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My Opinions on All the Fire Type Pokemon

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Holy cow you guys. Within the first couple of hours of the Ghost type video the idea of me giving you guys my opinions on all the fire Pokemon blew up like wildfire which is fitting.That is a lot of upvotes and there are even seperate ones with like 50 upvotes. So I guess today I am giving my opinions on all the fire type Pokemon. As always when giving my opinion on types of Pokemon I give ether a short or long analysis as to why I like or dislike a Pokemon. Some Pokemon I either like or dislike it’s honestly a 50-50 split. There are only a few fire Pokemon that I truly hate, so I don’t think this will be that bad. When going over all these Pokemon, I will be giving my opinion on ALL the fire Pokemon. This includes forms and mega evolutions. Fire Pokemon are really cool though and I am excited to give you guys my opinions on all of them. So with that being said, let’s spice it up. Ha I made a bad pun.

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we got shirts on sale express your evolution and start a pokemon love by buying an evolution family shirt in which one starter shirt link will be in the description below holy cow you guys within the first couple hours of the ghost-type video the idea of me giving you guys my opinions and all the fire pokemon blow up like wildfire which is actually kind of fitting that is a lot of up votes and there are even separate ones with like fit the up votes so I guess today I'm giving you guys my opinions and all the fire type Pokemon as always and give you my opinion on types of Pokemon I give you they're a short or long analysis as to why I like or dislike a certain Pokemon this time around it will be a 50/50 split between liking and disliking there were only a few fire Pokemon that I truly hate so I don't think this will be all that bad when going over all these Pokemon I will be giving my opinion on all the fire pokemon this includes forms and mega evolutions fire pokemon are really cool though and I'm excited to give you guys my opinions and all of them so that being said let's spice it up I made a bad button you know I used to hate Charmander but now he is one of my favorite fire starters it's adorable props to ash were picking up this little guy when it was abandoned I am neutral about Tourmaline to be honest that's just Tourmaline kind of ruined it for me but I still like it as an evolution that aside tohru's working so I psych this was me a few years back Charizard is an awesome fire type starter I mean it's a fire dragon that's pretty cool every time I saw ash's charizard as a kid i would smile because I knew if victory wasn't coming I wish we could actually see ash's charizard more often also it's shiny is one of the best shiny pokemon ever made in coding it's gin to Shannon where it was originally purple I like both the black shiny and purple shiny Charizard X is my favorite of both the treasured Megas eyelid crowning a physicals are more than a special one tuff claws and the physical attacks it gets is make it so great to use in competitive pokémon origins introduced me to this awesome forum Charizard it made me love and appreciate this form in Charizard a lot more zard why is I think it's fun to use a competitive but I don't like it a lot design wise my fourth favorite pokemon of all time and one of the cutest pokemon to ever walk the pokemon earth my mom bought me two VHS tape fashion victims what does a cassette tape of some pokemon episodes in that tape that was the episode where Brock got Vulpix from Suzy and ever since then I have loved Vulpix and thought it was extremely adorable I love Japan mythology and the silver could soon a witch ninetails is based off of it's also just as adorable as Vulpix foxes are one of my favorite animals – alec Vulpix more than growlithe but I can't deny I love growlithe – James is growlithe and a history it has is this heartwarming awesome Pokemon I love the fact that can write on it in let's go it may not actually be a legendary pokemon with the Pokedex says it is but it's legendary in my book I want to learn to ride horses seeing ash ride Pony – it was super cool to watch I want to ride rapid ash and not burn my but it's a majestic Pokemon for sure we just talked about a Lowen marowak last week so the answer is pretty much the same I think it's one of the most creative regional variants there is going from ground to fire and ghost was a huge change in the lore for it is super amazing definitely read some of the Dex entries it is worth it to me the design is amazing and I forgot to mention the shiny is actually purple so that's another plus it's just a great Pokemon I have always liked mega more especially when if I asked is Charizard I love the respect to gave to it oh also uh tit duck I love flareon but I wish it could have been better in earlier Pokemon don't get me wrong it's cute I just wish I didn't have to buy flamethrower just for it to be a decent Pokemon a generation 3 firered/leafgreen I like Moltres but it literally reminds me of a big rubber chicken cynical is one of my favourite fire starters I love – how cute Ash's was in the anime and how it battled against that one girl Skarmory in the johto series its cry is also precious i'm talking about more than the animated in the games I'm gonna be blunt I think I prefer coleauxv over Typhlosion not even because of Ash's I just find it super cute and I want to cuddle up okay so I love Typhlosion a lot as well fun fact about Typhlosion is that it was actually my first level 100 Pokemon a Pokemon silver I beat the entire Pokemon game with only Typhlosion it was such an awesome Pokemon to use I wanted ko everything with flame will and it was just so sad signing to watch also pokémon chronicles made me love Typhlosion even more it's got a cool shiny and I love the fact that it's a crawling piece of magma I don't mind Meg cargo but it's just not one of my favorite fire pokemon I the cute shell it has a lots back though I love the aspect of it being a hellhound I wish I could have used one of my judo team though literally Cerberus I love hound Duman hellhounds once again there was a lot of potential for mega houndoom and i wish they could have done more I like the effort they tried to give it though it's still fun to use as a mega nonetheless Magby is one of those cases where I prefer its beta design over the original I think it looks more like magma and its beta and I like that more than its current design I remember the first time I saw Entei it was in Pokemon three and it played the father of Molly the little girl female protagonist in the movie molly was a little girl who had an insane imagination she wanted a world with her mother and Happiness one day her father professor Hill went to some ruins and found some unknown they took him and they then made Molly's imaginations realities making into her father in Tate was such a father figure Pokemon to Molly and I admire its bravery and courage it had what a legendary Pokemon literally ah the first generation to Pokemon we ever saw I love this Pokemon so much it's actually my second favorite legendary Pokemon it has a fantastic shiny to which I'm chroma hunting for on Twitch so you guys should go follow me on there Torchic is easily one of the cutest fire servers it's funny though that this little chick turns out to be this giant fighting chicken there later on I mean I like Combusken but you can't tell me it doesn't look inappropriate I used to hate boys that came because of how busted it wasn't competitive now I love it design-wise and battle wise set up speed boost and you're good to go with this kung-fu fighting chicken literally what I said about Blaziken except now it's some more busted to be honest I don't think it needed a mega evolution for it to be viable but if you're gonna make Magus for all the Hoenn starters you need to include it to make the second plate so I get it I don't really mind it to be honest it's one of those neutral Pokemon I don't really like nor dislike I like camerupt more than nimble I like how its entire body is just a walking volcano the humps on in-spec are also acute bonus in that regard camerupt ooh needed a mega but I don't think it was the right approach because it's still horrible in a competitive sense I don't really know a lot about VGC but I do know people were gonna tell me Oh true crew makes it good if it's good because it has to be your line on a move then it's not good it has to rely on a one factor chance to even be considered as decent so no it's not good Toriko cool literally the best Pokemon Center from the anime is s historical it's just so derpy and precious I also used one of my emerald playthrough and it was actually really fun news yeah I'm still not the biggest fan of cast form it might be better than its regular form but it still sucks to me sorry I prefer primal Kyogre I'm gonna leave it at that this is my favorite starter right here I think I have more of a personal relationship with this one because of Ash picking at Paul's Chimchar Chimchar was so cute and I'm happy it found a great companion in ash cool middle stage evolution aight i was able to use mach punch against Roark right when my gym chair evolved my favorite fully evil fire starter is none other than fur nape I have always loved in frontof not only because Ashe use one and it was super awesome to see but it's also because I'm a huge Dragon Ball fan and singing Infernape has always reminded me of sands I'm a huge Vegeta fan so I always named mine Vegeta Saenz transform in Apes just so everyone knows I don't think this evolution of magmar was necessary I think magmar is better design wise as well it's my favorite Road Tom Foreman I think it's fun to use in competitive heat Tran is certainly an interesting Pokemon on this list it's got the cool tech combo of fire instill and is the only legendary Pokemon that can either be male or female which is weird but pretty cool victini's history is honestly so sad it was a benetton Island and locked up and that makes me very emotional making me want to hug it Victini is also fun to use a competitive literally all I ever run is toys scarf on Victini I actually liked epic I think how Ashdown Tepig and took it in was great you were cute however your evolutions are not you're ugly and disgusting get off my screen you vile creature I think my shiny is actually really cool I don't mind Emboar Azamat just pig knight and a switch em Bork could have been a quadruped it hog other than that it's not bad literally garbage even Japan has Co bigger garbage Japan still hits you I always see dolls based off of Darumaka at the Japanese stores Darumaka is adorable I loved our man Tennant to me this is one the best fire Pokemon to use competitively I have had the privilege of using this monster and a few best teams before and it was a great asset to have I would definitely using one again hands down even though it's not used too often I still have doorman tenant at Zen mode form in fact I actually like in more than its regular form the lore of it being based on the Daruma doll and the three wise monkeys is super cool also I'm not sure if I mentioned it last time but it's deep blue shiny form is really amazing once again on the list is the lit look line it's the same story here it's a cute little candle and definitely one of the best inanimate object Pokemon such an awesome Pokemon I love that it's based on an oil lamp it shiny is super nice too of this green eyes and purple flame chad specter once again like I stated last week I like out space off the heat Adama it's a super cool Pokemon I think heat Moore looks like Renee Zellweger aka an anteater the lore vestal line is pretty awesome with its bug and fire tap combination and such a shame that you get it so late and black and white though would have been a super cool Pokemon have on the team Volcarona easily has won the best designs in Gen 5 hands-down people can say whatever they want about Jen if I'd have been lazy or not super Pokemon but all of that is negated just by looking at this stick it's also got some pretty crazy and layered lures so I would definitely check into it if I were you it's actually really amazing the only unfortunate thing I dislike about well Corona its how late or best evolves into it I love restaurant I actually didn't get Pokemon black the first time around and I really regret that restroom is just so majestic and it also has a pretty simple yet effective shiny ha man I was team fennekin at first I mean how could I not be it's an adorable Firefox it's pretty much the perfect starter for me Ella Fox's but then braixen happened why put a fox on two legs I knew there was no coming back from this and I was so disappointed although I did use breaks and as my main and poke in tournaments so I kind of liked it I guess and then del Fox came after and sealed the deal this thing is just so ugly and I hate it I want to like this line so much but I just can't literally the only things that redeemed all Fox even a little is that it wasn't part fighting type and it's shiny form is purple other than that just put this thing in the garbage can with Torterra I don't have much of an opinion of what tuner to be honest it's just bigger flushing with the fire type rest in peace' town flame you were so good in Gen 6 but that has had the nerve Gale wings I could understand why but man it's a bummer litleo is so cute and is the perfect lion cub Pokemon that's all I really have to say about it it's a real shame that pyroar and end up being so bad we finally got a vicious-looking line Pokemon and it can't really do much I'm in at least the male and female age have super cool traits about them so it's pretty great from that perspective I guess I don't know a lot about this Pokemon so I don't have too much of an opinion on it which sucks because it seemed like we were actually going to get some cool quests to get it with the lore we got in Pokemon X&Y but unfortunately he was just a code and given to us at the Pokemon Center firewater is a cool type combo so I guess there is that Layton is so freakin adorable and Ash's in the anime really tugged on my heartstrings it truly cared for style and watching Lydon care for it up until then the thing that happened to it I'm not gonna spoil anything and that really works me up so I love you Litton naturae cat is pretty cool too yeah it's just a bigger cat but it definitely looks a little feisty unfortunately doesn't have middle stage syndrome like a lot of stars have again I used to hate in sanur but super smash bros ultimate is made me like him so much more so he's alright my book by Leigh aura choreo is honestly so nice I love that it's based on the filming answer but even more than that I love it shiny a simple color swap of black and red eyes that doesn't mean that it doesn't look absolutely stunning I love it I love this little mischievous lizard although I wish she would have a split mount of Ellucian I actually did a video with the concept for one recently so you all should go check that out regardless of Noma evolutions I will say that I do love slaw so it's so cool and Musa means in the anime was the perfect representation of the Pokemon to me ah yes the cool explosion turtle this guy is pretty awesome although it's pretty sad he's not that getting competitive because I would love to be able to use him maybe Game Freak can adjust in a bit and help me better in pokemon sword and shield a guy can hope right also in the anime Inferno overdrive if you guys know what I'm talking about just like last week we're ending on both lines so my opinion is gonna be the same it's a very cool but morbid Pokemon taking its head off and exploding into attack which is fitting for its Japanese name which literally translates to head goes boom also those Michael Jackson moves in the anime are pretty sick well that wraps up my opinions on all the fire-type Pokemon there were definitely a few fire Pokemon that I really didn't like but for the most four I have no problem with most of the fire type Pokemon in fact some of them are my favorites in many different ways what are your favorite fire Pokemon though let me know in the comments below as what was the typing you want me to cover next week as always the typing with the most up votes in the comments will be like typing a cover next if you enjoyed the video why don't leave like and subscribe to my channel if the vacations on that way never missed an upload if you want to support me further consider following my Twitter stream a lot of Pokemon content in all kinds of other content like Nintendo Borderlands and much more wants to bore me further further in-game cool perks check out my patreon fly Jubilee Danno Leone Lady Crimson pal for anyone the lazy leo Matthew young Austin Lego and dirt was Austin did I want to thank them person for going above and beyond it means the world to me I think I'm wrap this up though I missed again bran and I will see you and the future for more awesome Pokemon content