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I got a right so easy and this video oh dear Garrett just missed the kill top of the heart look at this pace and finds one through the wall love it yeah I appreciate I appreciate it that way they can pull back in cities so a seaside rounds or just fall back into that I don't ever Molly Jane palace land of shit I bought this from up here can see it quite a bit one palace fire instead that palace sorry oh he will guess is a revenge for the last round the issue in so many players here going it what at a time and Olaf on the other side of this smoke three kills to his name here's said ni p packing the apartments belong to Olaf for now let grow and dennis asked her to be five you mentioned how these false buyers have been finding a scary amount of success and that trend might continue here on the back of olaf alone lack row looking keen to try and flush him out but now with this crossfire setup even as lack row gets the first man Olaf's gonna put him down he's on for the ACE and is he gonna get it Dennis on the other side by the name holidays water play what a man be useful Gary's popping off his first couple shots against nothing but he's forced to retreat back now he's in no-man's land he went from a really strong position to missing a couple shots and being in a world of hurt should say him with the wrist hills and he's gonna throw it defensive smoke now repositioning himself the bomb will be planted man advantage so far all on the back of Shazam four kills looking for the ACE there's still a lot of thirsty players out there but still Shazam takes it an ace out of Shazam there those under Warren come are under ruin item under con top minute and no underpass I'm gonna call I honestly think all for a big is still top boxes spray a little spray transfer third or fourth round the back has been the last one alive in like a 185 and nobody's even seen 888 Ori oh I've to agree is the big moment in this time around right the Olaf a sin to the apartments feels like should be winning it I mean there's definitely been other big moments but anyway last round potentially for nipping this get that so it certainly looks like it could be now just darkness reside err they don't have the freedom of movement twist is falling into water and he's able to fight his way out to fight from him as he takes down single-handedly Nitra was just the reserve forces heíd horse down there I really believed it for a second he's wouldn't be the first clutch he's found in this series already but not meant to be what a shot from Olaf orangey really paying off here I mean it's not like even loaded a full mag and he just shot two bullets and got to kill with it so propped up by Guardian over on the truck to draw the attention away that is gonna be such a problem to deal with uh Nico takes that Pete gets information he's got two players trapped in bank but Freiburg and blame greeting the scoreboard manage a couple of kills between them and suddenly it is just a treadle I'm standing taps down the first man you've got to get on this bomb if you're heroic at a dread and just playing the time it's not planted for him so he's got to win this first fight there stick in it and now they're off the bomb blames gonna fall and a dren with the one b3 to secure that pistol round for phase you ready okay come here run the camera okay WASD is how you move w/o you can't play cause your nails no you can't hold up you want to use the mouse click it you play before not W you gotta put your three fingers on the yeah there's no way you can play with my yeah it's a phase they might try to change their mind but with a bomb dropped and dedicated down towards B their options are limited Nico a guy pulling this back though now down what was it two on four turn to V to stand still at the truck call they anticipate him just to have held his nerves he doesn't look like hitting guardian now falling Nico still not ready for Stan the ACE comes in from the young guard over on the side of heroic here three Bob is the most relatable Sandstrom right now all the other streamers a big day I don't enjoy being a leader because I think it's it's just too much for me right now I like more being a second game leader like being on the other side and calling some adjustments in the round but I enjoy more just focusing on myself and playing my own game that's where I'm best at a huge 2 and 5 to take this one back forest close in the corner rain expected quick kill oh dear Ray's doubled it there's nothing out close and Dennis won't be able to trade it's now just Niko bomb pawn open let go in the connector and a Molotov that won't be able to work as the smoke is on the bomb and Nico's gone for a peek another kill for the man himself and he could stick this defuse does let crow know the line of that's a question it's a no he spraying and he comes tough the bomb he's won the round two on five for faze clan in the post grande and they win it out completely dominant and to start this round we're actually gonna see liquid push twists up towards middle able to find Shazam now and give this team demand advantage there are players towards lower V but they're gonna be held up by a leash that's gonna allow twist now to fall back from the middle area and pull you back catwalk it before he finds one more Oh Mynah bird he's looking for the fourth out there as well stanislaus luckily to just slowly crab-walk his way back to cover next to the tree and twist is looking for a couple more that would give him the ACE on the pistol round nothing's holding the shallow angle but a single shot is all that is needed a victory and IP are gonna need to give away around the laughs ace take 13 before their first a K buy and make it nice and quick with the b rush yeah these needs already fighting a lot of damage oh good night and Dallas he falls as well Olaf rolling in money