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(Hearthstone) It Takes a Whole Galaxy to Beat Control Warrior

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(Rise of Shadows Standard) Spell Mage VS Warrior
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all right other warrior it's like I said warrior can be pretty tough there's some temptation to keep one or both these I'm gonna keep cyclone not sure if it's right but a giraffe and a half the eight months welcome back via caffeine it's almost time ooh source apprentice alright well I've been an ax buffoon into a ton of spells in a cyclone I just posted the decklist and debt code on my Twitter if you are if you're not already true certainly be following my Twitter my mana cyclone will get itself killed yeah because he just has a rusher but that does give me a big big turn next turn alright we're gonna play the man it's like I'm an addict next we're going to explode with the cyclone and source apprentice alright you guys ready boom protect my guys just heard a bunch of nonsense into in some cases some real cards we got only got an arcane intellect which is one of the best cards for us to hit okay there's a brawl so hopefully wasn't Benny isn't one of these lives maybe I shouldn't have played that because brawl is like you know one of my opponents possible answers um let's just say I and buffoon but like there are a lot of opportunity my opponent problems be good we can also at some point by the way put this pocket galaxy pocket galaxy once we hit Antoninus is pretty second okay well I mean I can just go into Mexico again Mexico we can banana banana trade this yeah we're gonna back screw order problems we can just get warpath and this worked out okay come on that show me the goods oh yeah I can wait fish all day this is really only good if I hit Antoninus but it's really good of a hitter in tinnitus I just do my second fax crow actually I guess I've Luna still I think I just on a Mexico again yeah like my opponent didn't brawl that bored so I kind of okay okay a stack attack this kills here not people you're my hero okay your mind was at 32 we have two fireballs we can battle nose blast wave dauntless blast wave gets me what be tech here at that was blast away gets me one two three cards those are just never gonna be good again that's four cards I was three it was three than the foul monster all that so it was right yeah it was three then it felt most raw okay I think at this stage let's just pop galaxy now please or isn't it now all right this mondo combo sick that means you silly exit hand okay last yield I still have another man a cyclone in my deck there he is all right are you ready chat are you ready for our next turn we do another dark fog do we even need to do this thick mist turn we could just like fireball fireball ping him because I want to draw another magic trick yeah I'll select my pointer plays minions we get to play the dart frogs to to kill my opponent stuff in the process okay well here we go those are all gonna die I have one magic trick in us I have a cyclone left in my deck – perfect so might my deck is magic trick cyclone and I have mirror entity and vape up so actually one needs to die here because I do not want to have a minion employ blast shield I don't have a minion in play for my opponent to zili acts off of yep this guy with the blast shield okay silly acts under this get a vaped she'll block food it's only nine life though and Zilly acts the vapenation rides again oh that was satisfying oh yes control warrior getting blast shield twice as dr. boom just dies till his pocket Catholic C+ and tinnitus that was glorious beautiful beautiful and glory you