't too bad considering how many people are in the lobby oh that she'll just tracked him so hard literally auto-aim shield I love it no it's me I killed you again Thanos yes I did whoo I love Captain America's shield enlisted by the way I know I've said it but easy alright I feel bad for the other team honestly you think there's gonna be any more Avenger skins there's gonna be one more Marvel skin we don't know it's gonna be I don't think it'll be any of these guys I don't think it'll be Thor Iron Man or Thor Iron Man or Captain America so I'm curious what it'll be most kills is like 30 something I think over these guys finally chap what do you like watching better me as an Avengers me as these guys which ones are more entertaining oddly satisfying guys getting about Miami practice look at that tracking ability men oh you think you down for bro mayor can be thin enough this time are we oh we oh we oh look at that enemy bus over there look at his revenge as it's funny that's the bus that carries a 50 or they only have 13 people what this should be real easy black panther would be an easy skin and a good one board oh you've been watch it for a minute bro appreciate it good see you in chat brother yes I have a map in bata Exe hey we're doing a little bit of remix so the first thing spawns at three minutes so we discussed in the air for 20 more seconds here so it's pretty much gonna be I'm fairly certain in this area I think might be good if somebody does the thing where they build on me again I'm gonna be so upset just leave me alone don't do it I'll do it I'm dead no son I eat yo now can jump really high who was watching earlier I could not jump high before it's like a bug or something now I can jump really high bro silent and also scary thing I will get a team in Yin how does stop me get bodied Avengers stupid little Avengers I must squat down with my boys the boys are back in town best then I'll sin a Wow you stupid little Avengers where'd my boys go you know though where did my boys go there I need some backup Can I grab Captain America shield please come on hey drop it it should be fighters keeper go Thanos is your birthday a go panel is your birthday gonna party like it's your birthday oh shoot except for Sep door leveled fricken leveled we need tumor stones this should not be hard ow ow come on Wow oh my goodness the killing spree my shot is hella true at the moment what how did you kill me where is this guy that killed me because there's two two stones left the top one should be relatively easy to get this one's going to be tough we got that one so not that tough you know I'm just ending the Avengers lives at the moment oh shoot no cha-cha-cha yo chill we still have like 40 lives they're done for come on I'm an asset to the team chat let's be real I'm like a military-grade asset I'm kind of going to the master oh try to 1v1 me bro get third party your whole build is following how do you feel sir body absolutely bodied like a Bobby give me the 20 in the 20 whoa give me the loop middle loop I last 102 more on top of that mountain over there Oh Oh shot in the shoulder or the dub balance restored wave of that guy balance frickin restored can we get a yeah eating chat please can we get a yahoo chat you don't get that much xp for one idea what I mean a wins a win right a dubs a dub a dub is a dub so what do we learn today we learned that you can win from either side you just kind of play it very strategically all right you got to play very strategically and we also learned that Thor's hammer is is the dub machine look 36 skills 28 18 22 23 23 16 21 Jack what else is there to say what else is there to say I only lost one game right yeah I only lost one game and that was the game buy at the most kills I already lost one game that was it given I had 36 kills can you believe that it's kind of crazy right it's kind of crazy so if you watched and enjoyed this video do me a favor just quickly smack that like button if you're new around here and first time checking out the channel whatever bro hit the subscribe 1 really appreciate that we're almost at 8.2 million subs so we're like 1500 away so if everyone here that's watching that isn't subscribed hit subscribe we'll hit it so if you want to do that feel free go ahead and throw on the cops and firemen slick shirt a hat the glass is gonna be up soon typical da store is the spot shout out to everybody who came through today I'm gonna be live stream one or two more times today so be able to look out rich boy Quan thank for that Alex Hampton I'm doing great how are you my friend Jeremiah the kid xenomorph gaming what's up Andre last time I donated your name autocorrected to Jake well then send a more thank you for that appreciate that it's all good brother at least a Davis I know it's only Thursday for you but I hope you have a fantastic weekend please tell us Maranello if you're an Avenger who would you be thank you Lisa I hope you have a great weekend as well and there will let some air know I would be spider-man I love spider-man I love spider-man no I'll pay you for that glad you enjoy the videos Macaulay me me appreciate you I will say how to smear me for you Alex Hampton appreciate that glad you're having a good day man me too game killer thank you for that hunter ready six three four Diane Smith 8lg paper love your kind I hope you have a good day Thank You al G appreciate that little more thank you he said I thought I'd show some love and send some money to my first year well thank you man didn't have to do that but I appreciate it big Chad to use anymore krazy-8 shoutout to you I will have to look into that Steven Richard we have arica e favorite youtuber i watch your videos whole time i'm glad you enjoy him Erica hey I called you Arica please tell me somebody else has done that or also you don't feel done Irwin's gamemanship we have has these MC isaiah's Shanna's like all your videos goateed you Thank You Isaiah mr. Jamaican blunt master um big fan of you and Samara loves Jim glad you enjoyed big shad do man Crazy Eights love love Ray lalla Rae ASMR shout-out to you and Troy a bill beat my record 36 kills I got thirty six kills bro we're tied up tied up good record oh good record oh I'm a big fan of that record yeah that's gonna be for this one chat getting hit the like but if you Joy's subscribe for you and stay tuned for some more videos very very soon okay I'll see you guys in the next one thanks for watching hope you've lost a day and peace out