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'Fortnite Streamers Funniest Moments' Compilation! #9

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These are some some of the funniest Fortnite streamer moments ever! Watch as Ninja, Tfue, TimTheTatman, Hamlinz and many others go through some hilarious moments. You won’t stop laughing!

‘Fortnite Streamers Funniest Moments’ Compilation! #9

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was that ready this video please the video please Rumi hard a thieves courage AZ wait why did it rain I just have the same bitch name like rain I both just scream in the same pitch I got shit on oh are you getting the ball what the fuck dude Rini myth fell off yep fell off your tiny penis buddy which one looks out of place go for the batter bad boys for the contest I don't give a shit about that says don't give a shit the doctor said if I put on a smile I'll be happy inside you I have to do intro for the YouTube kids yo what is up guys is 72 hours here with a brand new video today we're gonna be going for the epic Vick roid challenge so make sure you like that sub button down below let's hop right into it I got me and my buddy Emad here email introduce yourself and we're gonna go for an epic Vick Roy callenge something y'all really thought I was gonna die out yet let me help my fat ass fingers they're like sausages on my hand Oh meow meow meow meow me me me I'm lighting a light I'm watching I'm watching you myself but you're built battling nobody here he's way more so you like about the ultimate advantage video you just coming everywhere it Sifu carne asada and it is nice nice little changing I mean what he might feed Huy bike come on hit the full camber the Tim full sinful Tim full house full oh god Oh Tim full Tim full full nice a little bit this is a real good channel now you know I just get it I got some nice yeah thank you love you Calvin why you leave motherfucker they're gonna see that loot – yeah I just open my glider dude oh dude ice open my fucking glider wait I'm glitching what the fuck is happening let's go you are a fucking son of a gun okay here we go everything I've ever worked for don't you think oh you stake it give it back bro I curse you I curse you I love you brother hey man I appreciate you drawing all right what was friends put stones wife's name again I need to do the stretch Brooke I'll mute for you just goes true we haven't even four million men Brooke is off-limits fresh now try and find me [Applause] Wow wonder where learning is fresh it was me all along oh ha ha there's now throwables chugs this like [Applause] can I copy this trash wait I actually can are you kidding me whoa no way what it easy winner are you kidding me I'm trash chat I'm trash ninja and some of the biggest twitch streamers are playing brawl stars now it's just me but swimmer there's a million people watching you right now they want us to get this last kill holy no dark and Dakota's or English Bray Oh