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GTA 5 RP – Kermit Rigged a Nissan With Bombs!! (Called SWAT)

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Strapped a bomb to Kermit’s Nissan on GTA 5 Roleplay.. guess what happened next?

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officer they said if I take off the whole my if I take off the suit or anything or if I step out of the vehicle it's gonna ball let me show you officer let me show you officer oh yeah oh well let's see this works first so I'm gonna blow myself up I'm on fire okay let's let's change how I look clear appearance Deadshot Kermit the Frog all right we're gonna be Kermit the Frog brothers gonna be so are we gonna be Kermit the Frog we're gonna spawn and a Nissan Altima Kermit the frog's gonna be doing some giveaways but with the twist oh wait you have put about the let's try putting little options vehicle doors let's try putting a couple bombs in the trunk okay I don't know if it's got like levitating vehicle options vehicle toys that's so sketch dude let's try doing with the hood maybe we can hide them in the hood because the trunk could kind of like the shows five bombs totally legit bro I mean too bad Palala let's try to move it on the other side of it vehicle options vehicle doors oh okay that's not too bad all right Kermit the Frog is about to do a giveaway I'm gonna be giving away a Nissan Altima his name is Kermit the Frog he's driving on a Nissan Altima with the horseshoe no officer was not even an officer I don't think I was an officer hey buddy do you want a freak are you sure buddies it's your lucky day god dammit nobody wants to partake in my giveaways anymore right now we just gotta find someone to UM to actually take the vehicle Oh a GTR in the distance excuse me sir would you be interested in joining my free giveaway hmm you don't want to drive my car it's a very nice Nissan Altima sir sir this guy does not want to do anything easy we play dude I just want one person to take it so I can blow it up I want them to drive in the distance and then they have commit death yo oh I got the perfect okay I got the perfect skit I can be Kermit the Frog and I can uh I can say I'm not allowed to step out of the vehicle or the car will explode all right I think I know what we can do okay so we stopped by bombs in the car now we just going to wait for a cop to pull me over I might have to do some hooligan stuff you know where this what are the cops huh [Applause] it shit Oh oh gee willikers how's it going there sir I'm an officer judy blume with the sandy shores ops patrol here do you know why I pulled you over today um officer I'm a little nervous right now I'm forced to wearing the suit right now I'm not really Kermit the Frog what a boy you how was your B oh that's okay you wouldn't go ahead and take off that's fair take off that helmet for me or the master word officer with all due respect can I just pop the trunk like someone's playing a cruel joke with me okay officer they said if I take a sneeze you want you said why don't you go ahead and now step out of the car for me office like I can't do that officer look look look look officer they said if I take off the oh my if I take off the suit or anything or if I step out of the vehicle it's gonna blow okay officer I need bomb squad or something I need some air a button inside to manually pop the trunk let me show you officer oh my one sec I'll back up back up hold I'm backing up save me please I'm playing a cruel sick twisted game and I don't want to play it I don't even like Kermit I'm gonna get help to you sir we're getting help now we're getting a bomb squad okay officer I can't take off the suit I can't step out of the vehicle the minute I opened the door it's gonna rake am I gonna die officer please tell me it's no no no you're fine you're fine come on it hasn't it blown up yet so we're good we're in the clear don't tamper with the bombs don't try anything he said all he said it was I think was Humphrey he said he wants to be known as Humphrey he said if you try tampering with the bomb that's gonna blow you need some professional stuff you need some professional people to help us sir I just got word that bomb squads on its way don't you worry we'll get you out of this situation in just a jiffy thank you might be about five or ten minutes sir I don't know how that I think there's a time when you take you some DJ's need to take some deep breaths and relax everything's gonna be fun we have trained professionals are they're gonna be doing this all right sir you're gonna be fine what's your name come on you got to talk to me officer you got to tell me your name I need to make sure not gonna you know my name is my name my name is Judy Blume judy judy blume Judy Blume are you a male or female I'm a female oh okay okay kind of caught me off guard right there officer but um I'll see you I'll see you officer all right Judy talk to me what are my odds of surviving this you're very bold I'll tell you that for standing right beside me say about it it's solid nine out of ten to be honest with you our bomb squads one of the best in the county they're gonna get you right out of this situation you're sir come get a nice haircut and sandy shores on Alhambra Drive oh wait there's a chopper down there bomb squad is two and a half minutes away sir they're gonna be right here for you I'm gonna stay right here with you though yeah yeah dad do I hear a chopper yep that'd be I believe that be them so Judy you know what you're doing you gotta talk to me man how long have you been on the force how many bombs have you helped defuse oh I've been on the force for about five or six years now ever since my ex my ex husband left me well this feels like some triple defend it's a great way to relieve some stress communicate with people you know what do you do for sir I saw meatballs I thought goddamn homemade meatballs the best god damn meatballs you'll ever have in town I'll tell you then I'm pretty sure that's where do you sell him well that's the thing I'm pretty sure it's Humphrey across the street he's been selling meatballs too and I'm pretty sure he's the one who rigged my car with bombs and everything he's trying to get rid of me pretty extreme for meatball competition there certain placing bombs underneath your car it's a little crazy sorry now you know my life officer you know my life you know what's going on you don't know who Humphrey is you don't always capable up he's crazy Scott damn crazy he rigged the goddamn car he rigged me he rigged everything yeah yeah you're gonna be fine so you gonna be fine bomb squads on the way there they're right there I'm gonna stay right here with you see him over there on the left or should I see them okay I see them they're just keeping their distance for safety they're gonna send somebody in though to help with this officer can you please sing me a song I'm really stressed right now I'm getting hella anxious stressed I need you to sing this song please tell me what's your favorite kind of song what kind of music you lack you sing me that one song by Slipknot I'm not familiar with Slipknot where I come from I've never actually heard of them I'm more about country sitting here you know oh I see okay country could you sing your t-pain song preferably bartender whoa Jesus I was home free goddamn it hold on hold on that's just some you'll be just fine sir bombs oh it's here right in front of you they're gonna work on I'm gonna stand here rat with you all right whatever happens to you happens to me so they're gonna do their job just fine do you know who did this it was Humphrey I got really what I was home free god damn it he knows that my meatballs are better he sort of drive me out he knows I'm this of the number-one competition yeah he says that if he takes off the Kerman outfit or he tries to open the door the car will explode I don't know what she how you wanted to deal with the situation here sir I mean we could try to break a window for you the window can you try cutting look I don't know much but I think I heard Humphrey mention saying don't fiddle with the yellow wire so I'm pretty sure you should fiddle with the yellow wire but I don't know he just said don't try don't try fiddling with any of the bombs or the yellow wire or are you gonna die I'm pretty sure it means that the yellow wire is the weak one but I don't know officer just your bomb squad you know what's best please I don't like curve it I want to remove this goddamn costume all right I'm gonna rip I'm gonna blow it up holy shit get off that boat get off that get the chopper out of here sir back up this is a bomb situation alright what I'm gonna do is where I got that shop router there we don't need to make the situation any more intense that it already is yeah well what's the bomb squad officer his name what's his name you got to talk to me my name is Officer John O'Neill I'm trained in this stuff how many years the these tell me about watching some gosh on YouTube tutorial or something I mean man these are you get five of them and uh I gotta turn them all off at the same time but I mean mm-hmm alright so see these to the close by here in the middle yeah I do I see them I've got a hit both of theirs at the same time and then this one on the bottom left you got to get the hop alright I'm holding one in the top right one okay alright now you're gonna do is flip those switches it's not that difficult it's just the on/off switch and also there's not even a yellow wire this guys fucking with you okay okay I got ya I got I see where you're talking about are you ready yeah alright we're gonna count it down three one what all right look it's gonna be on go it's gonna be a 3 2 1 go alright you got it you got it alright I'm ready oh you can't fuck this up if you fuck this up we all die oh shit I didn't think he could hear me say that oh I mean everything's gonna be fine I pick up if you make it back away from the scene I'm not too sure what's gonna go on here I don't see everything's good alright alright three two one got it all right little word Oh got it could I step out can I go ahead and step out of the vehicle sir it back away from the vehicle fuck away from the scene I'm gonna step out I think I think this is it you saved me yeah we're opposite you save me so you can take off the Kermit outfit now thank you so much officer you saved me oh thank you so much