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Hearthstone: This Is Why Sylvanas Is Hall Of Famed

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This Is Why Sylvanas Is Hall Of Famed

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Jeff Jeff and play around vial do you which would anyone in chat ever play around vial and trade that exactly yeah I wouldn't I wouldn't need a good face I wouldn't say worry what are you gonna do really you just gotta like I assume that you just won I mean most the time you do just win you know what's your racking what's recommend getting off this uh-oh if he kills it though if he does kill a cheetah that's actually playing the section nice actually good it's like I drew Sylvanas and then it I drew it for two mile s if he does kill it in that order there you go yeah I drew Sylvanas for two month Alessa Farsight Solanas that deserves a thank you damn it that's actually really good that's very good I even kept this as a little cheeky combo piece for like stuff ELISA very nice very nice you just wait means Oh actual Sylvanas I'll take that hand it over ah mate you have no idea how how much pain you're gonna be any look you know [Laughter] yes no idea no idea he literally can't have anything it's all mine it's all mine hmm ballast this isn't interest at one place others place to eat so I've got over umber and uncalled that's good for the likes of rag as well and obviously Sylvanas it's a good one it's fine you can have that you can have that as a temporary loan but I'm gonna want to have that back off yeah in a little bit me you know let's be honest I am gonna need that off here a little bit having how many now nine nine that's fine I can wait I can wait I mean what's he gonna do ping me for deaf my actually the other you go thanks for keeping it warm for me I appreciate that I don't even have to play that yet on this because I got the second one eleven Sylvanas is going back into the deck you still doesn't play the minion you sneeze doesn't activate doesn't counts as summon when you steal something that's where I think it there any procs on on summon I don't think steal from one side of the board counts yeah I'm used me how's it going welcome bad news that's mine as well I think you'll find that is mine yelling like I'm gonna kill them fast Eva try again actually trying to stay alive I'm not like I say I'm not I'm not even gonna kill him fast and come slowly so I'm running I'm not even playing the shell I'm not playing eviscerate I'm gonna give him a little bit of a gonna give him a little bit of false hope the schemes of my deck go fatty like mate what are you even doing seriously I mean just look at all those Silvana it's actually 13 oh it does actually put is that actually they're all mine Walter screams they're welcome good afternoon good afternoon it's looking pretty nice yeah if you tried to get the I get it back if he doesn't trade I can summon Zeus needs this dropping in Han now is pretty sweet okay he might eat probably still trades it's a trap now it's probably better I do this like multiple sneezo oops now today of yog warpath didn't II need it off warpath you won't touch these yes we do this grows stronger every day this this equates to even more Snead's running out without force needs in play so far it's good for us from sort of records let's hope this guy can hold me off for a little bit baby wishes the ad those poor puffs now I I'll keep rap is of sluggish sprint okay I can play this huh I can play this prep in sneeze maybe if I want to depends I might even get like a good card off the sneeze I could probably stick tog in like I get a decent a drop from somewhere else though EEE others warpath oh ho ho jeez after Nate manicott host oh so is that for I'm gonna be get in the deck sure I should product no should i prep it I don't know I should prefer not please say don't don't concede sir oh is it lethal is it sorry is it the weapon Oh ash bringer oh yeah well it's fifty-fifty I was not even fifty fifty it's one an hour how many one I'm three it would have mean oh it wasn't it cerium if only he had more armor if only he was a druid