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okay that's why I'm over here dillydallyin chillin I love you guys soup the best goat soup what up it's a sheep yes what gotta read a hundred and eighty-three episode so I know that you don't this is the game with you guys maybe levels tweet them to me I played them a day I wager my boys hi y'all got snacks look I'm ready for this shit look so let's go without brothers though we're gonna wait I wanted to kiss from the homegirl our very own secret club member Christie green see you Christie it's cold – she's love clock is ticking Chrissy I don't know what you mean by that but thanks I don't know if it's a cop is that is that is that that that is Melvin so Melvin um beat the level in 208 okay that's one we like work for your boy no offense question but I'm the same where see everyone need you to listen up let's it glows and please please stay now I don't know the real name is Christine alright hope let me put the shit back because I owe ya go okay it's bad it's a be good is a game daddy yeah okay here we go got my own tree we've been doing my own tree for the first three here we go Christine him snacks to eat take an ascendant take a switch switch upon another switch congratulations you just switch to the title switch within the devil okay here we go oh okay so it's like you just switch a Nintendo switch with a Nintendo switch bitch what for real Kristi okay okay afternoon enough dancing with Charlie now Christy for real okay wait brought up with him brought up with him bitch keep it going no no we owe him it's too early for this okay bye co-op Widow let's go over there to where the little turtle is there anything secret here what is the point of you why are you here while the Coons there there's there's something here that's it do we throw him I'm not sure what the point of that was to go to the pipes now I would normally probably pick the left wait so let's go though can you go in the middle yes you can hold on Christy I just bit my tongue too so it's like okay last keep it going here we go all right so I'm not a pig I'm not a Preakness here we go oh we got the wreck hold up oh shit oh shit okay Christina okay huh let me just see what's here we might as well what what I'm done with your ass I'm uh I'm about this close Christy I'm about this close our destiny alright let's go back in here but let's just let's just be more careful cuz this is my baby this might be the right way oh shit oh shit there's a lot of pressure I don't like all this pressure Wow you know like we just started the gameplay and it's like I'm already looking at the next meter mm-hmm just realize I had this young fella right here it's a little my lights a little bright but he kind of looked no Louis I don't know if she was trolling with this part but it stops what's that supposed to bring that with me Wow it's haul ass and remember he doesn't come through all the way so you can actually chill and be okay over here so let's wait wait where to stop Oh Mike Crick Cristina como tu estas being okay I swear God I swear to cut just take it – just take it easy that's it I feel like you might need that so we're gonna bring it with us okay we got we got the key wind what's the door to this hold on watch these bitches what was the door where was it the Ratigan orders at the beginning okay all right what do I need to go that way I'm a done Wow I'm afraid of the shit's above but I'm not looking at the shit's below okay oh it was this same little bitch that killed me look way it's took my exposures to chance hold on wait it's too bright but this look this bitch okay here we go okay be careful watch for the shit's and those shits and those shits okay I think this is a safe spot waiting for the other shit to come through grab back okay grab that we're gonna go down that line right there watch out watch out stop there you go there you go okay I hope that wait Wow okay hold on now let's see if this is the right way I don't know yet why is there arrow what is blowing up why just blew up I'm supposed to go up okay that's what she's telling me go that way wait there's something right there this there's a block there maybe that will kill me fuck Oh Mike okay I think I'm supposed to bow Oh Christina oh okay it's a bit of a risky jump but being a pro I think I got what you hate a mushroom okay I know for next time cuz I know I'm gonna die here but I know it's there Wow okay hold on hold on am I in the clear there's a lot of fires and shit going on okay crap grab that use this to go here what okay what is there something there why is it shaking shit Oh what the fuck am I supposed to put that on come here shoot another one of those Wow wait let me chill right here maybe you don't land on my shit or it'll kill me I don't do one or the other oh yes bitch okay now Oh bitch okay now that I have that oh no do I need that do I need that I don't know thank you that's what the mono lose it right here that's fucked up is this what no the chick one is that a door not a fight oh please Christie and my stuff down here Christie I'm about to next don't play with me okay oh okay fly fly set there I don't know what to trust I don't know if I should go down to here or not let me look down here what's down here there's a p-switch okay bitch bitch grab that shit No Wow I can't believe this shit I needed that I needed to hit that Christy Christian listen I feel I see that the problem is Christy I been through a lot just now like it's like I've been like mentally physically through a lot and like there's I I saw a check for so I know there's a checkpoint here but I haven't reached it yet so it's like do I next meter it or do I try it one more time meter I think I'm choosing the ladder I don't know what that means I mean I've heard the same but does that mean when you say you're choosing the ladder does that mean you're choosing the first thing that you said or the second because technically a ladder goes up it could go down to nothing see I was gonna check if there was anything there but guess what killed me that in this little bit's rubble got the mushroom again let's relax okay why are those bombs there are they just here to fuck with me okay let's relax okay okay hold on hold on don't count your chickens there's like 60 bum hold on let's go at a chick-fil-a okay should I grab what is the point of this whoo I almost died fucking around okay I don't think there's any point to that Christy just you know she's like oh look I can put one of these there and she just put some deer it's a first level wife and this I think it is okay come here land on my shit got it bitch Wow bitch relax I want to go left this time she's saying go right but guess what I just want to see I can't get trapped I got this shit on my head there's no way for me to get dropped anyway there's nothing here okay okay okay let's go let's do this okay let's not lose our shit oh god no okay hold on hold on remember you got that so you're good okay she got a little hard dance with some star oh okay oh I should have let that roll I'm gonna lose this now okay but I'm least I'm still big look around for shits what did we do last time okay we got this shit and then there's a bunch of shits here for no reason she's making me think I'm trapped but it wasn't I could be though I could have been if I didn't dig that so that could have been a should I take one for the team and just see what's over Wow right Wow I have to get the B switch oh look this bitch right here so you got this bitch in this bitch and it's like how you doing hey that's his boo get it no I need to go down here right get that peace wish okay hold on relax okay they're gonna throw the little shits at me the low the low buddies are you fucking wait I could use one of those oh my god this bitch is coming at full speed Oh what killed me over here I don't remember now it's hurry up okay oh please don't let it be any more dangerous here I just want to get this shit and bounce they're not all here yes they are ah wait something's gonna come out in there oh wait fix the doors right there that's where you going oh my god please let this be the checkpoint shit oh please Kristen why you playing games look at this shit what the fuck wait there's a mushroom trailer haha Oh Jorge instantly what white I got a minute I got a surprise that become full pork how am i alive oh my god another what oh I was about to say crisp that bitch wait look out for the ghost bus is coming what is he why why why why why am i throwing the sack these bitches yeah oh come on old man multiple options what if it's that last one maybe the meadow one leads to the middle unless she's trolling let's see I cannot here we go keep it going wait hi y'all how y'all doing it's been a minute since I've seen you a couple episodes I think anyway um what the fuck is that first of all that's number one number two a bleach shirt you ain't never ever never seen a single episode of bleach bitch meet the bleach of damn teeth that's what you're doing good dose snacks good do not jump up too high and hit the shit grab the PAL shit bring it over here rap rap I like that you took out two of them hoes ba watch out for that goes now go for the middle one I hope it's that you know what because you wanna see what I'm trying to say right she lined it up so like the first door leads to that one so she make you think oh that means that the second door in the middle is gonna lead to the good shape Christy you were using your brain meats how we say it in Spanish Carly that's it ever I think that last one just fucking go quick I'll see you but thank you okay what is happening what is the watch hold on this shit thrown me off how am i how how come on come on your puerto bitch I'm a bloke on wheels and shit oh I think I slide down with my shit go get your bitch ass over here maybe I'm gonna sick oh shit wait what I just activated shit here we go just just fucking go just fucking okay here we go you're cool he's gonna throw shit at you back grab that shit watch out for that balls okay I hit that I hit that now we just gotta wait for it to destroy him oh why you gotta watch that goal stupid oh wait no I get it you just wait just wait can't wait too long okay watch out that business traitor I got them both okay what's happening what's happening wait I don't trust this hold on oh you're gone Oh bitch Wow I accidentally uncovered these pitches now I'm fucked oh my god you're when I hit that it's gonna be on I'm not gonna make it because these bitches is down here but as soon as I hit that I see you Christy I underestimated you Krista II so when I hit that it's gonna rain shakes on me so I have to make sure that I have oh I can bring a power switch with me don't kill all of them but it'll kill some of them I have to be triple big so that way I can go children flower power gone wrong height gone then you got me let me leave some openings wait I don't even have to switch oh my god bitch like that you got the gas helping my god okay here we go oh shit here we go again if I brought the other piece which it's not gonna do anything cuz it doesn't if you hit it again it's gonna extend my time what I need to do is what's still kind of risky wait no actually no it's not okay because my brain is just like a burger Braman meter now that's what we do right we hit the shit right don't go while all this chaos is happening down here we stay into the top wall bouncing on the ass you're gonna get to launch but you're not gonna die then what you do is let all these bitches naturally leave it might take a minute but alright here we go you're gonna get you watched like there is no there's nothing you can do about that but take some of these bitches out take shit up here I'm gonna go right down to that chaos but you know what I'm gonna cities on the ass where the fuck am I going there's a lot of options I don't like this look how many pipes was there a pipe down there I could have gone I didn't even pay a shit Chung it was supposed to say attention and shaded that's me Wow Kristi give me a challenge I said like where earlier didn't I let me see you let me play that flashback okay there's gonna be light work for you boy no offense Kristi but I'm saying I did say that all right here we go here's that Bobo get that shit quickly there's a mushroom hey maybe I can take everybody out Wow now I needed all that the mushroom keeps coming pause okay let's repeat now we can kind of experiment a little bit oh I don't know what to trust I don't know what to do this is the Christy you know for your first level good job Christy bitch you clap – I'm the boss sister from the home EJ hoax and it's called – ease speed run I feel like it's been a little bit of a minute since I've done a speed run I can't have fun with these they could be a lot very stressful but it is what it is okay oh damn G beat it in 34 seconds J Holmes I'm gonna need you to listen up listen close and listen Jay carefully okay take some cheese drink it if y'all wasn't in my livestream I I did accidentally say some about like I still got a cheese I need to drink I was a little embarrassed when I said it bitch I'm killing that bitch I might beat it but I'm not gonna have enough time I'm murdering shit for real whoa y'all can submit y'all pictures too – e XP that's my twitter handle and y'all could send me a picture and hashtag that with hashtag – we make her thank you all right Jane wait bitch I forgot to hit back but we're gonna keep it going okay here we go I don't know how well he timed this level oh boy so like I don't know that's gonna be enough for me now to make it bitch I'm over here chillin waiting for that bitch you have to jump I just not evidence I'm not getting my shit shit one more time I thought my hand all connait hand our coordination oh shit drinking cheese what's happening what's happening what I wasn't expecting that what the fuck is up with me at that timing why do I know that you let me see [Applause] [Applause] okay what took me last time Oh bitch time is about to kill me this time oh my god I don't waste so much time oh shit okay I'm over here dilly dallying chillin by the way bitch a god kill me let me send my past I'm a boys I love you guys wait I'm not in the video but stop bitch I wonder why it makes me oh oh shit I got five there oh my god I want to see what what's the ending right on the other end you know what we're gonna keep it going what's the ending like right at the end of that shit back check miss a beat here I see you mario.c come on okay okay – it's your best one so far that she thought little fuck you okay I was gonna end it but you know what I'm feeling the spirit it's not that's really not just this smells great though I mean they are my boys this is from Taco remix wait a second we we did one from some was the last week somebody was named tacos this is taco remix I remember the same person but they remixed a check but this shit is called heavy metal dashi and I like the art on it that's dope I see you so taco remix I don't know how you remix a taco but it sounds delicious I'm gonna need you to listen up listen close in Congo got my own talk about a meet with my work don't look into the mild sauce and in Tepito and listen carefully to me buy a lottery ticket win the lottery congratulations hi nice meal here we go again hey Karen what's here wait so you get regular music when you're this bitch now we killing them now you know what we starting over we starting over because I want that fuck okay that's enough give me another star let's go here we go oh wait I saw something down there and down and over here wait oh I see an arrow so let's go this way okay I think I see the thing I think I see what's going on here we're gonna keep it going okay now I'm gonna have to play as this bitch I think I think he every time he gives me a donkey shit it's cuz he's trolling me here we go okay so if I get a donkey shit I just been trolled that looks happening what's up there brother up there bitch nothing nothing I know I want to see what's down here come on 11 died because it's a troll I get it okay so if I get a donkey guess what you don't fuck I need to I need to I need to ride this bitch okay maybe I don't need to ride them I need to jump from no you can't remember rush rush rush when you're down here why mr. storm the ice is making me sleepy slip right there never be able to get it I needed to get that you need to get that story and jump on the ice before the shit shit what am i doing okay I read got it wait said I know the right way oh my god oh you gotta be kidding oh my nerves oh come on with this shit oh no okay at least I keep getting them back there wait what is that over there what is that over there wait come in let me know oh my god that could be a troll okay okay I missed every single legit where is the last key I did my I can see where my peripheral I can oh there you are there you are bitch all the way I need you baby I need you because we need to do this which is kind of fucked up Oh what if it shits at the end of this [Applause] my boys three four three it is a good day if you don't hit the shit out of that like button if we don't see 50,000 likes I'm gonna go three for Queen I love you guys thank y'all for tuning in this was this was great I have a ball for everybody that did the shit motherfucker YouTube all right I love you guys we play some fun games this week in case y'all missed it because some of y'all just tuned in to this I'm not hurt but we play some Nickelodeon kart races that without that license but hey it's a game we did the World War Z Joey anyway I love you guys i'ma see y'all Monday I'll let you boy oh the livestream don't forget the lobster you Wow