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what's up guys nepenthez here and welcome to another FIFA 19 video EA have released a brand new team with a week some really nice players in there including some high rated players as you can see on the screen right now Kimmage la la company Gomes brand has odd Verna Fernandes for rating Santa Mina is wrong not too bad for a ting that team of earner Eden has obviously looked like good cards that Bruno Fernandez looks like a sensational card but what I'm most interested in is the end of an e record that they've given us is that prime goal players you know I might have to open those that don't have much in the club so I think we are gonna go through those 12 of them to try and get as many a-three a-four a-five to do the end of it they also gave a UCL premium upgrade which I'm not doing they're just not great value for coins are they maybe I'll do some tomorrow I don't know but what they have given us guys is what appears to be a very expensive Franck Ribery end of era and the reason why I think is very expensive because there's four segments to complete now this card on the face of things is very good great pace great dribbling very good shooting and passing and very good physical stats for star weak foot which is nice by star skill moves which is absolutely ideal for the L Toronado meta but what's more important than that is what is actual in-game stats say and what is actually in game stats a are this card is pretty damn awesome pace is fantastic shooting and passing are obviously very good but can just be improved with either a marksman or a Deadeye to boost you in a passing loads or also boost that dribbling super boost those reactions and composure or the reactions anyway but with how good that dribbling is you don't really need to touch it his stamina is good his strength is very good for a player of his size his aggressions very good as well now as jumping is not great so he won't be able to get involved in the back post headers as well as others but he will be able to create the havoc to cause the back post headers because of L tornados and because of the scoop bullies and stuff he's gonna be absolutely on point for that the only thing that does worry me a little bit is that it is four segments to complete him and that requires an 86 rated squad with an in-form an 86 rated squad within form an 86 rated squad with an in-form and an 84 rated squad was to informed so 386 rated squads as good as this car these guys that is a lot of a lot that's just a lot let me go to the icons and have a look at what an 86 rated squads with an inform is currently gonna be going for and based on our 9 an 86 rated scored with only 65 chemistry which is about the same so we're about the same they although that one requires 80 chemistry we're looking at 185 case or with the chemistry restrictions we're looking at about 190 to 200 K / 86 rated squad plus an 8 you fall with 2 informs which is gonna be coming in it about 90 thousand coins it's all its honesty it's gonna come in somewhere around the 600 to 700 thousand coin mark now whilst I I will absolutely say this card is utterly bonkers it's very difficult for me to say that he's worth 600 to 700 thousand coins as an untradable card unless the packs are like 100k packs so 50k pack 55 k pack 50k back and 35 k pack it's it's it's it's this is a tough one I think III think if you've got a french-themed team this is a good card and you might want to do it but when I think about just the players are on hand if we even look at Eden Hazard you know he has a 95 rating form out right now that 95 rating form has a max bin of 91 point 6 K but his 94 ated inform which isn't too dissimilar to this card at all his Ribery cards is only 700 thousand coins tradable now obviously Ribery has a bit more pace the dribbling is basically the same the passing and the shooting is very similar the physical was where Ribery obviously comes up trumps and obviously as 4 star 5 star versus hazards 4 star 4 star but these are such similar cards the ice-truck I struggle very hard to say yes this Ribery is worth it especially if you have your eyes on like a card like Vinicius Jr's ffs card as some million coins as a tradable that's also a five star four star this river is probably a bit better in some regards although varnish this jr. is a bit taller with good jumping it is a tricky one alright what I would say about this card is that I don't actually think it's overpriced I also don't think it's good value for coins what I think cuz I go and add some fee points on I know adding three points the the the travesty what I would say about this river record is is it's not overpriced it's not a good price it is just a lot of coins for a great cause and for that reason I think that you would have to really want this Cardon and have a space for him in your team especially given the fact that team of the season is literally starting in two days time well less than less than 48 hours away now from team of the season guys right and so because of that I don't know how long that River is therefore we'll we'll go we'll go and have a brief look in a second how long that's there for let me actually gave up on of them real quick is there for two weeks so I would say walk out in the first pack that's not what I would say but I am saying that that's an informed walk out we'll straight off the bat very nice indeed argentinian goalkeeper I don't even know who that is he's an 84 isn't he five oh it's an 86 that really helps with the 86 raise quad to get an inform in there the fact that is there for two weeks do you know what that makes me personally feel that makes me feel like yes I am going to do this SBC just not today and the reason why I'm not going to do it today is because once team of the season comes the price of 86 rated squads is gonna drop dramatically a because of the number of packs that get opened and therefore the number of high rate cards that get flushed onto the market and be because team of the season cards last year some team of the seasons were 85 rated and a thief or a EE but the generic team of the season rating was 87 or higher and so if it's similar this year which I anticipate it will be the having just team of the season cards at 88 89 90 rated that will be way cheaper than the regular cards that are 88 89 90 rated right now will dramatically drop the price leaders Ribery from what I think is around 607 thousand coins down to around what I would assume would be four hundred thousand coins to luck say I I do want to do this card I don't think this is a terrible value for coin card I just don't think it's a good value for coin card I definitely want that card on my account even though I don't play on this account and this account is just full of untradable trash essentially but yeah I think I think ultimately it's worth waiting so just a couple of days to do this SBC now I know there's always some contention with the videos when I don't do the SVC card people show up to see the SVC they show up to see why you know worries and stuff and what I would always argue is that I don't understand why people get upset when I don't do the SVC because just I don't play with it but if I was a review channel as I hey guys his is card I'm not playing with it today sure I could understand that but because all we do is look at the card completely SBC segments and then open those few packs and just store the card in the club I really don't think what burning coins is is a smart thing to do with team of the season around the corner you know if I'm if I'm gonna burn coins it'll be on team of the season content and so as I say whilst I think that this Ribery card is brilliant and will go on to in and have a look at what I personally would put on him and where I would play him because you can play him in a few positions actually you complain but again it depends on your formation if you play 4-2-3-1 narrow putting him as a left cam or a right cam I think it's very small even though he's not gonna win back post headers on his end of things he'll create the back post headers but also using him as a central cam I think it's also very smart as well because he's got the 4 star 5 star because he's got the insane dribbling and shooing stats it'll be an absolute monster in that central cam spot so Dean yeh so I think I think you could play him in a few places and if you played for for 2 or 4-2-3-1 wide or four three three wide you can definitely also use him out on the wings as a as an out-and-out winger and then if you play for one two one two narrow which is also one of the popular formations I wouldn't be opposed to playing him as a striker he's rapid with insane dribbling so he be really nippy with the five stars skill moves as well was obviously fantastic it's it's not against everything to say as long as you've got a big man up with him you know a powerhouse strike that someone that's tall 511 six foot or bigger you know ran out at 62 or something like that a human sonnet six book as long as you've got someone like that up alongside him I think he'd even make a good second striker would I have a plan as a solo striker no he's way too small for that way to not week because his physicals have good enough B's jumping isn't good enough and and that's that really look after that first inform walk our thought we were gonna have some good luck we don't have some good luck so yeah I hope you guys do understand that me not doing this SBC isn't me saying this isn't a good SBC if me saying I'm gonna wait a day or two or a week even until the price of this SBC really comes down now the you see our premium upgrades of course these are these are like the 83 rated squad or whatever is yeah a through a squad for UCL common all res exactly 11 right now what you get out of this though is you get now you see all premium player from Champions League mathematics row to final all team of the tournament players so all of those new players have got released are available in this so there's actually a lot of opportunity to pack some big players out latter's that card or so you don't want that you record the Leonel Messi 99 card is in there like all of the brand new players are in there which is good but I might do a video tomorrow with maybe like 10 or 15 of these that they're usually around 80 K apiece they're usually quite cheap to start with and then they blow up or what I might do is I might build 30 or 40 of these you co upgrades and then build these as I go and maybe just do five of these I don't know we might do a video on it I'm not entirely sure but with again for just one last look at ribery in here I do believe this Franck ribéry card is fantastic I like it a lot I really do like it a lot and I've been a big fan of ribery over the years as well you know I like that's why it's a car that I probably would just want in the account to get his loan is only an 83 rated score that's not too bad at all was that like a 25k squad these days for for the card but it's going to bin guys and have a look at his SVC and his his price so he's not coming in anywhere yeah the first squad is coming in at 220 so like I said you're gonna be hitting 200k give or take for the three squads here and then they've got a hundred and forty four K for this squad I don't think that's necessary I think that'll be down at like 110 maybe 100k but 700 or so thousand coins maybe 800,000 coins if the prices are a bit higher than I thought he's a really really high amount at this point in time I am certain and we can come back as a reference point to this video to see how much he is in three days five days or maybe in ten days but in terms of his SBC card I think a dead I would be very very good it gets much 197 cam left forward and left wing which is amazing and it gets his stats to being absolutely mental just fantastic that's really but also you put into a maestro which again gets month to the 97's 97.5 cam with maestro absolutely immaculate dribbling incredible shooting incredible passing stamina again is good for a cam if you're playing as an out so I cam his stamina is gonna cause you issues very late game last 10 or 15 minutes I assume he'll be like relatively low low stamp right first sixty seventy minutes are gonna be absolutely fine with him but that that's what I would probably put on him you couldn't you can what possibly put a sniper on him if you want to boost the dribbling up to an absolute max doesn't really give the best shooting boost the basic gives him decent decent stats finisher I would never go for Deadeye for me is okay marksman it's not not bad for a marksman again get some up to the 97 s it gives a good strength and aggression boost a great dribbling boost and a great shooting boost a Marchman is is viable option then jumping is largely irrelevant as say is quite sure anyway and and uh his jumping is just so low anyway he's not gonna be winning those headers for you a hawk isn't too bad great pace great shoo-in and again the physical boost the artists own thing is necessary you're not really giving him much of a boost their architect gives him a heavy boost because of a heavy physical boost but again it wouldn't be something that I would vote for III honestly I would probably go with engines not bad as a 97 or a it can just for that pace and dribbling but I personally would go through ver a maestro or I would go with a sniper no I wouldn't go with this knife or a dead eye should I say so either a dead eye or a maestro for me personally I'm looking a I would go with the maestro let me know what you think about Franck Ribery down below guys let me know if you're gonna complete him and let me know as well if you're gonna complete him today or if you're gonna also wait until team of the season comes out to see because right now I think the price of 87 rated cards there I mean they're not extremely expensive if if I remember correctly 87 rate is right now 26 27 K now what you're gonna get is when team disease and most consistent comes out you're gonna get 87 88 and 89 rated team of the season cause down at the 20 21 22 K mark it happens every year without fail and the 89 and 90 rated cards right now are like 50 to 60 K if you can get even an 88 rated team of the season card for 20 K and pop it into this Franck ribéry there now you you're gonna but save so much in the long run but you know you're probably gonna shave 30 or even 40 percent off of this Franck ribéry spc and currently it's coming in guys so yeah it's coming in on foot bin now it's a two four six seven is seven hundred and eighty thousand coins I think that will sell down to 750 but that is that is a lot of coins right now I bet this will come down around 500 or even less than 500 K during team of the season that is gonna be where the video ends for today like say I'm gonna be back later on tonight with another draft challenge against a nine skills and then we'll be back tomorrow with some SBC Europa League champions leauge SBC stuff and mate yeah that that's really it that's all it's gonna be and then it will be a team and a season on Friday which I'm looking forward to so thank you guys for watching a video today apologies I didn't completely be seated I will complete this as I say not today is gonna be ended video thanking and I see you next time I'm out