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hi guys welcome back to him sort of the drafter glory we are doing a lot today we're getting probably the final one might even do another tomorrow I've got time and then we'll do for for the for the week head book guys if you need to tell me it's you subscribe like it and hit the bell but in cinemas look Lord all that good stuff putting more videos on the channel if you guys haven't checked them out and fingers crossed today we can actually pack something good with on two drafts this week and we've not got anything good from it which is very annoying 50,000 coins then they're never good spending money right don't go the for free free oh I would want to go Navajo but I know I would struggle with it I'm tempted between nabber and I'm tempted between the for free free standard I don't always find nap formation to be too wide but if I get the right players it could be fantastic but I've never seen a draft be good with that so I'm gonna go with an arrow formation today for the midweek draft and we start off with the left mood which was lost in the mid it's an icon in it I can't turn down an icon 90 free rated prime moment icon ryan giggs striker brilliant filly sanabria probably publius sanabria will be the best shall I doubt he's gonna get in the starting team depending on what happens here we got Firmino got Lewandowski an ass bass I'll go Lewandowski 90 to me I don't know that's his head I don't think he's got a 94 on it we'll take him and Leroy sani right now this could be nice depending if I can get a German striker kondogbia pogba Luka Modric so I'll take pop banal but I wanna take mod rich annotate Lucca lucre nor can do the work he's 19 Omid we can't turn down a night night meet CAD we gather civilities send them in on the right hand side we've got Brandt silver and that kondogbia again see I would love to have that midfield but not owner Brandt would be pointless well now I'm gonna take conduct because I know how good he is and he was brilliant last time he used him as well left-back Mende Alonso de la vela none of these work for me actually who's on the right now it's come w as well hey we'll take Marcus Alonso in case we do get a leg a player to maybe help us like a Ramos like a Ramos called that one did way pretty nice as well Sergio Ramos I'll take him right back Valencia la la kim ik see we could take we could take Kimmy book could go with Ike hmm as I'm whisking it taking chemical he's a high rated player so what I'm thinking now is swap him with him there so least we had a little bit of Kemp whether this works or not I doubt it but we need a Hummels on one of them PK is 63 piece he's pretty is a beastly defender in it there's not Germans there there's no other players which can link so we'll go peek it offers us that Spanish link and then a goalkeeper oh my god we'll take will and because he's 71 rated so this is a team as we've got as a base do not like it one bit do not like it one bit do not like it one bit we definitely need some work Donnie I don't know which way we're gonna go I don't know what the hell's gonna happen goalkeeper well I can take kept a car kept her in there et chemistry when you better than that the centre backs with me some good defenders here venir horse he's a strong link a perfect link sorry a perfect link so for now ball take him I doubt we're gonna use him next one Marcelo Roberto so do I take Roberto or now or do I take maths at one point on the left hand side I forgot with a higher straight play a daughter will go of Marcela like so it was chemistry a tad bit but no I don't know which where this has gone Kasmir well that's brilliant in it Markov rice as well another German bomber take customary off for the Brazilian as an earth I want to take customary move moderate jump I'll do a take Mac or rice I feel at a price you know I used to in the last draft I wasn't a fan of him but I wouldn't advise 92 chem so it ups hit a lot I think you guys will just got absolutely mad about took someone else Duke or my loss as Yakka will tear do car and see this day this draft is not nice striker or Mars and gormer's Wow will take over Mars this is a terrible draft guys this is absolutely terrible diviner right a bit better now and we got Leroy Sonya's all I'm Way and Rahim I'll take I'll take Team Leader Boehner so what I'm thinking now is knock him there take him out for de Bruyne ER and then take him out for Leroy's honor is that gonna work no it doesn't work my pack my plans flawed my plans plans flawed I need some more players to link with right so ignore what's happening in the game at the mall in the team at the woman pedra NEMA and Gaspard as well but we'll take NEMA we can't miss out on a chance of getting him because he could be our end up being our striker Koster Alexandre bill crest but it'd be crisper bail will be nice but I want to take baby crest book because he's brilliant he should sour like him I have a girl with that go be the initial team we had and then who do we have there I have forgotten I have forgotten e we have their mark or rice and then move them there they're 95 chemistry we've got with that team it's not the nicest but the defense looks pretty good an AB you of it we've also got fur poor left wingback no need don't need him and Santi Cazorla as a Spanish see the only thing the only people were missing guys is a is a is a is a striker from it isn't it's literally just a striker we're literally just missing a la liga striker and I'ma golden Willian Vinicius jr. a 92 raid will take him he can be another bench player we're at 90 rated 5km actually got higher than now – because I'm just about taking out 91 maybe it's a 1 9 1 draft for the final pick and I need a La Liga striker so team Leo Messi it will be bloody perfect and same with Sala nor perfection I'm torn between salable dibala and I'm looking at that bad I thinking that could be the right choice as much I like Muhammad Salla I do think that dibala's the right choice for me and he's what gonna tear guys so we've got a high B a draft but we unfortunately don't have this is ninety one still actually if I put him there I it's okay I was gonna forgot I was going to come there 94 95 right let's see what we get let's see what we go finish Junior's nice boy I never got a striker I'm not I'm not impressed with this draft of all I and we get Brazilian 95 French 95 coition 95 96 on that 96 on the German camp family go with the Spanish cover Fink's it takes it on pika and the rest as well write a love it draft I would love to winning guys kind of see me winning it probably not it's gonna be pretty disgusting but guys leave a like rating subscribe now and we'll back another time and let's take a look at the highlights we do get with this draft so moving on into the first game up against the five is about formation with Ronaldinho paul pogba hurricane Figur Ericson Trent Alexander Arnold Van Dyke who else in there all derailed Kyle Walker and Serge aurier and not about teen 90 rated 100 chemistry and this will be a team which I wanted to demolish straightaway no breakthrough inside gets intercepted very easily by my opponent a loose pass air allows me to get on the inside somehow hold on to the ball and as you can see line note for a simple opportunity neck scooter and ball bounces out ball over to Chris Paul and he bangs it down the middle of the goal but puts was one little which I'm always happy to get one nil lead in the 19th it and the event is keep doing work for us as well this week actually really enjoying using the event let's kick ball inside crisper again brilliant ball over and a nice hammer shot there into the bottom corner does make it to nil we've ran gigs the second icon gained on the score sheet here and giving us that two-goal advantage against our opponent 37 minutes I was looking to be I don't know like the first game I might expect a little bit more but he was stopping a lot of opportunities we get the ball into Crespo Chris Barber to moderates moderates in two gigs gigs with the ball inside the crest ball and Chris Berg gets his second goal of the game and the final goal of the game as well as we get a very very I would say easy and I want to say yeah Woody's were limited in two shots were so very very easy its first-round win and that takes us into the second round where we go up against humans son Cruyff pry moments and Figur PI moments also as an a prime moment Olivo sani their port who else in their Fatah and Mustafa bellowing cam T and Maurice as well nice nice team 90 way in as well 100 chemistry again and 12-minute we pickled the ball I really got off this kit I don't know what it is I need new kick ASAP on the draft of glory Chris Paul with the ball food to voice works to Lewandowski Lewandowski in off the post makes it 1 nil and as you can see they're very different looking Lewandowski that's because the star had changed with the update as a last week and also same for a few of a Mooney place as well kim ik being the other now we were slow to address what was going on in this game and and we will not concentrating fully ball inside to some some of the turn someone to say a shot but is saved and then he does get the rebound to put the ball in the back on it and make it 1-1 16 minutes I was annoyed and giving that up and I was even a little bit annoyed guys and getting dabbed on a 1-1 were born into Chris Paul Chris Paul orbiter Marcello Marcello carrying the ball forward and gets dropped in the air you can see the Tongan slabs is like well slides it slides through the defender and slightly the attacker sorry well actually is it's Sullivan it slides through Marcelo giving away a penalty he goes down inside the area and we get a free shot girl and this would be a deciding goal as well as Luca Raj it looks like you step into the left hand side shoot it down the middle and we go to one in this game now some well I would say so what happened so it didn't happen guys we do pick up a 2-1 victory as you can see very a very tight game but to free goes what we needed in the match and that was it really – well yeah six goals in six goals in two matches not the best well begin Suarez son Ford and Ronaldinho Sandra Fubini or more Valencia and lamella as well as Laurice in net as well so this would be the semi-final of the of the foot draft and my opponent ball out to one of the in Europe it was very skillful with one of the as well Suarez into Ford and Fordham of a chance squares over to son and there was no chance son was missing that we've got one kneel down in the 42nd minute I was annoyed to go down so early but it happens and all we had to do was fight back and try and get back into the game my opponent flicking the ball out there people by micellar into Roy's voice into module module each over to Chris Paul Chris Paul inside to Lewandowski nice v8 shot and a brilliant tank not time shot sorry driven the shot into the bottom corner it makes you want Montaigne the game or just before half-time so that would open it up going into the second half and that you can see this is a kickstart for the second half and and with pressure in him we're trying to get the ball off it wasn't working son into Ford and Ford and Suarez Suarez were ball over to the mother of all people and lamella makes it 2-1 the worst player I believe which was on his team does take him into the lead in the match now my is what is even going on 54th minute still getting attacked by an opponent Suarez with the ball inside the Sun Sun back to food and falling to Suarez Suarez into Sun and Sun isn't going to miss from here guys well I don't know I probably could have missed actually dodgy keep him we go free one down in the 56 minute this was not looking to be a good at bloody draft then he gets even worse we went through the back of him in the cut in the area Lewandowski straight for the back and one on tinea and that is a penalty corner gets a chance to make it for one a photo time take the penalty move with Fubini only changed into Ronaldinho Ronaldinho steps up with the flair player that is we get pin occurred I was purist I was pissed but we all we can do is try and get back into the game guys and the 70 minutes till 20 minutes left in the game three girls will be very difficult but dibala inside ball to Modric moderates with the finish makes it 4-2 we celebrated publish and celebrated before – in the game it look like we may be on the fight back now 87th minute our ball into kondogbia oversight ballot dye power to come copier keeper which is out company about to die Bala simple finish makes it for free who knows who knows what was going to happen but we pushed into the final stages of the game now 92nd minute getting to get a chance ball over to moderates Raja to cut inside looking to smack it save by the keeper no venom in the shot from the resulting corner we was he was looking he was looking dodgy moderate full power corner whipped on in and we hit the bar it bounces out it's cleared and we go out in the draft semi-final what an end for the draft and there we are guys a draft fine draft semi-final defeat their rough rough loss it was a rough loss especially with the amount of chances we had and also hitting the bar in the 90th minute and not a 93rd minute so we got the third goal here simple pushing the keeper out goggle they're a little bit weak could have missed but we're missing so many easy opportunities it was ridiculous and as always when you want to check highlights it just doesn't sure but I will show it in their video anyway stuff I'm disappointed disappointed now we push on through and hopefully get lucky impacts we got a free nil at the 2 1 and then a for free lost ruin gold pack P and go pack I believe that's half of what you would get for winning the draft anyway so ups can't complain a new team of the week as well ooh board better than bloody winning the draft Brazilian CDM for Bart's Lucas Leiva would have been better if someone else but we're looking for players which were worth a little bit of coin at the moment yeah literally nothing that this card of all it's hit the 300 affiliate coins about little bees and that keep Lucas liver and then the final wanted to drum up in gold power 7 Reds in it I'm hoping for something nice here and in terms of consumable why is good often we get in we're gonna get back to that boards now Oh draft when you try and go ahead he just absolutely goes backwards Tillman's dis guard consumables come to sent amid is that the expensive one CDM to cam definitely isn't one squad fitness that can go discard come to sell them is that an expensive one reasonable reasonable expensive CDM to CDM tickets in the mid that's not a bad run either not too too bad our – alright consumables there as well as lens and pay it off and Rocco as well so we haven't do one more draft guys for the week hopefully that can be the the winning ways for me we're gonna do with the Champions League slim packs as well and then we'll see what airdrop on Friday Pauline often boots or Malcolm few of us as well whew this is gone and we've got something FL not bad at all guys leave a like here in the video subscribe if you're not and when we're back tomorrow no episode of the dryer you