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Oh guys what is going on it is your boy Nick from in the foot market we've got some player picks for you guys and we've got a amazing team of the week so it's gonna be a fun day for weekend league rewards I'm super stoked we've got 91 Roy's 91 in Bop a Sandro Anderson we've got gold three gold one go to maybe the leaf this week I'm not positive you guys not we do it it's random every week we really never know what it is but I'm super stoked to go ahead and get these packs open if you guys enjoy the rewards videos man just drop me a thumbs up I appreciate you guys tuning into these videos this is my boy Kalam's team he has who Red Rover I brought we've had I forgot that we packed that he went all out and just bought a team account why the hell did you just buy a team man well he's getting murdered man getting murdered on some of the car prices anyways uh we've got to claim our new items so we start off with the red player picks I believe this week is gold 3 gold – I think this is gold – or gold 1 he may have a hunter k-pax and maybe gold 1 we'll have to see I think that's gold one if it's four I'm not positive though ah not a great first player pick I think I'll take max maybe I don't know if you want benteke I feel like I'll pick max go the other dynamic and they're both 82 that's not really a great pack pool hopefully the second player could be above 80 for aderson yeah that's pretty good 87 rated Edison that's a pretty good card right gave you two man with that decent card nice little dynamic right not too much complaining there we've got division rivals rewards I think there's be two ultimate packs untradable guys team of the group stage cards team of the knockout stage cards whatever you guys call it are impacts now which is a really good really good thing to have four packs we've got to pull hunter cave bags and to ultima packs I think what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do the hunter k-pax first even though they are tradable ultimate packs are the juice man you guys know how that goes we get a walk out in our first pack it is gonna be a minute the match who is this Europa League French who is this ah Giroud man I thought it was a lobbying dude we get tradable 87 rated man of the match is we'll take that that's not bad right 87 rate it I think if I pulled up flipping right now Giroud is selling at Giroud right now on the market is 27 thousand coins that's kind of undervalued we'll take it though right it's it's it's it's a walkout it's a special card and now we've got a special card I cannot complain about that ladies and gentlemen got a club full of things the stock now with eighty fours and eighty threes pretty decent pack let's see if we can get one more walkout out of the next three packs that would be blessed EA Sports the next pack is not a walkout it is an inform though at least so we're already gonna get ten thousand coins from this right here it's gonna be striker Italy I don't know where this I don't like that a lot it is going to be an 81 rate extractor we gonna sense Yelp run out of silver in that pack as well and a young summer so we'll take that not too bad now the ultimate packs you guys have been waiting for to untradable ultimate packs can we get unattainable team with a knockout stage card that would be the dream in the first pack we do not get a walkout we do get a team of the week card which is okay Belgium striker it's gonna be an attack I think got it intrusive and Red's not too bad right not that bad but we want to see a walkout we've got too many special cards and packs to not be getting walkouts untradable that would be the plan that's what we want guys so come on EA Sports give us that walkout 8480 dirt Georgie no Georgie no yo genial Mojave Martinez is well on that pack he has blues on his transfer list all right so we're not gonna be able to really do much with that even though that one is tradable okay so ultimate pack last one ea hey this with the walkout come on we haven't had a walkout like two packs now come on walkout thank you so much ea sports blue no it's not a blue but we did get a walk up who is this one gonna be Brazil nope that's not good now though not too bad right we packed one Europa League team the knockout stage card 86 and although in this pack in the wolves kit shout out the wolves yesterday not too bad guys right like not the best not the worst Reds were okay packs were okay he gets a lot of SPC fodder which is not bad so thank you calm and we will move on to the next account hey guys more player pigs I need to get a rooster assigned rented a man for my run by Orton bopping gold one this week yo let's go gold one this week oh boy we've got more hundred k-pax okay guys to red player picks coming right up for you guys come on da come on e ay yo Edison again that's not too bad man I'll take that eighty-seven Edison it started off the pressure is already off right I don't have things like now we're good we got an 87 rated in the first one I'm good now that's good if we get something else in here that's just even better let's see if we can grab something else I know it's two goalkeepers but 8786 isn't too bad guys I know it's not a big boy and it's not Sondra and poppy or or any of those guys but rating wise that's not bad at all let's see if we've got differ eigvals to claim as well we do have big rivals to claim to ultra facts oh my god yo we have a lot of packs bro oh my god we have a lot of packs to open today ladies and gentlemen we've got another to honour k-pax and two ultra packs come on EA hook us up baby walk out walk out walk out not walk out please man please a bore down let's see who it is Spanish right man I don't even care who that is we just move on if it's not a walk out we move on you guys know how we do these videos god damn EA give us a walk out man sauce me a walk out sauce me a walk out we're gonna discard all this stuff right here ladies and gentlemen and then we're gonna go into the next 100k pack this one is obviously tradable still please eat please yay oh my god bro don't do this right now yeh don't do this man and don't do this don't give me no walk out to my hunter k-pax ei who is that who is that who is that can somebody explain to me who that is oh come on come on come on come on come on come on come on eh how about eh maybe I got to go back out of store and go back in I don't really know what have to do if I don't get a walk out of these four packs that's disgusting okay well at least at least troll me with a special walk out please thank you so much yeah I know what to walk out oh my god grow grow what is this man how how we not have a walk out I don't care who that is I don't care I don't care I want to see the walk out I don't care who that is please ei to informs okay that's pretty late I'll take that for not walk out back but I'll tell you this ei all right the next pack better be a damn walk out you can't get four of these packs these packs guys I mean let me tell you this these packs I think together 20 20 I think these packs together are about a hundred dollars almost of Beck's if we don't get one walk out a scam I'm calling it a scam please ei oh my god oh my god come on man that is tough guys that one is really tough for those packs in the walk out man can you believe that we'll go to the next account as we are now on Victor's account we've got some weekend League rewards that's what we've got for you guys today I don't know what you finished gold three oh boy here we go the gold three here we go benteke in the first one not too hot second player pick really bad gold three this week hum big that's not really too good for go three I'm not really looking forward to my account not now I'm really nervous to 50k packs to mega packs untradable will take those obviously we'll head on over to the store hopefully we get some unreal pack look we've actually got a lot of packs to open I think I'll do all the Megas first the way we do it guys with the mega packs is if it's not a walkout I'm gonna skip it just for the sake of everybody's viewing and it's not a walkout we're just gonna skip we'll store everything in the club and we will discard a vest and then we will hit I think we've got three 50k packs in a row which should be good I'd say if we could grab just one walk out at any of these packs to be happy if we get to that's amazing a pair in and that pack that's not bad paedon is not too bad next mega pack let's see we get nope no walk out so far no walk out so far guys no walk out so far no walk out so far not yet we will see next mega pack is who no walk out man guys we're not getting walking on these packs this is tragic tragic I tell you it's tragic it really is gentlemen okay 350k packs this is where the business goes down I think two of these are untradable that's a walkout come on da nope not a blue but it's a walkout Italy let's move on to deeper fun88 rated right it's not bad so I'm happy with that eighty-eight rated I'm happy with that that's pretty good for a 50k pack that's very solid very very very very solid not you Fernandez in that pack as well I didn't know all I didn't look if that one was trainable or untradable that one might have been trainable I'm not sure though no walk out the next 50k pack that one's not affords either that one's tough that one's tough that's that's a tough back sorry and then the last pack last 50k pack we get today no walk out guys thanks for watching the rewards video today man I appreciate you guys supporting all these videos you guys are the goats for real much love much much much love guys hope your words were good today as well and I will see you guys in a video soon south