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Getting a Boyfriend in Apex Legends

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oh no


it took my pathfinder what do I do my path finder Bonnie yeah he took it he took my Pathfinder what he took my post-it I'm actually a very good caustic compared to you but now let's go oh my god let her go Yamini actually doesn't speak our language and I think it's very scary yeah just measure what I could do to the other one imagine if this is a bunka game we literally win yeah Epis so oh my god relax on the game it's all right there we have captured the woman she is now trapped not expect that was that not obvious I'm Kosta phobic if you were a jabroni you could do something what no I am dude this – two of these your one on I'll grab both maybe no you can't use that the barrel stabilizer are you actually post a caustic fabric Costa fuck yeah I'm terrified of course tickets man of course I'm caustic phobic look at me I'll scream look at me turn around and look at my caustic base oh my god it's gonna be so V oh okay they're going towards bunker they're gonna have a shock when they honk it in all that trap now oh the trap now oh good jump 40 you're actually pretty late this game you know yeah sitting back and healing ii know everyone can do that boy unlike you you can do that easily oh he's almost down body heal yourself Michael I'm library oh you sitting here ah sorry buddy he'll be buddy yo me buddy kill me thank you sure what do you give better get me that heels oh the company this seminar yes there's more what's the help john-boy I don't have it yet ok ready now the coming body or t get in cover no boy body this is a war zone what have you done see you should have stayed safe in the bunker fine actually woke up your punk up quick I have new heels get it get it for T all right we're gonna leave him we have to leave him he's trapped out there heal yourself nice there's another franca okay we're safe again we're safe you can toss night I don't think they realize is another team yeah I know I'm just the other team isn't actually like killing them we were just dealing with both teams vibe shall we I just realized if I do nothing gets trapped in here forever yes but I want to win this all it's okay I'm not gonna keep you cost elite let's get D'Elia a more light I'm with her I'll search for that I have 270 I might be able to spare some I mean I have three or five on fire I'm just saying I can store a bit more ah no it's good he kills any fight back yeah okay communicated like that what like three yes I'll just be in a constant state of euphoria there's so many fives going on mmm how many kills you won mm-hmm I'm gonna kill see one how many kills you wait I understand that it means mm-hmm that's like two syllables so it's two yeah really yeah he's created a yes nose and like oh shit they're on the bridge all the bridge this is where PewDiePie said the words we don't repeat that I just bounced the ochsner off for you what I broke their arm up one guys you know one leg come on Oh behind I'm jumping in the building jump in the building quick this one done KITT get in skit oh okay wait Paul you were Carrie oh my god buddy you can actually pull back and revive me now those shooting other people there any other people I can run the corner 40 it's not okay this is not okay this is not okay oh no no what are they gonna come from the other way as well 40 what do we do well it's got crazy Hill yourself body it's okay we got time and shield batteries would be cool right now yeah I know right getting shot at would be cool too ah I had no shotgun ammo so I'm purely relying on my own that's alright you're good at the game okay remember that yeah I'm the new key Aleta whoa 40 wait there's only one team left Oh No okay we're good with it they're outside there we know where they are just me in the on 99 no shuddhi I'm trying to block that door over there dude risk rate was stuck in the art unless we can kill them he's like he's down yes good Trudy Bonnie that guys that low as well I'm gonna get what are you here do the hero stuff big here replace I'll put one more of the I need I need more light ma let's just fucking kill him one guy left you ceilings teammate actually wait you know the whole uh I'll slash nice guys yeah do you think you could do all slash nice kills yeah actually they're caustic of caustic what would a a nice girl say hey I'm your champion see Oh what shit he must be a heck of a that champion squad punch him down and put it in them yeah system real good wait you could actually put something in there you can actually enter them ya know that with your Jordan I know I know oh nice try Brad I was stuck did you feel wonderful yes Oh bodies are doing stuff in there they're messing I throw a knock star Nick died edible I hit one twice very nice thank you oh they're all dead because I have a caustic men look at these boxes they're all stacked on each other it's so adorable what the hell they're actually it was so scared they don't know what else to do what did you what's shooting at something yeah get him buddy help me buddy get him to me buddy you're hero under do you hear time tips down what are your hair put in my head while you healing him he took my fucking blue backpack then there you go what an asshole I remember this just ah screw it back like really nicely that's not nice that wasn't nice friend in trouble yes Tim is in trouble oh I did not expect that and stop hurting my help damn it game oh no dude I'm running so fucking slow that's alright do now slow Gibraltar goes like Jesus Christ he goes slow they got flanked by another guy I'm gonna go raise him now we're gonna kill these people boy I don't have any names does that you may have any names did I really need Nate's the deal with your shooting oh my god will they come on the right oh no matter my timer no I got something a symbol well there's another team coming in you don't Topher we just blow my god unbelievable yeah what can I say yeah oh I hate 1/400 Wow yeah you did good at throwing nades that's what the bawdy way wait two spots left Oh what's good left yeah actually what the hell where's why why several dykes and quickly see you you really challenging me and my boats again no no good because it's not ready okay great else is gonna take a cable and a sniper boy okay okay now give me more heavy ammo please wait did I just see them desperately need more heavy ammo I did I'll shit help well here I got that gold I'm a Bowie I got one them I get one no I bought it you're overtaking the area better he'll body you little shit I hit one 400 very nice 40 you're the boss 40 Thanks all right get in boy body okay my hero just wanted to kill yourself didn't you I did sorry much second oh my god I'm gonna eat a peanut I've realized that boy you actually a singer no that's a champion I have authority right now all right and I've seen your streams you see Joe missing you yes Brad is a little bit beautiful I know yeah what's the chorus of yourself but every frat is a little bit or he is of course they never dance bitch bitch aha get toxic note let me in let me end get him thank you oh shit I didn't mean to finish it please protect me from behind why are you burning me are you buddy means that you with me yes it is what oh shit heal me heal me tight I mean oh my god I keep seeing your character you literally tiefer can you get a different skin for your character please okay I'm sorry forty I need heals desperately thank you thank you honey honey what do you want to know any food honey come on understand home what's a cold caustic mean things you're a girl all right why you always making oh hey be right up some onion come on me I can't see shit boy I'll get him my goddamn gas you toxic son of AB why is he always getting hurt well hey it's okay mate it's okay listen listen honey I got you what do you say we said thanks dad see people do know I'm a man there's more people you'll be fine oh my god what is wrong with him I cut you honey oh that's right needs get inside honey I care for you you left me buddy mmm good I'm very proud of you Oh one place I know come up there we go this one is that a person oh there's one more left in the building come on honey wait what this is help is great there's someone else I guess so unless unless you had the self revive honey what's your answer I'm just a big okay huh oh they were life they revived where are they are they inside yes thank you the need Oh Sophie Oh sup bitch nice wait there's only one on the squad left yeah you always do this every single time this is the third time now I'll get straight I did it for you honey that could be the person I downed maybe I lost a normal one once yeah peppa llama nice honey bullshit JBL I just used it to protect us my journey doesn't fucking heal me I know it doesn't heal them them the gas I'm in trouble I hit them heaps oh you did try plan yeah oh she killed herself what HP honey it doesn't have that faucet she's shy she's a little frigid bitch will bite you just for a quick conversation honey I think he's dumped me thank God no the relationship was to us I shipped you guys I was your biggest fan