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Mounts You Can Work Towards via Daily Quests in World of Warcraft

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This video will run through mounts that you can work todays through Daily Quests, this may be a reputation or simply dailies that reward a mount at the end!

Vemonhide/Winterspring Frostsaber 00:38

White Polar Bear 03:57

Argent Tournament 05:21

Green Protodrake 07:45

Spectral Wolf/Spectral Steed/Drake of the West Win 10:41

Flameward Hippogryph 12:32

Riding Goats 13:35

Grand Wyvern/Grand Gryphon 14:34

Crimson/Golden Primal Direhorn 15:55

Azure Waterstrider 17:32

Garrison Stables 18:32

Deathtusk Felboar 19:53

Legion Direbeaks 21:42

Kau’fon 23:32

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what's up guy is sila here and i am back with another video and this time we're gonna be running through mounts that come from daily quests so if you're someone who just wants to log on for a small period each date and slowly work towards mounts then these ones are gonna be for you now i'm not including factions or whatever where their primary source of reputation isn't daily quests for example the order of the cloud serpent has daily quests but their main source of rap is onyx Hegg egg hand ins and the crimson egg hand ins so don't really feel like that makes sense I'm also not including time walking as a factor because time walking is a limited event and I wouldn't really consider that a primary source the first mounts or panelists are going to be the venom Hydra Vasseur for horde and the winter spring frost see before Alliance these both come from a repeatable daily that will take 20 days for Alliance it's all pretty straightforward but the prerequisite for horde is a little bit of a pain so for alliance you'll want ahead – Riven frost wind in north of winter spring you'll find him kind of on top of the rock and he will give you the first quest of get them while they're young which will require you to run around and collect some frost sabre clubs so you'll grab those you'll return to him and then you'll get the quest they grow up so fast which will give you an item that will summon a little frost sabre and you'll have to summon the frost sabre each day do its quest in winter spring and I'll give you like a bit of fur each day and then you need to get the twenty first which is twenty days and then you need to hand in some like laughs and gold on the 20th day back to Riven and you will get yourself to mint so pretty straightforward for Alliance next up is for horde and this one's not as straightforward unfortunately first of all you'll need to find more Veck in southeast of un'goro crater head out there and you'll find him pretty easily he's on top of a venom High driver so he'll give you the first quest of toxic tolerance which sounds quite easy all you have to do is get poisoned 20 times by the venom hide bravas ores in the area now the issue here is you have to punch them to get poisoned and even then it's a small chance of actually getting poisoned so 120 you're gonna want shot the mobs with all your gear on so to make this doable first of all you'll want to take off all of your gear and then you'll want to kill yourself and get rez sickness and then once you have those two things you'll belt stop punching them down and you won't kill them instantly but even then you're gonna kill them in like two maybe three hits so what I was doing was running round the area like in a circle and punching one I kind of aggro in it letting me Ella and it hit me and then I punch it and then I move on to the next one I was just running in a continuous circle I was also killing off the nun venom hide ones because it seemed to give me more spawns of the venom hide ones too and finally there is an item you can get as well they'll help with this quite a bit and that is called the whole body shrinker to get that you'll have to head over to the actual starting area if you head over there you'll find an NPC called ravika at the Darkspear quartermaster in echo islands echo isles and they'll sell you the whole body shrink which is a toy and when you use that you'll be like tiny tiny but you'll do really small amounts of damage too so this is great for getting off a bunch of punches the issue is it only lasts for 3 minutes and has a 30 minute cooldown so this quest could take you anywhere between 30 minutes in an hour if you've got the toy if you don't have the toy you could be going for even longer than an hour it just depends on an orangy so yeah but you keep doing that until you do get your 20 poisons and then once you're done with that head back and you'll get end of a quest to collect venom hide X this part's quite simple you'll just fly around click eggs and then you'll head back and you'll get the quest they grow up so fast which is to summon your little venom hide forever saw train it for 20 days get its 20 teeth and then once you have its 20 T if you'll head back to more vac giving them some gold and cloth etc and you will get the mount the next mount up is the white polar bear and this mount has a low chance of coming from the Hilda near spoils which are items rewarded from daily quest in Brunhilde village America Lich King stone peaks now you used to get to daily quest from this village but it seems like you only get one now although people do say you can make use of going to different realms and even maybe trying wall mode to to get into a different phase and potentially get in a second daily quest so that's one weird thing worth keeping in mind now to start these the request though there is a bit of a prerequisite and you'll start that in key three in stone Peaks you'll head to key three and you'll pick up a quest called they took and then you'll go on that quest and it will be quite a long question it will lead on to leave no goblin behind and then you basically just follow the question you can't really go wrong just keep doing the quest after quest and eventually you'll make it to the Dragons ride which is to fly up to the temple of storms I think it's called and defeat the challenges there and then make it to the top and speak to Thorin once you've done that you've unlocked all for potential daily quests it's the kind of unlocked in phases for out the question so if you only do part of the question you might only have one or two dailies but if you do it all then you'll unlock all four dailies up for grabs so once you finish that full question you'll head back you'll do your daily quests each day you'll get a bag and you'll just keep opening the bag until you get yourself to wipe all about if you really like doing dailies then the ajan tournament is gonna be for you because you're gonna be doing dailies here for quite a long time to get all of the mounts but at the end of it you will end up with about 14 mounts or 15 mounts if you're a paladin for the most part they're recolored faction mounts for example Horde will get things like the white skull to war horse or the Forsaken warhorse alliance will get things like the swift moon saber or the dead a.cian knight saber there are some neutral mounts as well like the argent warhorse and the adjoint Hippogriff for you to pick up too so you're a good selection amounts from doing this but it does take quite a while to get them all to get this started you'll want to head to the argent tournament found in Icecrown suited or sorry just Icecrown and that's kind of in the northeast section of Icecrown in na friend you'll head there it's kind of hard to miss it and there'll be a big building on the left side called the argent pavilion you'll head inside there and you'll be immediately greeted by an NPC you'll be stood right in the doorway you can pick up a quest from that and that is the main quest to start the main quest line there are also a couple of dailies in there that you can pick up and do to once you have your main quest it'll take you to your faction tent you'll fly over there you'll have some quests to kind of train you on how to use your mound and how to joust and you'll do all of that and eventually you'll get a quest to collect 15 aspirant seals that's about three days worth of dailies so you'll keep doing the dailies you'll get your seals you'll head back and then you'll be able to pick a faction to champion it doesn't really matter which function you pick because you'll do them all eventually anyway so just pick whichever one you want to do first whichever amount you want first whichever doesn't it doesn't really matter so you'll do that you'll get 25 valiant seals that you'll need to collect for each faction you'll keep doing dailies and keep collecting the valiant seals eventually you'll be done with that and you'll a faction door champion each function once each faction is championed then you'll become like a you know a grand champion or whatever it is and you'll get more dailies in that section and also back at the argent pavilion so you want to keep doing those until you collect all of your champions seals now you will start getting quests that give you the option of either the champions right or the champions purse pick the champions purse every single time because that will give you a bag when you open the bag you'll get an additional champion seal from it so it's gonna make the grind a lot shorter so definitely would recommend doing that and just keep repeating the dailies over and over again until you get all the champion seals needed and pick up all your mounts and there you go you got a big chunk of mints from that next up we have the green proto Drake and this mount comes from this mysterious eggs on quite a low drop chance mysterious egg you can open every three days and to purchase the mysterious egg you need to be revered with the Oracles to get to revered with the Oracles you will need to first of all unlock the daily quests and then do the daily quest until you do hit revered so to unlock the daily quest you will need to head through rivers ha in Sheol as our base and in na friend pretty much smack bang in the middle of the zone and there should be LED NPC on the right-hand side and they'll give you the quest part-time hunter that is to kill pitch so you'll fly over and kill pitch and there'll be a bunch of frenzied hot mobs around saying or you mate you kill them up and you'll have to get a quest from them called playing along so they'll tell you to basically help them because you took that kill you'll help them for quite a while and you'll have a bunch of quests to do with them and eventually you'll be told to find in an oracle x' mob that's kind of injured and you'll go over there it's called fortunate misunderstandings and that'll make you switch sides and you'll start helping the Oracles instead you'll keep questing for like questline and eventually you'll get to the end of it where it's called hero's burden that'll be to go inside a cave and kill on dead mob during the fight though you'll have to pick either the oracles mob or the frenzy hat mob to kill cuz the both become mind-controlled and whichever one you kill the opposite one will become the faction you're a part of so if you kill the frenzy hat one you'll become a part of the auricles faction so do make sure you kill the frenzy hat because they do not award them out and one thing to note though during this quest in particular you will want to use the soft foam sword to ensure you don't kill the undead too quickly because if you kill it too quickly the quest will bug and you basically not be able to do it so use the fourth soft foam sword get the undead low and then the undead will summon both of the little mobs out to fight you you'll kill the frenzy how it won't make sure you don't do any cleave and then you'll be allied with the auricles after the end of the fight now if you've done this before and you allied with the frenzy hat that's fine too you can come back to the same cave do the fight again but just make sure you kill the frenzy hat this time and ally with the oracles and you'll be able to start reputation game with the oracles once you're done with this quest you to the village and you'll unlock three dailies that you can do per day keep doing the dailies until you hit revered and then you can buy the egg and you'll just be after you have to come back and buy the egg every three days until you get the mint now one of a final thing to note with this as well is during the normal quest in not even the dailies but the normal quest lines you'll have a little companion with you that all kind of be there to give you quests and stuff sometimes that companion can disappear and if that happens to you just head back to the chief of either of the villages whichever part you're on and they'll give you an item to summon that person back so if that does happen to you and it does happen quite a lot then head back to the village speak to the chief get the item to summon them some of them and then you should have the quest to can't continue on and you're good to go the next mounts up the spectral wolf for horde and the spectral steed for alliance and then also the neutral mount the drake of the west wind and all of these come from your factions base in tol barad to get the tol bread it's pretty straightforward you'll just go to Orgrimmar or Stormwind just above the valley of wisdom in Stormwind you'll find kind of like the portal circle and you'll find a portal to tol barad there in Stormwind just above kind of storm and keep kind of in the north east of the zone you'll find once again a little poll circle and there will be a portal to Tolga right there as well you'll had that there's no prerequisite so you can just go there straightaway pick up all the quests you've got to do do all the quests and keep doing that until you're out of dailies and then keep coming back every day it's as simple as that really and you just keep doing that until you hit exulted and then once you're exalted you will have to collect the accommodations as well to be able to purchase the mounts to now there is an additional chunk of dailies you can do as well on the main kind of toll bread battlefield and that battle happens every hour or so and the issue is though if you're there on your own and there's someone defending on their own is actually impossible to win it's impossible to win if you're the attacking faction anyway and you can always defend if you're on your own but you can't attack and win if you're on your own it's kind of weird but the way you win basically is by capturing all three bases at once and you just can't do that if you're on your own because that person can just basically run around and take the base that you're not at preventing you from winning so you will need a friend or something if there are other people there to kind of help you out and help you take over tol barad but once your faction is in control of tol barad there'll be a bunch more dailies in the center of that area that you can do do all of those keep repeating all the dailies every day until your exalted and have enough commendations to buy the mounts pretty straightforward the flame ward Hippogriff is up next and this is awarded from the Moulton for an offensive achievement which is basically to keep doing daily quests and progress the story in the molten front and once you've progressed it far enough you will unlock the mount now to get started with this there is a little bit of a prerequisite you'll need to quest room mount hyjal which you'll find in Kalimdor and you'll need to assist the four ancients or the wisp of the wolf the turtle and the Harper once you've assisted all four of the ancients you'll be able to head over to the sanctuary of Milan and there'll be an NPC there that will give you the quest open in the door once you on that quest that's basically the start of the molten front stuff so just go through that question until the point where you have dailies to collect max at the World Tree and that's the start of the the question basically or the daily question you'll have to keep coming back doing dailies collecting max the World Tree complete in the objective moving to the next objective doing more dailies and you'll just keep repeating that until you've unlocked the whole storyline completed the Moulton for an offensive achievement and gotten yourself demand the next mounts up are the riding goats and from this you'll get the black riding goat the brown riding go and the white riding go and these are all purchasable once you're exalted with the tillers tills is a faction found at half hill in value of the four wins in Pandaria and there's no big prerequisite to this you'll just head over to half hill and kind of on the left side of the zone you'll find like a beat-down farm and there you'll find the NPC farmer UHN you'll speak to farmer you and he'll have a question for you to kind of help tidy up his farm and help him out a little bit and then once you're done with that you'll start learning to plant seeds and how it all works and from there you'll unlock five dailies and you'll be able to do five dailies every single day and you'll also have a progressive story to do on the farm as well with like farmer unig cetera when she hits certain reputation points and you just basically want to keep repeating that over and over again every day until you're exalted and then once you're exalted you better head over to Gina and your belt to purchase all the mounts you want next up we have the grand armored wavin and the grand wavin for horde and the grand armored Griffon and the grand Griffon for alliance and these will come from your faction reputations in mr. Pandaria so that's the dominance offensive for horde and Operation shield wall for alliance to get started with this you want a heads availeth the eternal blossoms and at your main faction base in the zone you should find kind of MPC that's related to your faction so it's this touring guy for horde and they'll give you the quests finding the scalp they'll take you to cross around wilds and there you'll basically set up your base you'll do a few quests you'll set up your base and then from there on out you'll have dailies to do but you'll also have a main story to do so you should be doing your dailies and your main story the main story pops up every kind of X amount of reputation so you'll do that you'll get a little bit of expectation from that and at the end of the main story you'll get awarded with the grand Gryphon or the grand wyvern and then it exalted you'll get the grand armored Griffon or the grand armored wife and from the quartermaster so just keep basically repeats in the dailies in the storyline until you dumb another thing to note as well is during it there is an additional daily 1/2 Hill if you have you farm set up so you can head out there as well and pick up the additional daily to panned in some seeds or whatever so yeah keep doing those until you exalted and you finish the storyline the crimson primal dire hon for horde and the golden primal dire horn for alliance of the ones up next and these come from Sun River offensive or the current or offensive which is reputations tied to the Isle of thunder and Pandaria and you'll have to get exalted with these factions but to get this started you'll want to head to town long steps and just kind of around the shadow pan garrison there's kind of east of the shadow pan garrison you'll find a Alliance representative and then a bit self you'll find a horde representative there around a little tent they're fairly easy to spot you'll speak to them and they'll start your quest line into the isle of thunder you'll travel there you'll have a bunch of quests to do and some scenarios as well it does feel kind of long but it doesn't take too long look Allah and once you're done with the few scenarios and the quests then you'll have set up your base and you'll be able to start doing dailies now the dailies are a little bit different here you'll have kind of a table board and you'll be get to pick between PvE or PvP dailies I recommend PvE cuz I do give more reputation and you basically just want to go around the island completing all of the requestor you have and also doing the storyline when that pops up too and basically just keep rinsing and repeating that and to the exalted and then you'll be able to buy the mounts from the quartermaster's in that area now I wasn't going to include this on the list because there is another way of getting reputation that I'd consider kind of primer but it does require a rogue of around kind of one ten inch level so I'll recover that of a method in another video very very soon if you are interested in doing the rogue method but for everyone who doesn't have a rogue then this is going to be your primary source of getting the reputation next up we have the azure water Strider and this one's fairly straightforward as well it's gonna come from exalted with the anglers and to start gaining reputation with the anglers you want ahead to Krang wilds and just kind of southeast of the zone you'll find the angle is wharf be a bunch of fisher people there and you'll be – just start your daily quest straight away now if for some reason you can't start your daily quest it probably means the character you're on doesn't have fishing fishing is a requirement I actually do these dailies so you'll need to pick up fishing skill you can actually pick it up from that Pagal who's in the little boat speak to him learn fishing and you'll be able to start doing your daily quests it'll be a bunch for you to do you'll just go through them all and there's also three additional daily quests you can do for fishing of the Flying Tiger the mimic octopus and the spine fish alpha so you'll fish up those freer a fish and those can be handed in for additional reputation do just keep heading back here every day completing your dailies reach exalted and you'll have yourself D as the water Strider next up we have the six mounts they're gonna come from your drain or garrison stables and this is six months that you can go from doing daily quests they're all the trained bounce that's gonna be retrained snella the trained mid meadow stomper the trained River wallow the trained Rock tusk the trained silver pail and the trained ice hoof and there's also an additional two mounts you can get as well from doing the achievements really to do to your stables the not daily quest related so much but it's worth noting as well and thinking about doing while you're doing at this other stuff so to get this started you'll just make a level two garrison if you don't have a garrison at all you'll need to head through Frostfire Ridge for horde or to shadowmoon valley for alliance you'll set up your garrison and then you'll convert it into a level two garrison then you'll be able to put down a level one stables and from there you can start doing your daily quest it's basically a quest to capture something or to train something every day and at one point you'll have about five or six daily quests to do per day either to capture or to train something and it takes about two weeks to go through them all but at the end of the two weeks you'll end up with six mounts potentially eight if you do the achievements alongside this stuff and yeah you have a bunch of mounts for pretty little works this is a pretty good yield and at 120 this should be very very trivial at reveal for you to do so get started with that if you haven't already next up we have the death tusk elbow which is going to come from exalted with the Vol'jin headhunters for Horde or the hand of the Prophet for Alliance and to get started with this this is all located in an jungle but to get started and to get it all unlocked you will need to have a level 3 garrison so get your garrison to level 3 and once it's level 3 you should have a quest from your main NPC so for hard that's Vol'jin and that'll basically to go and recruit a shipwright to help you set up a shipyard and create ships so you'll go through that question you'll rescue the the guy who's gonna be a ship right for you you'll set up your docks you'll create ships and then you'll be able to sail – tanaan jungle once in turn and jungle you'll have a bit of a question to do there as well where you'll help an npc you'll set up your base and then once your base is set up you'll be kind of sent to look around – now and jungle a little bit you'll be sent off to the far side of the zone and then you'll be sent to speak to three NPCs at three different locations you don't have to do the quests with those NPCs you just kind of have to go and look at their areas and speak to them and then once you're done with that you'll head back to your main base in turn and jungle and you'll be able to start doing your daily quests so how this will work is you'll have a mission table and you'll do the quests on the mission table and then once you're done with that there'll be an NPC behind the mission table that will give you an additional dailies as well there's also a main storyline quest that will pop up there as well that you can go through that will give you reputation and you basically just keep repeating doing the deal is there and doing the main story until you hit exalted and then once you're exalted you'll be able to buy the mount from the quartermaster so just rinse and repeat until you're done and if you look in to work on your wall as Draenor flying then this is worth doing – cuz you're gonna get that done at least one part of it done and also get the Deaf toe spell book next up we have the four diabetes that come from Legion and that is the snow fever the blood gazer the diabete or the sharp talon and these four mounts come from pets that you can get little hatchlings and you'll turn them into mounts by doing daily quests with them to get the pets you'll need to get four different foods for each one so for the snow fever you'll need smoked elder horn for the blood gazer you'll need a Zuni grapes for the diabete you'll need pungent Michel gamma lost and for the sham Talon you'll need dried bill berries these can all be picked up in the Legion dollar and pretty easily like two different NPCs so that the foods you need you'll grab the food and then you'll look on the map for one of these swarm quests one of the swarm world quests either in a zoo nerve al-shara high mountain or stomm home and you'll fly out there you'll kill the matriarch and then once the matriarch is dead one of the little hatchlings related to that zone will spawn and you'll be able to go over and feed it the food I'll mark on the map now where all of the various ones are located so you can head out there and feed it and get yourself the hatchling once you have the hatchling you'll be able to summon it and do a quest for it the first quest will always be to raise it to level 25 so you'll get it to level 25 and then from there on out it'll have various quests for you to like take it to a certain zone or battle sur and pets with it and eventually you'll have a quest called reunion like something reunion and that'll be the final one to give you the mount now one thing to note as well is you can actually do a quest on one character log over to a different character summon the pet again and do an additional quest so if you have a bunch of characters you can actually do more than one it's up to you if you want to do it that way you can just log on and do one at a time if you want or you can do a bunch on multiple characters and get them done really quick it's it's up to you how you want to get it done but either way keep doing the quest with the pet eventually it'll turn into a mount and you'll get yourself four mounts the final daily quest mount up is coffin and unfortunately this is a horde only mount so you will need a horde character to get this one and to get the started you will need to be level 120 and you'll also need a pterodax egg to get the pterodax egg you'll need it on really really low drop chance and that comes from either the blood rage pterodax which you'll find just kind of outside of essential or the pterodax sky render which you'll find yourself of tell group and you'll basically just keep killing the pterodax mobs over and over and over again until you eventually get an egg drop it is on a very low drop chance though so do we expect him to do this for a while once you finally have your egg you'll take it to terrorize and you'll start your daily quests and you'll have to train your little pterodax each day until it becomes a mount strangely enough this is only a ground mount it's not a flying mount and you'll need to do this for about a month so you'll have to keep doing it over and over again for about a month and eventually you'll get your mouth so that does bring an end to the video and hopefully these daily quest mounts were interesting to you hopefully you've got some daily quest mounts you want to work towards now as well and yeah look out for more videos coming soon thanks for watching guys see ya