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Commentary by @Danog + @Basskip

we are here for our upper bracket finals Navi vs. Mineski the Oracle is a very strong hero against it in lane both the disarmed and the purge absolutely as well as just being able to either going on to the jakirah here can they actually do anything to help them out they don't get the shackles out they're healing them a little bit they haven't quite brought him down and it is actually gonna be first blood going back the other way I get a little bit out of position and he gets brought down Febby now also being chased nothing that boogy can really do Febby does try for the stun nice dodge from crystallize and they will secure themselves the secondary Killa Manta into the scottie even boots of travels and Lincoln's and I think Lincoln's is a pretty good item here alright man coming out this is some damage they are looking to look too focused at ninja boogie first and see is the saving support they also trap him inside of the master points lots of Ultimates committed from Navi but it's only the one kill and crystallize is actually looking for a little bit more just scouting in the trees not having the doom they are looking for this fight to TP Xin I'm gonna try and pincer them somewhat they've also got the do meridia up on the high ground he gets routed getting somewhat isolated away from his team the shrine is helping to keep alive a little bit longer but Navi they just don't have everybody here just yet happy to just retreat for a little bit in an ideal world Nobby wants that doom to go on our play some what an awkward engagement but he runs forward out of the tree taking a lot of damage crystallize there to back him up gets had a nice boundless strike as well did you cura helping him out they do have to lock down onto the razor can they keep KP alive boogie does have that false promise gets him out of the shackle and moon is actually jumping in looking for a little bit more the stone guys coming out trying to protect their captain Misha his kidney peoplewho will be brought down but they're looking towards the moon look at the medusa but he's just getting punched in the back and they do lose odds with a little bit of time up on the high ground he got hit by the stone game's crystal ice until I decide of his ultimate so he's got plenty of armor but it finally fates now as object starts to lay in with the auto attacks choose the first target can they finish him off they will manage to do so but they've also lost two cores it feels as though moon just traded his life for the Juke gyro and that really to me does not seem does not seem very worth it now Febby a little bit of danger making the cute play but blizzy just finds him out straightaway and brings him down so that it's only a position v that goes down if he doesn't have his ultimate so not a huge deal and you actually find out true that's gonna start the fight they bring down the shadow shaman very quickly he doesn't fly back now be the doom over onto the razor BKB popped along with the stone gaze from the Medusa they're trying to run down KP but he's still tanking up a decent amount JIT not gonna pop The Metamorphosis believes that KP is just straight-up dead and will disengage though they're still thinking about a Raguse skier KP almost brought down they've also Lovington dairy support and now it's trouble for the medusa as they popped the metamorphoses she took the wrong path around on this fight but still quite tanky butterfly helping out Lizzie jumps in gets a three man stop but the toss back from moon they will catch on to magical they bring him down the Scotty slowing down blizzy and that is going to be the end of this fight and we've seen the power of the Terra blade earlier in this event and feeling very very similar in this situation you take a bad fight against TB the that is 100% guaranteed oh yeah if they found him up on the high ground he does manage to jump down a tossing Fabian on top of him let's get stand-up broken tries to dodge the stun dodges the damage but will still be brought down nice and easy and moon is very leave a slow start boogie trying to get some wards down but does just evade into the fog Oh rajat yeah terribly just charging it – here they are channeling up the fortunes ends chewing a little bit of trouble the rest of the team quite far away but moon closing the gap and choo is he actually gonna be able to make it inside of the base they're gonna toss forward once again it's Kate keep straight into the two supports there's no lane of racks here no tower to protect them and with three heroes dead Lizzie doesn't have the blink now so could find some kind of a blink doom opportunity but can they actually bring down object that's the question ninja boogies there with the save and I think they just pipe backwards now as they also see the wukong's command coming out crystallize is gonna chase forth a 100% have to kill this tear plate or the fights gonna turn out really really badly for them and you can see object he's already turning back around looking for the fight ball is he's the one caught out and the rest of this team just has to retreat they knew exactly where they could be approaching from or the join gonna toss back but unfortunately jumps straight into the ice path the rest of Mineski coming over now objets still very strong magical what can he do he pops the BKB there's a auto attacking into moon but Katie's there with the link making it difficult for magicals that this engagement he's really not gonna do any damage with this full link duration going moon instead just jumps onto Chu brings him down and neski looking towards one more lane of racks the glyph is gonna defend it for a little bit and they do not have a BKB up on the Monkey King but what can crystal is actually doing these fights they're gonna jump in on top of object Lizzy also buying back they're making their bid right now not be this is so alive for them can they stop the Thunder they won't be able to object survive brings down blizzy one more time and Mineski just looking like one more day at the office for them as they bring down a secondary lane of rax just kill after kill after kill bouncing he's had all of his damage trained no sure he could pop his ultimate but they just look away take the range for X and GG is called by Navi clinical clinical quality clinical dota super important for Navi here they're down one game in the best-of-three up against Vanessa peak within triple you're just duking into the trees but they're gonna find him and here comes the shackle blizzy paint might get in position for the auto attacks though the swashbuckle soon and that is going to be your first blood magical getting chase didn't by moving here at the mid lane here at the ESL one won by he's built treads alright oh another attempt on to KP again maybe just a little bit too tanky and they are tp'ing in here on the top knee missing him I'm just tossing him over towards his teammates to ensure that damage they bring him down and they look for the +1 on to crystallize he has scaled up the ultimate so he'll be back soon but they've got an infernal blade they've got a doom can they actually bring him down tossing him over onto Misha instead now looking for that kill they are getting the sniper involved for this trying for the turnaround both mid laners rotating loons Indian moon in pretty deep that's at the face but it's coming off cooldown in a second we'll get my through the one who gets caught and said in the swashbuckle completely whipping is boogie and will finally be brought down by the assassinate can they also bring down this tiny nice chain stun coming in from the Rolling Thunder they brought all three cords up here Mineski are gonna be able to roll over them much much sooner like it's a 2000 at KP is very tanky though for nerds here that do pop down the willow is defensive swap brings him further away can they actually finish off this kill he's still tanking in the rest of the team is turning up bogey can save him with the ultimate this vanguard plus the alright well we do actually have the game unpause dat the man at the very least so hopefully we can get you guys back in there as we do have a couple of kills coming in from mineski they've got the ward in position and they're actually instead maybe just gonna catch the Wraith king he tp'ed straight in on top of the shrine and KP and Febby are looking for him and doom does come back take the Ultimates on cool map so this is all that one lack that he's gonna get ninja booking a little bit of danger blizzy have found him in the back plan took one for one so far in KP also getting locked down comes a guard gonna keep them live a little bit longer but magical mission also accompanied with the damage and its navi's turn punished as they will pick up two kills here off of the mineski smoke they know that there's no doom here yeah so they can invade their own jungle with five go for something but magical in a really bad position they're just getting Auto Attack down you will just make it over to the shrine but it costs in the willow wisp to save his life Evie wanting to chase it a bit further to get the sniper kill but he's overextended and now they've also caught out the secondary defensive support ninja boogie in some danger bruh Polizzi he's trapped himself inside the trees somewhat does jump out now he's getting Auto Attack down can he escape boogie they're heading high ground with KP on the frontlines he doesn't really care about the tower shots at all and Navi not in position for this really the sniper isn't even coming back thinks about that shackle but moon chasing in now there's no factor protection enabled actually maybe not the best fight former that's gonna be taking in this situation but if the Crimson Guard gets popped moon becomes so tanky they will keep him alive with the false promise and they're just standing there with a g2 does buy back into the game they've got the lock down on the medusa magical laying in with the auto attacks but KP found him with the doom pushing back the sniper though he still just stands his ground and keeps on Auto attacking away they get the disarm on the deucey saving support still doing their job KP in an awkward spot as he gets left behind inside of the base and that's a dominating streak and move over into the trees crystal is still sitting on the frontlines making those blink daggers and they are looking to catch a bit more as moon gets caught out by the willow is object trying to stand his ground and fight for crystal eyes doesn't really care about them all that much and they bring down the tiny now trapping one more it's KP inside of the master board looks like he is gonna be able to run away potentially that object breaks up the fight but the assassinate from downtown magical finishes that kill like they're all playing behind the medusa at the moment but they're actually hoping to jump them from the side get into the back lines finally sniper find everybody else they're gonna go for it they go for two first looking to focus him down auto attacks from the low ground object let's find the killing spree but they are gonna lose moon in the process potentially that tried to defensively swap him out but Navi slapping Mineski back pushing him outside of their base magical maybe needing to be a little bit careful object is coming running towards a ninja boogie he's gonna put his life on the line just to try and get the deuce up in a good position to kill the sniper but it's not going to work he gets pushed back by the keeper of the light and now they've got the lock down on – oh jeez isolated from the team – you're not gonna do anything for him does he get shackled up moons on the front open for that disorganized fight they've got the vision in the back lines gonna be looking for something – sniper a long way over in the middle of his team being protected and seems like Navi they've got some kind of idea of what's going on here they're gonna send aa jet in first the smoke breaks they need to just get around the corner they get through the fog gorilla with is immediately being dropped they're trying to focus the Medusa first can they save her yes they can they've got the swapped out from bevy Hodge it finally gets the BKB off charges for it into the willow as' and just Auto attacking on to crystallize they haven't really activated the sniper just yet and they found blizzy in the back lines but he survived the shield crash too much for him they will bring down chu but they're controlling the Medusa she gets the stone gates off so magical Heights away for a little bit but he's gonna come back into the fight soon and starts in with the auto attacks he's looking for KP as well trusting his team to bring down objet and they will get both of these kills they've both got buyback available but Navi perfectly executed teamfight for them and the crowd you're picking it here really early on the game is still having a big impact they weren't gonna go for the slovaks apron they've got him nah we're not ready for that crystalizes well he went down that first time Navi all right can they actually disengage they lose the keeper of the light pretty much instantly crystallize worked down again close and it seems like Mineski there they are making their stand at this point mana to support that necessarily but yeah I don't even think it's necessarily three in one fight now crystallize getting gone I'm broken up means you're gonna try and save him they don't have any help in this area they do toss them over onto KP who immediately gets hit by the abyssal but keep being a little bit of trouble they get the first life here out of the rain King Mesha dying in the back lines but you'll get one doom over onto as hero but Febby getting saved by ninja boogie good defensive play between these two supports can't be jumping up out of the high ground they found crystallized once again while I was hacking him down there's no save where's the sniper finally arrives I did some damage but moon jumping in deep they keep this alive with the glimmer cape once again Shu getting the shackle out but I think he'll be brought down in just a second by the Medusa they've lost their keeper of the light and they don't have him he's Dante's dive back in this fight and magical a bit far outside of the base I'm just closing the gap on him pops the stone gates just to keep on chasing forward they found KP but where's the damage actually gonna come for blizzy doing his best crystallize and magical coming back over for the doom staying alive being protected by his team they've lost the two supports now though and Navi will find three in this fight I feel like we need purge here like welcome to dota you suck yeah yeah alright well Dusit defending the high ground it's exciting stuff magical once again they are gonna put down the master Freud's Tempe with the defensive swap gets himself back out Katie looks for the opportunity it's the first doom out but getting along the ACC another defensive swap can they keep him alive KP gets the BKB off just in time crystalline loses his first life they will manage to bring down the shadow shaman he finds back immediately Navi committing someone for this fight but they do win a kite backwards keeping magical out of harm's way moon is looking for something but Misha kept alive by the a on this mutiny guard oh it's active can they keep on the line they won't be able to inflate this tearing through everybody with the swashbuckle that's the triple kill for him mineski buying back into the game babies running for the e-cat he kind of Watts it but it's a good theory right so if he's Lincoln Stan load is always going on him that's trouble swap defensively on the odd Japan he's lost a lot of life already KP jumped it he pops the blademail looking for some kind of an opportunity with the doom but there's just too much chance that an object is being controlled on the other side of the fight by Chu but this is his second life so he's going to be going down and that might be it for him in this fight and potentially even in this game KP almost dead limping towards the fountain lindsay finishes 'mom once again looking for the opportunity can they get the deuce out of here but rapiers on the deck depicted buying back crystallizes inside of the fountain he got tossed in black moon he does have him scepter so he survives for another couple of second he's gonna go down though they lost the melee barracks but he's dead for a hundred they don't quite managed to catch the keeper of light but magical he's being left out here by himself by his team he tried to TP out but it immediately gets cancelled moon knows exactly what he's doing all you pee magical trying once again the auto attacks it too much he's dead but he does have the buyback Lizzy now on blizzy also found by KP inside of the trees they saw their opportunity you might actually escape at this point as another swashbuckle soon into the trees go for the TP out bull Lizzy will manage thank God sniper buying up the rapier true what is up here he can't be popped alright a on ends the go steps are gonna keep them alive a little bit longer but no buyback yes going for this invisible oh no not the supports not like this a on this once again pops immediately gonna try for the TP output as well through a much damaged mineski yeah that's true the only two heroes without level 25 in this game are Febby and ninja boogie jet stands up under the high ground making quick work of the range Drax takes one auto attack from the sniper just decent damage but again at this point in the game I don't really know how much the racks matter yeah they're waiting for their supports they need that lock down they get the swap it's on to Crystal it's big damage rune he's getting arcane ruin as well he's completely controlled they've locked lights number one on the right day they might be able to get him on the second life but he will blink away nicely done they're controlling them well odd losing a lot of mana losing a lot of life being controlled by the keeper of the light ultimate and blizzy is keeping Febby away on the back lines that's life number one aegis down they have doomed up zipangu leer however so he's not really going to be doing anything here crystallize need to be careful defend the swap away keeping the deuce alive by back for the Pango objet just chooses to stand his ground pop the stone gaze and fight him I grab but he's been stunned he's surrounded by the master forwards once again the defensive swap from petty gets about harm's way moon is next in the firing line and he's been caught by the shackle looking very dead at this stage and that is a death with no buyback available two minutes down KP also caught by crystal eyes he's dead for two minutes and now the Oracle get the GG game number three we've got Navi going up against mineski this means more money at bottom lizzy and some danger body blocks as well nicely played by odd jed and that's gonna be your first blood something else entirely that retaliate really started to do a lot of work in the world chuckle for KP it up as well getting caught out maybe a blink yeah on a mind of link at all they're going for KP speaking of him up top he did get the heavenly grace off so able to run this off somewhat create a tanky fortunate HP Febby looking to come in and close this office moon also rotating they split up the supports from the cores and just focus the softest targets first go for qu now look towards Misha doesn't even have boots or a TP on this chick here oh and he's just gonna get run down it looks like or is he one more stun yeah there's no escaping from these two heroes and some KP doing a little bit of what I thought he might have done and the other bottom they have mens to slow him down a little bit he's got the Stampede not willing to use it teepees are coming into actually looking for the turn around but he doesn't blend the stomp successfully though the creep wave turns up at an unfortunate time and aaj and overextending perhaps cold embrace can buy him a few more seconds but Navi are here and ready to go they were actually smoking on the shadow shaman and the Lina I guess that's why you force it you stand there and you watch him complete the TP right a little bit of lock down onto this earth shaker is very very very close to his blink eager but Fabio is going to get caught here it wasn't awarded clear I just you see that the shrine is available so they need to let them get away from that before they go for the fight and look they should just be able to grab too quickly the hex is not gonna do anything like this to happen League race and Chu just gets spun down yeah and all they have to do is just sit back with the two supports right yeah baby at the ready ninja burger do moons just charging it onto Chu and he's just out of position there's nothing that they can do to defend him so that's the shadow shaman dead crystallizes sting here trying to anchor the creep wave off with the radiant sperm but they've got the siege group also helping them out blizzy now jumps it and they look to the juggernaut first but there's just too much healing and they've locked down the center bevies behind okay like just so the end there's a wrap around yeah yeah they want the supports but boogies deep inside the trees gonna be difficult to get on top sends them both to their grave and that is the GG called it only takes one echo Febby and that is going to be serious for vanevski as they move forward