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(Hearthstone) Poggers for the Pogo-Hoppers

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(Rise of Shadows Standard) Pogo-Hopper Rogue VS Mage
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Music: Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 61 – I. Allegro ma non troppo by Beethoven, performed by the US Marine Chamber Orchestra

my fury I'm keeping it we got to start early let me keep this entire hand actually my gonna Mulligan fence against mage no no we both versus there's gonna be a tough matchup for me what three were miscreants in my deck Jay Marty McFly thinks the sub welcome welcome we actually kind of need she don't need to use those who used to vist right here yeah trade I got a prep eviscerate trade and play this all right here we go whoa yes okay let's discover two spells come on a shadow step this is not replay it who's gonna do is I'm gonna kill it alright as it go kill the shark it's got a couple of shark yeah discover a spell I'll take assasin eight more room in my hands oh goody oh dear [Applause] I didn't go to play ah but Breen is building each other do all this there's just too many things okay you okay sure basically infinite cards I'm gonna shark I'll take a prep like a cheap shot all right sure we need to draw okay well I have an IVA sassanid for that sure what are you at oh my god there's a big whopper making shut us up this guy I can also like try and protect this I promise like kill him somehow roll another were these like play stuff though how did not have them Bank leaf it's actually really fine there's just too many things happening well good plan do sir get my Harbinger I can Pogo hop or tog waggle scheming and sprint I mean I originally built the second the Polka hopper deck and it's not really good we just drew it we either our attack that's what's good that's what we need to do lizard yep well there's vanish okay um I can Pogo vanish Pogo he gets these back that's kind of sucks yeah I'm just gonna sprint double Pogo now look what this point with big minion deck so I want to save my vanish Santa's actually five dollar donation master Clarke well pretty awkward vanish giving him back Astro man sir Master Clark we've another mystery in our deck for the heist Baron talk waggle Khadgar let's go – okay well vanish now and loses the calicos at least I'm a pogo pogo vanish we need to find like jelly axe for our pogos basically anyway good Pogo vanish Pogo that's probably better whistles calicoes cuz he traded malygos good ear all right I can discover a spell guy to get through this probably yeah we'll talk about the scheme will mr. Ian will discover spell will assassinate alright so my dick has what was it 14 okay what a gong King so I get to Lackey Fargo I go I'm gonna banish probably we need what do you know oh go hop me vanish this rate close to lethal chrome doesn't really do very much here don't draw three cards they constant euro I think I do they're probably pogos oku burglar silly axe Thank You Jan I should think agar another power creature okay right you're dead right six boom boom all the pho goes [Laughter] okay well the Polka part of the deck is terrible I think but despite their being way too many things happening for me to actually do everything it's of my turds we won we did it praise the pocus I say you