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GTA 5 Mods – Jeffy is in a VIDEO GAME mod!!! Jeffy made his way to a video game with “Daddy” aka Mario. This is just one of the weirdest mods I’ve ever done.

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welcome back to another GTA 5 video and today we have Jeffy now what you see on the screen here is Mario because Mario is part of the chappie thing now I watched a few episodes on this Jeffy dude I don't really know what I was watching wasn't bad but it really wasn't good and it was just like what is this if his two puppets Mario's Papa daddy as he calls them and then we got Jeffy alright a Jeff Benson Jeffy's and Eddie I don't know what's wrong with Japanese anything's wrong with Jeff but Jeff he's full-blown stupid he's like dumb idiot alright and if particular pencil that I am sorry but I we got daddy here yeah and then we got Jeffy Jeff II get out the car you're not driving we're on top of the building don't ask every guy up here things happen Jeff you get out the car Jeffy get out of the car you can't even see over the steering wheel you're not going up the side I mean what Mitch okay you're gonna die Jesse I can see perfectly over the stairwell daddy I can see I'm going right up the side closes door I need to close the door close the door alright I'll go I'll go off with I'll do it I'll do it what the door open I'm going Oh God do it alright maybe this is a little scary alright this is a little scary but you know what you know what's scary is the way I live I'm gonna back up a little bit I'm gonna Oh God dad I'm going I'm going I'm going up god I didn't think it's over but I think that's out there Oh Danny we're okay it's a video game we're inside of a video well that was crazy we should do that again since it's a video game and we live forever dad come on down it's everything he's gonna be okay you're not gonna die it I'll take the elevator it's just a video game just come on what he sent you yes you did it it's so fun right okay oh it's okay it's okay she's video game you're still living that that I forgot okay my dad my dad my dad are there just help him up the fuck up yeah yeah go that way no no no no no no no no sir Sir now they came back this way what do you do what do you do and leave he's back this way okay that's it that's it you tell my dad yeah okay god this is just a video Jeffie hey buddy no no right here buddy where you ready – right here you idiot I'm right here yes it is just a video game you got a pixel up your nose it's just what the heck are you done right here you got a diaper out you stupid don't call me stupid daddy now I know this is a video game but you died cuz you're weak in the video game alright let's do some other crazy stuff because it's just video game ah let's see yeah it's just a video game what do you think we should still a car I'll beat these idiots up over here me stupid punch the middle space daddy I hear singing daddy I want you to find a car uh yeah you find some still it it's a video game don't take this like real life alright video game alright anyways now I'm gonna come home I'm gonna do I'll be back daddy huh yeah take that car right there I don't know where that idiot ran off to but I gotta steal the car I gotta do the dirty work I know this video game but honestly dying and going to prison in a video game isn't too much fun nobody's looking around right nobody's looking around whether this thing I'm getting you got a jiffy oh god I'm sitting in the floorboard Jeffrey I'm in the floorboard a kid's oh look block and see now I got a bike I like truck those ones playing an adapt come on get this thing up I can't say I'm in the black can't see I'm in the bike I'm in the bike I can see I can't see I can't see okay okay stop can't see can see that was a little weird that was Rick Perry good least I didn't hit nothing daddy oh wait he's party in the car spray in the car step step dad stop it's me to show it's your child stupid stupid stop stop I'm excited stop is a video game I'll kill you but I dad I'll see you when you come out the hospital again you idiot I told you I was stronger than you in the game Oh where'd he go he's just he's probably back in hospital daddy-san touch you ain't gonna beat me in a fight I'm stronger so much I told you ain't gonna beat me in all right hey all right now let's go do something crazy we tried there I was shooting people if I had done that before what do you say we go get on top of another building and do some crazy yeah I know we already did that but it wasn't cool cuz she wasn't with me alright we're just gonna go do that be right back I'm gonna be in a car I'm gonna get a car professionally better than you stupid how about the car how about the car nothing I'm getting sad daddy I'm gonna decide I don't wanna die I don't want to die pump it up and down go come on come on what the heck you're sending a little too low on the car daddy alright guys if you're wondering what the theme of this is and what the heck why am i calling Mario daddy and stuff like that well go watch a few Jeffie episodes on youtube and you'll know what I'm talking about okay now that we're out of there daddy yeah let's see what's the rules that's a good building right there where'd it jumped off that one board Oh daddy daddy let's get on the crane daddy alright daddy here's the thing I still got this gunner man brush it in have in my hand but just the case anything goes south we will need this alright yeah we're gonna have to creep up to the crane here and there's some workers over here we could kill them we could kill him well what's the fun in that we're gonna try to be sneaky come on daddy let's just go be sneaky don't make any sudden movements run dad what are you doing there's the letter the letter I don't think they see a steady Oh daddy we got a long way to go oh we got a long way to go hey boy who's that that oh the slide sick daddy daddy where are you I'll see you at the bottom of core to the top arms hurt but I'll make it to the top oh god this is getting scary up here I'm super high up I'm extremely half and I got a gun maybe I should put the gun away but I'm gonna put the gun away cuz the gun is cool I've had the gun in real life but I got in this video game see ya I'm gonna jump up know where you are I got a parachute it's okay it's just a game it's just the game is just broke my neck daddy I don't know where he is I think you fell up earlier I heard him scream okay I'm in it to the top I'm warrior daddy daddy Oh daddy Oh your daddy's daddy you idiot I kid you not make it I guess he just figured maybe ya just died because he was getting too tired all right well uh I guess I'll see you at the hospital there's my stupid kid my video game kid that is Jeffy put the gun away brother Oh son not brother that just that don't make any sense but the gun away you're out in the civilized world you got a pencil up your nose and the guns a little too much yes I felt my but honestly I knew out respond so we're all good anyways ah take that thing out of your nose man you know maybe you've been living on the edge a little too much maybe I need to do something crazy what are you saying under some crazy just jumpy this is what code you're not against me on your dad Jeffy if y'all run you over check out one you over to little kid you stupid idiot Jeffy yeah Jeffy Jeff you're gonna respond you still feel you're the one that told me is the video game uh-huh you know Knights fake blood Jeffy nice fake blood maybe I'm gonna have to die to die stop hey all right Jeffy I'll see you at the hospital they're gonna take care of some gangster business Jeffy just be back in a minute don't sue me this time you idiot I'm your dad and you wanna play games with me oh no baby I am shot up a few times you can see daddy I got destroyed I'm back daddy would you think about that cool some shootout we had it was awesome right do it but y'all do it on your seven minutes and gave even characters daddy that was awesome we should do this more often though which definitely do this more often what do you think hey hey don't be getting mad at me all right shoot you again what are y'all doing over here what are y'all doing over here Jeff II don't approve Jeff P does not approve I'll put you in your leg he's stupid yeah take that to your daddy yeah okay daddy you're just gonna sit there I'll sell this ambulance I'll still say me let's and run everybody over I'm gonna run everybody over daddy all right guys if this was definitely oh god oh god this was definitely the weirdest mod that I've ever done and if you know who Jeffy is and you know all about it and I did a good job let me know in the comments below don't forget to drop that like subscribe if you are new wend I will see you guys in the next video