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I have completely restarted my Ultimate Team – Let me know what you think of my team & if you want to see more of these Ultimate Team Videos!

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today's video is a FIFA 19 pack opening and I'm gonna show you my team shortly and yeah it's gonna be really good so for 2,200 FIFA points uh-oh I'll show you sort sort sort Lee I hope you're all good hope you're having a nice Easter holiday off school it's really fun I love it what's up guys it's your boy here back with another video today's video is a FIFA 19 Altima team pack opening now as you saw in my last FIFA 19 video with Keon I showed you and it's a glimpse of my ultimate team it was a good team but back is no more I've binned it off guys I saw Mo's up of players and got loads of new players I'll put together a decent team I've been sweating it off for the last week now and I feel like my team is gonna form into a 16 so I've bought 2,200 fifa points but before we get into that guys if you enjoy my videos and you like my content make sure you click that like button and the subscribe button and the notifications point and comment down below what you think I should do next now let's get in to the video so guys I'm on in position before we get into the packs I want to show you my new Ultimate Team let's get into it this is my new team I saw my whole team my whole my whole BPL team are 186 so I'm gonna go for my team now so I've got quite a stealing goal because I'm gonna save it for Courtois 90 rated Courtois and then to center-backs i have a cheap around an 87 m TT brilliant right back I have Carvajal he's so fast he just nice free ball to Dembele and then Jordi Alba again really fast eight seven rated then left me I've got a sense here CDM this is from this was from a daily objective in the foot central so I had to score a few goals with an illegal player and they would go I've got Daniel vas then Dan Bella excellent link apply wisdom arrow sincere Camaro a man of the match 84 87 PI site for shoe-in brilliant brilliant brilliant card Benzema and Benzema scored a koala gosh me and reason what I've just bought Griezmann because I have derive the rewards and I've chose the corns so I could get Griezmann so yeah that is my team so let's get the packs open see if it's walk off please please please no walk up gah your boy no board okay so we have got this is good though because we can get coins we've got here entire not the best first pack so we're just gonna see how much is on the transfer market single net nope so senators to a club get rid of him right so first pack over and done with let's go into the second please be a walk out please come on no again support it's a board let's go inform inform and halt this is good for who's it gonna be now what is it I need to max a station a station I like that I like that us decent so he's in the team of the week I'd turn map Isaac spies IT passing ITV bleep that's a decent card that is a decent card let's see how much she's on the market cuz I could probably sell him chunk I um I saw y'all listen to ten come on there you go okay see you later Johnny I'm Don Z he's probably gone for something no soundtrack i this is good this is getting me coins get rid of us but so third pack come on please with your walk out no it's a ball I think nope no board who's it Argentinean CDM I similar be clear don't know who he is but then are you big Lea's but oh so you got I assume a lion I smell an Italian and Italian just so weird how much we yearn for Hawkeye sensor definitely getting rid of here you can get out of here so calm please I need one walk out at least still walk out again it's abort abort abort let's go right Belgium goalkeeper custody custody posture yours I think Custer yours but then a holy years again please go for something please vote for something the Chi I guess after should be nice stuff rid of the rest right come on please give me a walk out I need one walk oh no again it's a board again though that's good I need a bunny walk out though Italian CDF Roma do awesome Avery right it stays in its decent for SPC's I'm probably gonna list them on a transfer market which is he going for ten for 1.5 k discard the rest three B's well come on I need to walk out please please please please walk up please it's the walk up it's a board again no it's not absolutely terrible German Rybak bender up all the players I get bender fancy I thanks what so much is done for right we can opened another pack I think now for ty we can I put in another one of these yes please because still got all them pairs to sell come on please leave walk home no walk outs no walk up and smoke up it's a board it's a boy I think yes thanks but it's decent decent portugal right-wing but not us over yeah help you gotta do something don't we got you're definitely got some for something she will definitely be gonna sleep in seventh year they go v ty you showing us how 5.65 there we go just call the rest babies so go is there with a pox predation I'll show you my team it's pretty decent so let's get to the guy please you went to skin she's rocking let's see okay this is a decent team he's got a damn savage Marilla tomato three Panzer last party vomiting then Bell I will yours I'll rinse his junior some a thing I think we could really I think we could win this pretty easy we come in it their ballet that's website brilliant sideways up that'll be a corner hi corner nice ha ha den Bella good luck Danny of us okay archaeology trying to turn out to a sense yoga [Applause] outside its closed Alan offside is given knock it off just need to do that how about osten Bella remember saying comb Benzema when he was a youngster rally on destined for the turf and he hasn't disappointed top scorer in the league leading them on 27 goals Helen Bartek [Applause] when I get back [Applause] nice little goalkeeper will get this one no problem $10 each of us into camara Benzema carried Camaro ESMA pens Matt Besler oh lucky lads it's good plan I didn't Ventimiglia yet that got a corner Corner corner shoot no core minute gone run go run go Brown brilliant twat love around BMO centre birth excellent Karim Benzema ballet oh well it makes a good picture I think for those photographers behind the goal to go from his bicycle kick that was amazing yeah Corvus con vos to dr Basho's opportunity nice excellent a little more defense daniel vas okay try to pull through but not successful reply karate well the white man can show his skills here good play I was gonna try and turn out to since your couldn't get it on your bus George funny no don't name gets out there and get to that naughty straw DIY yeah I need to get logged or this game boy that was so we call the soy tomato that's I'll chew him nice Camero [Applause] to take back nice crown that's it quickly narrow pennies man Karim Benzema oh it implant a ball that's that's again so yeah it's big Marco Ascencio good good okay it's in the middle Benzema there's a new post oh my god I hit the post nice right she's away and they are not to use me use me know some pressure don't know why outside [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you should finish nice 37 minutes gone Bartek know why that's deflected behind it will be a corner hikers a special asthma nice wherever where are our hires the founders of God know why didn't we know could say mushroom cut have an opportunity now maybe call us know why there's a budget that that didn't Jordi Alba yeah Marco Ascencio whatsapp a squeeze know why you don't know yes scores again what win it come nearly half time guys but innocence here good pass things about Bella what when it nice direction of the parcel was Griezmann need the runs late so guys it's hard time and I'm winning one-nil so I'm doing really well considering I'm really bad FIFA Kevin Camaro scored the first goal really good goal rebound goal but a goes our goal in it so yeah I'm just gonna read out the match facts to you guys so guys the match facts are obviously one milk to me shots over nine he's at full shot some target up at five he's a two-possession about 56 is that 44 and yeah let's get into the second off its name Bella into Benzema Benzema sedan Bella excuse me very smart nice Cruiser took him out no screech man in the box today wind up nope no that's here still Daniel vas Oh Jordi Alba gets up bitch still learn it male exception never on a counter-attack essentially I make that one yes not he spends much Tamara oh that would have been a great person then Matt interception Bartek yep nice oh oh joy I'll bow out of the way let's do this example until her ass are able to touch Jordi Alba loving to us thus out silver on veranda cava hub reply I come today's my life cuz Anita I safe here nice color harmony one cover how am i doing things about all the recent grisly turn this damn Bella Bella we thought no God since your protocol sense your iPhone right nice compiler the plug-in spends Martin spends merci pour back into premiere a [Applause] limited to get steal yes she can excellent mirror glaze memory smart Dembele great Todd can you send it yes you can brilliant direction oh wait Oh to the far corner go up we know nice mirror in squeeze mo Guzman Tamara carried Camaro business once oh nice car huh stir that well I'm intercepted Jim where's the balance my pens nuts kruseman Oh brilliant pilots brilliant eyes brilliant tried to tackle here and he's done that charisma Okuda no pass kruseman and I mean Guzman score and if anything they had to get it right nice cruise down there did it superb good posture that's a good way to make the ball back linking no doubt about that free kick what was that I'm Susan Maria gone losing pressure savage touch it do anything no yes great side quota 70th minute gone 70 minutes gone noise definitely need something to happen here though convince my winning yes I can like syndicate because it for tackling [Applause] turnover possession here Thomas now Thomas since he open up every trailer they've got a winger waiting you watch the road the boys could be there Griezmann good pass through turn one is that fought for Ness what the hell why do you do that you know looking down Bella it's good to know stuff like what the hell why did you do that all in it to finesse oh he's left foot around the corner into the far so good saver near post right of us thus decrees Manila for or eyes outside so nice only seven minutes gone I mean looks like a bit disappointed because the strikers seem to time he's run really well Daniel vas [Applause] no over again over again passing this to the right come on straight and again that's threatened again mate it's a very good interception I'll go on Griezmann go on creaseman go on creaseman going cruising up icing on okay wait wait Java beep steel really no play the most right to the opposition see you cookie song playing no I good steal so guys extra time two minutes good place to win the ball here come on who's on the score sheet let's have a look who's on the score sheet Helen let's have a look gold so Benzema got one chimera got one and Ascencio got one that is decent all on the left side is up crack him blow so let's have a look at the match facts oh absolutely some Ashton in the match fat 3:1 to me 17 shots for me excellent what the finishing needs to be better lads come on 17 shots even he scored free of them nice we better lads here at six shots I had nine shots on-target hands-free 57 possession 43 possession all-round I absolutely smashed him so yeah really good go in there guys really good I'm really positive and yeah excellent how so yeah that is the game that is my team and they are the packs I hope you enjoyed this video I said it start if you're new to my channel and you like more content make sure you click that like button and the subscribe button and the notifications board and comment down below if you think I should do more of these videos or what you want me to do different like other games and yeah putting a comment down below love peace and tech q-rex time so for 2010 gv4 point sir I'll show you short short lease or hope you're having a nice Easter holiday of school it's really fun I love it