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Mechs will never work, he said…

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welcome to a new deck on the block paladin was having a bit of trouble with the secret package early because that just ran out of steam really mysterious blood is good sudden River spines good but the secrets are pretty bad and you run out of gas so fast so what kind of package do you put in along the side of this well in terms of paladin view frame though you've got too many options you got dragons or seems to be pretty bad and you've got mech which seems to be like yeah I'm actually surprised that's doing okay to be anonymous with the secret package making the neck stuff faster this just might work stop madman the molar didn't guide for this decks pretty interesting I think you literally just keep Sunriver spied out on your Center and everything else is questionable looks like it's the mirror they've got their running glitch cool call to adventure plus glow trump equals 3/5 magnetites it's kind of cool the battle okay you can see how that back actually beats you up are you fast apparently not too shabby eat seven punch all right can't imagine us of course it's a silly human silly I wonder if I should have played double sacrifice first yeah probably in order to save an efficient I think we're in the living zone right now where we live what happened to the part where I lived [Applause] is my endless army youthful missing one that's still good see I want to keep that around for buffing my spy yeah could be good against equality I'm sorry so big [Applause] Wow we did it Huey I think again you do literally Mulligan for exactly spy in da during our century but that was Lily Ike's and I mean Agins Willy X thinking with this stack you consider Mulligan and unless you have like combat wisdom eggin does only acts as a combo yeah I'm gonna do the full moon I think that's close can't be lucky tempted I'm going to play ERISA right now which just tells my won-won that I think it's right to go with the Kings and I think it's right to go face you it hmm I'm gonna go that was a very close call so I can get rid of his giant right now if I want to I think it might not be necessary at the moment sure there's all these boogie men it's like oh no it was something terrible could happen if I don't kill it well it really happened that way I hate to do it my calculations Becca here comes the gnome to save me with my special noble sacrifice to tell me a break here buddy this is a crushing defeat ah mr. Dante value my job you got the wings [Applause] I was a great result just uh need the casual to get my tangora's emissary oh you're serious thanks thanks deck only I could go above 3000 would be at like 60 right now good idea like 75 it's pretty strong I guess I just got a full another king lures endless army and we are so good here I think we actually still lose something it's not even like somehow but it's just that that sure is a lot of value to it let me share test our next prime time countdown surprised [Applause] it down is so good when your opponent queues up their attacks and doesn't expect it it doesn't have any let's play at all how do I activate this egg I have one more gear left okay Oh unfair alter that wind condition follow the border states [Applause] I am age you've got finally got a son reverse spydra keep terrible secret so I can play team in a tree for here we gather this is the prime movement team in a 3-4 bellringer century crew coming imagine commander Rossano 3 there no greed proceed yeah I've got the Beast oh whoa whoa you got me the soul read we wanted to stack this again not so many extra guys for the redemption to eventually be triggered the way I'm logic consecration next decent here stack of all assumed he doesn't run polymorph plan and the next turn stack both of these on that so I've only lost one mech so far that mech was a warg here and that I can lose the egg and then we can have a robust or that's a good triple let's go yeah this deck becomes more popular maybe we'll start seeing mages actually slot in polymer it hurts to give the divine shield up for the end for the fire blast it's like holy crap min deck good actually the actual main deck oh wow trust nip is also this is a big board it's not even endless yet oh my god yeah actually I was pulling more from this time but I'm getting be mechanical walk back since it was the first employed what no wait what but a friendly minion dies returned to life of one health wait my Mullis what is this written this wait and we're all right I thought this supposed to get the walk back isn't it order Oh or is the Tirion Fordring like l'm hearing has played first and then was transferred anyways first we need not last because Tyrion has played before it still counts as the first even though the sheep came in last only these small twists littles all right the blade isn't worth keeping if I don't have a secret and the spy makes me really want to find a secret actually that's really really good against merlocks Oh even against normal metal Lux – – is okay let me just try to high roll the secret and if not the mysterious blade on one chimeric o6 mysterious played on two rather without a secret it's control shaman are unfair how come my super overpowered cards can't actually do all the demons there I'm gonna say that makes it into a you know shudder walks cousin face thingy but you can't run it out this car so hard to have all the names like Morpher yes load deck running a storm chaser storm chaser can only really find Eureka which has all I thought it would be the muck more for deck I mean if it's here to find blood list whereas all the other minions good and then Rina turns also you guys miss Trina Terra sushi summons really strong against the death rattle currents constantly just hex though he's been I imagine he knows hex like almost all the time means I'm very reluctant the blessing of kings but I mean we're gonna get hexed one way or the other – I'll just take it I guess it's like it gets silly acts good fine light doesn't know hex it's back the AG more to respect the hex he doesn't have in this hand right now well it's our shot plus ten health but boy is this like the worst distribution of Tennessee and so far in the Kennebec that's no longer email he's only been mechanic that's son that's a Mikey Oh ain't no work here that's right and we want to spread this fish I want it in two sides one of them want to kill the totem and then fog for the rest protect everything in there frog but let me kill this healing come I'm just kind of ready here Oh frog oh my god here oh bloody was there there so the only weapon to my dock could be running some sort of weapon destruction I guess dad oh yo so close to stabilizing oh my god not playing normal stuff if I have lost the 50/50 there he's gonna win the horror kangaroos endless army mice don't bail me out though our King Gore's isn't that in the same here Wow just the slack not usually Nazis don't mean that is decent you