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Outro song – TheFatRat – Xenogenesis

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a miracle clutch or a huge throw depending which way look at it simples actually going to look to pursue some aggression and you'll get you is the right decision you'll feel it you'll just know my lordy is easy oh my lord even thorns nice that's of here no he doesn't peak with it whatsoever but there's a good kill from Phelps first still hit him and he's gonna be the bait he's gonna be a big player here drop whips around for the clutch frag the backside of banana crush wants to work in that direction and oh my goodness 30 degree window dragon how did that miss that shaved his pubic hair was so close to his rocks through and inside of the smoke fanatic find 11 oh my goodness that was a decoy that's the direction for the specimen I was talking about earlier as well the one for sure yeah he's got one but he's know some purpose shelf a nice break from him but it's gonna be all things follow my god what the shit pardon my french I apologize but that spray transfer was probably the most insane spray transfer I've ever seen in a Camry oculus I only felt after City oh oh my oh off you go let's breathe easily be goodbye here but snacks being tagged up and that's a good flash let's go loud me get a spoon wide maybe get all three absolutely does that's perfect well done beautiful here what goes on how cool can apex be in this situation is if you're just gonna whale out on the first person he sees don't farm first shot don't far our first shot this is perfect apex has some all past four years now how many will he possibly get they're all grouping he's told Kenny now he's gonna execute them all four kills for apex perfect lineup very well played bridge day ready dance and really stick the landing though with the Krieg and they have got a kid but Oscars so good in this situation as if these go through his eyes well so what's the same position no he's wrong he just get back down laptops and relentless with his aggression that's a double trade it all comes fully and a frag secure thirteen and that shouldn't but it did happen and rain and all the way over toward atrium taps and goes quite cold zeros quicker gets a second as well as the bomb will go down and follows it up they're all lining up cool fear with the NACE a beautiful one as well and he's elated for good reason he main and back snap two players now is this happen there's even a man up in the bathrooms but he really has dropped the soap and the ball Esperanto is coming in from behind the trades a straight away from a stag bunch of connector I think that is or jungle can really remember all those smokes after the new update this is their smoke and now that's criminal pazi's left in unreal down in CT wants to try and get more done and oh my goodness AZ the ice is an easy step spray control and something nothing I know everyone else it's about at it oh wow you're out people I'll take it puzzle twisty no way reload broke it what bullet dude did you spot me go to wall him train a wall bang him rather only man just get flaky HP gonna check out that nice DoubleTap coming in there what a sight you can do something so bad I'm playing safe this day before it's mine I wanna shut this guy so I wanna shot chuckles II okay so take it okay one two three bye yeah get away from the quad player forest can back them up for the apartments and now it's a four on to raise looking at close things out nice they're crispy Liz this is this one if you want me down exist and Python forest here can they get it eight seconds left they gotta go for the plant there's no one there to interrupt them just yet so at least they'll succeed but they need to win this oh my lord twice what are you doing taking down clave and device and making you look easy you know what Justin yes amar yes no oh my god in my fucking throat three um peas in an 8k for the TCPS they're gonna get taken to learn how did he get that killed hostel bail isn't it's part of car I'm gonna watch it I know okay people I'll take it honto strikes looks like the crisscross towards mid so you're gonna go to the stack translate and I'm pushing towards mythos something I really like to see being done it basically kind of teases that it's a be playing but nice run boost pulls off just one [Laughter] honestly there what could outbid there popping through that nothing be yeah that's money well he better do something crazy here because it's gonna be a one on four he's gotten a hop in three aks and finally shuts it down but you could see that point forming that is dirty they're able to pass the pistol so it's down to the Glocks fork fnatic and Cloyd nine I mean this should be a meat grinder first skadoodle he's gonna walk on the corner and p9 on the Molotov that seventeen seconds the left in a dress underneath him actually gets fragged turns the headshot water is that from soul Ross is known for this half they're very dominant here the real question will be is nine rounds enough for the Renegades here they already try to contest ramp early on in the head shots device too low that no gonna have a much better time after that pistol let's never get into fruition glaive just shuts it all down before it begins now he's got to get aggressive but he still got below he's actually tacked fur follow up you are no Preetam slovak love it that folks eye sees initial practice on a given Austin I will do anything that's called ecobee one two three when available but that shouldn't read it you got it done a control point forklift a minimum one more I mean and get the coals down right great headshot from hooch up and trying to plant a bomb it's so exposed right here mo is still alive as well for a moment he does go down but who she's got a great angle he's got the Tribble he's got one single bullet left to take out Neos defusing and off it's a head shot hooch it's they're trailing and it's so sick [Applause] natural heat zr2 keys no fauna and microgravity I could shake things off or a smoke to accompany it can be super powerful we've got Yugi on the side of the USB and gained an enormous one that's a very nice shot from here monstrous this case as well that was nasty from start to finish that was absolutely disgusting just a straight-up angels and slug the cross does not stop falling from what my face is that before he's got the deagle absolutely coming probably the graveyard rappin balcony the rap guy rent to Amalia maybe mid my phone oh my god foon oh my god the dropping can be faster you've killed off he's been playing on the stairwell I'm curious to see if they try and set up a knob in that newer position is gonna run boost to the position as well words out again the quad the collateral excuse me but a brilliant plan just said finish saying he hadn't got a kill yet he goes to the AWP but Neff didn't eventually figured out how old he was and is now I'll ghosts are you saying is ghost has changed that you there we go fugly actually the quite aesthetically good looking round going against the name branding absolution design you know she's opened up an image to the Brooklyn tenure any better is coming the rogue just a Paki rotational some dinner is a sleek at once cat what's that oh this sped out tonight nothing damage 44 seconds it's happening there's opportunity for type to do something with this aka [Laughter] obliterated does his world exist absolutely it does no more that's why you ran play a role if main on a Sikh faith just for a second I'm one each pyramid Semir playing it slow you know you seem a stir on distraction gets one track out of it at least loads are jumping nice one more that is this this is a name he spoke wide behind me bro fuck all right head up head up you sign outside helps an Ultron that was actually insane boys