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Mistakes in Pokemon Games – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Bobdunga

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In this video, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets and Easter eggs surrounding Mistakes in Pokemon Games. We look at everything from Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue, all the way up to Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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did you know the first generation of Pokemon games have a number of oversights one of which occurs as soon as players start a new game Jain Professor Oak's introduction to the pokemon world he sends out a neat arena that uses the cry of a need arena instead the original versions of red and green had even more mistakes if the player fights the gym leader Sabrina and loses denry enters the gym the game believes the player has won and gives on the gyms badge and TM 46 in the Pokemon Center outside mount moon the player is able to buy a Magikarp from a salesman for five hundred pokey dollars however if both the players party and current PC box are full the salesman will take their money without giving them the magic carp which can be repeated mistakes like these were caught and rectified in later releases of the Kanto games such as a special Pokemon blue and yellow editions however more errors sprung up in their place in a cerulean gym as well as Lorelei's room at the Pokemon League wild Pokemon are programmed in the water towels of both areas if the player has a rod equipped they can fish for several kinds of water type Pokemon any rod works just fine in red and blue but in yellow only the old and booed rod will work this oversight also showed up in gold and silver but was finally fixed for pokemon crystal Kanto Saladin City hotel has nothing of interest for the player however in red and blue it oddly features an invisible PC this is because the hotel uses the same layout as the game's Pokemon centers and if the player goes to where a computer would be in a center they can access a PC in the hotel there are other invisible pcs that can be found in fuchsia cities Safari Zone these are inaccessible without hacking the game however and they were fixed in pokemon yellow the games have fallen victim to a number of translation errors in various regions over the years for instance the Spanish versions of red and blue are known for having spotty translation work in the English game when players hook a Pokemon with a rod the text the hooked Pokemon attacked will appear in a Spanish game however the text was translated as saying El Nevada Pokemon otaku meaning the wicked or evil pokemon attacked this mistranslation is particularly in as we spoke to several native Spanish speakers and none of them could explain how this happened moves in the Spanish version had their own fair share of mistakes notably with the move slam descriptions of the move imply the Pokemon perform a kind of body slam attack but in Spanish the move was known as fart as Oh literally meaning door slam this error wasn't fixed until the release of Pokemon X&Y when it was finally changed to a bizarre meaning to land a blow the gen one moved comet punch is called consecutive punch in the Japanese game this caused issues when a move actually called comet punch was added to the Japanese games in jan 3 2015 5 the mainline games have a number of instances of Pokemon using moves they shouldn't be able to learn in pre released footage Pokemon have also been shown using moves they're unable to learn in the final game in early screenshots for Omega Ruby and alpha sapphire mega Blaziken was seen using the move ice punch which it couldn't use Conn the game's release the official Japanese Pokemon website issued an apology for any misleading information and later removed the images probably the most well-known example of an illegitimate move is found with Lex's Dragonoid in pokemon red and blue which had the move barrier a move Dragon Knight has never been able to learn this error was referenced in a mega Ruby and alpha sapphire where a Dragon Knight that could use barrier was given away to participants of the Kanto classic Wi-Fi event in 2016 Lance's Aerodactyl and golden silver also has to move rockslide which it couldn't learn until the next generation type matchups didn't always work as intended either the ghost type was supposed to be super effective against psychic types in the first generation but in practice it's very much the opposite not only were all ghost types in the game weak to psychic due to their secondary poison typing but there were only three ghost moves in the first gen like confused ray and nightshade with nightshade doing fixed damage and confuse ray being a status-based move link was the only one to do direct damage however when used on a psychic type it has no effect whatsoever there are many official sources that claimed ghost was good against psychic this included official Nintendo strategy guides episodes of the Pokemon anime and a trainer in Sabrina's gym who claims the type is one of the only to effective against psychic pokémon this text was actually removed in yellow and by the time golden silver came out the error was fixed altogether the dragon type was also meant to be super effective on itself in the first generation though in this case the only dragon move that existed was dragon rage which like my shape did not do super effects damage though the second generation fixed many problems that plagued the Kanto Games they had their fair share of oversights notably with new mechanics new variations of pokeballs were introduced to make certain Pokemon easier to catch but nearly half of them don't work as advertised the love ball was said to make Pokemon of the same species and opposite gender and easier catch but the effect only works at the wild Pokemon is the same gender as the players Pokemon the fastball was made for pokémon that flee from battle though of the 21 Pokemon able to run away the ball only works on three Magnemite Tangela and Grimer as an aside a few of the Pokemon program to flee either can't be found in the wild or don't appear in the game at all like Evie and Umbreon as well as the legendary birds strangest of all as the Moon ball made to catch Pokemon that evolve with the moonstone such as Jigglypuff and Clefairy however the effect is instead determined by checking at the pokémon evolves holding the Bernie litem to this day no pokémon evolves with burn heal and due to this the ball functions like a regular pokeball gold and silver also introduced held items to the series not all working as planned the dragon Fang was supposed to boost the power of dragon-type moves but it actually doesn't do a thing when held the effects can instead be found in the dragon scale item which evolves Sidra into caned ro and traded this was fixed in Pokemon Stadium to stadium one and two fixed many gameplay issues found in the handheld games though they've got a few mistakes of their own in Stadium 2 if the player hooks up the transfer pack with Pokemon and blue to look up the locations of the game's wild Pokemon it will instead show the location of Pokemon from the Japanese version of the game the International versions of red and blue are based on Japanese blues layout but the Pokemon selection is taken from red and green for example jinx can be found in the seafoam Islands in Japanese blue but can only be obtained through an in-game trade in the international versions players can also transfer items to other games by a transfer pack potentially breaking a few story sequences it's possible for catso players to face sabrina as early as the second gym as the only road block to saffron is the officer wanting a drink from the player Stadium 2 also features an oversight which allows for infinite continues in stadium mode the player must first enter any battle and stadium mode and are to continue after which they must suspend enter another stadium cup and earned one more continue the next time the player loses they must choose the suspend option then the game will warn the player of an already suspended game if they choose the option continue without suspending they'll be able to rematch the trainer they've just lost to all without using up who continue if the player gets to Cinnabar Island they can trade a mana right you for an electrode if the player talks to him again the man will say the right shoe you traded me when sin evolved although this sparked many rumors have rights you being able to evolve it was simply an error the English pokemon red and blue are based on the Japanese special edition pokemon blue and in that game the old man trades a Kadabra for a gravel err and was exclaiming that the Kadabra had evolved into an Alakazam the original japanese red and green versions also had the old man trading a ride shoe for an electrode and the english game was likely referencing this text without fixing the actual trade funnily enough we'd find out years later that right shoe was planned to evolve in the beta versions of pokemon red and green into the unused Pokemon Goro Chu in a similar fashion the trade of poly world for jinx in cerulean city also features the same dialogue with an old men saying Poliwhirl had evolved this is because the man originally traded a hunter firma choke both of which evolve by trading coincidentally Poliwhirl ended up receiving a trade evolution in the form of politoed one generation later in the gen 1 games the player is able to play the cries of the Pokemon registered in their pokedex for an unknown reason if Pikachu's cry is played repeatedly every fifth or sixth time the cry is heard it will be slightly distorted though the games have gotten more polished over the years oversights still pop up from time to time even in Pokemon Sun and Moon when evolving a pokemon for instance before the Pokemon is evolving text appears its evolved form may show up in the top left corner of the screen in a blink and you'll miss it moment in Pokemon moon the totem Radek eight uses the cry of the Pokemon gumshoes this is because in Pokemon Sun gun shoots is the corresponding totem Pokemon did you also know that red from Pokemon was originally a character called yuuichi or that red may have been planned to have a bigger role in pokemon gold and silver more facts watch the digital gaming video on red and if you like hearing about obscure gaming nostalgia from the 90s and early 2000s whether it be strange flash games or underrated console gems you can head on over to my channel I got a lot of goodies for you