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GTA 5 – The BIGGEST Zombie Outbreak EVER!! (Zombie Apocalypse)

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right today is the day we have to be careful with this we can't mess this up are you ready here we go easy easy [Applause] we have just been told by fort Zancudo that a scientist has dropped a zombie outbreak device inside the labs we advise everyone stay away from the labs whilst fort Zancudo are dealing with this we don't know too much information about this as of yet but we'll update to you at the moment we find out more information about what is going on here are just some photos and videos from inside the labs showing exactly what has happened water morning guys what a morning welcome to the video hope you guys are having a great day as you can sell Franklin is in a great mood the TV just switched on though so I'm gonna check this out and see what's going on okay that doesn't seem normal are you talking about a zombie apocalypse no way no way we've just been outside around lo Santos no way is there going to be a zombie apocalypse guys look at this place I don't believe this I don't believe this some scientists were working on a zombie outbreak device and they dropped it are you joking this sounds too crazy to be true guys I've just beat outside of my sentence I've done my morning routine no way is this even true right whatever you say whatever you say I guess you know what Franklin let's go and check this out you're saying it's over at the lamps yeah that's not too far away guys let's go and check this out I don't believe there's a zombie outbreak happening in lo sandals or San Andreas or something I don't believe that what are you guys even talking about we may as well go and check this out anyway guys but some yeah welcome to the video I hope you're all having an amazing day if you are be sure to drop a like on this video I don't believe there's going to be a zombie apocalypse in lo Santos surely if there is they can contain guys I mean there's scientist after all they must have a cure for this let's put on the radio maybe if we listen to a different channel we'll hear something else about this no they're really serious about this zombie apocalypse they're really serious about this guys it's the middle of a day and it's a Sunday look we even have some people over here just just listening to music you know just enjoying themselves no where's the actually a zombie apocalypse this doesn't feel like a zombie apocalypse whatever this is I don't think it's too serious but I want to go check this out anyway guys they're saying to stay away from the area so maybe they are serious about this but I need to go and check this out and just see what's going on I'm putting on something a bit more uplifting I'm going to play some music instead yeah this is my jam so the labs are over here I think just be careful don't end up going down into them just in case this zombie apocalypse is real you know I do actually hear something over this hill think so cool all my days guys um guys guys can you see that can you what can you see the amount of people down there no no no go down no go down Frank Quinn don't go down there don't go down there I don't think they've seen us there's so many pedestrians down there guys look at that there's so many of them they're just standing there every single one of them I think so at least some of them look like they're moving but most of them are just standing there what is going on this looks so strange this doesn't look good either guys I mean look at this look at the amount of vehicles over there Otto dude they've seen me they've seen me look at this they're all walking towards me all my dates look at that some of them are starting to walk towards me I think I must be the only noise around them we have an ambulance over there there's a tank over there there's also some police cars over there oh my days dude the entire fort Zancudo is here and it doesn't seem like they've managed to do a good job in taking out all of these zombies no way there's so many zombies all right Franklin we got to go back we got to go back I got to leave this place I don't want to get caught up in those zombies there's so many zombies over there it's just a normal day who would have even thought this would have happened guys I mean this is the most random thing why on earth were these scientists working on a zombie outbreak thingy in the labs I don't even know what what's the advantage of that why were you doing that well it looks like it don't dude they're even over here oh my goodness all right Franklin we're just gonna go down here and we're gonna drive straight out of here dude oh my goodness look there's someone over there there's also a couple of people over there all my days just go go on Franklin go oh my goodness I really want to get one of those helicopters maybe a bit later yep they're smoking which one of those vehicles as well guys oh my goodness this doesn't look good I've got to get back overflow Santos and find some supplies before the entire of Los Santos goes crazy if Fort San cooter has been taken out then who is going to stop the zombie apocalypse I don't know how much time we have until these zombies make over lo Santos but there's loads of them guys at least 200 I would say way more than a hundred I saw way more than a hundred zombies there guys oh my goodness what do we do get back over to the house dude get back over to the house I need to make sure tops okay if we leave chop at the house and suddenly lo Santos has gone crazy dude I need to get back to my house now and just stand my ground once this zombie apocalypse gets back to lo Santos and once people start realizing what is going on we are not going to have time to get supplies guys so we're just going to have to do everything we possibly can do it right now let's just go up here we're gonna find the nearest store where's the nearest store I believe there's one over there just behind vine but let's go over there guys I imagine these so nervous right now there's so many zombies as a helicopter flying it's lo Santos that doesn't look good it looks like the helicopter over there has just come from the labs guys this is where the 24 7 stories at least guys or at least it's meant to be over there can we get some supplies I would just need some water or just anything wait no no they've already caught wind of this what have you barricaded your store can we see them hello hello is anyone in there hello can we see anyone is anyone hello come on is anyone in there we need oh I can see you I can see you dude come on just let me in let me in I need to get some water quickly please if you can even just give me some water that would be amazing I will give you 10 times the amount of the price of the water just please I don't think many stores gonna be open guys even if we do decide to go around though Santos if they're all like this then we're not gonna stand much of a chance this isn't good this isn't good they've actually closed off loads of the stores I've never seen that before guys I have seen so many things happen in lo Santos and never have I ever seen stores actually closed down and barricade their doors oh my days wait wait why are those people over here what do know everyone's go into this everyone knows what's going on okay now I see why he's barricaded this store everyone's running the entire flow Santos is in panic right now sharp I'm coming back for you dude it seems like the police have just barricaded themselves in because no one is coming out to sort this we watch this Mike was calling me Franklin yes Michael I'll be there I'll be there dude I'll be there man so Michael needs us over at his house that's actually a good plan we're gonna go over to Michael's house guys in the meantime I need to pick up Sean Tapia shop please stop me you're here dude his choppier shot come on come on is chop here man we don't have much time the entire vlog Santos has gone crazy chop chop chop yes job is here chop come on dude come on we don't have long the zombies are heading over to Los Santos and we need to make sure we are barricaded in somewhere safe oh my gay someone's coming right up towards us someone's on our roof there's actual people on our roof what how do you guys get on the roof of my house are you serious right we're leaving we're leaving guys this doesn't look good whatsoever just go chop it's gonna be okay it's gonna be okay man all my days dude my entire screen is shaking there we go there we go Michael let me edit he's opening the gate all right there we go there's Michael there's Michael oh my goodness guys oh my goodness we made it let's go talk to Michael yeah Michael is treating us house girl Michael we're in Michael's house guys now Michael first plan we need to barricade this house can you guys hear that can you actually hear that the entire of low Sanders has gone crazy to win its barricade this house to make sure no one makes their way inside this house first off let's just agree to ourselves to everyone in the house we have Tracy over here we have Jimmy both of them look very nervous all my days are on us go upstairs there's a Mandarin I hope so at least I don't want to barricade this house barricading any of your family members out Michael that would be a terrible idea yup Amanda's in and okay she's already talking to me oh my gays do the entire house just shook right we need to barricade this house quickly guys all right I'm gonna use every bit of furniture we can Michael you're helping me dude all right let's do this guys let's do this right guys we spent the entire evening completely barricade in the house look at this we've barricaded the doors around the back are there any other way Michael come on dude you didn't even pull down the shutters on that last window over there man can you do that please anyway guys if you take a look around the house you've also moved order the furniture around here and we barricaded that front door as well we also have this barrier here so if anyone does come through the front door then were able to just stay here and you know take out anyone who decides to come through there's also another barricade up there on those two windows and if we go upstairs there's some more barricades on this window it is more barricades in this room and last but not least we have some more barricades in this room as well Amanda is still looking at window Amanda it's gonna be okay oh okay okay Amanda well we're not gonna think like that all right we're gonna stay positive we're gonna stay positive because we are going to make it through this what do you have in your fridge Michael let's take a look please tell me you have a couple of supplies all right let's take a look what do you have inside the fridge hey not bad Michael not bad at all check this out we actually have quite a few supplies Michael what are you doing it's okay we're gonna be safe can you please pull down the shutters on that window so no one gets in we actually have some salmon and what looks like some steak over there as well there's quite a few vegetables and we have loads and loads of frozen food all my days yes Michael yes it looks like we have enough supplies at least for a couple of days one two three four five there's five of us including chops so we have quite a few supplies guys we'll be okay for a couple of days and there's some green juice of course right so I'm gonna get some sleep I don't know about you guys I think jobs already asleep yep chops already asleep over there guys all right guys I'll see you in the morning we're gonna get some rest I think Michael is still yeah he's still staying God we could do with some watching the door anyway guys so Franklin that time to get some rest dude how long was I asleep for Michael wait no no way was I asleep for more than that it's actually midnight and he didn't think to wake me up there was no need to all right cool well at least we got some sleep anyway guys we've got quite a bit of sleep actually look at this the house is still fine Jimmy looks like he's asleep as well chop is still asleep on my days dude is actually silent Michael you can stop you can stop going on guard now dude I don't hear anything going on outside it's actually being the quietest it's been for a long time but this sounds really strange all right I'm gonna get some foods but I think we ought to check out what it looks like outside just in case anything has happened which we should know about all right I'm gonna go outside Mike would you want to join me Mike your water vehicle this is such a nice vehicle oh my days let's go outside are you ready for this Michael I don't think I am but I need to check out what Louis Sanders looks like well my vehicles gone the house seems alright not much has gone on over there all my days do and somebody would write across the road is that a zombie the zombie just got completely flattened oh my de solo Santos does see oh my goodness dude this people on the roof there's people on the ceiling this this all happened last night and throughout the day oh my goodness the entire of lo Santos looks like it's being totally destroyed this a few more zombies over here yeah you can tell there's Amba there just walking so slowly guys there's way more zombies here than I thought what is downtown Los Santos look like yep we have more zombies over here more zombies over there as well I guess we could do with making some friends or just finding a large group of survivors I don't want to stay out here too long oh my goodness look there's a whole horde of zombies over there right just right keep driving look at this one of the firemen have actually been changed into a zombie dude he's an actual zombie considering we saw the start of this zombie apocalypse guys there were only one to two hundred people and now so much of like Santos has turned into a zombie this is spread much faster than I thought it would guys I just realized we barricaded everything all right is anyone in why is all the furniture being moved back what have you guys done Jimmy tell me what's going on why have you moved the furniture back you didn't think it was necessary you did all my days you just wanted the sofa Jimmy why would you do that dude why would you do that guys we're just gonna stay here for a few more nights as long as we can to and then we'll go back out to lo Santos hey Michael these are actually really good it shows Los Santos last time there was a zombie apocalypse and Michael has all the videos from that this is actually pretty good Michael I gotta say though this currents on the apocalypse looks way worse than the previous one and you would have thought they would have learned from that wait hang on hang on that wasn't gonna happen that that wasn't men happen at all we've just lost all of the power in the house is the entire of life Santos like this oh my days dude look at lo Santos look at lo Santos the entire of lo Santos has lost power and can you guys hear that I can hear that I can hear that guys that doesn't sound good that doesn't sound good at all I can just hear a roaring of zombies coming straight for lo Santos oh my goodness right guys we are in for a challenge today everything in the fridge is gonna just go off we're gonna have to go outside and try and find survivors dude this is don't be right on the drive there's a zombie on the drive right shop you're staying here stay guard of the house and make sure no one enters the house Jimmy Tracy Amanda wherever you guys are it's gonna be okay just be careful all right and don't let anyone go inside the house or I'm Michael let's go dude let's go let's go let's go where to where do you think there's gonna be survivors wait Michael has a walkie talkie and he's gonna pick up signals with it that's awesome that's awesome and if someone is out there and they also have a radio they're going to be able to contact us this must have happened when the entire blo Santos went crazy this is the entire highway it goes all the way down there there's so many vehicles here I am glad we weren't part of this guys I'm glad we made it over to Michael's house in time there's even a helicopter down there a helicopter has crashed down oh my goodness listen to that listen to that Michael's actually found a signal yes Michael yes who is that who is that oh that's not even that far away guys it's just down the road all right let's go let's go I can see a couple of zombies down there actually so we have to go through a massive horde of zombies what how are there this many zombies oh my days they go all the way down the road we even try and go past this all my days alright let's just go around here I can see him I can see and look at that there's a base on top of that house Michael be on high alert we don't know anything about this person there he is he seems friendly enough he doesn't seem like he's gonna do anything just be on high alert alright Michael let's go and speak to this guy I'll don't worry man we're glad to see you as well so how did you get here man it seems like you know your stuff you've built in as high a base and looks like you've done this by yourself you even got supplies to tell me a bit about yourself I want to know what's going on see you see we're doing a job in lo Santos suddenly lo Santos went crazy so he barricaded yourself inside your apartment alright so it looks like he's from Fort Zancudo actually yeah he's from Fort Zancudo he's one of the last remaining and you've got all of this water dude look at this you have so many supplies oh no it's not even clean right don't worry man we're gonna take you back over to our house we've just had a power cut but we do have some supplies over there he's got some bags actually right let's fill up some of the bags and we'll take it back over to our house guys all right that's everything yep the vehicles here Michael you take him back over the house it's your house I will make my way back there by myself but you take him back up the house in case anything happens he's got a lot of knowledge which we could use I'll see you back there right Michael I can't believe I just did that I just sent Michael and the other guy away and the only vehicle and now we have to go through lo Santos by ourselves my game is that she's time to get a little bit like he does that many zombies all right stay back on my days there's so many zombies over there dude there's so many I just keep running keep running wait is that seriously what I think it is is that seriously a wall of zombies oh my goodness there's so many zombies around here guys there's actually so many zombies we may have to divert up here this might be a safer way actually if we go through here then at least I'm not many zombies gonna see us we'll do this is all be over there only days there scared me oh dude a zombies coming through the alleyway what about the other way what about the other way and he zombies coming up here no I don't think so I don't think so guys alright um let's just go back up here I don't want to take out any zombies unless we have to oh my days this is actually terrifying this is actually terrifying dude and he's Dom B's around here at least be very very careful in case there are there's a couple around there all my days nope the Horde is still over there dude is one of the ball there's one of them alright we don't want to go back round there just in case let's keep going down here we may have to take a Tony through here guys alright just go through here is anyone down here oh this is actually getting really difficult a queue alleyway why on earth did we take the alleyway if only Michael saw what we were going through all my days there's so many zombies jump over the zombies almost had me just keep running we're leaving this place we're leaving this place just go go Franklin just go oh my goodness that is the last time we go in an alleyway guys all right there's Michael's house guys you can see as tennis courts were almost there we've almost made it now we just have to go inside his house easier said than done especially when there's lots and lots of zombies outside his house I love how they're in like an orderly line hey can I go inside the house please how easy will this be the zombies on the other side of that gate I'm so glad I didn't climb over that guy's oh my godness oh my goodness all right there's zombies all over Michael's house is there another way in how about the tennis court this looks possible yes dude you were able to climb over here all right this is completely overrun what happened here I don't know how they're watching this but there's somehow watching another thing on TV guys can you guys hear that well I can hear that I can definitely hear that I can hear lots and lots of zombies just clawing at the door look at this look at the amount of zombies outside of Michael's house the safe and sound we've done a good job at this guys we've done a good job so far everyone seems okay they seem safe sharp you did a good job buddy you did a good job what's been going on since I've been gone what's been going on can you guys fill me in has anything happened so okay okay this guy is a mechanic for Fort San cuto interesting interesting so he knows a couple of locations which will probably be active right now and full of survivors we don't really have much food left here by the end of the day everything will have gone off so we just know everything you know dude all right good the observatory huh yeah we got this guys we got this the observatory whether anyone is there right now is a mystery guys but we're going to go over there just in case anyone is it's meant to be the place to be so it's going to be the first place we're going to check out guys now how on earth are we supposed to leave this house there's seven of us we're not gonna be able to fit inside a vehicle right everyone gear up we're going to have to walk through lo Santos well wait until it's night guys the time is currently 3 p.m. we'll wait seven hours and then we'll go guys right everyone needs to be really quiet we're going to sneak out through the tennis court there's too many zombies around the other side of the house you think you see anyone any zombies anything just let us know you can just hear the constant roaring of zombies moving at nighttime was definitely the best time to do this guys that just looks so spooky it's just a zombie in the middle of a field by itself yes yes dude can you see that can you see that mechanic you are a genius you are a genius I'm so glad we found this guy if they managed to put the antenna on top of the observatory that they must have a lot of people up there guys there's so many people here there's actually so many people here look there's scientists there's the rest of ports and Couto yes dude everyone's running up here watch out for the rabbit this looks promising this actually looks amazing all right let's take a look who's in charge here who is in charge hello I need to speak to the person in charge right up here all right cool this mechanic knows his stuff all right so they're having a lesson here about what's going on look at everything they have this is awesome they even have animals here oh no don't tell me that dude don't tell me you have too many people what if I do a job what if there's something in lo Santos you need is there anything I'm able to do to be part of this team I'm happy to contribute yeah now we're talking now we're talking dude all right I think I can do that do you really think they're gonna be okay considering there's no electricity in Mo's Antos this is gonna be a difficult one to do I really don't think they're gonna be okay but a deal is a deal I'm happy to do this if it means myself and my team are able to be part of your team yeah it's a deal all right so me and Michael are gonna go over to the hospital and we're going to retrieve someone who apparently knows a lot about what to do in a zombie apocalypse the only downside is they're locked in a room in the hospital in the middle of lo Santos in a zombie apocalypse anyway let's go and do this guys it was nice knowing you Jimmy Tracy Amanda chop look after yourself guys it's gonna be okay this is just vine what if we go to the hospital there's going to be so many more zombies Michael again if you think that we got to bail them we're gonna bail all right I'm gonna work with you on this it's completely barricaded off look at this someone tried to save the hospital come on Michael come on come on don't stand outside there it's safe I've got other zombies all right let's just go it let's do this the board's have been taken down this is what remains guys another barricade yet again even behind the board's I can already see some zombies I can see some zombies all right just be careful Michael be very very careful gonna take out these zombies quickly we have wards 1 to 6 and 7 to 13 all right Michael's covering the outside we're gonna go in guys we're going in is anyone here come on no way is anyone here look at the place the place is destroyed all my days there's so many other zombies here weak Michael just jump down through the ceiling Michael what what you just jumped out from the ceiling return to Michael no Michael you return to me I have no idea where you've gone did you go through here Michael was a bad wave Michael but it Michael go do I have a torch are we able to see where Michael went Michael where'd you go I can hear a banging happening from that door is this seriously the barricade you left Michael Michael where'd you go where did Michael go oh my gosh there's so many zombies there's actually so many zombies here dude this is actually terrifying this is actually really scary right they got to be in there they have to be there a hundred percent I've moved the sofa there's someone on the other side of that door whether it's a zombie or not I don't know but there's someone on the other side of the door I don't see any other zombies around me now is our chance three two one open the door yes dude dude oh my days oh my goodness we found him I don't know where Michael went guys I don't know where he's gone but he's gone somewhere so we're just gonna leave Michael he can handle himself we found in how he survives I have no idea but we got him guys we got it anyway let's go back over to the observatory own light day so yeah this guy has no idea what's happened all right anyway welcome to the base dude this is where everyone has ER has been over the past couple of days and it looks like we're now finally part of this base guys I am so happy I'm so happy we've returned the person who everyone thought was taken out but unfortunately guys I'm going to end the video here this is quite a good place to end the video as well we found shelter we found a group we found a whole team of people and it looks like we're going to be good for now at least in the zone the apocalypse so if you guys enjoyed the video be sure to drop a like on it we're getting very close to three million subscribers if you guys have not yet subscribed please make sure you do so but guys thanks for watching my name is nought and I will see you guys next time