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Fortnite Update: NEW HUGE Lobbies, DRUM GUN RETURNING, & 5th Rune (7 New Things in Battle Royale!)

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Fortnite update talk featuring the drum gun likely returning, the 5th rune for the loot lake event, and huge lobbies in Battle Royale! Season 9 is just around the corner so we discuss a bunch of things having to do with that and also even the . As for the gameplay, it’s an awesome Team Rumble win so enjoy!

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alright guys welcome back to another for tonight video and in this one it is time to go over a bunch of update news we have gotten update just around the corner coming very very soon and we're gonna be covering a bunch of stuff like the drum gun very likely returning also planes and more info about 16 player parties which is crazy stuff to do with the fifth rune and things happening with that as well as a little bit of an update on the time frame of like when the overtime challenges could be happening and a bunch of other stuff so it's gonna be a very informative video going to be going over a bunch of new stuff in the game and if you guys do find this video helpful be sure to use my supporter creator code the lama sir I appreciate it a ton and shout out to these people on screen for using my Creator code and leaving a comment on one of my previous videos so if you want a chance at getting a shout out in one of my future videos be sure to use my supported Creator code and leave a comment on this video or one of my future videos on top of that guys be sure to hit that subscribe button if you are new to the channel to stay in the know with fortnight news and also hit that like button down below if you are excited for season 9 but let's go ahead and jump into the video here guys with the first thing I want to talk about which is basically that we seem to have a more expected timeframe for the overtime challenges now if these overtime challenges are already out when you're watching this video the overtime 2 challenges just skip ahead in the video like a minute or so but in case you're here watching this video like right after it's released you're an awesome subscriber or something like that I wanted to get this info out to you guys because you've probably seen my previous video on the overtime challenges and stuff like that but basically we expected that these overtime 2 challenges would release fairly soon when maybe give us about a week or so to get them done however we just got more info about that and basically this comes from a fortnight creative subreddit post by one of the employees at Epic Games thus TVT and he put up a PSA on last Wednesday to include coins on your upcoming island submissions and along with that within the things that he says he says next week there will be a challenge for all players to collect coins in creator which basically pretty much confirms the overtime to challenges and that there's going to be a challenge like this since this is what they did last time with the first overtime challenges they had that one where you had to go through creative islands and collect coins so this pretty much you know confirms that that is exactly what's happening and as for him saying next week again he made the postive last Wednesday so I would expect to see these either this Wednesday or Thursday that is my guess because that would make the most sense keeping it going here with the next thing I want to talk about though guys this is actually that the infernal bundle is in this store at least like in the US again sometimes it's different for different regions it releases at different times but I just happened to check and yeah the inferno bundle is in the shop not sponsored to talk about this I just wanted to get you guys the info in case you were wondering like when this was gonna be coming out or like what's in it but apparently it says that you can get well obviously the inferno outfit and then on top of that you've got infernos challenges unlock a pickaxe and they rap as well as up to 1000 B bucks as you complete a total of six daily challenges whatever that means but yeah that's what it says right here yeah guys just the heads-up in case you were curious about that so there is the info that we have right now but keeping it going here guys let's talk about the brand new pretty crazy thing that has just been added into the game and this is actually like insane we might actually have to do some stuff with this but basically they added like huge team lobbies or more specifically I guess what they were calling it is large party support but basically you know how when you get into game you know you invite your friends to play with you you can only have you know three friends join you so you have a party of four however with this update that just released today on April 30th you can now have listened to this up to 16 players in your party which is absolutely crazy that is so many people to have in a party now I know what you're probably thinking what are you gonna be able to do with up to 16 players well it's actually pretty cool for one you can actually go into large team limited time modes with your party of up to 16 players so that's right guys I haven't like really tested this out myself yet they just announced this a little bit ago as I'm recording this so I'm definitely going to have to test it out more but I'm assuming like you could talk with everybody in the party I mean again I'm not 100% sure but that would make the most sense but going into like you know team Rumble with a full team of people being able to like strategize and stuff like that that actually be pretty crazy on top of that also like um you know food fight if that comes back or some of those other modes you can also do the Avengers and game-mode obviously of course you could probably do that so that's really cool overall I'm excited to maybe try that out a bit on top of that though you can also go into creative with up to 16 players in your party which is definitely pretty nice before I think it was only like 8 maybe so that's definitely pretty nice for doing like you know creative game modes and having fun with your friends so you know I'm happy with that that's gonna be a lot of fun to mess around with definitely gonna have to try it out but then after that guys let's talk about some really big info right here that is the possibility of the drum gun returning into fortnight as well as the bouncer according to some like official stuff that has been shown in game like this is an in-game clue you can actually go up to it in playground or in a regular match and see this and it seems to be what the thing in the center is like we're connecting all of the dots here and it's seeming to make more sense so yeah guys it looks like in some way maybe like certain vaulted items are going to return or something like that and there are a bunch of things pointing towards this so let's just go ahead and jump into it so basically if you want to take a look at this first thing yourself in-game or let's just watch it right here on the video basically you want to go over to the loot lake dig site obviously a ton of stuff has been happening here you know with the ruins and things like that but you don't actually want to look there instead you want to go up to like one of these buildings that's looking over this you know big metal thing in the center of loot Lake if you go into this building right here you will see that there's a bunch of monitors on the wall and on those monitors at least like right now our previous items that have been vaulted like taking a look at this one right here on the bottom left you have got what is very clearly the drum gun which guys pretty much means that they're looking at maybe or hinting at it possibly returning and if you guys weren't around for this I mean like it was a pretty crazy item back in the day it really was like the overpowered meta type item that a lot of people used it was really good at you know breaking through structures I think it had like 50 shots in a magazine it had pretty good damage and you know I had a decent fire rate and again it could just you know wreck through like wooden structures and stuff like that so yeah I'm getting distracted but on top of that you also have the bouncer which then leads us into another thing right after this but yeah the bouncer is showing up right here very clearly can tell that that is indeed the bouncer I would love for that one to come back but all of that together guys if you then take a look to the right there is this white board which whatever thing we need like a name for the thing in the center of loot lake but you know just that metal thing however the more interesting part is if you take a look near the bottom it says vault with a question mark of course meaning that this thing right here could be the vault that is containing these items which sounds very very crazy guys it's very possible that this could have to do with you know seeing certain items returned in some way I've seen a rumor floating around on Twitter and reddit that maybe we're gonna have to like vote on different items and weapons to return because like if you also take a look back there's like four extra monitors that are probably going to get filled up with stuff so I don't think they bring all of those items back at once so that could definitely make sense on top of that going way back when to the beginning of season 8 or like right before it there was a teaser that was put up that said something along the lines of like loot that is lost can always be found and we didn't really know what that meant but it could definitely be connecting to this so yeah guys I think it's very very likely that we could be seeing one or some of these items returning so I definitely wanted to cover that in today's video that is some awesome stuff and before we move into the next thing reminder guys if you were curious about like when season 9 is releasing or like when the season 9 battle pass is releasing and some details about that be sure to check out my previous video covering like a bunch of the details we know about the season 9 battle past there will be a link to that video down below in the description and also in the pins comments below and even a card at the end of this video so you want to wait until the end just click that card and go straight to that but moving on to the next thing I wanted to bring up this is just a really quick thing we won't spend much time on it but basically I just kind of found it funny that recently there's been like some weird bug in the game where like the fourth rune just continuously redoes its animation of like locking into the center and also sometimes like teleporting away from that thing up near loot lake on the hill again if you haven't seen that that was like where the fourth rune was I missed it it happened very very fast but apparently there was like something that went on with these squares and then you had to like hit some stuff and it made the rune you know activate and then fly to the center and like lock in or something like that you know not a huge deal we're still waiting to see where the fifth rune is going to show up I don't believe it's showing up quite yet alright guys a quick update I just wanted to interrupt right here because something actually happened with the fifth ruin the fifth rune has shown up in the sin Lieut lakes so I if we slowly turn around it's slowly there it is right there yes the 5th rune is you know right here so basically yeah you can take a look at the symbol right here which appears to be a volcano at least that's what it seems to be for me and I mean look at the volcano back there in the background compare it right here to this symbol yeah it looks pretty similar right there so I'm not sure exactly like what the challenge is gonna be I would guess that it has something to do with the volcano so maybe you know we will have to go over there and do something but yeah I just wanted to update you guys on that because it has showing up that means that this event or whatever you know the fifth rune is almost about to be ready so that's pretty crazy I'm excited to see what exactly is going to happen because then again it means that we're gonna have to know what is going on with this stuff up in here and you know what let me check inside of here real quick feel like they might have added something else yeah there you guys go that appears to be a storm wing so a storm wing could be another one of the items that is coming back that is pretty crazy and we also have three more of these up here probably going to finish off with last week or so of the season so that stuff's probably gonna be happening soon so yeah there's a quick update on that stuff let's get back into it on top of that guys is a little quick update if you take a look at the volcano it's you know going a little bit crazy right now as you guys know like when the ruins lock in the smoke above the volcano has started to you know like darken and get bigger but now it's starting to like do this weird tornado effect where it's like spinning around but yeah I mean it's pretty obvious that something is gonna be happening soon with the volcano that's pretty clear and it's probably going to be something big could have to do with the rune skin as well in fact you know what now that I'm thinking about it even more it would probably make the most sense that whatever is going on with a volcano does connect in some way to rune simply because well we got rune unlocks but nothing really happened with him I mean I think it was around the time that we got like the loot Lake event type stuff to start but nothing really you know specifically to do with ruin in like they made a big deal of ruin by posting about him on Twitter and stuff like that but still we never really knew what was happening with him so I do think that he likely has to do with the volcano maybe it's going to erupt or something like that which probably would make the most sense I mean how can you have a volcano and not have it erupt I mean that's what a volcano is for so yeah I'm expecting to see something to do with ruin and this volcano but that's just my idea on it right now so something to keep in mind we'll keep track of that and see exactly what's gonna be happening really soon but then after that guys we got some info of a potential bug fix that could be happening soon apparently there's been like this weird bug where like the drift board sometimes has an issue with its hitbox maybe you've run into this a little bit we're like the hitbox has been pretty buggy sometimes like I've seen some clips where it's just like it doesn't even really make sense like where the hitbox even is so apparently that is being looked into according to majesty in response to a post about this bug but basically he said you know pretty simply thanks for the report we'll take a look at this so yeah again it appears that they are looking into this and looking into getting it fixed so yeah guys in case you've run into that bug at all you know it's being looked into and hopefully it'll be fixed soon there has been some interesting bugs floating around the game recently like I forget which ones I ran into like last night but hopefully they get those under wraps and by the way have you guys been running into any bugs be sure to comment down below because I'm curious if you guys have as well I'd be curious to see which ones you guys have run into our like which ones are the most prevalent because there has been a few now that I'm thinking about it but yeah be sure to leave a comment down below but anyways guys that is going to be it for today's video I hope you enjoyed it and if you did be sure to hit that subscribe button down below for more update news coming out in the near future on top of that you can check out some of my previous videos here such as on the Left going over season 9 battle past details and then on the right the overtime challenge rewards but yeah guys again hope you enjoyed today's video and I will see you in the next one