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Hearthstone | Bombs Away! | Wild Tempo Bomb Warrior | Rise of Shadows

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Full Deck List:
### Meowth
# Class: Warrior
# Format: Wild
# 2x (1) Eternium Rover
# 2x (1) N’Zoth’s First Mate
# 1x (1) Patches the Pirate
# 2x (1) Upgrade!
# 1x (2) Prince Keleseth
# 2x (3) Augmented Elekk
# 1x (3) Brann Bronzebeard
# 2x (3) Clockwork Goblin
# 2x (3) Frothing Berserker
# 2x (4) Piloted Shredder
# 2x (4) Wrenchcalibur
# 1x (5) Captain Greenskin
# 2x (5) Dyn-o-matic
# 1x (5) Loatheb
# 2x (5) Seaforium Bomber
# 1x (5) Zilliax
# 1x (6) Iron Juggernaut
# 1x (7) Blastmaster Boom
# 1x (7) Dr. Boom
# 1x (7) Dr. Boom, Mad Genius
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

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watch this Leeroy instead of iron juggernaut yeah libras probably better Leroy was originally in your instead of bran but I don't know I wanted to leave I wanted to be a the brand for extra memes yeah that's a fair point Leroy doesn't put bombs in the deck so what's his purpose no patches this game let's go ahead and stab since I have the the wrench caliber anyone know if I'm gonna upgrade anything it's going to be that bomb pirate more like bomb tempo warrior right like it's a it's more of like a callous F just like tempo warrior so it's like extra bed that makes it extra fun alright let's let's get the frothing out first then we curb nicely into the the clockwork genome and strap on the wrench caliber ruffle playing the best most met a version of pirate warrior what a try-hard well everyone knows that pirate warriors well like a dear for deck or something ooh I kind of want that killeth going the the capital was employed on that statement by the way the discord notification just so no yeah that bot is slow sometimes I didn't know if it just like makes a periodic call to check to see if I'm live but it doesn't always get it right away well that's a bummer I was really counting on that to get me there let's uh let's put some bombs in the upon like the opponents gonna be drawing a lot of cards so these bombs are probably about as good as they're ever going to be in this matchup why does kill us up not buff bonds yeah that's a that's an important question why is that the case and who do we need to talk to to change it somebody called Chiaki Ken my minion damage no longer matters to me I'm just I'm all about them bombs oh yeah this is what I'm looking forward to a trench value I crafted this card just for you Chet the wrench caliber and for you YouTube I haven't forgotten about you I could lose three cards and go oddware yeah but one of those cards is wrench caliber which is like and the other is iron juggernaut so that's like it's a small portion of the deck but it's like 75% of the reason I want to play the deck so um as much as I want another bomb in the deck it's like it's better for the curve to just do well actually uh hey this is just fine I think I just want as many bombs and the abundance deck as possible and it like it's not even a meme right there are now three bombs and the opponent's deck it's going to be really hard to go off on a miracle turn with like Luna you can't play research projects or you're just dead so I mean you can play research projects but it's ill-advised okay seriously like we put those bombs in there for a reason getting the rover down was important though just because of the the the missiles so this is likely to take a lot of damage and gain me armor into what is a damage capped opponent so I might like the same thing applies for the doctor boom here that the boom BOTS are a liability for the opponent too because there's a lot of like flamewaker missile action happening here awful it's Stanner something happen I think it's time to be a better person people deserve respect and you deserve my apology just kidding enjoy rank 5 loser man gets me every time and I don't know how stupid tanner so I could either do two bombs or a I'm definitely killing that like so here's a pro tip for you chat if you're ever in a matchup against this like tempo e miracle mage it killed the apprentice like that wins then the game so we're going to kill the apprentice and make an eight eight dr. boom that with bombs that are a liability the opponent relies on missile damage so going wide and like having minions on board that want to get hit by things by like one damage pings is a good strategy here but also frees up the opportunity to go elack wrench caliber and upgrade next turn if there is an extern opponents looking very dead right now like they just got two extra turns to draw these bombs why haven't you drawn the bombs yet okay this is getting ridiculous there's like what four bombs in there I guess we're only halfway through the deck but also where the bombs at least the opponent can't take the extra turn here that's important something else to consider is the second most important card in this deck is Luna stargazer because she's the like the other half of that engine that makes it go I'm tempted to leave it up though just so that I can draw the opponent closer to those bombs so we are definitely doing this because because have I got a bomb for you yet I don't know what I want to do here it's probably safer to to kill the Luna like the the breakpoints are awkward to write because it's like it would be nice to be able to put the opponent to ten because two bombs will kill them I'm gonna kill the Luna if I can that was easy enough like thirteen was about to say also where our God okay now the opponent gets slate two extra turns to draw the bombs one owl okay next next extra turn next return arcane giants are a bit of a problem temp bomb no come on this is why the strategies so frustrating I lost count of how many bombs are in the opponent's deck right now I'm certain the answer is it's a lot there are many cards in the opponent's deck I don't think we can die even to that that's a pretty good pickup they're gonna bomb yeah we're not dead which means we get to smack em there's like 18 bombs in this deck Oh one of those gets frozen or I can just gain a bunch of armor no that's dumb like this is the correct play chat this is absolutely the the safe I don't lose if I make this play but I have an opportunity to put additional bombs in the opponent's deck so I'm going to take advantage of it I know it's not like explosive friends there's like 27 bombs in this deck one of them's got to go off hmm that was the one we just shuffled into I know it and this is just fine on three right is there anything about want to look harder for maybe quell this up I've got a lot of three drops but I think keeping that is fine yeah we can point out an L ik into a goblin feels good just don't draw up patches I can do this I can do this please end your turn you are very likely a big priest with no plays on this turn it's a good thing I just got extra coffee or I'd be falling asleep right now nice nicely I'll rope into manual and turn seconds before the turn was going to end it's probably reading a guide on how to play big priest I wrote one of those ones why did I not attack I mean I don't really see a reason to I could potentially use it to clear off a Barnes minion it doesn't really change much in terms of where the game is I could I could upgrade the the weapon later for with the captain green skin they just didn't really accomplish much other than it would have put the opponent at what 24 now so until I draw the wrench caliber I'm not in a hurry to to get rid of these weapon charges all right then somebody order a bomb okay so now I poke because there's 20 damage where the bombs on the deck so getting an opponent in range of that seems reasonable so in that regard to change the breakpoints with the heel to face I mean you've just got 30 damage where the bombs no I'm tempted to not even attack but like I met with a with any of them so we'll just leave him at 5 right 3 is the same as 5 if the opponent whips on a bomb there's 6 bombs in this deck how did that not pull a bomb nice outcome idiot I feel like that's even more troll than just the straight shadow essence into Barnes right because he's like yeah I got the Yashiro it's gonna pull a statue I'm gonna swing this game back I win and then BAM we got him