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Is That A THIRD Brawl? How-To-Trigger-Thijs 101..

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Deckcode: 26 April – Miracle Chef Nomi Priest

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I dream your dreams our means but uh we wanna ban the winner it is so sick eighty-eight and 69% bin rates damn let's go next no ice next and next day as well that's what did you think of the rules today I didn't watch and all the Michos I'm happy Bernie made it true I see a lot of people's are joining over from the World Championship welcome everyone in this stream circle can be good but only if you have cleric cleric with um with ball pyro is super strong I'm thinking of coining I collide into a collide here so yeah I've been playing a lot of know me priests I climb from 2k for this rang with no me priests I think we just know double acolytes here thanks you're sloppy motifs bent in a play Harsin channel what switch emote of me is band are demanding ties emotes really my emo someone donated $2 good morning kolento your place are sick as always pleasure to watch you every morning pretty good draw okay he probably goes second pick here but they got the second deck a lot going oh is it that Oh then might ice ass is probably bad I think I want to go here already using trading cards says mother you think it's the best egg that can hit hi legend um temple rock temple rock is the best HTT is over time for more ties yay good to see you a flavor frame yeah I really wanted to do also stream today I know I was kind of streaming also during the play hearthstone but I really wanted to also do a stream today I am leaving tomorrow I think I will also do a tomorrow little stream and afterwards I'm I am going myself to the World Championship so if you are at the World Championship make sure to come and say hi hey Clarence could see you how about barely and barely I most fun it was super fun I was two days in Berlin and uh mainly there with the opening of the new g2 office and practice area super awesome to meet like all the other teams meet all the people we had a super nice day we had a fancy dinner we had a great party so it was all pretty good pretty awesome actually okay let's start the drawing three okay we got the chef now we can overthrow if we want astaizu priest did you meet him CS go team yes I did I met shops Kenny all others yes the spider thing auctioneer anyway almost there no shops I actually met jokes as well the LCS caster it was kind of funny because we we both were like speaking like semi dutch she's actually she's not from from Netherlands both from Belgium we might want to go with one of the senses here one draw first action your draw no I don't like it it's kind of good if we draw the LA Zoo no we cannot use an Ursa you know you can only use it on Napoleon's minion let's only use one just in case you never know like this is game winning but maybe he gets like an finish randomly oh you can speak same language how can that be difficult for you well I never speak Dutch anymore she never speaks Dutch anymore we both speak speak a little bit of German and then we also talk in English so it goes like three languages in between feels Europe man wait you can speak English dance timeout for 10 minutes yeah next time we go no me like this guy this sounds pretty good there we go oh I take this you take that easy easy the stake is sick damn we just keep farming the ropes guys gonna play pyro and through stereo no Devils verse okay here's the warrior guys let me prove you this a good matchup okay I'm gonna prove it shall bring victory welcome home Thais how are you doing good shams thank you for asking happy to be home again with you even though I was only not streaming for one day guys I was missing you keep them front and say there's a bad matchup it's pretty fine this mess if it's fine it's not an easy matchup but it's fine it's what makes the matchup heart is if they have doctor boom on seven that makes them at you very hard because then they all these mechs are adding rush and they can certainly like cheese and know me away like the thing is what you need to make sure guys is that your deck is empty at turn nine you need to go no me on turn on don't do it later you have to go super fast never tempo play cleric well I see a lot of people mistaking in this matchup they tempo play choleric they tempo play pyro they play it like a temple priest we are not a temple priest that's he we can debate of role maybe I want at least rub one there because this is not a very great auctioneer so and I don't want to make removals – good boy boom okay that's pretty tough neither cheap spell now spell not that because I can't use that I can mass hysteria here it's pretty good such a good Asteria bomb we can overthrow all because we have no me and double and double sense already so we got the cards we need all right let's go don't want to tempo play cleric don't you anything man but I go to use I'm so slow this game though silence fools circle nice yeah we can overthrow a year it's fine we got the cards we need let's move it on more need to draw two more cards we can do that easy and this is what you have to make sure guys you can't have to make sure that at turn nine you go can go no me into sense I have to silence because otherwise you can actually VAR path me by the light judicata did it then and there is brawl number one row number one roll number one pitching gone and now guys know that he has only hub of the deck gone like it's even not that likely has doubled Robert here we go second row pitching gone what means he is out of place he is out of rolls he is out of rules uh-oh he's in trouble oh my god wait what wait what this verse what hey did this guy really check for no me priest [Applause] this is this got to be a joke this guy knows huh there's got to be a joke and also guys he needs to have them all in the top 15 of the deck well there's also like it's not dead likely you have both roles already being thrown here and dr. bloom I can't believe this I am just losing guys to that now he just knew he just knew he just knew huh I'm out okay that was not funny so that's the turd brawl huh oh that triggers my chest now I'm slightly triggered