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How To Prepare For Classic World of Warcraft

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What’s up, my dudes! With classic WoW coming out relatively soon, I figured that the best thing I could do for you was create a guide behind how you can get ready for its release. The video covers 11 main parts for you guys to work with. Please enjoy and thanks for swinging by!

Any suggestions in what you want from this channel going forward would be awesome!

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what's up Madhu's so yes I get it I understand you're ready to die of nostalgia from playing World of Warcraft classic you're ready to finally reunite with the best race in the game dwarves yes we are going to be talking about how you can prepare for world warcraft classic this video is going to be a bit of a long one so sit back and relax get some snacks ready and let's do this the first part to this we have character customization now this pertains to faction race gender class look and name you know depending on which faction you end up picking you could be experiencing a whole different side to the entire game you will almost undoubtedly hate the other faction simply and especially if you are going on to a PvP server it will not be difficult for you to find gankers along the way although I would assume at the beginning during launch the main problem you're going to be facing is competition with people in your own faction just simply trying to get quests done or killing mobs or whatever it might be also depending on the faction you choose will also depend on whether or not you'll be able to play a paladin or a shaman on your respective faction so essentially your first choice in the game experience of WoW classic will really have a major impact now this also goes for retail in some respect of course but the fact that you don't have as much balance as you might in retail with classic Wow and the fact that each faction kind of in that sense has their own personality and responds to different like raid mechanics for example differently or has to in that regard that would be why choosing your faction in classic well would really make such a difference choosing your race can also be kind of instrumental you know depending on whether you want to start role-playing or assume a certain look or if you want a min/max there are certain rachels that can really push you forward especially if you're playing the priest like dwarf priests you know they get that fee reward as I'm sure you guys know also you all have gender as a choice this really makes no difference it's really up to you this kind of ties in with looks as well which we'll get into but first class there are some players who are just sure that they were going to play a certain class and are not going to stray from it they're going to put everything they have into that class but then there are other people who are not so sure so I totally understand that I have a video where I talk about you know the different kind of classes you can choose if you're trying to be a healer I will be coming out with or videos in that regard as far as if you want to be a DPS class or if you want to tank for example which isn't gonna be a difficult video I mean if you want to tank you should probably be a warrior so I would recommend when it comes to looks especially if you're playing a dwarf make sure that when you're customizing your dwarf choose the short beard first change the face so that the teeth aren't showing unless you really like that face for any weird reason and then pick the beer that you want I only mention this because there are some helmets that when you put them on it kind of trims your beard as a dwarf and it shows your teeth underneath or like your mouth or whatever so it can reveal what you hadn't revealed the whole time you were leveling or playing up until the time you got your helmet so you might not think about it at first but looks can be kind of important so think about that when you customize your character they're choosing your name can also be fairly difficult for me it usually takes quite a while I usually try to pick something from like the Lord of the Rings or something of that nature and throw that in some people like to go completely original some people want to go with something that's punny I'm sure you guys will figure all this out but yeah that's just another way you can prepare also of course have name backups ready just in case part two to this video we have play style this is probably the most comprehensive part of this video so let's just dive into it if first off for play style we have whether you want to play solo duo or group based the whole way to 60 or at least for the majority some people this might not be as clear-cut you know most people will probably go majority solo but then others will maybe want to go with a friend and just duo their whole way to 60 and now if you do end up doing that or if you do that with a group you know scheduling can be kind of an issue so you might want to level an alt alongside just in case you guys can't fit the right schedules all the time and you want to play at a certain point that your friend isn't playing whatever the case may be also when it comes to duo leveling I recommend you guys check out a video from car ghosts I'll put the link in the description the guy did his homework you know he did like a whole workshop for like five and a half hours or something like that on a livestream when he was doing the wild classic demo so yeah I recommend that to you guys next part of the play style here we have your spec so you know with endgame it can be kind of cookie cutter I guess but with leveling you can make it your own thing if you wanted to this is completely up to you if you want to play around with how you could kind of work your way through you could use it talent calculator we'll get to this later on but I would also suggest maybe if you wanted to you could test this out all by just going on a private server but we'll talk about that soon you know this might tie in with whether you're going solo duo or group based but as you level you have to consider whether you're gonna want to go grind focused quest focused or instance focused or will you be a combination of all those three and now I would say the combination is probably more likely for the majority of players and it makes the most sense but some people just want to stick to their guns on one thing and then just go with that now you can't really be instance focus the whole way through it's not necessarily a like retail where the second you can get into the lowest level dungeon you can basically just go all the way through with dungeon finder up until the max level doesn't really work like that of course in classic Wow you get to a certain point where let's say on average at around level 18 you can get into deadmines the minimum level to get into deadmines is 15 but acceptable is more like 17 or 18 something like that if you're on the hoard you might want to go into rage fire chasm in Orgrimmar kind of do your thing there you can go to wailing caverns shadow fan keeps torment stockades like fathom deep you can kind of work your way through and basically lovely yourself by instances it's possible I guess but it's not really as efficient of course as going by questing or grinding but you also have to consider you know there's gonna be a lot of people likely on your server especially during launch so you know that might be some you want to do because you'll be in an instanced area and you don't nearly have as much competition and now this also ties in with the role that you'll want to play as you level and of course at endgame which role you want to assume for your class ultimately because I mean that's really a huge part of picking your class like for example if you want to be a tank you pretty much just have to go with the warrior you want to be the best tank you can be then that's kind of the class you have to go with druids are fairly viable actually they can go through Blackwing layer and stuff like that pretty easily even as off tanks you know they're pretty solid with paladins you probably won't get past tanking five man's I've tanked 5mins myself as a pallet and it works fairly well but you know I could see why it's it would be quite difficult to get past that point as a paladin tank it's possible but you really would kind of be at a certain point inconveniencing your group or your raid just because you don't have a taunt and that's just kind of the problem there now if you want to be a healer you could choose the druid the shaman priest paladin all the really great choices again in the description I have a link to a video where I talk about why you might choose a certain class over another for healing I don't want to go too in-depth I will in the future with other videos so stay tuned for that also you want to consider as far as your play style in the game whether you're gonna be playing casually moderately or on a kind of hardcore basis we'll get more in depth with this as far as time management is concerned later in this video but you know for now I have to say if you're gonna be playing casually it's not possible for you to be the best Slayer or get the best gear or anything like that most skills will expect you to be rating at least an endgame when you hit 60 which by the way is very hard to do if you're playing casually as well but if you hit 60 the mo skills will expect you to raid at least twice a week and then you might be bumping up the intensity based on how many consumables you're gonna be needing for said raids you can play world Warcraft classic casually that's for damn sure I would say you can have a lot of fun in PvP that's something you could really get into PvE on the other hand is not so easy so that's something to consider guys this also ties in with leveling speed again especially during launch with all the people you got to be starting to consider how you're gonna be getting through as fast as possible choosing the right class can actually influence this quite a bit if you pick a hunter druid warlock mage you know those are probably the top tier leveling classes so yeah that can really influence your leveling speed mobility is a huge thing I mean you're running on your feet until you hit level 40 and even then if you're not the right class like if you're not a paladin or a warlock you won't have that free mount at level 40 so you're gonna have to save up about 9,200 goal to even get your mouth at something you really got to consider as you're getting closer to that level 40 mark and then also with your play style you know gold saving is a huge thing you got to be considering as you level and at endgame how are you gonna be saving gold how are you gonna be making gold and we'll get into this a little bit further down the line here you have to have caution when you're pulling mobs this will definitely influence the amount of time you'll be spending prior to 60 if you play on a more cautious basis you'll be definitely safer and I might argue that you might level faster if you're in that kind of mindset you may hear from people all the time and you'll probably experience it yourself if you haven't already holding too many mobs you just one extra mob aside from the mob or the mobs that you already have pulled really screw you up and it can force you to die of course and then run back to your body and you know you'll at that point lose a lot of time on your hands again was playstyle as you level through you're gonna want to be considering your leveling zones so if you're a night elf for example you might have to do the wetlands run I don't know it's it's something you've got to consider are you going to be wanting to roll a dwarf or a gnome and take the tram all the way to Stormwind and then level in the human starting area you know that's something you got to consider and that's just in the beginning of the experience you want to start considering like which zones am I going to be moving into from here like for example are you're gonna be wanting to go from done Moreau to lock mode down and further on and to duskwood or something like that or are you going to be wanting to do Elwynn forest Westfall maybe throw yourself into lock mode and get some few extra levels and then into dusk wood you know there's a few kind of options you can choose from now there's also character immersion you know how far into this are you gonna want to immerse yourself are you gonna be changing how you talk is this gonna be like a roleplay thing for you for most people I would assume no but maybe you should be preparing yourself for people that will roleplay quite a bit especially if you go to gold Shire there's some weirdos out there so okay third part to this video is gear and profession progression as you level this kind of ties in with whether or not you're going to be doing instance runs and the types of quests you pick and whether or not you do class quests which will probably be an essential thing like as a paladin when I hit the level requirement I often try to do the test of righteousness quest to get the Varens fist two-handed mace because it makes such a difference as I level yes so there's different types of things you have to expect that you're gonna have to do for your respective class to get not only certain abilities but of course certain pieces of gear and now I would definitely recommend to run instances with their respective quests to get that extra XP because when you do so you increase the chances of getting some nice pieces that you can bring along with you and really help you throughout the questing experience as a whole when you're not running instances choosing the right professions can be a big deal I would recommend going with skinning and then maybe like a gathering profession to help you with your gold production you know depending on which profession you might want a 10-game you might want to consider which gathering professions or whatever you might want as you level now I'd also say for everyone to get first aid yes even healers should get first aid and I say that because in the middle of a fight if you're a healer in an instance if you run out of mana yes you can use first aid because oftentimes you know hopefully with the right tank and everything you're not being attacked so you know if you're a paladin you can bubble up and even when you're attacked your first aid isn't interrupted you could still use first aid when you're in that immune bubble when I have a warlock in the group they just constantly life to happen so I don't want to waste all my mana just because a warlock is too lazy to drink so really important profession they're guys cooking alongside fishing of course can help you get some nice well-fed buffs and stuff like that so that's something to consider as well fourth part here is whether or not you're gonna be bringing in real-life friends again that ties in with what I was talking about before with your playstyle as far as duo leveling or group based leveling are you gonna be doing that and then of course you're probably gonna be wanting to run instances with your friends and potentially make guilds or join guilds together depending on which classes your friends want to play that could also influence the classes you'll want to play yourself you know if you have a group of five friends you're gonna be wanting to cover all the roles like you know one tank one healer three DPS whether or not you have real friends coming in this ties into the next part of the video which is you pretty much have to make friends in this game as you level or at endgame whatever the case might be you know your reputation is actually pretty important in wild classic again the community like everyone says is probably the number one thing of this game and it's a huge part as to why people still play so if you're not attached to the community in any way if you don't have ties with it especially if you have a bad reputation with the community then that can really really hinder your experience playing wild classic so really consider making friends along the way and being courteous to people things of that nature of course you can have your selfish moments but you just got to be selective with that kind of stuff now like we were saying before with casual moderate hardcore play style depending on what you want this ties in with time management that's the next part here now I made this apart by itself because I think it's so important the fact that classic Wow has the potential to just take up all of your time depending on whether you work you go to school whatever the case might be it can really soak up your life so you've really got to be careful with that I think this is an important part of preparing for classic Wow because you can really start scheduling by yourself or with your friends as to how much you want to play you can kind of make a time frame for yourself so you don't get carried away you have to have an awareness of whether or not you know you're gonna burn out I would say playing in moderation is key but you know for most people that want to get to the end game and really get their best in slot gear and stuff like that that's not really an option so although when it comes to time management and potentially if you want to play casually there are certain niches that you can find in the game that can really enhance your experience and take you past what might be considered the standard way of playing like going from 1 to 60 and then playing a 10 game just doing raids and PvP and stuff like that and so what I mean by this as we go into the next part which is to think of your niche is that there are certain things that personally I love liked winking you could do level 1 ten nineteen twenty nine thirty ninth winking whatever it might be I would say the largest winking community is probably the level nineteen twinken community at least in vanilla Wow from what I've noticed so you can have a lot of fun there now the following things may not be considered niches necessarily but you might want to consider like maxing out your professions or if you're a high enough level you can use yourself for higher for lower levels to kind of run them through dungeons or do whatever you can roleplay different things like that there's definitely a lot to do other than kind of the standard way to play classic Wow okay so for part eight of this we have type of server choice are you gonna be wanting to go PVE pvp or roleplay I know there are like RP servers or RP / PvP servers that are available maybe in retail I don't know if they're gonna be available in wild classic but if they are then that's something to consider you're gonna be wanting to go through that I think most people are going to be wanting to go for a pvp server myself included I think it's really the way to go whether or not it's a frustrating kind of experience when you level and if your PvP you know are you're gonna be pledging to kill the other faction whenever you see an enemy or you're just gonna step aside from a fight when you have the chance to do so part 9 by itself is choosing a guilt even now this is something you can prepare for and I only say this because there are certain guilds that have certain styles to them there certain gills that can cater to certain niches liked winking for example and then there are other guilds that are just social guilds and they stay like that and you kind of just do your own thing while also being in a guild that kind of just talks as if you're a sort of like on an in-game forum of sorts and then you'll have more intense guilds that are PvP based you know they want to run premades or that are PvE going for raids twice a week or even more so farming consumables all that good stuff or you know there could be guilds that are just combinations of all those things it's really up to you so that's something you should probably consider before you go into classic another thing I think this is actually a big deal with classic specifically is going into the game with the right mentality go into the game knowing what you're signing up for essentially it's gonna be a grind guys it's gonna be a lot of hard work to get to even just level 60 and to really build up your character takes a lot of work so I would say to have the mentality of patience and also a sense of optimism is key and to also be quite friendly is a big big deal you want to have that kind of mentality I would recommend I mean you probably don't want to be that guy who just all the time declines group invitations and things of that nature or just never wants to go to an instance or something because you're not building relationships and you're not having that right mentality I think that will kind of carry you through and make you like the best of the best player you can be now that's all up to you that's again according to your playstyle people get through the game well enough I would say with kind of like a lonely kind of mentality that's that's a thing that you can do but I would say as far as your mentality you probably want to roll with a more friendly engaging and patient most importantly mentality part 11 this is a quick one just play on a private server to cover everything we already talked about I would say private server playing is a huge thing you can go on the lights hope server and plan the Northdale realm that's where I'm currently playing anyways I know that at any given point it's gonna have at least six thousand five hundred players roughly at peak times it might have ten thousand or more so yeah tons of people are already playing on private servers getting themselves prepared probably most people are just not doing it because they don't want to waste their time is what they would consider it being just playing private servers just – then re-roll and start from one again but it's all up to you I would consider going on a private server right now it's kind of like a warm-up you know gets you familiarized with your class with your character race whatever really it can honestly very much so help with whether or not you're going to be wanting to roll that certain class that you're testing out or or which professions you'll want and just everything in between I think playing a private server just gives you that first-hand experience that even a video like this couldn't give all right guys that will be it for this video I was going to mention add-ons actually because that can quite significantly influence your gaming experience on classic Wow but I'm just not entirely sure how Blizzard is going to approach it so I don't want to talk about it in depth really now I hope you enjoyed this video let me know what you thought I'll be making a video on classes in general that you should choose probably next so give me maybe like a week or two for that and I'll have that out for you guys I hope you're safe out there make sure you enjoy the holidays and I'll see you soon