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How to Defeat Frenzied Knifefang with 2 Pets | World of Warcraft 8.2

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Thanks for checking out my video! I love doing pet battles, and I really hope this helps you defeat him 🙂 Some of them can really be rough. This one is made trivial with a combo of Unborn Val’kyr and a Legion hatchling!

Cords: 58, 26

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hey guys Tyler here and thanks for checking out another video and we're continuing on with our pet battle world quest videos here for 8.2 in Nazca tar we're taking on the frenzy knife thing which by the way this guy is in a cave underwater so I will put the coordinates on how to find him if you're having trouble so we're gonna run with just two of our pets today unborn Valkyr and then any of the hatchlings that have the swarm ability and then the dive ability so he's gonna basically one-shot just about anything you throw out there so I'm gonna dot him up and then use my one turn of my passive to use my ascension so he'll take that 25% bonus damage and from there we'll throw out a hatchling and then we will go ahead and swarm him that way he's taking that strong damage and then he'll start taking double damage which is really key to a lot of these fights and the videos that I've been putting out there so we'll hit him again with this so he's taking more damage and then we're just gonna dive him so we'll we'll hit the dive here and that way he's almost dead anyway and he's gonna miss us even if he doesn't miss you can still have another hatchling to dive next turn and you will one no problem so I hope you guys have enjoyed these videos and definitely consider subscribing to me here on YouTube and let me know what your favorite pet is in the comments and until my next live show me a video I'll see you later