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KSI Opens FIFA 19 TOTY Packs!!

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before nineteen pax pax FIFA 19 FIFA 19 pax 3 for 19 pax this is what you want to lose each other and I mean I haven't been able to even prepare myself because apparently 100k packs are open or available I don't know all right we got like 46,000 points remaining let's see what we get guys oh he's Greek so you know he's probably not gonna be good yep whoa wasted my money quick so all of them 125 cape axe ladies and gentlemen Louis Gustavo place is more fucking money you know a game is bad when you don't actually play the game for the main reason it's a game like I'm playing the game for something that's a byproduct of the fucking game the gameplay or FIFA is trash but I don't even want to touch it I haven't touched it yet I've let you just download it FIFA I've started opening packs that's it thank you Simon told me that aren't in 25k bytes were out all right cool let's check this out then and I'm getting fucking dog white like this is how I fucking do this just so shit move to quit so oh thank you come on give me a team in a fucking year or season team of the year it says team of the year I should be able to read I should learn to read move on I don't Chelsea these are 125k packs I dunno they were so insane BAM I'd spent almost 300 pounds getting fifa points for this fucking shit and I'm getting William Cobb audio the fuck farm don't tell me it's fabrigazi are you fuckin I mean I'm literally flushing money down the toilet ah what the fuck man why is he coming out like he he's sick I don't want you I can the dang puncher k-pax would go in minutes 125 cabe packs left I'm literally just wasting my time doing this honor it's just what you wanted this is what you guys have been so excited for Lucas Leiva nigga was in Liverpool and he was trashed there as well a hundred 25 cap light what's not pin to FIFA borough this oh my god this is so pointless this is actually tragic Wow am I really gonna spend more money because I can't buy any more fucking ultimate facts anymore 125 capex I'm not buy more people points why am I doing this to myself I hate my life this game just makes me depressed as soon as I downloaded this game my life just spiral downwards instantly this game is trash and I haven't even played the game yet what is this mine who the fuck are you much what's up with these dead beard is wrong it's got a slit in the middle lady you just fuck up didn't bother fuck up the shape up or some shit can someone tell me who he is all this trash what are you doing what are you doing you let that come up it you look like a muffin look at your hairstyle you're dumb as fuck stop flexing then get that shower face man what a dumb cunt whose fucking smile do you think anyone smiles when they get you know Thomas Rib early date 78 face nigga you slow down what the hell happens game is fucking wank this game is fucking one fucking hate I hate it so much I hate this game I hate it I hate it so much fuck fucking crash oh my god alright let's go let's go yes 500 pounds and you get fucking trashed whoa what's the point in this game this game is that you made to steal your money there was no enjoyment there's no enjoyment in this why do people like this I brought my head with a fucking brick wall and play this game and I haven't even played the game well da da you did it you got me in your shitty little trap I mean you lost ah Who am I gonna get surely not a team of 200 even know how to run is your running walking fast this is the fucking DD fuck off I know it's you you're still fucking white bro don't look at yourself thinking you'll see you fucking wanker wanker won't stain everything is trash how can you be a team of the week what's wrong fuck this game I've done the place no place fucking trash fuck this game I haven't smashed a controller in years ladies and gentlemen in dears I haven't even played the fucking game and I smashed it what does that fucking say what fucking say fuck off there's been a boy here sigh fucking downstairs again a fucking new battery that's wrong fine ah man fuck you where's my controller now oh my god John when I don't say that the venomous lower the seat to the