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LSPDFR 0.4.1 –

Main.PreloadAllModels = true
Networking.DisableServerCommunication = True
Networking.DisableDiscordRichPresence = True
Main.DisableAmbientScriptHooks = True
AmbientSpawn.MaxCopsInArea = 0
WorldEvents.IntervalMultiplier = 0.0f
WorldEvents.MaxNumberOfEvents = 0
Callouts.Multiplier = 360
Chase.CopsCanCommandeerVehicles = true

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hey what's up guys welcome to another less pdf-file episode it looks like I'm gonna be by myself tonight so I got all my guns ready I got everything ready man just in case and today we're gonna be using this Explorer so I'm just gonna be patrolling around the area yes I'm gonna be representing unit of course in case I see any colors and in case I see any crazy activity you guys know we have to definitely get involved you see there's a spot of spotlight works okay what about the regular one yep the regular spotlight does work too and you guys seen this vehicle before man you know what I haven't done yet access um court system okay I don't have any you pass court cases I haven't I haven't had any like that I mean this is not I don't have anything so the point of trying to delete anything right now what is that oh that's just my headlight and you guys seen this before yeah let's get all it off Patrol whoa I didn't need to step out like that let's get on without Patrol and for anybody I want to try this yourself man this is your GTA 5 since we already know GTA 6 is on the way now – man but this is GTA 5 with a bunch of mods where we get the modifier almost everything in the game like right now this game is fully modified this is why I'm also getting about 30 some fps we're gonna go on this side let's see I see everything is gonna turn out on this side today let's be on Rancho side I'm by myself man would you guys be able to patrol by yourself like that especially when you know you like you around a gang area – man would you be able to do it by yourself we don't think somebody's gonna get you on the side I'm not even gonna bother this lady right now looked like she's chillin there's only people that hanging out in the alleys just like that alright cats get out the way yo they just rollin all right like these guys I think my controller read all like me all right so it makes you start with that okay I could just put this bottle I own them I mean we're just gonna have a little conversation that's all oh I like this Wow hey what's going on man can I have a word with you man all right any you guys got warrants man all right do you have any ID on you bro I'm not even drinking do you want me to call you a taxi man we can actually work this out do you have any weapons on you anything that can stab me poking anything like that man better not man the lazy way collection of car keys oh my god picture of a man with Vargas gang all right he's part of a gang but I'm not arresting this guy tonight I mean he's under the influence of course let's let him go our first guy get out of here man all right you guys just move on man move on I just need you guys out of here get out of here man what about you buddy I can't talk to you yo all right I'm not even gonna ask you for your ID there get out of here man all right so we got we got everybody away from this spot man I just like to get everybody moving and this badge show me show me tonight in case you have anything for me a stolen truck all right we already got something all right so guys we got a stolen truck these guys out build them later it's a trip coming at us oh I see them I see them come on people stop stop stop all right so I got I got a visual in the truck I'm gonna try to stop it I mean he doesn't seem like I don't think they running yet but you not have to initiate this stuff first okay we got a runner this past year some herpes and probably a couple on local units just to back me up oh shoot whoa did you guys see how they just crash oh my god my controller don't like me to that I kept trying to get it to work again I just disconnect from town the town oh okay is what we doing all right let's see if we can actually block him in here dispatch them get a roadblock they said setup something before you get out yes no not on top come on guys yes all right they set up a roadblock for him down there is he gonna try to get out of here again all right this sound was boshy ready though no luck today man these guys making this chasin light for a minute now yo dude just give up man oh there's definitely more saw yeah they don't care they're gonna trying to hit me oh shoot come on you're that go go go go oh my god they're gonna just crash into somebody – all right so guys I'm thinking about shooting the tires what you guys think that shop for can't even keep up with them either man there you go we're in a closed environment now we're gonna tell these guys to close up this place but now I mean it's already closed oh all right we got we got some of the tires let me get the front he's gonna definitely nice country oh shoot yeah so what you just did right now ah shoot choo choo choo choo choo choo all right he's running he's running [Applause] all right go you know you can actually chase him I'm not chasing nobody from GT anymore man are we in too tight was for some reason they always make my play of tires for a second man you see how fast this guy's running get them taste them somebody tase them all right hmm come on we got them make that arrest so I can actually go back to my post yo this shopper took forever man he was around but I don't know why they don't follow the extra suspect anymore maybe I need the spotlight motto it everywhere all right you guys do which I gotta do I'm out get the truck to Vern all right so guys let's get back to I guess Rancho it's you all cash to get into all right why not be about to get caught right now whoa that's like in the coffee okay I see alright guys about to make contact with the suspect somebody selling drugs in here so I guess they decide to call the police I guess I was just about to leave and then they just had to give me this call so the suspect is in the car acknowledges driving around selling it to customers but we got him oh he's running he's running all right all right so it looked like we're gonna chase a lot of people more like not really gang unit I'm guessing dispatch let me get let me get to like a unit please chopper ain't gonna help us in here so I'm gonna have to set up a roadblock soon I might try my best to go for pick you know what this fastest we are in here and we request it quick quickly we are in here you know Leslie will need Oh oh you trying to get out Oh my controller just keep doing this thing where just disconnect by yourself all right do you guys know what can actually cause you know I probably saw of course I never had that issue this is just from my front light this guy's like I'm not I'm not Landers dude go alright dispatch I guess for this one again ooh you're so great side they're part news air support last whoa all right come on somebody go for the pin somebody goes to the kid come on where the city looks so nice at night man all right let's block them let's block them before you get out of this area man no Danny worked anywhere for Holi all right I'm going for it I'm going for a call shoot too much traffic right now oh my god I can't believe I missed it I was going for the pit again guys all right I'm happy the choppers actually staying with this guy oh shoot he's going in that parking lot all right no way out no way oh no guys come on are you serious right now all right this guy's sent me some more unit please sure stop this guy long time ago all right I think I got a pit so far but we still gotta get him to stop ha shoot [Applause] yo why does guy look like he was coming from me all right he's gonna try again yo we playin bumper comes right now come on man get this guy block of block him come on he almost had him but for the both of the officers crash this is turning into a long chase and my controller just did the same thing again okay got it right back better right back I think yeah I got it my controller don't like me tonight guys you know what it's quite because I just bought these new batteries to recharge your batteries come on all right we clear the streets already so I should be able to go for another pit and I think yep the suspect just crashed right now I need you to stop sir how do you do it stop stop stop I need you to stop the chairs up the chairs up now get on the ground all right come on officer I got you I got you I got you make that Rs I mean you make that arrest look at these officers they kind of brought me back on to the same location so that's kind of good all right definitely my cell is still going off that's definitely to arrest guys so we did good we've been doing good tonight all right turn off these lights and let's fix this vehicle I know everybody's I'm unit look all messed up right now all right back to it else crazy all right patron around here at night this should be fun I usually know about it and I mean I usually don't bother anybody around like the strip club and stuff like that what we are guys like this that's just walking with a bottle all right buddy let me see if I can actually turn my spotlight over to this dude everybody stop stop why you just walking with what an open bottle like that man do you have any idea but you're so lucky you all so lucky right now all right have a nice day sir all right guys you got in hostage situation you guys already know how that is we call for some unit oh come on controller stop playing with me this is the worst man after this episode I have to figure out what's going on with this all right we got in hostage situation guys let me call for some unit um you know what before we call for some unit we don't have to stop traffic come on people move move over we'll go go go go okay this is perfect stop traffic now let's get some units over here all right so that's three units so far yo dude this one right over each other I think they did the huh guys all right all right right here man don't don't mess it up these guys you know one wasn't all right this guy's right there oh shoot I guess good job damn they fit out of shooter all right that guy that guy just run anyway so can we get a bus and we got a bus right now VMs on vacation I mean I want to say good job guys but we couldn't just negotiate man come on robbery in progress all right you guys take care this situation over I got a robbery in progress I got 29 seconds all right I got a robbery in progress right down the block all right take care of that guys that's my area so why not I'm primary right now I was busy but we gotta get moving man we gotta get moving twenty-nine seconds ten seconds all right I'm gonna get my backup put chains off man put your hands up put your hands up there he just ran right into me all right because we made it on time I'm not sure if he does have a partner so for my own safety guys I'm gonna call backup unit I'm not gonna go for our arrest site like that we gotta clear this place suit was my backup and I'm gonna do them I mean the person I'm making Sidney Johnson all right you hear all right both of the units are here I gotta clear this place first I don't know if he had somebody else where him y'all do you good anybody else in there man all right we good I arrest that guy man where is he all right he's under arrest guys we caught him right before he could hop all right buddy any weapons on you man anything that can stab me poke me anything like that are you know what officer can you search him for me please this patch show us code for our last call yeah you could tell use under their floors we found a handgun on you huh he does have a gun permit yes I mean hey but he just also robbed the location with a different type of gun of course so right now we're just gonna take him to jail all right buddy you can actually transport him we got a traffic stop back up all right I'll back them up all right so we got another officer what it comes on all right guys what a busy night all right so we got another officer that need my help on a traffic stop right now and this is around my weight so I'm just assisting everybody today man let's see how this is gonna turn out is it gonna be exactly in Davis yep look like exactly in the hood that's why he called me all right let's hope he's not gonna open fire all the the actual driver don't try us cuz if he does you guys already know what's about to happen all right his right then Davis damn good luck to us good luck to us why would you pull over somebody right over here damn y'all all the homies out tonight too whatever man all right so we're here I got my spotlight all right people are you got the phones out and everything all right we're gonna do a best man we're gonna do all this really controller I can't get out the car yeah I guess I this is this is game getting crazy now I definitely have to fix that tell me that spot like that just crash yeah only spotlight good so I can't use to spotlight at once I see that's what it is it's supposed to be like the Aston Martin version this is the fake one of course the GTA one thanks for you okay I understand thanks for getting here initiate the traffic stop here due to the swerving and the driver okay I understand there's a good chance that is all right I got you man I'm gonna be on the right side this guy was swerving and stuff so he think this guy might be drunk anything in the vehicle in the backseat I don't see 900 buddy well your old man sooo the cops are you here man let's find out what having a kiss mark on the drivers breath let me find out you don't have your breathalyzer yeah I figured all right so I'm supposed to get this guy oh let me actually finish talking to the officer I think that's it all right all right I'm gonna ask them to step out the vehicle we're gonna breathalyze them all right buddy step up dude can't you even stand up and all right you have any weapons on you anything that can stab me poking anything like that man I just want to make sure you don't have anything like that right I'm pretty sure we might find a weapon I'm not sure you know what we'll see children book a child toy ah damn he probably would just come into this kit from his kid man all right we're just gonna breathalyze you man you're in no condition to be driving like that don't you be drinking and driving dress F we are way over the limit I buddy you're under arrest anything you say will be used against you in a court of law you have the right to know what yo my control come on ma'am I can show you don't like me today guys all right officer are you gonna take them I guess I'll call support shoot man these officers be so lazy where else your call you called me over here but you know at best another arrest for me all right so the van is on the way all right come on buddy I'm gonna bring you to the vent [Applause] we're gonna bring them to the ven all right thank you buddy thank you for your help all right we're just gonna search the vehicle guys making sure everything is good by suspicious clear crystal of course of course you know what let's actually request it that way dispatch I need a tow trucks in my location please you can actually go for a lot shorter Thank You dispatch all right so we out I mean we're gonna be around this area of course maybe I'll have a little chit chat with these guys just drinking over there so somebody was like why am i messing with people that's like drinking in public like that because a little of course man you know you can't you can't have an open bottle like that I don't know what like I mean whatever state that I'm in right now I already know that's how it is I forgot the spot like stop working right all right let's talk to both of these guys cuz both of them are drinking in public like this all right wait you know what do you guys have any idea young man understand there was that was they property he's like him they were drinking like a new yacht of course that would have been okay but they own the sidewalk right now all right what are you guys doing man I know you're just hanging around but come on man how much you have to drink you haven't been drinking you haven't been drinking at all if I breathalyze you right now you be good which I don't have – okay – but just want to make sure it's just II want to push me thanks all you guys all so lucky right now all right you got a 211 in progress guys how far is it the discount store all right there why do you keep robbing these places they know I'm alone tonight they probably think I'm not gonna make it over there in town man and I like the fact that everybody's cooperating tonight man yo Shana you better man get off the street all right so we're gonna hurry up over there guys there's a robbery going on I'm gonna call for some backup once I get in here let's start shining the lights running here oh we do have two shooters guys all right I need SWAT dispatch just want some a location let's get some local units here all right so we have two shooters guys two of them I'm gonna hold on in to I get some backup over here we're trying to save everybody that's in the store so once I get the girl from these guys or at least once once these guys get the girl from me with it Oh SWAT is here so I finally making it come on guys don't shoot yet come on make contact first make contact dude don't shoot yet don't shoot yet bro all right no mocking sholud oh come on all right is one more there's one more what's the other guy oh damn I don't have a good shot damn hi this there's one more over here I might have to shoot this guy too man before you shoot them what you guys saying all right I'm going for this shot this is just a decision right now cuz he's stuck he's still in there he still don't give up that guy will be here still not giving up he's going out like a gene did they make it alright I think one of them they make it damn the the store is not open oh my god I guess open interior oh my god come on help what's happening all right we good well he bit too y'all rude oh oh you was ready to blast you guys alright I see I got the gun I got the gun all right you guys stay with me over here man let's get EMS let's get EMS on the way I can't believe I don't have the open go for this I uh everybody can actually put their hands down man I'm gonna find a way to go ahead I'm gonna just go through doors alright so yeah Matt's gonna have to figure out what they need to do in here but er than that these guys made it already alright let me go out there I'll be figuring out already all they gonna work on this guy first all right so for some reason man my controller don't like me but we'll work with that I'm probably I'm I probably have to just restart the computer you know sometime well how do I lose control it just act up oh my bad guys you guys good to go man all right maybe one more car guys this past show is called full and this past show us available for calls now if that was real life robbery in progress are you serious it's non-stop huh little soul all right think they've taken me out of my area right now this is supposed to be around the Japanese game so we're gonna try our best to go over there take care of this and I think this might be our last call for today man all right code 3 now Oh 300 30 seconds not a definite ya know eight nine seconds guys how'd it give me a call like that all right how far is it I think I still make it I know they're gonna start running all right let's get some chopper will say stop running you get some choppers some officers at the area all right because on which direction they went no don't worry all right we'll find them we'll find them we're gonna be looking for them okay date they went to the right they went to the right all right they spread it now is to two of them all right can we got some more offices in love what are you trying to get in the vehicle they shot again the vehicle right now all right I got it I got it I got it no as long as they won't get out all right get out get out the chairs up the chairs up oh shoot driver deshyla opened fire on me now I'm chasing the passenger come on come on controller don't be dissin we don't do we some young stud all right we got multiple officers involved so both of them are running the same direction guys both of them all run this way in the same direction so I think I'm gonna taste this guy over here you see I'm running this way right yep stop running man oh damn you got to run them over there you go I got one I got one all right we got one suspect down so far this one hopefully he's gonna give up and he can actually see these guys chasing that dude over there hopefully they don't let him go the choppers on them two guys I don't think they don't let him go but we'll see all right this guy will be I got I got him all right what about this unit that's making so much noise man hopefully they got this dude did they get him all right he's he's going over there to help them chase his do to this guy's can I get a transport I can't just leave this guy here by himself and I think yeah that's also my cue man I don't know because I got so many offices involved come on unit you're they studying get him y'all this guy's really giving them a run for the money Audie they're about to get them I think they're getting close I think they about to get him now this unit over here is still trying to figure out how to get to me Joe they read and get them yet I think they are arresting him right now I'm not sure cuz I got my my I got this guy here I'm pretty sure they are arresting him right now cuz it looked like they stopped I could see the choppers stop – yo is he still running I don't know I was going on you know when you're involving something but you really don't know what's going on right now but I think my guys got got him they should be able to make the the right decision of course I'm going back for my unit when I make I make contact right over there I don't even know this lady so this is the other gang that I was talking about but we busy right now I don't understand why these guys their arrest is first thing yet there's somebody come in to care to call all right dispatch um can I get you a message now focus we need a bus they still ain't getting me I guess they still didn't get them yo come on man let me out he's studying kill him I don't know how did it get this oh yeah that we got this guy already maybe their arrest them and the thing this thing is just glitched out whoa Oh maybe they just gonna show me this dude is still running okay so they finally made the arrest I got it I got it now all right good job guys good job