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Living on the Edge! [Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows]

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played by Shia LaBeouf hell yeah I read the book and I watched the movie it's good stuff how does this Dec beat ting Craster probably more of heck silence and mind control it doesn't hence why it's not a Tier one deck actual cannibal of Shia LaBeouf when you're walking through the woods Shia LaBeouf I actually don't really know that song but I know it's a thing yeah you don't be a deck that has you tink mastered and you know and and all that good stuff but god I wonder if the wrath is a good keep is it good to keep against rogues it could be a good keep against drugs it doesn't answer henge Klan thug swipe answer is ahead you Klan thug you know we're gonna toss it all we're gonna toss it all it seems like a good way to beat this deck is if you get the four mana the predatory instincts and get like a big grizzly out and then like keep your summoning them oh yeah you can beat it with Floop that's very true actually sorry I forgot to mention that you if you want to if you know what class has hexes and stuff like that I guess you can always hold out for Floop I think we do just want to keep drawing cards here i misspelled stone okay we got the predatory instincts that's nice now we just need to not draw both Grizzlies and we'll be fine it does suck to hit like you have a whole turn without doing anything just to play this but we have 42 health right now so that's okay lol Ally that was me guess that's one way to hard count for counterfeit egoriy OGG yeah I don't know I feel like worried yeah oh we actually oh my god okay no we're fine well GG's yeah that was I haven't played this deck much but that was kind of fun to do I'm not gonna lie I'm sorry you made me look for this song now the whole song what sometimes I feel like those are devs our hearts stuck wait wait they said that warriors the fourth best class when is she using heal druid I am using heal drew it yes we got a hope that we'd can survive I don't I hope they don't play SAP we do have double witching hour which is like pretty dope it's a bit greasy if they have SAP it could just be gg they do sometimes they do sometimes they don't oh that's so upsetting okay not not every rogue plays it I swear I've got I've had a ton that don't oh dear I mean I could technically like double kill this but then I seventy nine ten nah I think you just play this I can even heal I could heal and because I feel like if I get double witching hour off I might I might be able to win now naturally he'll just have the second SAP why not toss the other grizzly first then because you wanted to play like if he didn't have SAP which some of them definitely don't have SAFF then you wanted the most stats on the board and in that situation have him give him the hardest time getting through it 13 not dead Oh interesting that definitely kills me right yeah we could play this instead of the two Grizzlies it's looking bad though it's looking bad just crystallizer kappa are we just dead we might be hold on we got seven 12:3 probably probably just done but if by some stretch of the imagination we're not dead then witching hour again will be amazing if the to six lives but we might just be okay I read it on board this is eight nine ten twelve thirteen it probably has to go like these two but then when it gets bounced though something gets bounced if he wants to use his weapon he goes here it's probably got it we're not dead on board right we're not dead on board okay now we just need to get some heal because we could just die – like burden from his hand so if by some stretch of the imagination we get through this turn we really need to find some healing cards but then we don't want to not get our second witching hour from this I'm dead think I'm dead no not dead I'm almost dead oh my god did he miss the attack oh my god that one got bounced hey oh yeah he didn't attack with that one right her murdered okay he did you said he did you sweets should I bump it oh it should have faced us this one instead oh I should have faced us this one instead whoops that would have given me – crap crap I got excited not faceless varriya I know whoopsies whoopsies my bad my bad my bad I got excited about another taunt and I didn't think about it further whoops oh well it's not going to cost us the game Kappa I know what you want to swipe I don't know which one to swipe I don't know I guess white could go off on the 8th floor huh okay we could have traded the two six in and shed and gone Facebook free I'm aware of this guys we need a health we just need a health card give me a health card please being at five is giving me massive anxiety okay those are Molly grosses those around Alex oh God 9 10 11 12 13 do I just Alex myself and go face probably probably play crystallizer I have a hard time believing I wouldn't be dead if I go 15 here now the question is is what do we want to I suggest we could play crystallize or two I don't see any reason not to you can trade here and here and then just go faced with all of them we could just go face with everything now I kind of like clearing these things probably should have done it the other way round for the that probably doesn't matter they don't played they don't play phantom knives but we could have gone the one healthier and then the two two there and I have it be it for health but you know it's fine okay guys Visser rates are out Avista rates are out he could have gotten the three the draw three be zero but that's okay phantom knives is eleven they don't play fan they don't play fan unless they're taking it in for like token druids or something oh yeah honest yeah fan would do eleven damage this is very true it would it would okay sap is a card but it's not good enough oh my god okay living at one okay again we definitely probably could have been made some better trades that game and coffees the fargöth but we learn we learn from our mistakes we're learning this deck that Vargas swipe oh hey guys thank you so much for checking out this video if you'd like to see more content from me you can check out some of my stream highlights from twitch over here and if you'd like to get to know me a little bit more maybe outside of gaming you can check out my vlogs over here if you haven't already made sure to subscribe and thank you again for watching this video bye guys