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My First Official Victory! (Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout)

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watch them on honey yeah that would have been that would have been game over like literally career-ender right there how do you only pick up two shotgun shows let's not picked up as in potential collapse detected relocation to indicate it's safe zone is advised check into every corner breath two things of armor over here yeah monkey bombs doing just spawn want that shotgun what bro go what what are you doing there's a monkey bomb down why is he's still running after me huh yep she's still chasing ya you better drop something nice sir oh my goodness [Applause] present here's bridge erm town I said where is that dividend shooting from this seemed a ride showed up here okay stayin alive always under the pressure no way I heard this dude while I was aiming at that guy and I was just like I don't know he sound like he was running out from behind me I guess a nine name come in handy there's a guy in here even in set the world's strongest armor you know is he Oh God that didn't last very long nope can I Drive this some drivable sitrep circle collapse imminent give the safety making this bad boy a UAV alright we got in this go in front of it no you guys are building across from me as well sitting in a corner not on that one on this level interesting tons of meds and tuned aids to work with so we're not in a horrible spot I wish I had more ammo my clip are these guys pew pew Annette why are there still so many people left oh my god you've got to be kidding me further collapse expected how long do you think that Dube is camping out there rooftop on this one yep dang circle collapse imminent get to safety kind of wrecked my armor here's a suppressor should I go for it good workout not very many players left so Kay someone just popped out he's over here be advised further collapse expected relocate to safe zone I don't know if I was worth my extra HP I'm sip rapid circle collapse imminent get to safety Mickey's over in this direction by the beach or something my major instability detected he fact a safe zone sheesh okay um either way not that much cover and this job's gonna hurt my circle collapsed imminent get to safety Yanis the thing just scared the absolute hell out of me