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High IQ Plays Are EVERYWHERE | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1124

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High IQ Plays Are EVERYWHERE | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1124
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ES_Glitz At The Ritz 3 – Gavin Luke
ES_Lets Bounce – Gavin Luke
ES_Wave Breaker – Henrik Andersson
ES_Oldtime Dixieland Band 5 – Magnus Ringblom
ES_Salty Breeze 3 – Martin Gauffin

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as a nod specifically to sound the bells but again to have the presence of mind to be considering all of those factors what I mean I get its full depth rot on the Undertaker [Applause] I forgot that it retains all to death she up fifty-fifty yes yes oh my god he's going to be so solve people that can't eat anymore like I'm gonna return it and if we have a chance just need some other blood why my one Manolos guys do you think he draws the blood drop the Kleenex what you do that I drew six bombs and there's 14 cards left in my death isn't trade into my shield so I just go for a double fresh spawn it's true that saving butter bomb okay well that's the best phone's been all day yeah he's gonna shut it down but he's able to get life let's do no I made the mistake nobody like we want more of whatever cargo manager all its are these five cotton so all right I'm gonna go ahead and do this but if I get crap it's not gonna be there though it's a lot harder once you get from five to legend because you don't get the bonus but you seem to find that one second oh well no he's gonna mill me no big draw for Ike honkers calling that's a nice draw too and there's still a that's a six drop he has pretended torrid power creation all right this this has been a lot more interesting than I thought it was gonna get all right well it's a big oh that's a good one in a bad one that's okay because then you can use it again it's true alright are you kidding me as the power of conjurer's calling I was basically a power of creation right there yeah yep please the one one survived please come on the one one survived let's go shoot here play pirate [Laughter] yeah Alan Barraza scrum you know I don't think that just attack into Congress calling is a reasonable option for bloody face here right okay boy he said you just had difficulty clearing one of these Giants bet alone two or both of these guys I'm gonna put them again oh my god hey let's go Giants a fight where he can mount giant attack conjures colored mountain giant clear the entire board this is crazy oh my god this is too so explosive back and forth yeah you don't have to watch The Avengers movie anymore you just got all the action you ever needed he's gotta throw the demolisher in there he needs every point of chance he could get this brawl is huge right now Roger covers his face he can't pay her lunch celiacs old burger Devastator lives and Roger is about to get old Mecca devastated boys [Laughter] basket nakisha de Janeiro poor shaken after I thought it you know can we chat are we dead arena I'm not dead because dude let me live no listen this is the mind games they like oh and now I'm gonna be em now I'm gonna be em and then boom out of nowhere usually okay listen usually free so if Tyler wants to play his Elise iana then he has to play it facing down a ton of damage from the opponent it's actually pretty smart approaches oh yeah PE d postal easy Anna damage exactly they come phrase but just don't know though let's just talk about these there's another meaning of that which we're not accusing roger of in any way unless you don't know what someone i don't know what it is I'll be completely honest no clue he talking about and well yeah but just protecting your legal interests okay I'm genuinely innocent I met Alicia I don't know what I've said I know you're worried right now okay sweat wiped off the brow let's continue I will pin the best comment when this video is 15 hours old [Laughter]