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happy this is not good guys it's a possible tornado outside you got 20 other signs I can go to wrongful vibrations mercy oh my god holy shoot no this tornado right by our house guys I hope it's I headed towards us I have my card in the garage readied up we have the Pagani where we are and then we have the Lamborghini uterus that you can possibly take to get them outta here but we might want to go run inside the house right now get inside the house you guys hurry up Oh No it's getting windy in there no look at hold on tight inside the house man weird I'm missing someone bro we got Jimmy inside the house where's my wife and daughter go three palatable the use is destroyed oh my god you I got to repair this car right away hold on we're gonna move this car from the garage and put it here and put it down oh my God look at the damage and the began is on fire boy can go up weirdest tornado at oh shoot can you print asleep let me do the repair command real quick this car is completely destroyed right now the u.s. is done for there's Traci she's alive and well I need to get to my wife somehow my passions we go up real quick here you go the use is ready and waiting let's get out of here Matt welcome all to the street guys lyosha what's up Johnny styles young son of James King Santa Sonia Yolanda Sofia comedy look at that dude okay I'm not going to steroid I need to find a wife let's turn break over here and all that why somewhere she got torn here by the tornado bro she's somewhere in the alleyways where are you I see oh there she is for you get in the darn car and I was like it's at a time oh yeah here you go down all right let's get that down here guys example is amazing tornadoes nearby dude hold on tight family this is bad this is bad Oh my lambo two runs lamborghini years is destroyed most week was to evolve you are now car I gotta say the engine and transmission is really really good on the thing we're the tunable that was naughty bro look at that math tornado we'll get your repairs hard that's baby up what's not happening here what's happening get hold of I think kidnapping another tornado is forming from ready good that ain't good y'all see that thing okay guys you have to be very careful here how are we gonna deal with this thing it's right for a little bigger u-turn – this tornado and massive it's literally taken away everything from this area where comes in its way get destroyed dude headaches were feet oh it's true watch out now there it goes one more time that's why I'm about to get destroyed yo lime yeah so paw Patrol Rovio roll OGG shot you bro alright let's see what's the hot light doing here so first up again back your little house you good way to get out these stairs come on make us proud pretty cool bye are stuck we're live there you go there's an opening right there hold on tight boys game really windy in this area oh look at that amendment real life is happening okay you're living at some place right there 22 starts what would you do guys what would you do there's a tornado in your area would you hide from your house would you try to run away so the house can get destroyed completely you know planned tornado easy so what would you do to battle a tornado value by running for your life all of these things are insane they're massive they destroy anything we're going under the ground that's not deep it's penetrating into it strong tornado arrogance that said I probably should get rolling my car's bad you down Oh Judis China through us go forward that it's free nanny land a land it all this cars – oh hi bro this was a Lamborghini euros bro India Doyle thank you so much for the support you are awesome thanks for joining in this last video Manickam economic like cards destroyed it's done for you our heads are pop another to forget see you bro the seats like malformed and deform friggin baby grow in tears all bent I know legends Friday all my stuff I still run somehow strangely this is a lie beginning us bro weights is the type of pancake yeah for real we're gonna patch it up oh boy that's fresh off the lock let's get this rolling yeah tornadoes are crazy guy so it's destroy not just not just 20 things of our all it's also destroying things exploding man brain fires today those electrical lines are getting broken down and they're falling down on things causing fires on the tornado behind you dude sorry sir there's a 22 right behind you JB is a tornado behind recording sir he's not the scientist he's gonna die here's a tornado coming to you dude why this guy so dumb do you not see this tornado man I think he wants to die I think you've lost as well see that guy get taken is it 20 gonna get this tornado is not a joke for you speaking to the extreme tower the already know who is keep away from that tornado wait am I gonna pull it what officer what the hell are you doing is he pulling me or there all right I'm getting a ticket girl for what why just got pulled over there's a tornado area there's other things away but he's concentrating Oh [Applause] maybe you should stop the car summer oh because don't know you shouldn't give you guys stupid Felicia unless it does be broke one of the cops got taken away by the tornado let's go perfect okay nevermind nevermind nevermind who those guys right throw us got tornado campus you'll get one with this cloud man I do the tornado and they're trying to kill us going to the cops get off Hayley using the dog watching – I feel great I'm sure you enjoying it the security guy there can we go inside this all shut us down damn it oh that's kind of girls got two rows away from the table you just have to make this landing school parcel runs way you get away from this Trinity central a freaking set the best idea would be we all said Oh I my office we're gonna get rid of these now just missing you Albert all right all clear guys you should probably run up here now watch this bro this is a free way to watch Oh Louie mode that is a gigantic we're gonna spawn a plane right we're gonna try to fly off of these streets man can you do this get inside boys no time to waste here we read the rest of my family why the game said that you respond my god idiots maybe stupid role need again the plane on the US how did you get Oh shoo another tornado forming right by us this is not good man crazy where you're over there yeah Jimmy Borrelli Jimmy right there okay they're here good you gotta take out some guys my man is it might be a little too second line okay never mind but you have my signed off trees and stuff that way the tornado and stuff there's a dominantly area which is not cool right away this is a good idea what you all say fly off this ramp night in Iran Pro here you go three two one five go go Oh the stuff oh we are in the tornado oh shoot no-go to Galvis crashman dollars it's cool man it is so windy re right now look at that big-ass Himalayas a why are you flying so close to the tornado sir we really going he's not going to the Prairie yes people with that still going off an o1 fantasy it's for the fun hahaha hopefully it'll crash through that I'm heading to the other airport man to escape this place that might bring us some safety little and yet the other people little signs of the tornado stopping there we go six shaking up way we're in the air today guys really bad I'm gonna make it though to get to the warm here whoops wrong spot we supposed to go here you're Hassan's ad shot to you broads to riche don't worry bad mash mr. Manu serenity David Hagan Finlay mall to the street harmony how he did it so now we jaded Hardwell was here Joey party room Eastbourne the survey all right we're about to get very very soon guys obedience to displays like shaking up so bad as I just struggling big-time every day so flying in low on purpose because it's strongly so bad in my view just Landis over her body look at that look at that oh my god hopefully this area is safe our know why they still have reported a fire in this area it's not that state not together I got here I see a familiar here you go landing soon wave bad leaky our Nami and flying the same so unstable oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh would you do inside that anyone asking we're from Chicago Illinois guys we made it man safe and sound set by the plane I hey doesn't Aquaman where's where's Jimmy okay he's right there what an idiot oh he's so slow all the time piss me off Jimmy what are you doing she's got stuff on a fucking door punches guide you stop get away there you go see you learn to laughing alright so I think it's peaceful and nice over here wait what that's what they do for me there oh shoot we're in trouble guys any good vo Frankie what's up man Cody the gamer how's it going oh why is there tornado forming fire down there again so I guess you gotta get that on air too we've grabbed a bigger plane this time use a faster plane get out of your head this one you guys already know order take a look boys this is a plane we're gonna be flying in the US Air Force kc-135 some beauty enemies chili dog me and Tracy delete Yoshi the hell is so slow we're now again you know we need to get out of the whole city with the tornado did the freaking Broadway how am I gonna do this I won't end up kill my family any ideas a india doyle for real man thank you so much sorry I said man but yeah you are awesome Susan and support the children yeah we're gonna go back this is it I know something about my old shoe that's another it's not very good crash dropping down at high speed right now stop stop stop stop stop stop pull are we still alive dude we're gonna reverse to double every word are not bad of an idea this is what leo toward a relationship okay nevermind urugay too close to it I'm not space to fly off damn it can't this just tornado just passed the world or said okay what job it's really attributable this foreigner hates us the story religion needs me we need to pass through the freakin I think that's good enough right which was worthless jool those perfect okay there you go the chance to escape once again can you make it happen now the speedy video will be dicey up all right we go for all three two one go let's get it guys won't be this tornado one hit us this time oh hello this is gone our plane is damaged so badly wicked tornadoes insane bro but let us be meet gunshot – you waiting for this stupid tornado to get away man making a u-turn where they employ money hey awesome chaise Annalise man what's up bro things onto the super chair my god he just shot two awesome chase Elliott right there with the super chair they'll give you a chance to fly off right now guys turn make a u-turn with this thing it does not allows easy but we're gonna make you have it there we go there's our chance Lobos advance football people oh my god something had tripped me dude here we go for traffic break it up are you gonna escape the tornado right now we're about to find out dude we let you just plaintiff blow up right now I'm gonna have to patch it up banjee damage that's a good file stay in the fall there's a tornado once again Johnny saw this how these women are favored today at 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. ish all right Bobby let's go my BF voice we are getting the heck out here yo hell yeah those intense man an ordinary game with some yo lion for Dino shorty you mammals pocket bro Saban a now let's take social subscribing and turning on occasion bro Jacob if it's already here down there Toronto way to look for that her on accessing here get out of that game in Shanthi guerrilla zone once again everyone watching the stream here hundred something people watching hiccup so much for watching today man I haven't been streaming too much on YouTube by do stream on facebook a little should not dare you mess it up big time guys I do daily GTA streams on favor now for my theater page there's an Alvaro page you guys do yeah until eat what I gotta find a lining so why not the best 98 maybe it'll be okay oh there we go they're gonna be fine there you go that's not bad okay we're gonna fast forward a couple hours and see the weather the hospital [Applause] and yellow right at the city now and it's pretty peaceful lawyer just fat port-au-patois let's see how it's looking good Oh clear skies everything looking great while I'm at it I'm gonna get us a nice car go for a quick spin just to industry what kind of car am I getting messy look at this Camaro dude this thing does wheelies guys last man's pages I went into a really good let's make it do why one's got a wheelie I have no idea maybe I'd nicest suit to hold out that's true because I know this car simple do some crazy me what's wrong with this car man maybe because the streets are wet let's try it again that's right there you go oh my god it is destroyed guys well I hope y'all enjoyed this game tonight is a racing stream on Facebook so major guys come through we're gonna be raising the fastest cars in the world on Facebook live tonight at 6 p.m. Central Time see y'all there take your phones for watching peace out guys and