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Let's Play World Of Warcraft #175: Four Tanks And A Healer!

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Finishing up our attempt with Ahune the Frost Lord doesn’t go as well as we’d hoped. First up we try a four tank group, then swap around a few builds and have another bash, but it seems it’s just not meant to be. On the plus side, it’s was highly entertaining and isn’t one we’ll forget in a hurry!

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hey folks it's RIT guy here how you doing welcome back to world of warcraft now we've had a drink and a bite to eat we can continue on with our tale we had met up with Khadgar and he had teleported us back to Draenor which is what Outland used to be yes we had gone back in time I have not if this is gonna work or not one healer and four tanks it's gonna take a while to take this boss down I should think I'm gonna sit down and have bite to eat second probably got time I'm hoping I've got time if this doesn't work I think we might have to fully go through it like a couple of random groups or something right let's take you down and are we gonna start – all of the bosses that it doesn't matter what level we are the boss should be roughly two levels above whatever we are and it doesn't matter what doesn't matter what level you are you can justify we can join with such a very brief look why we've got so many people here in this group able to do this over there that one right see I'm slowly bring your knees down I've just got to have faith in at my healer could have complete faith in oh wow I've also need to do some of my own healing target that does help and you got to stay away from the ice spike and she's a target only way from the ice spikes there heal myself up a little bit that this is still gonna prove very very interesting I said send Leakey come and heal the crowd she hasn't played the meter for about three years so she can't really play as a healer either but we've got like if we're not able to do it like this what we might instead have to do is join a random group someone like to split it up into two separate groups here and then it slowly stay away from these ice spikes there seems to be alright which for me is alright because everything is instant cast but I don't know what little Scott is having to do with it okay bring these down very fast and straight into him go for frozen core we've got to bring down that frozen core as rapidly as we possibly can I'm gonna use everything that I can do that I don't have any other abilities to use and how do you reducing the damage no I don't do that keep going just keep hitting him we've got him down a bit we got him down more than we did last time at least that that is a step in the right direction keep it going Owen will resurface soon right nothing to attack okay now we can move back over this way wah-ha-ha-ha nice right o'night males don't take that one down there and start throwing nice oh we got it down that way I got to make sure that I also heal myself up a bit to help out because you can't expect little Scott to do everything alright if you're expecting to how to do everything she's gonna struggle so we've got to help out as well it's the only way we're gonna make this work take those okay yeah this is actually I think we're gonna do all right because we got so many tanks we're keeping the damage away from her and that's the that is the crucial bit right now is to make sure that I you know I I made him steak there I should have kept that cool down when I was going into fights I heard himself get that one up but you know we're doing all right going okay here not doing all right by staying on those ice spikes I got to watch those I'm doing bad on that that that is something that I need to work on right the ice spikes are causing problems move over here a little bit and bring down I spiked and then away from it if I stay away from these ice spikes be good your bowl has got a fair little group over here I'm gonna help him out a second let's see I got a minute and twenty left on that book stay away from that one there and go for heal that and heels I can do right in defensive diminish he's gone we need to take these little skirts about the guy keep Lille Skutt alive I want to do that I'm going to do that I'm gonna heal up and then I'm going straight in for him bring him down this this is where it gets got me while typing run if you see the spike Ghost Rider is down I will soon resurface we we've we've done better than meeting fast attack face we're down to 79 percent uh-oh he's terrible he's genuinely awful right doesn't really work with 4 DB over 4 tanks we need DPS that's what we're gonna need now is we go we're gonna need to DPS or something they actually make this work properly a little bit of DPS I do that a second and get me some heels there live mill Scott we need you to stay alive all depending on you the rest of us are just that the rest of us are expendable right like that I'll do that there we go I'm healed and I think the girls got guilt me at the same time oh that's because everybody else skate everybody else is dead and dying and I do that I can't I'm too late right this is not going to work I think we're gonna need to split the group up a bit this isn't gonna work and I have fallen I have fallen as well right after a little while we have finally managed to get this right I'm hoping we will see 12 hours come on as DPS see ya over there we got little scut playing as DPS me Ghost Rider will try and tank and Bowmore is going to hopefully be able to keep us all alive wish us the best of luck okay we'll try this out a little bit we got little Scott and si are doing serious DPS and we got Ryder doing tanking and we've got Bowmore doing the healing so I'm hoping that we will be able to take this down too much trouble I mean this one's going down idiot he's going down but I don't know how fast we're supposed to be able to do this so I've got no idea if we're actually doing a really good job or not though people wait and tell I'm just going to eat a second it's not much of a buff that I've got there but at least it's something it might help out a little bit and as soon as I've done that we're going there and we'll start the ice stone ah we ready I fell over right hope you ready we have started there we go Ryder is kick-started there is a hoon we don't want him and we can leave him alone four minutes and it's that dude over there that the way you want to bring down let's go for it let's do this thing ladies and gentlemen we are going to bring them down I got to stay off those oh that I got to remember to stay off the ice spikes as long as I can stay off the ice spikes will be doing fine I got a look on the floor to see where the ice spikes are and make sure I stay away from it and there's another ice spike down there stay away from the ice spikes keep away from all of the ice spikes there it's not we are actually bringing down these ads nice and fast now that's a good thing it's a very good thing coming down look at this he's going like that and I got more of them down over there an issue of like this and I just need to its I need to bring all of them in on to me I need to just focus their damage on to me and not worry about the rest okay like this so long as they're attacking me that's a good thing I have to have complete faith in bo more this time don't try any help out or anything I need to focus on I do have some things that I can help out with a little bit from time to time but mostly I want to avoid doing that oh it's well at least it throws me out of the way that is a good thing okay hoon is going to drop below the surface in a minute and we go like that retreats these defensive diminish thank you right and I want to go for that ice court up their rights start working on this keep all of them coming in I got the cold waves on me anyway as long as we can keep moving on this there keep them coming down keep them going down we need this one tip we need all the DPS to focus on the frozen core it looks like we have got the DPS here but down we've lost 10% on this you will soon reset and he's back up again and right back out over here right he's army lil Scott is taking damage don't die little Scott's stay alive he's strong I've complete faith in you move over here you've got to gotta move it away once those things sort of come down you've only got to move a little wait stay out of the weather that's all I gotta do I'm straight I'm stayin alive like this and I want to do that to help out my healer friends because this is this is where we need it this is where we've got to have all of the abilities that stay in that which is too poor a work there bring that one down I got crosswinds over there Oh Oh over here you lot all you stay on me yeah I need to get them all in here I need to have all of these attacking me like this helping out with the heels I've got a sort of watching it's it's this whole frantic thing with a dungeon you've got to watch everything and that's part of what makes it so much fun is you do have to keep watching and everything you've got to be really aware of what everybody else is doing and what you doing as well and and I would assume that if I was to go with the top level group it would be fairly straightforward because you'd have like people who have got amazing amazing gear and everything else and so they kind of out here the whole experience whereas it's a little bit more tricky for us okay hoon has retreated so we need to we need to go after this I need to go after him over here go straight onto here will leave me here I've got all of these ads on here as well but we need to focus on that frozen core we need to bring that down do the damage on the frozen core yeah we got we've got the damage on here we're down to 80% we're still alive we're doing well like that I'm going to do that so I can maybe do a little bit more damage to it gonna help right if we go back through it all again long this takes forward margaery a you great routes a who night hailstone you will Parrish right here let me just help out with the healing in little bits I do have some abilities that I can use to help out the healing this is this is getting tricky it's genuinely getting tricky now let's do that one so that I've got a little bit less going after me we've got felt waves over here babes over here Lille Skutt is taking a bit of a beating there I need to try and get these off of her but you keep them off of her need to help with my own heals this business where it's getting more tricky all right with all these yeah Sophie here Oh terrible how are we gonna do it I don't know I really don't know going it's just just sort of keep spamming all of my abilities I don't even know what I'm doing anymore I don't even know what I'm doing anymore keep them going they'll Scott oh she's made it I thought she was gonna die I thought mill Scott was gonna die I really did I thought she'd had it I've just about had it I'm gonna I'm gonna put a healing potion right there and put down some more of this and go there to get him yeah these guys away from home or I've got to keep them off of him a home retreats Hearn has retreated their load Morris is still doing all right I'm gonna heal up like that and they're right you you guys come with me we need to we need to be working on this frozen core over here keep coming over to me and keep working on the frozen core at the same time like that yeah we'll soon resurface I'm gonna do that there we go all right he's resurfacing okay we're still doing it we're still alive back over here like hailstones go with that one there and then I need to start working on all of this look I need to keep these cold waves out to the bit so they've got to stay away from Rome or they've got to stay away from bone ball like this I just need to keep the AO ease on ground if I can keep them on me then none of the others are going to have to worry about that's what I got to do if I can keep them on me then we're all good to go pick that one yeah that's what I've got to do that's really not what I'm going to do you down another of the AO ease down on the floor like that I will put a health potion in there it's no oh you soul stone use your soul stone bring that one down and use up those use that healing vocals down we have failed the frost Lord has won oh well that was fun right that is our attempt at a hoon the frost Lord all over and done with we are unfortunately not able to do it as a group at the moments it doesn't mean to say that we won't be able to do these sorts of things in the future and we will hopefully be able to try and do these sorts of things in the future but right now it's it was a no-go um so yeah I am hoping that there will be more videos in the future that have us as a guild group doing a whole load of things together because it is a lot of fun and that's why we've got the guild here in the first places of try it I'm a next week when I do my next recording session I made sure all that one's ready to go I may actually try and do a just do a run of the frost Lord anyway just to sort of see what the dungeon is like and see what it's like to get the thing down we're going in here think you can help us catch some fish around here anything biting so we got our black water whip tail egg these will do nicely grande orleans thank you let's complete that one right I yeah I got more snowballs that people have been throwing at me pack of fishing supplies has open this one up we got some silver we got primal spirit we got swiftness potion increase running speed by 50% 15 seconds very nice abyssal gulper eel baked nice polished skull max stack size one right well that one's gonna have to be sold because this stack size is really big really small rather increase the chance we're abyssal gulper eels that's good we want those we've got the dungeon over here I've got most of the pets in there although you know III do think that I should go and get a pet we'll have a look at that in a minute right finalized garrison Platz right there time for an upgrade I got my new mine open here Luna full excavation level 2 absolutely fantastic and I've got a whole load of stuffs in here I all go and grab a pet later I will take a pet out of the bank later right now we're gonna run through the mine again and we're gonna grab everything out of here and I'm very much aware that as soon as I've run through the mine and there's gonna be about all I'm gonna do for this week's recording session and then I'll be back for the next one which should be in a few minutes time into a video and I'll be running through here again make no apologies that we need to work the mine while we can with the ore must flow the spice must flow ladies and gentlemen the spice must flow and there's a new thing that we get in here a new secret extra price I'm not sure what the secret X right the minecart see these are the new bits you get frontal spirits to get Blackrock we get some our kills you fragments from in here that one an miners coffee this is brilliant it increases your run speed in here it's all bound so it's not something that we gonna want to keep but we're able to run a little bit faster which is really handy when you're running around in the mind as it is a very very useful thing so we go and grab that bit right there and we run onto that one there and we run on around the corner so you do you get the those mining things and we're starting to gather up more bits of all sorts and there is a third shaft that opens up in here as well later on so that'll be another one that we want to do but yes we absolutely do intend to do more things as a kit well I intend for us to do more things out the guild I really like doing stuff as a guild it's great fun and yeah it might take me a while to cut and edit out the videos because there's a lot of stuff that we did then that we would just kind of stood around we were waiting and so on and so forth and but it's fun it's it is a lot of fun we've got a faded note there does it say anything I know it doesn't say anything that it's not soul bound right the fade it notes we're gonna have to gather up as many of it wait there's another one there's another or old they're right there next to my I thought the minecart was actually showing up on the thing but it's not and you get that one there and that one there you do get a nice lot of XP from going and doing all the mining as you run through the mine which is beneficial but all this sort of results in and ultimately is that we end up not being able to do all that many zones here in Draenor so I'm sort of thinking that with other characters that we do come through with we'll end up doing like we will do it slightly differently we'll well we'll focus on other zones at least because we're already on level 94 and we're not even halfway through shadow moon I don't think because I've been doing stuff all around the garrison there is so much to do with the garrison that I I'm quite happy to do that I do think that it is quite okay to just focus on doing the garrison stuff at the moment because there's so much stuff in here and there's so many different things and you got like a whole load of different events that happen in the garrison things like that and it just ends up being a huge amount of fun working just on the garrison bit alone so we will do that and what I'm thinking is as well I have up until well that like about a month ago well when I started doing the garrison I have sort of I've not said when I'm doing one recording to the session to the next you all know now that I do all of my weekly recording in one big wallet in one big recording session which is what we've done now and I'm gonna keep doing that that's that's going to be my way of doing it because of the way that I edit the videos and so on so you all know all about this but know that the thing is with it is that I'm going to just go into here a minute and I've create all of those that's all of the stone used up and I'm sort of thinking that each recording session even after I leave Draenor I will still start in garrison and we can run round and can do a few of the dailies that are in here very quickly it won't take very long to sort of go through and we just like pick up the stuff in there we can go and have it we got that oh I can't get the guild bank until I've upgraded that one work orders over here I can make more of them now with the true iron if I go into here there gearspring parts I can make one of those may also create sorceress firing err additional parts but it only makes one lot of gearspring parts I'm actually better off to go over to help you her and use her to make them generate a shipment of gearspring parts oh I've got all of them I've already generated all of the work orders that I have with this particular one so I am gonna need to do it with this one here creates you can only make one that makes me for gearspring parts yeah that got me a little bit more I also got some sorceress air and sorceress fire and those are not sold out those are more things that we want to be gathering up but yeah the gearspring parts right there their soul bounds which is a little bit unfortunate you don't really want them to be so but I mean yeah that it's a it's a crucial engineering thing so we're gonna want to hold over them and I'm just gonna go and have a look in here we've got a couple more of them I can pick up that's right let's go back in here running through here we've got our table up here we've got the three completed missions 100% chance doing that one mission success 500 XP and we've got the talisman of true treasure seeking we'll have a look at that later 75% chance right there we failed that mission we didn't get it so yet the 100 base XP but you don't get the additional reward 90% chance here for the three and we have got that one unfortunately so we get the 300 XP from there and we get the additional 300 XP which is giving us a level up which is awesome and now we've we can take the long time gloves the 10-hour ones right here see that one there which gains us some extra garrison resources that ones general archaeology bits through follow a mission there three follow our mission here 600 XP an additional 600 XP so if I go like that and then I can drop in the low ones there's an 83% chance she doesn't actually gain as much we don't want her going on this mission room is Christo and we want to take her and Delbert Ironfist 100% chance start out mission so that's going to that'll be ready for when we Nix come back one follower one three one one okay that these are all one followers a three follow our mission there but you can't send off a mission unless you've actually got all the positions filled and I don't have that number of followers wait a minute if we've gotten in if we are we able to go and get someone from that no and they're not the end the gap the garrison wasn't it no wait down in there are we able to get some for me I don't know if we can at the moment or if this is something that we've got to wait for until later and I know that there are ways to do it right what are you having bodyguard miniaturization I don't want that yeah there's nobody else in here right so we don't have any additional bonuses in there so what we'll do is we will just go straight back up into here we need to do more adventuring around Draenor so that we can get some more followers that's how you get the followers so that the more adventuring we can do the better there's no rewards for that so we'll just go for a single follower go that one that's four hours right there and we can use artificial all right there it's gonna get us 50 journal clans archaeology fragments that's great daddies and we've got one follower at mission now look through them all – oh there's a – follower one there one follower mission what is this oh that's a timed one cent it's a 58 percent chance to get that because she's only 91 and that's 92 and we need to level her up a bit so one that's 300 XP on that one that's 200 that's 200 on that one that's a three follower mission though right well I'll go with that one Cooling's of unusual size right there and I'll go to there so I got a 62% Chan not much but the base XP 200 XP is not bad so take that and then we get the extra additional bit as well right there's everything that I want to do at the moment I think Oh come out around here and we will gather up a magical new completely full garrison cache of 500 resources and then we'll wander back inside again just like this and lo and behold we have three completed missions how ever did that happen in such a short space of time we failed that one that one has failed completely we get 200 from there and then roll caught on here hundred percent chance that one we've done he's leveled up excellent delve our has levelled up and we also get that we get another 600 X futures leveled up both of the other two as well it's fantastic daddies and we got that one we now got exploration mission specialist achieved and we go into here we've got 50 Draenor archaeology fragments there we go right there was a congratulations from – well thank you very much mr. turbo complete a garrison exploration mission uh there was a person that we went and seen and I need to find him a minute because he's he's very important and there was a space of reference which I completely missed I had no clue about its reference I think it's over with the fishing huts which is over this site straight up over and down here is it to do with its fishing huts there's someone over here no it's not to do with the fishing huts right this is the dude that I was looking for is not over in the fishing thing at all is over here and it's as a reference and I had no clue well we're gonna have to put a stop to it now for a little while folks because I'm getting a bit parched I'm also a bit peckish so I'm going to have a bite to eat a little bit to drink and then we can continue onwards in the meantime if you've enjoyed this episode then please head down below and give us a like and if you really enjoyed it then please tell your friends all about me get them to come watch as well that would be awesome and until next time thank you very much for watching this regard goodbye and see you later you