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FREE TO PLAY CALL OF DUTY GAMEPLAY! (New Call of Duty Mobile Info)

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In this video we look at Call of Duty Mobile. This is a FREE to play Call of Duty game coming for Mobile devices. This game has Maps, Weapons, Camos, and Characters from both the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series. I showcase Call of Duty Mobile Gameplay, Weapons, Create a Class, Perks, Attachments, Scorestreaks, maps, and more!

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no guys let's want to give a quick shout out to Jovana dank original and Sean for being a part of the notification squad if you guys want a shout out in the next video all you guys have to do is drop a like on the video subscribe to the channel have my notifications on and of course comment hashtag notification squad in the comments down below yeah what is going on YouTube my name is Richard right away welcome back to the channel I hope you guys are all doing well so in today's video guys we are going to be talking more about Call of Duty mobile now I made a video about a few weeks ago talking about Call of Duty mobile and that video has over like 600,000 views which is actually kind of crazy so I wanted to make a follow-up video to talk about more information that we have right now in Call of Duty mobile in today's video I'm just gonna explain to you guys how you can be a part of the beta and that when it's actually going to be released what is the game you guys are still confused on what Call of Duty mobile is I will basically break it down within today's video I have some gameplay in the background so I hope you guys enjoy today's video if you guys do remember to drop a like I really would appreciate it let's see if we can smash 2,000 likes on today's video also if you guys are brand new to the channel definitely click that subscribe button we're on the road to 700,000 subscribers and now with all that being said let's jump right into it but first off if you don't know what Call of Duty mobile is basically one you're watching gameplay in the background huge shout out to my man Andy or gun of truth for providing the gameplay here I'll leave his youtube link down below in the description so if you guys can't go over to his channel definitely hit him up with the subscription I really would appreciate it say like you know right away sent me on his videos that would be awesome basically Call of Duty mobile is a brand new free-to-play Call of Duty game it's a full fledge called 2-d game you know developed by Activision at what 9 I believe the company Tencent and I mean the name it kind of explains what it is called 2-d mobile it's Call of Duty on the go it's going to be for iOS and Android and the game pretty much combines you know the call duty black ops series and the modern warfare series all into one game has guns Maps characters killstreaks all from the black ops series games you know black ops 1 2 3 and maybe 4 I'm not too sure yet but then it also has guns maps and characters and you know killstreak from Modern Warfare modern warfare to modern warfare 3 so it's a pretty crazy game man it's a Call of Duty game that I feel like the community has dreamed of for so long now like it was just one Call of Duty game that combines aspects and gun and maps and camos and characters from every single Call of Duty game after guys are curious as to how we have gameplay of this in the background you believe last year there was like a beta testing for Call of Duty mobile and like on Australia or something like that and my friend Andy got him truth like I said I'll link his a youtube channel down below in the description he was able to be a part of this testing and that's how he recorded this gameplay but within Call of Duty mobile there is multiplayer of course you know multiplayer there's maybe team deathmatch domination a bunch of game modes that you guys are familiar with there's also some B's as well so for all you zombies fans yes there is zombies within the game a few weeks ago when you know Activision announced Call of Duty mobile and they've released a trailer for it at the end of the trailer they also teased blackout so there's gonna be multiplayer zombies and battle royale on the go for Call of Duty mobile which is kind of crazy there's also weapons in the game like the ak-47 with the aks-74u the cheek comb m16 pdw-57 xpr-50 i'll be showcasing some of the weapons that was in like you know the beta testing and whatnot these are not all the weapons that's gonna be in the final game I'm sure there's gonna be more there's also create a class system within the game where you can choose your agent or your character primary secondary you know perks lethal tactical you know your basic you know create a class things there's also some kill streaks as well as written standard stuff you know you guys will see the kill streaks on the screen right now and there's also a store in the game and the store is pretty much where you buy attachments perks weapons and camos and whatnot if you guys are curious as you know how the store works so within the game if there is like a credit system kind of similar to black ops 1 if you guys have ever played black ops 1 there's like a cod point kind of currency system where you play the game you earn credits by playing you know multiplayer property zombies blackout and whatnot and as you build up credits and as you build up tokens you can spend it within the store to buy you know different attachments different weapons perks you know camos etc etc now if I mention this but it is a free-to-play game it's a completely free to play Call of Duty game so recently I found an article from tech advisor I believe the article down below in the description but it's basically just like Call of Duty mobile released a platform beta gameplay news covering everything new for Call of Duty mobile and I want to go through this article just to kind of break it down for you guys so you have all the information so you guys are ready for Call of Duty mobile when it releases actually very very soon the first one here it says when will Call of Duty mobile be release so it says the biggest question of all is when will it be released and don't have a solid release date just yet Activision has confirmed that the Call of Duty mobile will launch in open beta form in select regions this summer before being made available in Europe North America South America and more at release so basically there is going to be an open beta this summer and I think they might have said all gifts or some time I kind of hope it's like early summer like maybe like June or July that would be really nice but the open beta is this summer and I'm pretty sure you actually can pre-register right now on the Call of Duty website so if you guys have definitely want a guaranteed spot within the beta of call duty Mobile gonna be one of the first people to try this game definitely go to the call of your website and pre-register so you guys have like your name down so the next part here says how can I join at the pre-release beta says activation will release more information about availability in the coming months but ahead of general release a lucky few gamers will be able to take part in pre-launch betas according to the Call of Duty mobile FAQ there will be multiple betas taking place over the coming months so that's really really awesome there should be probably like multiple sort of beta dates and like time slots where like people can actually play different people can you know switch in and out to get more people a chance to play which is really awesome he says those interested in getting access to the pre-release beta along with game update news should head to the call to t-mobile website and pre-register now kind of like what I was just talking about how you can go to the college new website pre-register and try to be one of the first people to you know get into these time slots and get into these betas where you can play the game for Call of Duty mobile platform availability as confirmed by activation Call of Duty mobile will be free to download exclusively on iOS and Android devices there's no word yet on whether either platform will have a period of exclusivity like when four and I came to Iowa's first hopes that'll be available for iOS and Android gamers at the same time so I guess when foreign I first came out there with like different sort of you know time slots for ios and android now this right here is like the biggest part of it it says call duty mobile game play what's it like go says like Call of Duty titles on consoles called the mobile is a first-person shooter experience with a range of popular modes Maps weapons and characters from across the franchise including black ops and modern warfare you'll be able to customize your character weapons scorestreaks and other gear to enhance the shooter experience we imagine there will be some kind of battle past – but Activision is staying at tight-lipped about for now so they kind of mentioned a battle past I'm sure there's gonna be a lot of microtransactions when it comes to this game because it is a free-to-play game if you guys have ever played the game Call of Duty online it's basically a Call of Duty title that takes place in China on the PC and that is a free to play game but there's a load of micro transactions within Call of Duty online if you guys have never heard of it definitely look it up you can probably find some gameplay on you know YouTube and whatnot yeah there's crazy crazy gun skins and you know different character customization things that you can actually buy so I'm assuming Call of Duty mobile is gonna be very similar to cod online with the micro transactions and whatnot there might be a battle pass there might be free rewards and whatnot we just don't know yet so court right here and it says we are delivering the definitive first-person action experience in a new mobile title with incredible graphics and versatile Call of Duty gameplay said Chris Plummer VP Mobile at Activision he said together with the amazing team at $0.10 we're bringing together a collection of the most beloved Maps competitive modes familiar faces and signature weapons across the storied franchise into one epic experience for the first time on mobile so obviously guys this is coming to mobile first but I feel like if this does really really well and a lot of people are playing the game on mobile iOS and Android devices I feel like there is definitely a good chance you know for this game to be on console hot so for Call of Duty is just huge you know PlayStation 4 Xbox you know PC and whatnot like it's huge that's basically where most of the fan base for Call of Duty you know plays on and that's kind of weird that they are doing mobile but I feel like if this game is super popular and a lot of people are enjoying it and they see that that it's gonna go over well and they might have a chance to bring it to console or you know PC and whatnot and we'll just have to wait and see this activision has already confirmed various popular multiplayer modes including team deathmatch search and destroy and free-for-all fan favorite maps including a new town crash and hijacked while teasing the more modes and environments will be announced in the future we get a glimpse of these modes at the end of the announcement trailer seen above while we can't be sure it looks like zombies will be available and called mobile and from my good friend Andy who no guidance in the beta testing he did confirm that yes there is zombies within Call of Duty mobile that's basically all the information guys that we have right now and called the mobile there's going to be an open beta some point within the summer and you know through the upcoming weeks and months we're probably going to be getting more information on that I'm pretty surprised but at this moment of time while I'm recording this video the next Call of Duty title has not been really I don't know if it's gonna be MW for if it's gonna be something else like a brand new series of one not from Infinity Ward but we have that coming up and then we also have called you mobile this summer where we're probably gonna have an open beta and that will get some more information on that soon let me know your thoughts and opinions about Call of Duty mobile in the comment section down below guys I'm gonna leave you with some gameplay so you can sit back relax enjoy I'll try and also throw in some like zombie gameplay and whatnot for the people who are interested in zombies so sit back relax and enjoy I feel like if you guys enjoyed the video subscribe if you guys are brand new and I'll see you guys next time friendly predator missile inbound j-mac it's up to me spotted target's acquired recon is standing by targets acquired