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How Good Is Conjurer’s Calling? (My Card Reveal!) – Rise of Shadows Hearthstone

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Rise of Shadows Hearthstone – Just how good was Kripp’s Rise of Shadows revealed card?
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hey guys how's it going Perry in here today we're gonna do another one of the how good is series and it's kind of a funny one it's conjurer's calling this is a car that blizzard actually gave me to reveal for rise of shadows so it's kind of like my card my opinion is actually a little bit rushed because they asked me to do the card reveal on stream by solving one of the puzzle boxes you guys can check out that video if you want it was certainly a very entertaining time thank you for that Blizzard but yeah it's it's a card that's very difficult to understand it's a card that has some spectacular outcomes it's in competitive decks and certainly forces you to really think outside the box on one occasion and the never Lackey video I actually failed to think that far outside the box missing lethal with a a demonic occasion let's say now the card at its core it's just very high power level I think it is one of the most underrated cards in arena for example an arena really highlights the standalone power level of any card because you don't really have you know much combo potential in arena yeah it's you know sometimes you see it but it's very rare it's very difficult to plan around anything related to combos you just basically end up using a card like conjurer's calling on just whatever vanilla minions you happen to have on the board and even in that occasion I'm telling you guys it's one of the most underrated cards in the game it basically forces your opponent to kill every single minion but if you're playing mage in arena it's very easy to play a very powerful control mage so if you're playing a very powerful control mage and you know your opponent doesn't give credit for this card while you play it once you get a massive tempo and value boost and the twin spell basically makes your opponent forceful you know that you're going to do it again so that's the point where he has to trade he has to kill all of your big minions all the time suddenly you're playing against mage as if you're playing against priests but mage has a lot more deadlier tools in the late game than priests of mage could absolutely seal the game at time through direct damage so it's a very unusual situation it's a forced play style that you put on your opponent when you reveal one Conger is calling if your opponent doesn't die from that one already it basically shifts the game in your favor just from the fact that it's a twin spell the card overall is absolutely outstanding and I wanted to highlight it in some of my favorite games so far in this expansion so I hope you guys enjoy those hope you guys getting some appreciation for my card reveal and I'll see you guys in the next video Wow anymore oh that's a troll message yeah I don't know how to play well anymore in general I'm just kind of over the game lizard is kind of phasing out to charge that I think that's right I have a number two drops so let's go okay fine let's play that one too except for yours is friends again yes and no yes will happen at some point but it don't count it happening too too soon it's very good this is seeing a lot of high ranking mage decks with it holy crap okay yeah that's good I will take that oh I've only played dragons and then the Discoverer Raven which discovered a dragon dragons was that are you kidding me I should change positioning because he could actually get explosive shot and they just blade into it and I forgot they just hunter cards written can't play much let's do this and I'll run it in Oh what did I just do [Applause] I can't do it I have to get a screenshot after this case because I'm like mid-game it adds all the cards in my deck – whatever deck I select on the track I was hoping to do that with Kelly gasps okay I mean it looks like Geoghan druid is falling out of favor a little bit but sure ranks one through five tempo rogue is number one Jimbo rogue make hunter I guess token druid is falling out of favor rank six to ten token druid number one ranked eleven to fifteen token druids number one ranked 16 to 20 token druid number one by a gigantic margin oh you know yes and no because it's cheap more like the counters to it or expensive wait what that was the play Wow okay Wow so I'm talking about oh god whatever MEK know what scumbag Yash Raj I don't have a MEK a second part of that aren't Jews not so good oh god I'm too old gun that was a fatal miscalculation from the warlock by the way three old gods one game all because he miscalculated the damage and Kalecgos Kalecgos has no mercy fine I'll keep portal dude against the priest is probably pretty decent I lost because I didn't respect a councilman you should have polymorph councilman I don't know man that's I think it's a pretty ambitious hindsight call exactly lose to that card I lost to shadow flame and you can't really play around shadowflame like it's too easy for them to get a high attack thing arena everyone has pretty big minions now like this our stunt speedrun what are we speedrunning the only irrelevant thing the speedrun is some kind of like solo content or something and uh even then it's like not exactly desired right now priests have potion of Manas and shadow madness anything to attack or less generally are looking for a death rattle furry minion I regret this already a bit too much : / should have pinged and not played the very drain but I traded so I'm just gonna commit into holy Nova I get some really low and they're not that many cards that clear the board on turns seven that dealt earlier it's basically just the tunnel dude I think and what a draw I try it ah crap he's dead easiest game of my life okay