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Here's How High Level Korean Players Teamfight in League of Legends… | Funny LoL Series #558

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as Junko looking for the potential bling here they're going for the in-game says look at the damage already go free Oh me later want to punch from the sinus and it all alone in a lightness dissipates the entire team of Quadra kill what a terrible dive oh my god what he's gonna die to the minions holy shit dude it'll get over here flush if I get any flash I see yeah I'm I can explain I fucking flashed Oh blame ping dude I blame pain trip to note that unless they let me get over the wall yeah miscue so far away I don't think there's a fight here oh you might walk in that we've seen someone walk up it's night before they're close enough what's in the duct put quit charmed by some time the kids save him JD's gonna drop it's actually if kill one for one now continuing on black shield buds a bit of Space Center on Popp's top one back gonna shut down come through Fast and Furious shit saya isn't it late well it's gonna wait till it charges are getting pushed on the card even though Jackie love there is able to get him till up some races of time then the 101 the shine and look how much is going on Grand Challenge grabs you didn't like the ultimate but Grand Challenge best grad challenge which one is better hit on laser-type if you can get all the crooks up you can't succumb dame take flash the shy one v2 flushes the while he comes the Sidra scatter the weak was beautiful and two-time birds so discontent live how does he do it shower comes back in one me to himself shiny green gauges find himself the W still is alive and the show is just that top line up every damn week he does this pink are definitely necessary for hooni bottom side actually big damage to Cody's son Rome warp coming in as well with two teammates nice planet Vulcan gone for the route try to buy some time clutch running for the hills they might just find that same video surviving a two before burning three summoners tableau you've seen my gameplay since you're one of my subs well I double cast you here you're too good you're too good you knew it you knew it Benny Sophie Gowanus they're ready straight up busting just wait a minute oh my god Mike Hughes cashed it let's go what's up baby face up so that right here dude what is poppin off no I'm a monkey not a Coco I don't even want to know where to get two pills can he make it three score even be able to kill Junko but take a look at the main base route has to go back home up races up okay trying to kill snow flower though as yeah crease is gonna come back wait if you're gonna go for the end Oh does a lot of damage he's just gonna try to in this game here as grace it's going alright a burst of down the minions are trying to kill the minions can they get of no diesel oil Oh killin way from root fruits get in there once oh no oh they don't a wins the next person's wanting in ten seconds they gotta get in there but taking start going in oh thank you I'd pull save today that would have chained across classes actually back in the mid lane once again remember has the flash finds Yarborough Redemption comes down show doesn't get Scout of the week all he had to do was wait rookie has another flower my casa while by a flame the home wages it's time to begin Oh what that wait a minute did I take Tara girl hmm as an ergot player I believe a God should not be was enoki right now she would so be bad people gonna be team but still banner all the time as I'm fucking fuck is this dude I recover here we don't know peace and love had you colored [Laughter] wait why did my job go off no this is so bad if I die here what the fuck I have my shroud I'm like oh I'll be fine that's a fucking died of the AoE why that's a double